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  2. Definitely a roster that could repeat. Really want to see Necas. But Gauthier, Roy, Kuokkanen, Smallman, Foegele, Bean, Fleury, and McKeown jump out at me. Poturalski can definitely contribute hugely at this tourney, and Steve Lorentz has done well, and Callum Booth had a pretty good year overall last year. Hopefully it's streamed again. Would be very cool if the quality of the video upped a notch.
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  4. They won't do it. "Bistro 314" or whatever they called it was closed most of the time last year. Even on crowded games it was the best place to get a soft drink. No lines. Ever. People want junk crap when they go to the game. It is un-American to consume less than 2,000 kcal at a game.
  5. I was referring to the arena PA announcer, my bad. Ron the ref was the best "Arena Guy"
  6. I agree he was rushed, much like Hanifin. He should have had another year of development in Europe or the AHL to get his body ready. He has recovered very well since the first season. That GM was trying to cover up his drafting mistakes from the late 2000s. Although his early/mid 2010s have worked out. if we remove his 1st season, we are looking at 235 games played and 123 points. It equates to a more respectable .52 PPG average. That brings him closer to his peers. He is also still pretty high in games played.
  7. While I would agree that we would have liked to have seen more from Lindholm prior to last year, last year was a hidden breakout year. I don't play fantasy hockey, but I would think Lindholm would be a great sleeper type pick for this year. The thing is that he was still searching for his game during the first two months while Rask and Stempniak and others were carrying things. But December of 2017 Lindholm found it big time. From December to the end of the year. The last 50 games out of 82 in succession, Lindholm put up .76 ppg. That is first line, and pretty solid elite territory. I'd go further though. A lot of guys didn't produce much those last 6 games of the year in April, and Lindholm only had 2 points. Just for fun, take those last 6 games out and look only at Dec - March (still 44 games in a row), during that time Lindholm put up .81 ppg. That pace for the year is top 40 forward. The problem is goals. He had a ton of primary assists, but add a few more secondary assists and a few more goals, and he would push the pace for top 20. But the goals started coming in March where he was on a 25 goal pace over 17 games, and then on into the World tourney. Lindy had 17 goals as an 19 yo. Lindy also missed some games with injury. Of course, there is no guarantee that Lindholm gets off to a start picking up where he left off, but he was so confident from December right through the end of the season and the World Tourney, that I am betting he does. Crazy prediction: Elias Lindholm ends the year in the top 40 forwards for points, and hits 20 goals. I am looking for TT, Rask and Aho all to take steps forward, but Lindholm breaks out completely, and could easily lead the team in points.
  8. Yeah, that makes sense, just wasn't expecting to see him on the roster. My impression is that we usually field mostly younger players, but that's just an impression, and we know what they're worth.
  9. These assumptions pretty much match my own. For better or worse, Hanifin strikes me as an entitled young man who has been told he is great for so long by everyone in his family that he's having trouble believing he's gonna have to work for what he wants. I also can't buy into the poor partner argument. Poor positioning choices, yes. Until the second half last year, Hanifin was routinely in the worst possible place at the worst possible time. Pairing him with another guy who has been known to suffer from the same problem in Faulk forced Hanifin to put his head where had not previously been during his time here, and where it needs to be for any D-man to succeed: on a swivel.
  10. Im not surprised to see Fleury. I expect GMRF is trying to get an early read on his of play and conditioning. If he doesn't look ready for an NHL season, GMRF may reach out to a UFA or LV for organizational depth.
  11. I'd like to hear your thoughts on whether he was rushed, gocanes. For me, it's not even a question: You've gotta throw out the first year (which the cited stat does), when Lindholm was forced, at 18, to play his unnatural position (wing) because a GM Who Shall Remain Nameless (that's right, I'm throwing GMWSRN into the acro mix) had loaded up on Boychuks and Bowmans.
  12. I'm kind of surprised that Fleury, McKeown, and Poturalski are playing. And that Ned isn't (Booth and Helvig in goal). Interesting that 2 of the 4 camp invitees are about to turn 19yo right shot defensemen.
  13. Canes roster announced. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/hurricanes-announce-prospect-tournament-roster/c-290726236
  14. Not to be a negative nancy but Lindholm is in the top 6 of games played in his draft class and over 100 more games played than the highest in 2014 draft (Draisaitl). He has had more opportunity to put up the 120 points mark than most of his peers (whether it's a skill or roster related barrier is unknown). Lindholm has 144 points in 293 games to put the number in perspective. A .49 PPG average. Which I believe is the lowest average on the list and lower than a bunch of forwards that didn't quite make the list.
  15. Interesting [at least to me] fact of the day on Elias Lindholm that I found in a Puck Daddy article on David Pastrnak: " Only 11 forwards under the age of 22 have cleared 120 points in the past three seasons, and as you might imagine a good chunk of them are the high-end guys you’d expect to see here. Filip Forsberg, Sean Monahan, Connor McDavid, Sasha Barkov, Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan MacKinnon, Johnny Gaudreau, Leon Draisaitl, Nikita Kucherov, Elias Lindholm (maybe a surprise to some), and Pastrnak."
