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  2. The Bill Peters Watch

    I’m pretty sure Peters is gone, and probably happily so. We can’t get rid of the whole team, and it’s unclear that more than a few are listening to him anymore. It’s like bringing Darling back. If you bring back Peters and even with personnel changes we’re stuck in neutral 30-40 games in, another season is down the drain. It’s just time for a new voice.
  3. Oilers at Canes, Tuesday, March 20, 7PM, Are We There Yet?

    I think TD has confidence he can right the ship because he has succeeded big-time in a lot of different businesses. The PK cheapskate curse has been lifted. It has been said here many times, and I agree, that if Darling had performed as hoped, we’d be in a playoff spot. TD needs to first hire the right GM, one who can solve the goaltending issue once and for all (easier said than done), and also one who will move those players who are too willing to accept mediocrity and losing. And hire a coach that is a motivator and holds players accountable. BP May have a good system, but he also has a lot of players that only buy in when they feel like it. In 2007, when I started going to a lot of games, if the team made a boneheaded play or gave up 2 quick goals early, Lavi would call his timeout. Many times, from my perch in the upper corner, I watched him turn red as a beet, take the gum out of his mouth, and rip the team a new one for the full 30 seconds. We need THAT kind of motivator. I truly believe we have a lot of good pieces, and the team is not unfixable. It will be interesting to take stock of where the team is after a year under TD’s ownership, but I am cautiously optimistic. Unfortunately, for the rest of this year, we are what we are, and it is probably not going to get much better.
  4. Oilers at Canes, Tuesday, March 20, 7PM, Are We There Yet?

    You are comparing Cam’s poor games that occurred over a 12 year period to Mongo’s disasters in 35 or 36 starts this year. During those 12 years Cam had many games he kept us in single-handedly by making highlight reel saves. Forget the Stanley Cup because too many here downplay his contribution there (someone thinks he won one series-4 games). He was also stellar in the 2009 playoffs. I agree he has his weaknesses and has blown some critical games over 12 years, but he has never been the unmitigated disaster that Darling has been this year. Not even close. He was doing a stellar job as the backup he was supposed to be this year until Darling forfeited the crease to him full time. He still did well for the most part, but he has shown over the last years that he is no longer suited to be a full-time starter.
  5. Here's what Staal said: "I don't know. Ah . . .that's a tough question. I don't think so. I'm not sure". He didn't say it was a dumb question.
  6. The Bill Peters Watch

    Or, he hasn't been free to do so until now. I can totally see RF micro-managing the lineup. His mentor/predecessor sure did.
  7. The Bill Peters Watch

    I don't think we can know how he'll vote unless/until he gets the talent he's been asking for since the end of last season. I do think the vote thing is interesting. Assuming he wants to stay and the new GM wants his own guy, TD would get the tiebreaker. Interesting times.
  8. How do you think Darling has been doing?
  9. With 9 games left there is no reason to do anything. We have all the time in the world or at least the summer to make changes
  10. The Bill Peters Watch

    Agreed. I just think he knows they’re done and he’s out of ideas. Dundon says that Peters gets a vote on whether or not he stays. At this point I can’t imagine he really wants to stick around. I’m sure if Bill votes with his head and not his heart (or wallet) he’ll vote “no”.
  11. It's time to waive Darling. Maybe Chicago will claim him.
  12. He'll need a bloody good white horse and a big army behind him.......Maybe his white horse can play goalie
  13. Would love to have a glimpse into TD's mind or a fly on the wall in his office for a few moments. One has to think there is a twinge of buyer's remorse but if we're rock bottom right now, is TD on his white horse ready to save the franchise?
  14. Come on...work with me here...
  15. Keep it up and our draft pick gets higher.. not that we will do anything with it, but it gets higher...
  16. And I sat through too many games when Cam couldn't hold a lead in the third. Glove side high, and see ya next game. Oh yeah., Tripp would explain " Cam wishes he had that one back". Well duh!
  17. We just lost BIG TIME to the lowly Oilers.
  18. No way we lose to the lowly Yotes. It just won't happen. A mighty Hurricanes victory. Book it!
  19. Well...see y’all on Thursday for our next s**tshow...night all
  20. Cam doesn't get a pass and he owns up to his mistakes, but he has never looked defeated when he lets one in. Darling does. Cam has been the whipping boy for this team for years, even when he had really bad defenses in front of him and faced the most shots of any goalie in the league for a season or two and still people blamed him for letting in pucks. The goals Darling gave up tonight, if you discount the one banked off his back were awful. He was out of position more so than not, he looked like a fish flopping on the ice, took bad angles and was slow moving from post-2-post. AND his 5-hole is big enough to drive a mack truck through. Granted there were horrible giveaways tonight, but an AVERAGE goalie would have stopped ONE of those.
  21. And the Fans most likely feel exactly the same way. I know I did. From early in the season, I always got nervous when I saw Darling was he starter.
  22. Ward was supposed to be our back up and played well for a back up goalie. Darling a starter?? That's a big Kinetico PFSSSSST.
  23. Considering that just about every player on the Canes has regressed this year, it is clear they have tuned BP out. It is time for change. See if a new voice can motivate some of the players. If not, then it is time to find some new players as well. this team needs a coach like Torterella or Hitchcock. Someone who really does hold players accountable.
  24. Because Ward is better...hands down. And the team exudes a confidence with him in net that isn’t there with Mongo...they have ZERO faith in his ability to win a game for them
  25. Oh well,Tonight, my bowling team won our league tournament this season "Hey Darling, try bowling, the pins are much easier to see than that little black piece of rubber"
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