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  2. Sort of jesting, and sort of NOT.....LOL OK talking heads and media establishment. We've heard hemming and hawing of every sort, excuse making for every cap mistake and period in which they were frankly just outplayed, and every other home crowd energy sarcasm reference. And oh BTW. We won 22 games on the road this season. Why don't just one of you stand up and tell the truth. That aside from infrequent highlights, mostly from games played in your endeared large markets, that you really just didn't watch much Hurricane Hockey at all this season which by the way, IS YOUR JOB, and had no real idea what this team, though undermanned after injuries, was capable of. And that you were somewhat amused when the post game cellys went viral, and that all you really saw was a decent but highly unskilled hockey team doing its best to appease a naive and non savvy Southern fan base. And OMG, after a 6-0 drubbing there was just no likelihood that this team could get back to challenging the super champs, who had now found their A game. Just have the guts to admit you thought the post game surges were their claim to even belong in a serious hockey discussion, and you thought it was all smoke and mirrors, and that people were just filling up the arena for some after show. Well no, we were watching, our team was playing, and our media/broadcasters were marketing a tough and somewhat super exciting brand of NHL Hockey. But you just didn't know enough to see the battle the champs were in for. And we may not win a game 7, but you so called journalists, completely missed the story that any one of 18,000 could've told you in 5 minutes of your time. Good luck in your next career.........
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  4. The answer to winning tomorrow is to get Hamilton into the arena. Even if he has to be smuggled inside in an equipment crate marked marked "Spare Parts." 😉
  5. Without knowing his injury, and none of us know the extent of it, there is no way to judge whether or not he 'could' have played. I agree that if he is available Wed I would not play him because recently the risk of him not finishing has been too high. They needed all 4 lines for Game 6, and will need the same for Game 7.
  6. caniac-1-1

    2019 Playoffs

    Did you read something other than "Ovi asked if I wanted to go, I said yes"? https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2019/04/20/andrei-svechnikov-says-alex-ovechkin-asked-him-to-fight-first/ That's agreeing to a fight, not asking for one.
  7. This has been such a down right dirty, physical, and taxing series, I would be surprised if the winner tomorrow makes it 6 games with the Isles no matter who it is.
  8. Character problems or not, he wouldn't be on my roster tomorrow under any circumstances either. How many games now has he started and not finished for any multitude of reasons? Of course it's always a possibility that any player in the lineup may not finish a particular game, but it's such a stock part of Ferland's time here that there's no way i risk it in a game 7. We win and he's ready to go in game 1 against the Isles, he's in, but there's too much at stake tomorrow. Suit up, Bishop...
  9. Maybe it is only me, as I wasn't watching a lot of Canes games from end to end, but my impression that Ferland wanted out and was disappointed that nothing happened before trade deadline. Since then his heart wasn't there, and I don't feel like he is the part of the team - just IMO.
  10. I am still seeing the picture (at the end of the game) of the cold-blooded Finn with the Terminator look staying on Ovi's way and monitoring each of his movement... I was almost sure if #8 in white would have done extra little movement further Saku will challenge him... If Svech did, why not?
  11. I didn't hear Tripp, so can't comment on any nuance. But as you alluded to in your original post, doing what can be viewed as essentially casting aspersions on a players character can be a very tricky thing to do. I'm old enough to remember baseball player J.R. Richard and the questions about his character before it was learned that the guy had actually suffered a stroke..
  12. I don't think Tripp says it the way he said it if that was the case. I think he puts in there, Ferland is really chomping at the bit to go but it's not working out.
  13. Oh, and I wasn't near my computer during or for a while after the game, So here's a belated WOO FREAKING HOO!!!!
  14. Couldn't it also be that Tripp has some details about Ferland's injury, and even if Ferland wants to go, Tripp doesn't trust that he'd be able to make it through the whole game, or be at high enough effectiveness percentage to make it worth playing him over, say Bishop or Saaku (not going to try to spell his last name, lol)?
  15. I already got burned on Hamilton this year so I'm trying my damndest to wait until we know everything on Ferland, but boy does that situation stank. If Martinook can play on a peg leg and not be denied hitting the ice..........I'd like to think our other tough guy could do the same?
  16. I thought I “mis-heard” Tripp say that about Ferly last night. But he indeed said it, huh. Tripp seems to be really close to the locker room so him saying this on TV tells me something is seriously wrong with Ferland’s relationship with RBA and/or his teammates. I personally hope this is fixable. I mean, Ferly’s backstory is so compelling...makes you want to pull for the kid and maybe even give him another chance? But I see the other side of this, and if he’s just butt-hurt over some strong words from Coach, and has chosen the low road??? Show him the door. I’d love to know the full story here, but it’s doubtful to surface. It sure would be nice to see him in his glory tomorrow night, busting some *edit* and making those crazy-good passes, but hey... maybe not meant to be.
  17. The league reviews all scoring plays in relation to if the puck crosses/crossed the line, or if the puck was available to be played, etc. The teams have to challenge interference or any play related issues, such as interference. The fact that the ruling was that Ovi manipulated the goalie's position (hit his pads on a covered puck) to score makes it clear that is what the league looked at. Had they ruled it a good goal (the puck was not covered and available to be played), Carolina could have then challenged the play to see if Ovi interfered with Mrazek. Hope that makes sense???
  18. What a bounce back game! One thing is for certain, Martinook is a heart and soul player for this team. As I said before the game, regardless of the outcome, I'm proud to be a part of Jerk Nation. Somehow, I believe that this bunch will be playing next week this time.
  19. Wow....just, wow. I was just happy with them getting in and considered that a "win" for the season. Then, I was happy they didn't get swept. Now, a game 7? Are you freaking kidding me? Now I find myself wanting/expecting a series win. It's a tall order still, for sure. But they can do it! Gotta say it..... I love this team! Go Canes!
  20. hag65

    2019 Playoffs

    Hey, we made the top 11 !
  21. Blades close out series with 5-1 win over Jacksonville By Keaton Hanley Game Video
  22. It's not possible because our payroll isn't big enough. I know because a self proclaimed expert on these boards has repeatedly told me so. Our payroll isn't enough to even make the playoffs, let alone win the SC. I suspect that instead of an actual Canes team on the ice, we've been looking at holograms.
  23. My only angle was for them coming right at me in real time, so I couldn’t judge it well. I thought by the time they got to Holtby the stick was down. Hadn’t noticed it up earlier in the play,
  24. "Last season, the Capitals were 4-0 when they had a chance to eliminate their opponent, and they won each of those games on the road." This year 0 for 1. Time to end them.
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