  16. On the disillusioned deal my assumptions are: Hanifin is hoping to ride his draft status as an increased value to start negotiations. And he is a little upset that he's had terrible partners so far that has killed his play. Bringing his value down. Basically, the old agent told Hanifin where his value was once GMRF brought it up. Hanifin said hell no Im worth more than that. Agent laid out comparables and Hanifin wasn't buying it. So he said he needed representation that could get him what he values himself. Hanifin got him another agent and told the agent if the Canes aren't starting at this dollar amount, we aren't talking. just wild assumptions in my head. on a side note, as we continue to rehash the same stuff I am glad it's much more positive this year. We aren't complaining how we are 2-3 top 9 forwards short, how come we didn't sign this UFA for the cheap short term deal that another team did, etc. It allows me to get through the ho-hums of August hockey, while talking about Duchene/Tavares, Jagr, or our awesome young defenders for the 3rd time.
  17. I've always wondered if Hanifin has some kind of "inner circle" giving him advice that might at times go against the grain of what his agent is advising him to do or what the reality of his situation really is.
  18. So eventually I get around to looking at the schedule, and as usual it is not balanced. But this time is different. Whereas in the past we hit the asymmetric road game bolus in the first couple of months, this time we don't. This makes a strong start imperative. In the past even a slightly sub .500 start would have been fine since so many road games were front loaded. This time the pain comes in December mainly, but January to some degree. In terms of home and away, October and November are 11 home, 12 away, near perfect balance. But December is 5 home and 10 away with the West Coast trip in there, now including a 5th game. Yes it is vs Vegas, but we get them back to back after playing in Anaheim. January is 5 home, 7 away, but we get to play 6 games, 3 each against Washington and Pittsburgh. Bottom line: December and January could be tough, but especially December. The payoff comes in February when the team just sets up shop in Raleigh: 10 home games and 3 road games. The rest of the year is balanced to the end. It would seem that the old adage about being in a playoff spot by Thanksgiving is even more true this year. We have a very balanced, reasonably spaced schedule through T day. Then December gets nuts. If we are in a playoff spot on Jan 26, the table is set for us. Getting off to a good start will be even more important than past years. If we start slow, especially offensively, a move might have to come earlier than usual. Let's start fast for once.
  19. Some of our players are starting to skate at the RCI. The Canes have released the prospect tournament roster. If I squint my eyes and look really hard I can see hockey on the horizon.
  20. Ditching Bobby Orr Sports Group means nothing to that Group. Hannifin will find another agent and get the same results. He needs to realize its his play thats the issue. He also needs to look in the mirror and decide if this is the year he plays like a big leaguer entitled to big league money. Maybe Alan Eagleson can represent him from the grave (for those of you who know what he did). In the meantime Hannifin needs to buckle down, keep his mouth shut and play like his pals Brett and Jacob did last season. Do that and you're back in the drivers seat. Don't do that and become trade bait.
  21. I'm surprised how into bobbleheads I am. It really makes no sense. I'm a grown man for crying out loud. I have zero interest in almost every other type of giveaway. Yet, when it comes to a new bobblehead? I must have it.
  22. It obviously means something. I'm not sure if it was only disillusionment with his agent or if it is broader. With Francis making it public he is willing to discuss an extension and that no extension talks have taken place it makes you wonder. It could be that Hanifin needs more discussion time with his new agent before entering into any talks. I suppose it could mean that Hanifin's expectations are high, perhaps unrealistic. We can't be sure but it is something to watch.
  23. One thing I would predict is that Francis keeps anything with Hanifin contract negotiations so close to the vest the suit will appear completely normal over the vest. If Hanifin is going to be a problem child, and especially if Fleury shows some chops, Hanifin could become trade bait fast, and the last thing Francis wants is decreased leverage. I have to think, and this is rank speculation, that Hanifin for Duchene is there for the taking. Maybe even Duchene "plus". Obviously I'm a big Hanifin proponent. But with so much talent in the system at LHD, we don't need to overpay the guy prematurely, and we really don't need the distraction of a guy who in any way doesn't want to be here. THAT said, most of these contract things work out, so hopefully, this is just a speedbump or a negotiating tactic that ends up in the rear view mirror.
  24. Is anybody else wondering whether the below, from Chip - together with Hanifin's supposed "disillusionment" in ditching Bobby Orr's agency - might mean anything? I've got some ideas, but would like to hear if others think there's anything to it. Edit for accuracy: It was Rick Curran, the managing partner at the Orr agency, who used the word "disillusionment" when asked about Hanifin's reason for leaving.
  25. Those were earliest ones, as far as i know.
  26. The one and only time HWSNBN looked ready to play in a Canes' uni.
  27. Always found it interesting how into the bobbleheads folks were considering how crappy they are.
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