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  2. The former goalie starter for Ilves has agreed to go to North America for the Ducks' camp. That means Makiniemi should be the starter for Ilves. It was interesting that he went a month without a start to getting 2 in 2 straight games. Now we know why. Dostal was amazing too. He was the Liiga player of the month for October and was sporting a .950 sv %.
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  4. 1983-84 Yellowman - Strong Me Strong (7") http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/xyz/strongmestrong7.html Yellowman - Strong Me Strong (12") http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/xyz/strongmestrong.html Yellowman - King Yellowman http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/xyz/kingyellowman.html
  5. 1984 Laurie Anderson - Mister Heartbreak http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/a/misterheartbreak.html Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Day (12") http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/a/sharkeysday.html Tom Verlaine - Cover http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/uvw/cover.html
  6. Minnesota has played Ohio State twice this week. Lafontaine stopped 16 of 17 on Monday and all 22 on Tuesday. Ohio State is ranked 10th. I don’t know if COVID and the fact that the northeast isn’t playing affects the rankings.
  7. Sign the apocalypse is upon us
  8. I've turned over a new leaf. I am nowhere near where I was prior to us making the playoffs.
  9. CFF giving BD58 the business about mind losing. So 2020.
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  11. I’ve been watching the Penn St. Wisconsin series (Monday/Tuesday), as I have to watch my Badgers. I think we really drafted a sleeper in Kevin Wall of Penn St. He is everywhere, has a nose for the puck and controls play well. Future Cane developing quite nicely. The game is on BigTen Network as I write this.
  12. At least our friendly, resident troll is losing his mind. Most people on the internet loose their mind.
  13. 1984 Yla-Mago - Tyo-Rock (12") http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/xyz/tyorock.html ^^ mp3 tracks are embedded in the link for this rare ep ^^ David Moss - Full House http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/m/fullhouse.html
  14. The League just called and said they are all holding out just to upset you in particular to see if you will lose your mind or not .
  15. I'm losing my mind. Why hasn't the season started yet?
  16. Im going to compile a list of players on the team and including some prospects that i will deem over or under Aho Under rated . Teravainen Under Rated Svechnikov Under Rated Niederreiter Over Rated Staal Over Rated Trocheck Over Rated Foegele Under Rated Martinook Under Rated McGinn Over Rated Necas Under Rated Dzingle Over Rated Geekie Over Rated Fast Under Rated --------------------------------------------------------- Hamilton Under Rated Slavin Under Rated Pesce Under Rated Skjei Over Rated Gardiner Over Rated Fleury Under Rated --------------------------------------------------------- Mrazek Over Rated Reimer Under Rated -------------------------------------------------------- Now on to potential prospects that come come soon in the next year or 2 Suzuki Over Rated Bokk Over Rated Rees Under Rated Mattheos Over Rated -------------------------------------------- Bean Under Rated Kean Over Rated Sellgren Under Rated -------------------------------------------- Ned Over Rated There is no other goalies unfortunately .... I wonder what other peoples opinions are on players for the Canes
  17. I will say Suzuki is making passes that can help and win face offs . Other than that im not looking at him making team Canada either . But incase of a injury I would have him as a reserve . Suzuki needs to find that aggressiveness that his brother Nick has or else I dont see him doing much . With Jarvis when the puck is in his area he either wins or loses 50/50 on puck battles . Since he is a smaller guy he is trying to create opportunity's but only when they come by , Jarvis is not forcing the chances to come to him . Depending on what style of hockey they want for Team Canada it seems they want more of a contain the puck style instead of a dump and chase style . As for Rees the kid is playing like a grinder , He hustles and plays hard . Given the lack of players that Canada has doing that im sure Rees will be on team Canada .
  18. It's been a while. I've missed our resident troll.
  19. Does the H on our whalers J Jersey stand for Houston?
  20. 1984 Genji Sawai - Cha-Brown (12") http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/s/chabrown.html
  21. 1984 Genji Sawai - Sowaka http://www.silent-watcher.net/billlaswell/discography/s/sowaka.html
  22. Just watched the entire last game available (game 2?) really focusing on our guys: Suzuki, Jarvis and Rees. And yes, to my surprise the standout, by far, was Rees. They have Jarvis on the "first" line with Dach, so I have to think that he comes in with an inside track, and he does have a goal, but in this game, while he made a couple of nice plays, but was mostly not visible. Rees, on the other hand just looked involved, nearly every shift. He has two goals in two games, but more than that, he's had several good shots and scoring chances per game and he's strong on and away from the puck. He's not dazzling, but just constantly noticeable and gets pucks on the net. Suzuki, in the game I watched was close to invisible. He did not look bad, just not noticeable. Unfortunately for him, Team Canada is pretty much set at the top 3 center positions, so I'm thinking making the cut at center is going to be one of, if not the most difficult position, outside of the big 3 it will be tough. I really have to think Rees has a very good chance of making the squad. Not only because he's creating chances (which he is, regularly), but because he brings an edge and a non first round guy, not on last year's team, has to either bust out offensively or offer offense while being capable of bringing grit and at least starting out on the 4th line. Rees is doing all of that. Jarvis seems to be a guy that they had penciled into a spot since they are playing him on the top line of team White. So I'm thinking he just has to look decent to get a shot. As a winger, he has a better chance than Suzuki at center. They have one more game, I think today, then they start making cuts. Clearly all three guys need to play well for different reasons to make this insanely stacked team, but I think of the three Suzuki is on the thinnest ice and needs to look really good today. I haven't really focused on the other centers, so not sure how Suzuki's competition is faring out there. I did notice other guys, and while Kirby Dach is making the biggest splash, I did see that skill and IQ from LaPierre a couple of times. To the extent that they are honestly watching these scrimmages, Rees is the guy who should be earning a slot.
  23. If you have good enough internet for YTTV you may try watching streaming feeds. I would not comment on legal side of watching such streams though.
  24. Since Wall has now scored his 3rd goal in as many games here they are: not a good goal to let in by Lafontaine.... Wall is on the 1st line for PSU for those keeping track.
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