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  2. Everyone seems to assume Necas will make the team, and most think it will be at RW, as opposed to C. If that is the case, I am not sure we want to add Ehlers, because we will be softer than last year. The playoffs were rugged, for sure. The Caps played a physical series, the Bruins love to hit, and frankly the addition of Necas/Ehlers combined with the loss of Ferland would not be good. I am not saying Necas will not earn a spot on the roster out of training camp. There will be a lot of competition amongst the Checkers elite for 1 or maybe 2 spots. If he does make it, and they add Perry along with JW's return, I can see a couple of line options: TT/Aho/Perry NN/Staal/JW Foegle/Necas/Svech Marty/Wallmark/McGinn with Necas at C, or TT/Aho/Perry NN/Staal/JW Foegel/Wallmark/Svech McGinn/Marty/Necas with Necas at RW Who knows? Again, I prefer this scenario to the addition of Marleau in the lineup.
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    2019 Draft

    Source: Sporting news: Carolina Hurricanes Much like the Flames, the Canes are coming off a successful season in which their homegrown youth played a prominent role in the team's march to the playoffs. Carolina is oozing high-end skill throughout the organization, and they came to Vancouver armed with multiple high-round picks. Drafting center Ryan Suzuki with the 28th pick was a steal, but the subsequent selections of speedster Jamieson Rees (44th) and Patrik Puistola (73rd) were just the beginning of a string of home-run swings on excitable prospects. They got first-round quality in Finnish power-play quarterback Anttoni Honka (83rd), while NTDP defender Domenick Fensore (90th) put up nearly as many points in the second half as heralded teammate Cam York. The hits continued into the later rounds, as the Canes snatched up a fair number of high-upside prospects in the fourth round in mammoth defenseman Cade Webber (99th) and excitable playmaker Tuukka Tieksola (121st). Double-overage winger Kirill Slepts (152nd), who was ranked fourth in my overage rankings, clearly is one of the most NHL-ready prospects out of any draft holdovers. Carolina also took several upper cuts in rounds six and seven, beginning with goal-scorer Kevin Wall (181st) and ending with two centers - hard-shooting Blake Murray (183rd) and slick stickhandler Massimo Rizzo (216). Yes, the Canes had a dozen picks, so the law of averages is on their side. But the attention paid towards puck skills, speed and point-producing potential keeps their already-impressive prospect pool among the best in the league. Grade: A
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  5. Exactly, neither Waddell not Petr's agent (or the stick boy--Luke's likely "source") is going to say "They're miles apart" at this stage of things. Better to say what they did; it lets them claim, if somebody pays him, that matching or bidding up the offer "wasn't fiscally prudent." Petr was good but Mac still shouldered enough of the load that I don't have faith he can hold the crease for a whole season and a playoff run. Plus, goalie agents don't seem to have accepted that the rules have changed and teams want to two proficient keepers--at or near the cost of one great one.
  6. Unfortunately, I do too. So I will laugh and laugh when the owners lock the rinks again in a couple of years, and then come crawling back to start the process over again. Then I'll cry and cry that there's no hockey until January of that year--if we're lucky.
  7. It is generally true, but I don't know, I think Suzuki and Kochetkov will make it. Then I like 1-2 more from this group. Hey, I'm probably just overly optimistic, but we really seemed to be able to pick guys with high upside and reasons for them falling that could end up not mattering.
  8. With every draft the hope is at least 2 or possibly 3 of the players get good enough to make the team . Hell even those who are top ten dont always show any signs of making it to the nhl and tend to linger in the minors till they either re enter the draft or go somewhere else because their skills are not up to par with the nhl . That potential is what NHL Scouts look for and the ideal hope is there is enough to get to that next stage . You could draft 10 / 12 guys in one year and maybe 3 or 5 years down the road only 1 of them cracks the line up . It's usually that top 5 talents that shows any ground of actually making the team . To my knowledge there has never been a team with more than 4 players in one year eventually made it to the nhl . Carolinas chances for this year ? I would say the likeliness is 2 players . as for which 2 players ? i really have no clue . But hey it's better than 1 or no one . and there has been a ton of teams where they completely **** the bed and not get anyone that makes it to the nhl . The canes with Rutherford as gm was one of those teams in the past !
  9. The more I dig into our draft, the more excited I get about our draft and development side of the house. This is a base skill for a top organization and we have become good at it, and given our draft position, I think we hit it out of the park this year. Thinking of all of those prospects with high end potential in our system, we just need a few to hit. The long term future is bright indeed. That said, the Metro is full of spend to the cap teams, and then us. The East and those wild card spots will be fought for against the likes of the NY Rangers who get to reload in seconds since players want to be there and they spend to the cap, oh and they got an elite top two player in the draft. New Jersey only gets Jack Hughes and goes on to trade for PK Subban. Also, they played most of the year without Taylor Hall who will be back, and Nico Heischer, last year's #1 pick will be better. What I'm saying is this. Despite the long term brightness, it will be very tough for this team to repeat even a playoff birth if we sit pat while losing Ferland, and possibly J Williams, and especially if things get shaky in goal. I love our draft management, but now we see if this team is serious about not dropping back from all the momentum built last year. I'm eagerly anticipating the next few weeks.
