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  2. Up for game day. Having my coffee now trying to decide my beverage choice for tailgating. Probably Port City IPA. It's a well balanced IPA that isn't overly "pine tree" from too much hops. Good warm weather sipper.
  3. Feel bad for all the small businesses and vendors, that did deals and gave goods and services in good faith, now screwed. AAF declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy A copy of the filing from Front Office Sports shows just how bad the damage is. In all, the AAF had accumulated more than $48 million in liabilities, including more than $38 million in unsecured claims. That is compared to $11.3 million in assets and just over $500,000 in cash on hand. The AAF is also fighting multiple lawsuits with the potential for more down the road. Two former players have already filed a class-action case against the league, including Dundon and CEO Charlie Ebersol, claiming the players were misled and defrauded. One former AAF coach told CBSSports.com that another could be on the way representing coaches, as well. https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-files-for-chapter-7-bankruptcy-showing-more-than-48-million-in-liabilities/
  4. This is what I think. IF we win tonight we take the series in 6, if we lose tonight we lose the series in 5. We need to build off the win for game 3. It all depends on the start by Mrazek. In game 1 he was sharp after giving up the three goals and gave us a chance to come back. In game 2 he gave up two quickies again but held strong until the OT loss (never watched game 2), and in game 3 he was good when he had to be because the Capitals had a really good push at the beginning of that game (7 shots in like the first 10 minutes) and almost scored first again until the first Foegele goal when the tide turned. The team got off to a good start in Game 1 just could not get one by Holtby until the third period, don't know if we had a good start in game 2 and both teams had a good start in game 3 until we dented the scoreboard first. So, this game rests on Mrazek. If he gives up a quick goal or two it's going to be a long night, even though I know we can battle back because we've done it before this series. If he plays how he did in game 3 and we score first again we have a shot. Mrazek has 5 playoff wins and 4 are shutouts. Not looking for a shutout again from him (although it would be nice), just a win. That's why this game is so HUGE. It might be the biggest game of the series after game 3. It's imperative the team gets off to a strong start and weathers any push by Washington and Mrazek stays strong in net.
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  6. This game is the ultimate SHOW ME scenario. The punks that call themselves hockey fans and their goonish players are deep into the gorey elements of that fight, even stating that Brindamour instigated it by telling his players to ramp up the ugliness? Typical, totally don't know a thing about this team, Svech or Brindamour? The team is at a huge turning point which can truly solidify it, or else "go quietly into the night". And I further agree with many before on here, IF we can persevere in this game tonight, I have to believe the series is ours. And make no mistake, that bond between us fans and the players, forged by the Bunch of Punks celebrations of The Surge CAN become even more significant tonight thru the energy our players feed off of us when we are united in spirit and our patented noise level. That energy was palpable Monday night and although I cannot be there tonight, I'm sending 2 in our place to bring it. Please, please extend this so I can once again be amongst you all this coming Monday.
  7. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Nordy with the empty netter for the Bruins to ice it. Glad to see him succeeding up there.
  8. We'll be heading up early in the morning. It's about a 4.5 hr drive for us
  9. After the first period of game1, Tampa looked nothing like the team I watched all year. Plus, Bob finally showed up for the playoffs. And all the trade deadline acquisitions that didn’t gel at first and almost cost Columbus a playoff spot, have come together when it counts. That team sure looked like it could win the Cup. Wonder what will be left of it next year?
  10. AWACSooner

    2019 Playoffs

    Neither was Boston, apparently, as the series is now tied. Meanwhile, in Big D, the Stars are pimp slapping the Preds 5-0 after 2...they chased Pekka with 4 goals on 8 shots in the first.
  11. Be ready at puck drop. Score first. Don't take any crap from the Caps, but stay outta the box.
  12. I'm not impressed by Toronto.
  13. All of the above. Add a little cream cheese for extra pop. Extra Warning: They have also been in a dog's mouth. Go Canes!
  14. I’m still amazed they serve a high grav like this at a hockey game.
  15. Aviator Brewery.... a staple at my bar. Also the only time I've bought art....after about 4 of the Tripels. Worth it....I think....
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  17. I thought of this and it made me laugh more than it should. Who else gets it? It could be a great goal celebration.
  18. I keep a log of every brew I make with recipe and verdict. If it is disappointing it doesn't get added to the binder. Any variation of the recipe gets added as well for future brews.
  19. EXCELLENT GDT, Hag, and a tip of the ol' beer cap to The Big Guy. Maybe I'll break down and pick up one of the fine brews produced here.... https://prairieales.com/beers/
  20. If we get by the Caps and Svech and Ferland are still out, it wouldn't shock me to see us give Necas a look against the Isles.
  21. This is EXACTLY why I think it's crucial we win tomorrow and come out strong because it will turn the tide of the WHOLE series IMO. Hopefully the injury to our well respected and loved player Svech (players and coaches loved him) will inspire the team to come out and get a win for him. Just like my previous post I hope I'm right because we all know Washington is going to come out with a big push tomorrow too. We need to be ready for that.
  22. Nino was definitely visible last game and I agree, it would be nice to find the twine. I have a feeling the team will come out motivated tomorrow knowing that Svech won't be on the ice. Sometimes missing a young player of his talent the way he went out inspires the team to play well and want to win the series for him. That's why I think the fight will be the turning point for in the series for the good for Carolina. I hope I'm right. Oh, and can someone deck Tom Wilson tomorrow please? I just watched an excerpt on NHL tonight when they talked about the game 4 preview and game 3 clips from Washington at Carolina. Before I get to reason why I want him decked one of the analysts was saying that Carolina was definitely the faster team than Washington because we always got to the loose pucks in the corner. More was said but this is basically all I could remember. Now, for the reason why I want someone to deck Tom Wilson. After Svech got knocked out and helped off the ice Tom Wilson smiled over at BRINDAMOUR like it was funny. Brindamour chirped back at him basically telling him it was not funny. What disrespect! I hope we win game 4 AND the series and if anything lets do it for Svech (if he's out for the playoffs because of the fight). Now that the team knows it can beat Washington we should have a ton of confidence. This is why I think the team will come out strong tomorrow. Anything less than a good start tomorrow by the Canes will be inexcusable. It is crucial they bring this series back to Washington tied. The momentum is on OUR side, we can't let it swing to Washington's side. Give them hell tomorrow Canes. I expect the game to be an all out war like the last game.
  23. Love some BIG GUY. Outstanding Hag. Doin' it again tomorrow. Dove poppers, yum.
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