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  2. They should have kept that listerine guy up, I thought he played better than Nino or Staal...
  3. Man imagine having a 9 million dollar 3rd line winger. Rough. ps that guy is on pace for 33 goals and go -10. 🤣
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  5. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/news/sabres-hurricanes-preview-lineup-curtis-lazar-marco-scandella/c-311295642 Cane killer from the playoffs Marcus Johansson, their main 2C I believe, is out tonight.
  6. Glad Fleury gets in. Super glad Haula gets in. They have him slated for 4th line duty, but I'm thinking that will change if the knee feels good and he is going. Keep our best offensive guys on that Svech-Aho-TT line. Big things, expecting big things from them. So ironic AWAC puts a picture of Pu up there since he's at least back to playing in our organization as of today? But is he on loan, or is he back? I'm not sure. Maybe it was just done for irony as we face Skinner and his boys again. Let's keep Skinner off the score sheet. This one feels like a decent test. This is not the Buffalo of the back half of last year. They are the very definition of desperate for a win. So don't let them have it.
  7. I thought we traded Cliff Pu to Florida for "future considerations". Was one of those considerations that they could send him back if they didn't want him anymore?
  8. Wont be easy, im predicting OT.
  9. Welp Kjun, you can't keep a good man down. His stock just went back up a bit. Who knows?
  10. Canescountry with an update on various prospects. https://www.canescountry.com/2019/10/21/20924836/carolina-hurricanes-prospect-corner-pyotr-kochetkov-patrik-puistola-ryan-suzuki Rees is the standout, with David Cotton starting strong at BC. He's a senior now, and could do the wait until becoming a UFA thing a la Adam Fox. Tukka Tieksola has 1.54 ppg in U20 Finland (man do we love drafting Fins. Not that there's anything wrong with that). Suzuki started strong back in Juniors, but...one of the reasons prospects are so hard to follow is so little public info. Our first round pick from last year Ryan Suzuki was reported to have a potentially very serious eye injury November 5th. That was 9 days ago, and I can't find a single update on his condition. Goalies are just frankly a different breed. I absolutely don't give up on Kochetkov, who was considered the second best goalie in a draft with a, "once every 10 years" goalie prospect above him. He couldn't get settled in St Petersberg, but that is not a terminal inditement. He's been traded, and will get more regular playing time and hopefully start to really show his stuff from this point on. Goalies, can't figure'em out, can't win without a good one.
  11. Let’s go Canes! It’s good to have Haula back.
  12. I liked Lusty's work and it was getting better every game. Seemed to know where he should be at most times and was no pushover to get him off the puck. Hope to see him again.
  13. Going to need great goal tending tonight. Many slugs who have no problem lighting the lamp. Hoping the D has tight gaps and give Petr a lot of support.
  14. It's going to be some time till Staals contracts comes up for renewal , and i think a lesser amount is reasonable . and given the age factor that tends to play out anyways . Im just not satisfied with where Staal is slotted on the lines , a 3rd or 4th line guy sure but 1st or 2nd? I think the Canes can place better players already on the team with each other than having Staal lined up with them . And im not a fan of Staal on the power play units either , Him on the penalty kill is where he suits best , which im fine with .
  15. Well props to us for snatching Rees at #44 after a meh goalie pick of Kotchetkov at #36. I can't remember the last time we had a guy with sweet hands like this. Bokk seems to have a similar game.
  16. I'm not sure why I am bothering Canesfanforever, but you are aware that the $6mil salary you are criticizing is based on his perceived value, AT THE TIME WE TRADED FOR HIM, not what you view as his value now several years down the road? Apparently your profound current estimate is not shared by HCRB, but even if so, I am curious how you think that could be remedied, or is this just another trolling venture vs Fantasy Hockey at it's zenith?
  17. No, getting him closer to Raleigh for his eventual call up, so he doesn't have so far to drive, hahaha.
  18. Fleury has earned the consecutive start?! Wow! Seriously, glad he was rewarded for a good game vs. Sens - usually he is the lost cause over TVR
  19. I’m ready for a 🐌 fest!
  20. 6 mill for staal , is that really what we are paying for a over rated 2nd over all pick ? I know I know jimmy rutherford is to blame .
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