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  2. Of course, if they do, they'll sell more Marty sweaters than would have even been thinkable without doing so. I think Marty gets an A for sure, and would love it if McGinn got one too. Give Mr. calm, cool, and collected (Slavin) the C and have a couple of loose cannons backing him up.
  3. I think it means he knows how to milk maximum attention out of a press corps/fan base.
  4. Gauthier looks like he's tired of riding the bus. But can Julien play with a drink in his hand?
  5. I just saw the interview with Brind'Amour and reporters asked him on his thought on Gauthier and from the cliff notes i heard him say was " he is like a bull , and a power forward . and he has some skill around the net " but from what i gathered it seemed like he is not entirely sold on him making the team yet . I can sorta see why but I look at it like this . If the canes do end up making the trade with anaheim for Kase then it will be as what we all sorta thought or at least for i thought . He wants guys who will put the puck in the net and being a right handed shot alone is just not enough . Necas needs to start scoring and i mean Pronto !
  6. I don't think that is the case. Every time Laine does a presser, his value goes down...
  7. I'm not as confident about opening night lines as I once was, but Gauthier is really making a case....
  8. Topic is about who you think the lines will be for the season . Nino - Aho - Turbo Svech - Staal - ( Either Kase - Necas Dzingle - Haula - ( either Necas - Gauthier Foegele - Wallmark- Martinook Slavin - Hamilton Gardiner - Pesce Fleury - ( either Bean - Mckeown - Priskie ) until TVR Comes back . Mrazek Nedeljkovic I could see an option for Haula to play 2nd line center and Staal play 3rd line .
  9. On twitter i heard that he felt a twinge and Brind'Amour decided to sit him for tonight . if things check out , it's just maybe his body is getting use to game time . Also noted that it was not his knees . so that much is a relief !
  10. Reading the game recap it said Haula was left out of the game for precautionary reasons. No other info.
  11. eeeehhh , 3rd best ? I still consider the AHL the 2nd best .
  12. gocanes, please go back and reread my original post on this before you get on your soapbox, and see that I never once mentioned nationality in my post. Simply Canadian, European or Russian LEAGUE. Makes no difference what nationality a player is Russian playing in Canadian League, Finn playing in Russian league or American in Canadian League, the LEAGUE is the key which governs play.
  13. I don’t sit in the 200s. We had to show our phone between periods when going up for a drink or to use the restroom. During the game we are in our seats, where ushers come by at times to make sure everyone belongs there. Lucky that your ushers let you do what you want.
  14. He's also a 20yo kid playing in the 2nd best hockey league in the world . . .
  15. The blue line in front of em is pretty solid at least!
  16. Are you saying we have 4 solid goalies?
  17. LOL at cheaters never win - entertaining feed!
  18. What, no storm surge? I keed. Goat with The second star.
  19. Canes WIN!!!! Still haven’t been scored on
  20. Any chance we can get Tripp's mic at this level all year?
  21. Doesn't matter how you structure it, cap hit is overall AAV, no? And a Laine AAV is going to be a lot bigger than Aho's.
  22. nobody seems to have seen anything. Hoping its an ingrown toenail...
  23. Im hoping it's nothing serious . Losing Haula will sting !
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