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  2. Someone already posted that Forslund would be doing the Isles series along with Eddie Olczyk.. Yeah, Forslund will tone it down, but at least we know he'll be neutral, which is more than I can say for most of the national feeds we've had.
  3. This thread was sitting at 499 replies so here is one to make it 500 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏽😎
  4. Maybe this has been mentioned in the thread, but maybe not. I watched the local feed last night (Forslund and Tripp), but watching the replay this morning, the national guys (sounded like Kenny Albert, but I could be wrong) misidentified who scored the winning goal. Twice these guys said "McKegg" when it was MiGinn. Sorry to see Tripp and Forslund done for the year, although we may well see a more neutral Forslund on the national feed.
  5. Speaking of Tavares, don't you just know Islander fans are loving the way his playoffs turned out compared to theirs?
  6. And I think you are confused, showers are OK. It is washing your socks/clothes that is taboo. Which reminds me, I have to make sure my wife doesn't clean before I get hom from taking my daughter to see Avengers.
  7. I didn't shave the beard, but I had to take wash all the assorted yard debris off my legs. Other than that it was the quick Marine field shower to keep the odor down.
  8. Hey today was my only window for not actually looking like my current avatar. Plus summer has arrived in ENC, so I'm buzzed, and I'm not talking magic beans. The beard, however, only had the wild hairs pruned back. When we win the chalice I'll post a pic with it combed out. Positively West Virginia.
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  10. That's one way to find out which friends are worth keeping. Please write again and let us know you're alive, too.
  11. Been mowing the yard and working around the house all day, listening to the lack of coverage on TV and checking online for reassurance about last night. While getting a shower a few minutes ago the best way to articulate how I feel about this series and the playoffs as a whole. The caps EXPECTED to win, the CANES believed they could win and after game 3 the CANES KNEW they could win. This knowledge should make the Islanders nervous, an opponent that knows they can defeat you but has no expectations is incredibly dangerous.
  12. I can't wait for the first time one of our guys, praising Aho for some great play or other, says "Fishy" on INTERNATIONAL TV.
  13. Still haven’t come down from the high from last night. Shock, doom and gloom here in the DC area. Except for the handful of classy Caps fans I know, quite a few not making eye contact with me today with a Canes Jersey on. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. Ifn you like trolling the opponent. https://www.newyorkislanderfancentral.com/
  15. Yeah and whats interesting here is either by design or by mistake we had a great team to build talent and now a great team who can win with talent and they are hardly ever the same people ...
  16. This.... so much this. We are a team built for next year and the following 4 years - and the Checkers blasting as well - kudos to Ron Francis for a lot of that. The good news is I think we we are going to be good team for quite some time! Second call out - Sara Civian from the Athletic - high quality depth pieces with a lot of empathy - she came down this year and has been pumping out a lot of good stuff but her playoff "takes" are now essential reading for me. She gets "it" and "us" and while we have great reporting elsewhere on the big win days when I dont have the words .. she seems to have the perfect ones for how we are feeling ...nice addition if you havent read her stuff
  17. ou could make the case they lost the chance to repeat as champions not with the overtime loss to Carolina, but less than two weeks after the Capitals won the Stanley Cup in Game 5 in Las Vegas last June, when owner Ted Leonsis refused to pay the only coach who led this franchise to a championship what he was worth. The arrogance of Transparent Ted was evident throughout this first-round series. Rookie head coach Todd Reirden, the assistant who replaced Trotz, was outcoached by the other rookie head coach, Rod Brind’Amour, whose team outplayed Washington much of the series and in particular in the deciding game. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/apr/25/barry-trotz-moves-capitals-head-home/
  18. Someone let Stormy know that he better keep the boys going, or bbq and bacon are for dinner...
  19. Pigs are just cool.........................and.......................tasty. Just sayin
  20. Yeah, Game 1 is either going to be big our way because Islander's 'rusty" from a week off.. or we get smacked because only one day rest.. not sure which is more logical, but 100% sure, the DAY AFTER, all the "experts" will pick the one that worked and tell us they knew all along( cue roenick from last night calling for caps to win before game.. during game.. in OT.. then after game saying " knew the canes the better team tonight" Just Glad Tavares not with Islanders now- he was a "canes killer" for some reason
  21. Slavin got himself almost half as many assists in 7 games as he did in 82 this season. What a gamer.
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