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  2. Oh their piling on, but I think Dundon might be drawing some of the fire. And adding to the "we don't pay past $6million" thing that's been going on to this point. I got to say, I was thinking that Dundon might just not care enough to not offer sheet someone, but now I'm thinking the rest of the league might not care enough about Dundon not to offersheet him. And if he tries to hold the line on Aho at $6 million, he just might draw an offersheet. Probably not, but you never know. From mynhlhockeyrumors.com: On Hurricanes RFA Sebastian Aho @BeerLeaugeHeroe: John Shannon on @OilersNow yesterday said that the Hurricanes are only willing to go to $6 million on an eight-year deal. @Prospects_Watch: Dreger on TSN 1050 said that if he were going to try and sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet it would be Carolina Hurricanes Sebastian Aho. Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is “all about business” and if you signed Aho at $10.8 million, it might make him think of not matching.
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  4. And of course he wants it back before those former players and coaches get anything. He's wealthy and important, and the players and coaches who *were* the game are nothing and deserve nothing....
  5. Josh Welsey not extended a qualifying offer, which kinda bums me out because i was impressed with what i saw from him this season. Ty Rattie, PDG, and Ryan Murphy not qualified by their teams. Just say no (i'm sure the Canes will).
  6. I've read those as well but am not convinced he did not have an interest. In any event I'm still having a hard time understanding how a billionaire did not do proper due diligence before investing. He claims information was not provided to him. I'm not buying his claims as the information should of been identified during due diligence.
  7. Luckily the NHL is not the NFL or NBA or MLB . There might be some stupid gm's some bung hole gms but there is not evil gm's like they got that would do something like that , it's a unwritten general rule in the nhl to be neighborly to one another and try not to make enemies out of some teams .
  8. The technology theory has been pretty much debunked; multiple sources say Dundon wasn't really interested in that part of the AAF. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/30/alliance-american-football-aaf-collapse-charlie-ebersol-tom-dundon
  9. We were short on defenders either way. We just happened to ship out the one that may have been hurt going in.
  10. Agreed pretty crazy but TD was betting that the AAF and it's technology would bring him millions beyond his wildest dreams while the Canes are not in that position to do so. Everyone has a budget versus potential returns. TD's not happy about the AAF debacle and wants his money back. https://fanbuzz.com/aaf/tom-dundon-aaf-refund/
  11. After all the speculation of trading a damn for an offensive weapon, the Canes are all of a sudden short defenders. I am really interested to see how the Canes get the offensive firepower they need now. Doesn’t seem likely unless the Canes trade draft picks and high end prospects. Not sure if they want to go that route though.
  12. So we traded deHaan for spare parts and we intend to keep (hopefully resign) Faulk. I guess the big D for O trade ain’t happening. Does this mean we’re in on a free agent, or on offense, we like our group (including our star player we have not signed). Maybe there will be some clarity after July 1st, but right now, I’m puzzled.
  13. So let me get this straight. We are a budget hockey team that just made a deep playoff run, owned by a guy who just blew $70 million on a 4 week experiment with an ill fated underfunded football league.
  14. It's a long summer, and dead air don't sell.
  15. Agree. Whether we pay him like Gaudreau or not, I could see this going until early October unless an offer sheet speeds the process.
  16. Well guys. I literally do not know what to expect come UFA.
  17. Yeah that was Gord Miller another Canadian Sportscaster. Insane. https://www.tsn.ca/video/lls-aho-062519~1715262
  18. It was Gord Miller who suggested that, not Dreger, but I don't like him either....
  19. There’s a video on TSN of Darren Draeger practically advocating other teams to weaponize the offer sheet against us and force a $11M annual contract against Aho that’s basically a $1M contract with a $10M annual bonus, forcing us to spend $20M in gate revenue in 12 months on him. How in the *edit* can someone advocate for an action that will bring financial ruin to an organization just for the sake of making a point!?!? There are times I really wish some of these ****tards north of the border would just be flamed into oblivion.
  20. Guess Dundon now falling back on the old kid game and asking for "backsies" https://sports.yahoo.com/tom-dundon-wants-70-million-170515645.html Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is having a case of buyer’s remorse. But it could be too late for Dundon to get a refund. Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com reports that Dundon has filed a claim in the Alliance of American Football’s bankruptcy case. Dundon alleges that his investment happened due to “misrepresentations,” and he seeks a full refund of the $70 million he paid to keep the league afloat for five or six weeks during its only season, before Dundon shuttered it. “Even though AAF executives told [Dundon Capital Partners] its contribution would get the AAF through the first season, those executives knew at the time of the execution of the Term Sheet that the AAF would likely need an additional $50,000,000 (including League revenue) on top of [Dundon Capital Partners’] investment of up to $70,000,000 to get through the first season,” the document alleges. “The AAF and its executives never disclosed this information to [Dundon Capital Partners].” In other words, Dundon claims that the AAF led Dundon to believe that an infusion of $70 million would get the league through its first season, but that the AAF knew that in reality $120 million would be required. More specifically, Dundon claims that the AAF led him to believe that an amount considerably less than $70 million would be needed to finish the campaign. cont in link
  21. We have to sign another goalie to buy him out or we find someone to take him, however unlikely that is
  22. What can possibly be the decision? Probably have him on the NHL marketplace at half price clearance and they are waiting to see if anyone is that crazy.
  23. yes they are announcers of Carolina. Or we would have different announcers like college sports or other professional leagues (nfl). Baseball does the same thing as the NHL.
  24. Is having the team pay the announcers salary the norm throughout the league? If so that is quite a convenient arrangement for Fox Sports!
  25. JR elected to HOF...Rod snubbed yet again!! 😡💩
  26. Mike Maniscalco @mikemaniscalco More from Waddell: *Confident that the team will sign a #1 goalie (having daily conversations with Mrazek). *Next 3-4 days will make a decision on Scott Darling. *Not planning on trading Faulk, conversations about extension went better than reported
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