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  2. Don't agree with the concept of moving prospects for what they usually return when they can't crack the lineup, as lost value. We have McKeown's rights to 2023 so he won't be lost for nothing, if it comes to that. Besides, we have two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds in the draft next year and the team stocked up similarly in the last draft. Guys are going to be regularly moved, even higher-end prospects. It's a good problem. At this point having TVR, McKeown, or Priskie getting regular top-4 minutes [on the right side] for 82 games seems like playoff suicide to me. Maybe you meant later? For now, we only have 4 top-4 defenseman. To me Priskie is just another prospect on the right side until he beats out a guy ahead of him. Should be an insane camp for spots. Which is not too far off, thankfully.
  3. No, definitely not sure, that's just the feel I get from this board. Priske is on a 2-way contract and waiver exempt, so if the Committee let him know there's a decent chance he might start in Charlotte this season I could see them possibly going with both. But as you point out, there would be a lot of risk with starting both in Raleigh, and to my mind McKeown will either be given (earn) a spot on the Canes roster or be traded. I think we're still in for some interesting moves this summer.
  4. But are we sure that Priskie is in line to replace McKeown? Would it be conceivable that we keep both, and replace Fleury/TvR, Fleury/Faulk (riskier I know) or maybe TvR/Faulk (very doubtful that we'd give up both)? Training camp likely very critical to sort this out?
  5. I wish we could access the in depth Canes scouting reports on both Priske and McKeown. Both are 23 yo. Priske: Hobie Baker finalist, led NCAA d-men in goals last year, team captain for 2 seasons. Possible future PP quarterback? McKeown: Already proven successful at the AHL level. Very gaudy +- stat the last 2 years in comparison to the rest of the Checkers (insert standard disclaimer). indicates very good 2-way game? Given that McKeown could be viewed as already having success at a higher level than Priske, the Committee must be really high on the new kid.
  6. Exactly. McKeown could now be odd man out. Will we trade his rights, will he play RFA chicken, will he go to Europe or we could sign him but I think that is doubtful
  7. I agree with all of that. The issue is where do the Canes want to spend their money and how to do that efficiently. Both Faulk and TVR are in the final season of their current contracts. With value D men in the pipeline, you would think management will choose not to spend the money on Faulk or TVR. I believe Nino has 1 year remaining, and Hamilton 2. Those two guys represent possible investment subjects, Svech will definitely be in line for a big contract after his ELC is complete, and other players such as Foegele, Geekie, Necas, goalie(s) will need new deals. The team is so lucky to have both Slavin and Pesce on team friendly contracts for a while. It is a real accounting question.
  8. I am referring to Priskie's signing and how it affects McKeown.
  9. But, and I'm just guessing here, I can see why he's looking so goofy? I mean, look at what he's holding in that cup?
  10. At the moment he isn't signed so I think his status is already uncertain
  11. I assume you mean a third rounder. I don't know, but I agree with your point about promoting him. The problem with doing what is required to get these guys, then spending time and resources to develop them, then don't put them in the NHL but just dump them for a third round pick, or maybe even a second rounder, before they establish value, is lost value. Each time there is a little slippage on potential value. At worst it's systemically inefficient, and while each one might not be huge, they can add up. These are the guys Ron Francis built up and put into the system and guarded tightly. Now we just ship them off for low round picks? (If we do). TVR has been good, and Faulk had a really good year last year IMO, but the defensive depth we have suggests to me that both of those guys could be moved and replaced with guys from the system. And we'd get cap relief too. Imagine if Faulk got us a "first rounder-plus" next year, and TVR got us a second rounder. We'd still have Slavin, Pesce, Hamilton, Fleury, McKeown, and pick one more, and we'd have three firsts and three seconds (possibly) in next year's super rich draft. But if we trade McKeown? Third rounder? Maybe? We may end up doing it, and right now we're so rich we can dump DeHaan for prospects and trade McKeown for a late rounder, and still probably get away with it, but it's not maximal value. Same thing with Fleury until we get him some NHL games to show himself. We lose potential trade value for these guys building up in the holding pattern. Thing is, if we play Fleury and McKeown and they're ok but not great? They'll still have more value as a guy with X NHL games, and we still have a next guy to bring up.
