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  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I think when you post something like this it either should be sourced or come with a smiley face. Otherwise even if it is only taking a panic button analogy to the absurd it could easily be mistaken as trying to start a issue that doesn't exist.
  3. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    No. I think we would of heard
  4. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    Do you guys think this deal is dead?
  5. Today
  6. J Willy quietly racks up 4 assists in 4 games as a Hurricane and Cam Ward boasts a .941 sv % from last night. The young D takes care of the superstar, the captain leads the scoring with 4 points and and the young kid from the Black Hawks we all suspected would take a step forward scores two goals. Nice night.
  7. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Haven't heard anyone suggest that. Even Avs fans aren't that out of touch.
  8. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    No, in fact they started the game as a pair and as far as I know were an even-strength pair all night. Thank God. I get why BP wants to split them, but it's one of those things that seems like a good idea--until you see it in action. Faulk is serially slow getting back and I think putting him with Slavin further encourages that. IMO, this experiment is the first thing BP's done that meets the "hair-brained" threshold. The complementary nature of Pesce/Salvin and Faulk/Hanifin is obvious, and I'm hopeful BP's done messing with it.
  9. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Yup, Victor needs to get started, and SeaBass too.
  10. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    The other thing on Slavin's minutes is that we play like once a week, so it's not like game 80 after three back to backs. Did Peters stay with splitting Slavin/Pesce all game? I'm sure that he really really wants this for some reason, I guess especially on the road where teams can try to take advantage of Faulk/Hanfin, but historically Faulk/Hanifin seemed to handle it fine last year and times this year. I just keep wondering about the wisdom of forcing that split. Does he think Faulk "has" to be a top pair guy? Faulk just doesn't play good defense when paired with Slavin and does when paired with Hanfin. Carrick on his off-side and Fleury, clearly did not give the coach a warm fuzzy. Like most of the league, we need RHD, but have LHD. Hopefully, TVR is good to go soon.
  11. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    On the Slavin and minutes thing, meh. Slavin played 27 1/2 minutes last night. Yeah, that's a lot, but there are nights when you need your 1D to do some heavy lifting. It's also not unheard of territory for dmen. If you look at the league leaders for average TOI, the top 10 average over 26 minutes. Slavin and Faulk are right there at 25 minutes give or take a second. Where's Joni Pitkanen and his 30 minutes a game? These youngsters are soft nowadays. Now...
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    This was a big win for Cam on a personal level. Was happier to see him face 50 shots than 20-25 for his confidence. He let in one 'softie' on 50 shots? So what. He was deep in the crease and moving to protect his post for the shot when a lucky pass made it out to the slot and he couldn't get to the top of the crease. He got no help as the EDM player had the slot to himself. Only one game so small sample size but...just might portend solid one/two goaltending this year and also serves notice to Darling (as it should) that he will be pushed which in turn ups his game. Slavin was was the 1st AND 2nd star and Ward the 3rd imo. Slavin owned the best hockey player in the world last night. Anyone (including me) beating up on Staal for stone hands this morning? Nope. Beauty pass to Lindholm who took the monkey off his back with his goal, and Staal's soft hands on his shorty was a wow goal. Need to see Rask step up, I didn't notice him much. On to Calgary v Taco...
  13. So much to like about this game. Now can we keep this going? We need to keep this up. One could argue we didn't suppress shots well enough. OK, maybe we clamp down on those a bit, but we are going to win more creating offense than trying to win one goal games. We tried that last year. Play fast, tilt the ice. It's true to say that Edmonton is down, and missing Sekera and Draisaitl and playing their backup too. But, they had just been called to task by their coach, who was shaking things up and trying to really jumpstart them and often good teams really respond to that, and on our side we are missing TVR and Stemniak and played our back up too. So there.
  14. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    If you watch Edmonton that is how their games go. They are usually high scoring affairs since they don't play good D and pressure offensively and basically play balls out. Believe it or not even though we gave up so many shots we controlled their threats, most were from the outside and McDavid was not allowed to create. I thought it was about what you have to do to beat them, i.e. take advantage of their poor D and try to stay with them. They are a very talented group.
  15. For good reason. This team routinely blew 3 goal leads in the 3rd last year. I didn't have nightmares, but I decided to hit the hay after the first, because I felt pretty good, but didn't like the tilt of the ice. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up, and then reviewed all the goals. Despite Cam's softie, I was able to catch a few really solid break away saves he made. Too many of those he had to make! Peters was very honest in the interview. "Cam hung out to dry... not a good recipe to win ... we gotta away with it tonight..."
  16. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Let's not forget that was a response to the fact that they played McJesus over 26 minutes.
  17. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Wins are good.. loses, not so much.. that is all..
  18. Attendance discussion

    Just checked on some of the most popular options fan zone- $16 (sth) $25 face.. 36% less lower level north ( sth) $51, 82 face.. 38% less lower level south (sth) 60, 92 face.. 35% less center ice (sth) 116.. 160 face 28% less
  19. Slavin is out of control awesome, J. Staal had a much needed huge game, Lindholm, TT, all great offensive games and Ward was stellar. That was some seriously fast hockey to watch, I love it. Canes had some big hits too and took some big hits. Good hockey.
  20. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    So, last night game was not great. It seemed like Edmonton controlled the puck for 75% of the game. Even though I felt Edmonton was just throwing shot on goal hoping something would stick, we could've been in better defensive position to control rebounds. We took advantages of the few transition plays we had, which was encouraging. A win is a win, but we can't expect to be successful most nights play like that.
  21. BD Ward was incredible last night. He looked much more experienced, comfortable, smooth and in control than Darling has so far. One softie and 10 incredible game saving stops and 30 something other stops. No pressure Ward is going to be good this year.
  22. Attendance discussion

    Not sure I am understanding your rant- As a STH, you get the tickets at a 30-50% discount from face value depending on the game( more for the gold games with this crazy pricing tiers).. so not sure how people are sitting next to you with an additional 30%-40% less?? I sure have not seen secondary tickets going for 70% of face value. That tickets sell on the secondary market for up to 30% less then face value makes sense, for STH looking to just recoup their investment and these people next to you just at your cost
  23. Must admit once Ward let in the softie, i was starting to have bad dreams and bad memories myself.
  24. Kudos to the guys for starting on time, and not letting up (for the most part). Slavin = Incredible. You have to take advantage of good teams when they are down. The Oilers will be fine, but are in a rough patch. We did that, and got away with 2 well deserved points. I could have done without the 2x too many men penalties, but it's in the books now. Let's keep building.
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