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  2. Rem, everyone loves your posts no matter how much sleep you've had You're right, the Hurricanes currently are in a position that probably none of the other NHL teams are in: they can be both buyers and sellers at the deadline and the draft. They can trade Haula to another contending team at the deadline - which probably precludes them from getting a roster player coming back. But, they could trade Gardiner to more of a middle-of-the-road, building/rebuilding kind of team that needs an offensive defenseman at the draft. Obviously, we want to avoid being a cap-ceiling team as long as possible. Most of the great moves from last summer were due to having the cap space that other teams didn't have. That's how Gardiner and Marleau were added, adding big salaries with Haula and Niederreiter and dumping Darling to Florida so they paid him off was stunningly good.
  3. Which is disgraceful, IMO.
  4. Daniels never left, did he? I'm thinking before he was named Asst. Coach, he was the Canes' scouting director.
  5. If they skip for non medical reasons they get suspended for a game.
  6. I must have missed some details on Ovechkin - he was suspended for sitting out All-Star games. Is appearance in ASG mandatory and NHL can punish players? 😮
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  8. Tough gantlet of a schedule here on out. Time to find out what this team is really made of..
  9. Yeah the way Pittsburgh is playing JR would seem to be in place for a while.
  10. Keep up the good work, JR! But can you please wreck the Evil Empire quicker?
  11. JR continuing his questionable decision making with giving Pettersson 20 million.
  12. You can't rely on anybody these days. I guess we will have to do it ourselves.
  13. Update. Williams was signed before TD. But it was under Francis. I said that bringing back old players was a JR thing, and it was, but I should probably extend that to a JR and a PK thing. Under TD I don't think we've done it. But of course, I could be forgetting someone.
  14. If I was putting on my GM hat, I would talk to Ottawa for DeMelo and JGP. I would also pay a little extra to talk to them prior to the trade happening to gauge their extension interest and ask. If the interest isn’t there or the ask is ridiculous, I back out. Move McGinn and Fleury as a part of the package. Conditional picks of 2020 3rd that turns into a 2nd if we make the playoffs, a 2021 2nd if one re-signs with us, a first if both re-signs. That feels like a lot to me but at the same time that probably isn’t enough. DeMelo would be a good pairing with Gardiner this season and with Bean next season on third pairing. He hits, doesn’t take a bunch of penalties, and gets assists. I don’t think it would take a ton to re-sign him either. JGP is the wildcard here. He would be great to have RHS that can take draws. Im afraid his ask may be too high to re-sign because of his strong year. At the same time he could be a great linemate with Staal long term.
  15. Instead of calling this thread "Scoreboard Watching", just put this as the Title:
  16. Williams is a good point. Yes, somehow I missed the most important exception to the rule. Williams was a UFA and he was a guy who had been gone a long long time from a different regime, and he had won some cups etc, but we did bring him back. Also, it was very early in the committee's reign I think (or was it PK?). I do think though that he is an exception though and not the likely rule. But really my opinion on bringing guys back is a general notion, not a hard and fast rule. I do think fairly hard and fast on E. Staal though. Also all speculation on the tendencies of the committee have to be couched in the fact that the track record is still pretty short.
  17. I really would like to see E Staal come back. Come back for one day to retire like Cam did.
  18. Zero help from anyone...except Dallas who denied the Bolts a second point
  19. No much help from other teams: Habs lost, Preds are loosing badly...
  20. The Stars/ Bolts game is pretty good. Bolts seem to have more jump but when the Stars get going they control play for awhile
  21. Unfortunately the Caps seem to be handling business
  22. I would chalk it up to someone who hasn’t looked at the standings.
  23. Rem I agree with your premise that we are better off if Eric does not come back, but when you say we haven’t got a single player that left and came back, are you forgetting the 9 years Williams was in LA and Washington? My point is I’m not against bringing a player back, but Eric Staal is just not the guy to bring back. In a vacuum, his performance in Minnesota makes him look like a player we could use, but there is history that also follows him. But don’t assume the small universe of people posting on this topic represents all Caniacs. I was waiting outside PNC waiting to get in for a game when his trade to NY was announced and there was no shortage of fans who were angry and upset. Still can’t imagine Rod or DW would go there.
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  25. Previously known as Z Pizza. Now a chiropractor's office.
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