  12. First of all, he is not currently under contract with the Canes. He is an RFA, so I am not sure how the collective bargaining agreement works with sign and trades in the NHL. That said, he is about NHL ready, steady 3rd line RH shooting D man, so he has value. While I would hope they could get a #2 for him, in the real world probably a #3. As a value player, this is why I have pushed for his promotion for 2 years and wondered why they resigned TVR.
  13. Looking at your avatar, I can just hear The Dude saying that, man!
  14. I'm having a discussion on another board about McKeown's value. In terms of draft pick(s), what do you guys think he's realistically worth in today's market? To "bias check" your answer, another way to put it is: what would you give up for him if he was in a different organization and the Canes were really shallow on the right side?
  15. I could be wrong (if you go by my wife I haven't been right in a few years), but I believe Faulk is in the final year of his contract. Management has tried extensively to trade him for a few years now. With his play last season, I think they will either ride this out or move him at the trade deadline. My bet would be riding it out and letting him go. Then again, I am not much at betting.
  16. I still can't believe Faulk has had a job here as long as he has. Though I don't see Priskie making the team this year, I can totally see both the strategic and economic sense of moving Faulk now, while he still has two years on his deal, and slotting McKeown in while Priskie seasons. McKeown has captained teams in the Juniors and now the A to championships. Given the offensive strides both Pesce and Slavin have taken, along with our overall depth at D, I'm having a hard time seeing why we keep trotting out the defensive adventure that is Justin Faulk.
  17. Crud, you're right. Added him in too. The depth is fairly amazing. I agree about Faulk. Probably TVR too.
  18. On top of those 9, there is the guy they picked up in the de Haan trade (Forsling?). The signing of Priskie suggests to me that the Canes may not resign Faulk. There is only so much $$ to go around. I am sure allocating $$ to Svechnikov is on management's mind, so having an offensive minded RH D man to take over for Faulk at a fraction of the cost must seem appealing. I have been a fan of McKeown since his acquisition from the Kings, so I hope this signing does not affect his status.
  19. That's what I get for posting at work. Or projecting. Fixed it. Of course even deeper.
  20. The question I have is how fast on his feet will he be and would he able to transition to the Canes system effectively fast enough to warrant the teams hard edge play . The reason i ask this question is because there is not a ton of tape on him in different systems when playing defense . Being told hey we want you to play a 1-3-1 or we like you to use a European style trap , or another example , We need our defense to play 2-2-1 but transition into a 1-4 when the other team has the puck is easy to remember but to put it into practice is a whole another story . Obviously these questions have been answered if the Canes management feels comfortable to hand Priskie a contract . Im sure even Priskie knows he can handle to extra pressure . The spots are all open for the taking in training camp and that only leaves 7 weeks lefts until the drop of the puck . Man hockey flies by quickly when you have a shorten summer ! ! !
  21. Did Justin Faulk get traded?
  22. GM Realm would look to trade Fleury before McKeown, but then GM Realm would have had McKeown in Raleigh last season instead of Fleury as well so what does he know...
  23. NHL D men and potential NHL D men (ready or close): Slavin Pesce Hamilton Faulk TVR Fleury Forsling McKeown Bean Priskie (Sellgren) reportedly looks very good.
  24. I remember the guys calling the Calder games going on and on about McKeown, who was supposedly NHL ready a couple of years ago. I do think shaking up the D too much could be risky,. but I'd like to see a run of McKeown before trading him for probably a low return. I really wonder if McKeown could come up and we trade TVR instead. Might not get much for him either, coming off surgery, and TVR has been effective. I like the idea of getting some of these guys up here on the bottom pair, though might be easier said than done, maybe if TVR isn't fully ready? We probably do end up trading him though. Just too many prospects.
  25. I dont think he was complaining.
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