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  2. Even though its their 2nd of the back to back, we look like ones trying to survive.
  3. With a game like this I would be happy with a point but I want 2.
  4. That’t The first embellishment call I’ve seen in 2 years. What BS. The NHL should really clean up their officials obvious bias favoring certain teams.
  5. This game will be a fight to the finish. Maybe OT again but I hope we win it in regulation.
  6. F the refs that’s 4 double penalties in 2 games
  7. I’m saying lots of nasty words right now
  8. Alright Staal get another 4 v 4 goal
  9. Need to sustain some OZ pressure so this whole period doesnt feel like a TB PP
  10. Really? Matching? What a crock!
  11. Don't go around tonight , well it's bound to take your life , Theres a baboon on the right ! lol 😂 i know it's not the right lyrics .
  12. Here we go...lets close this out!!!
  13. Key for the 3rd period. Stay out of the box. That killed us last game. We HAD that game won. I know we did. Mrazek was awesome until the PP in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd.
  14. I think Tampa is a little off guard, but a team as good as them expect the unexpected. They are a smart team. High IQ players. I think they know we're going to bring it.
  15. I wonder if TB is a little surprised. I mean, we have played them well all year. One of the few teams whom have. I'm telling you it will be a hell of a series if we meet in the playoffs. We won't be easy if we play like this.
  16. We're giving Tampa hell. Going toe to toe all the way
  17. Btw was playing some NHL the other night and this man popped up in a pack...
  18. For those of you whom watched the game last night when TB beat Washington? Are we being manhandled tonight or hanging with it?
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