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  2. Because we are so far down the list of teams requiring his services...he’d have to get the doors blown off by our offer to even consider it. And given how we will be apprehensive after the Mongo debacle...it just ain’t happening!
  3. Why is this so far fetched? We are one of the few teams that needs a numerou uno, we have the defense, and we have the cap. I'm inclined to beleive if he comes here we are propelled into Stanley cup contention.
  4. Been discussing this for the past 24 hours in the trade/FA thread
  5. Looks like we may lose both Raz and Mac. Hurricanes not optimistic about signing Mrazek, McElhinney, says GM https://www.nhl.com/news/petr-mrazek-curtis-mcelhinney-will-likely-become-free-agents/c-307903352
  6. No love for J Willy on the Messier Trophy... 😡
  7. BD’s assertion that Bob is considering us
  8. Varlamov? But he's coming off a $5.9m AAV contract. Wonder how much he's willing to come down from that number?
  9. Yeah probably not but why wouldn't we want a Vezina wining goalie? I'm confused on that.
  10. Very much doubt this, and quite frankly I wouldn't want him.
  11. No surprise. We won’t get any love. Svech was 9th on the rookie list.
  12. I think the big difference this year was goal tending. A big starter is testing UFA and we just made it to the ECF with a super young team and our AHL team just won it all. 10m be dammed. I would go after Brob and he is probably is considering us.
  13. NHL voters can go do the anatomically impossible... B’s GM for GM of the year over DW? What a crock!
  14. If you are a free agent in control of your destiny of course you explore it. Waddell knows this.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Remember back when I said maybe the goalies would make it easy on us and make the decision for us? Well.........not quiiiiiiiiiiiite what I was looking for. This just got really interesting and not in a good way. I never got the feeling Mraz would walk over money. McE maybe. Mraz , no.
  17. Define "smart". He puts up a large amount of dosh to bankroll a struggling developmental league, insists on being made head honcho of said league, and doesn't know 'til *after* the league plays for a few weeks that they're actually paying to be on TV as opposed to being paid to play. Sounds like a guy who got into a business he knew little to nothing about and didn't bother to learn everything about it until he'd already dropped the dinero and got people paying attention to him.
  18. With Bales bolting to Buffalo I will bet that one of Mraz or McE ends up there. Just a hunch. Waddell said if we don't sign our goalies that NED will get a shot but I would think that would be as a backup. We will need to go get a goalie. I have no idea who that will be or how much we will spend. I'm watching this unfold. .In Carolina, If it ain't one thing it's another always goalies
  19. I will try to post a picture with my little one and Slavin for y'all tomorrow. Really excited about meeting him.
  20. They get: Fleury Kuokkanen Our first (#28) We get: Puljujarvi Their first (#8) Just spitballin'
  21. Boy, Vegas is in deep trouble. Already up against a cap number that may be coming down and only have 19 people signed (12 forwards, 6 defensemen, 1 goalie). Don't have William Karlsson (RFA) or Subban (RFA) signed. Don't see them moving Subban since it would provide no cap relief, they need a backup and Subban likely won't cost much. How are they going to free up enough cap space to re-sign Karlsson? Do they somehow get relief if Clarkson is left on IR, retires or is bought out? He hasn't played in 3 seasons.
  22. In other news, Pujujarvi’s agent has come out and said he wants a trade
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