  10. To me it depends on what other moves are made, and keeping in mind that in my view, Necas makes this team out of camp. So these things would affect greatly the idea of adding a Perry. If we make no further moves and Necas goes back to Charlotte again, then I could see adding Perry with Justin Williams. But if we make a move, and assume that Necas is on the third line, and we bring back J Williams, then I just don't see adding Perry. That said, I do agree with your point about the Canes and physicality. Every year a different team wins the cup, and different opinions come forward about the type of hockey you need to win the cup. Where it had been speed, now physical is the catch word. Also, it's hard to argue with our results in adding a lot of grit to this team. I've pointed out in past posts, that while Ferland is the biggest, most obvious hitter, we added grit with essentially every new guy in the line up from the previous years: DeHaan, Dougie, Foegele, Martinook, even Nino and Svech. Adding more nasty is good. This is why I could get behind Perry as sort of bonus move. But I want us to make a big move, and also bring up Necas. Say we brought up Necas and traded for Ehlers, and re-sign J Williams. Aho, TT, Staal, Nino, Ehlers, Svech, Williams, Necas, Wallmark, would be the top 9, and Wallmark would be the luckiest guy in the NHL since we'd be short at center. If Perry were a center, then slotting him into the third line center would be perfect. Or, if we find a center instead of Ehlers, then Perry could still fit. I will say that Perry would be an interesting move assuming our pro scouts think he can still play effectively. He does bring grit and if he can still play he did produce in the 55 point range or better every single year outside of last year going all the way back to 2007. So for me, given my thoughts about another move, and Necas coming up, it's hard to see Perry here unless: A. We don't sign Williams or B. Our big move nets a center. I guess there are the options of no Necas or no big move, but those don't make sense to me either. But hey, this is just my opinion.
  11. I previously stated and remain on board, even though several disagreed with my statement, with Perry being added to this team for the grit he'd bring as agree we need someone to replace Ferland.
  12. I respectfully disagree with that statement. Once again, I don't think it can be understated that the two most obvious difference makers this season, as opposed to the last 9, were the Canes physical play and their goal tending. Ferland and Martinook, and later Nino, added the presence the team had lacked. JW also brings some attitude. Ferland is a goner, and I am not sure any of the prospects add this element, so even with JW's return, adding Perry for the short run on the right side would be a plus for his physicality, scoring, and locker room presence. I can see why the Ducks were ready to move on, but he would be a great addition to a young Canes squad.
  13. Just going to add that rem, the key to Marleau's future would appear to be in Justin Williams' hands for if he chooses to hang them up, we then have a comparable replacement, IF MARLEAU WOULD AGREE? Perry is also on deck?
  14. I have to admit, I'm just not that excited about the names being thrown around. I mean I know the likelihood of us landing "a Marner" is a bit slim, but the Varlamovs and Perrys of the world just don't get me excited. I'd rather have the young fire of some Utes (i.e. Ned/Goat) and take my chances & lumps getting them NHL playing experience. Someone enlighten me. Am I missing something?
  15. To me Perry makes some sense if Justin Williams doesn’t return, and none if he does
  16. I doubt seriously that Marleau will ever play for the Canes, but I could see him being a big boost to the PP if he did.
  17. I just wonder how much basis in fact these "articles" have beboplar? I mean how hard is it to speculate that since the Cap has fallen 1 1/2 million short, we are on of a few teams that always has Cap space, we obviously lacked firepower to get us over the top and been searching for it for at least 3 years, how hard is it to connect those dots? I just wish we had a little authoritative information.
  18. I read an article this morning suggesting the Canes are 1 of 5 potential landing spots for Corey Perry. Knowing what a pesky player he is, I like the idea of his presence on the team. I think in the short run he would more than make up for the loss of Micheal Ferland, and together with JW and JS provide really good veteran leadership. While I like the deal to add a 1st round pick for cap space, I don't know that adding Marleau to the lineup is such a good idea. I think that bottles up a roster position that one of the Charlotte prospects is in line to garner.
  19. From DeCock's article: The Hurricanes, meanwhile, are assessing the free-agent market for goalies, where Semyon Varlamov is the top option potentially available to them, if he’s interested in the Hurricanes. What do people think? He did not have a great year last year, but did the year before. He's 31. It sounds like we're keeping Mrazek on speed dial as UFA period starts, but as much as he wants to test the waters, probably so do we. I think Lehner is worth any risk of his health issues, but will be very hard to land.
  20. Probably be late Wednesday/ early Thursday. Teams will have an idea of who they will sign, some how, and can start moving other pieces.
  21. I would expect they are more closely related/similar than almost any other NHL municipalities.
  22. Just wondering when things are going to start popping again. And in what order? I'm imagining DW's job is a lot like mine (and maybe the majority of us), in that I can almost never plan a day out as a chaotic factor seems to always interrupt it? I wonder about Waddell and the "committee" thing. Is it still operative, and if so, should another GM call in, does he shuttle calls off to another on the committee? Or does he field them all, and then convene the group? On the other hand, that all may have died down now? Glimpses at the trade table surely looked as if Dundon was right there taking it all in. Just rambling here, kind of like tapping my fingers?
  23. Duchene has a house in nashville , he loves country music . and he likes the city of nashville . Duchene would get one good look at raleigh say SEE YA ! Raleigh let alone North Carolina is nothing like nashville / tenn
  24. the idea is if he cant go to san jose , he would then go to anahiem . and thats sorta close enough to his family who all moved back to cali .
  25. This is really funny gocanes, do you ever think we were "far off"? I always thought that the $$$ was there, the problem, like Aho, is term?
  26. DeCock is saying we aren’t far off with Mrazek but far enough that both sides want to see how July 1st goes.
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