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  2. I like Saku. Not a first liner, but I'd put that money there over giving McGinn 2-mil or over.
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  4. McGinn and Forsberg probably weren’t staying past 2 years either way
  5. I haven't heard anything other than new "whites". Funny you should mention the sightless eye on the whites, as it happens to be a pet peeve of mine. The silver outer edge blends into the white jersey, making the eye look even smaller than it is. To me it looks downright wimpy compared to almost every other crest in the league.
  6. If I get real creative I'm sure I could come up with a scenario, but it would be way out there, lol.
  7. just got done watching on nhl network Carolina hurricanes day and going back watching the cup and playoff wins the canes had . It felt so surreal as it did back then . There was a sense of magic in the air that kind of told you that something special was going to happen in those playoff runs especially the cup win . And when i say this im not lying to any of you , this year in the playoffs despite going to the ecf just didnt have the same feel or magic as those previous playoff runs to me . something felt off like it was not our year . I dont know if that is common with other fan's let alone players but that feeling of " this is our fate to win this year " just never registered . if anything it felt more like an appetizer for what's to come in the future but not now . But what a great day to sit back and watch what was put on the nhl network . The one glaring thought that kept crossing my mind while i was watching all of those playoff games and the cup win is We NEED MR. GAME 7 NEXT SEASON ! Something just tells me that the canes Really do need Justin Williams to give us 1 more year and in doing so something big will happen .
  8. Home ice advantage with huge fans blowing the sails down the ice.
  9. From an Athletic article today....... According to 10 years worth of results provided by the NHLPA, 27 players have gone to an arbitration hearing since 2009. Within three years, 21 of those players were on different teams. And often it doesn’t even take that long — 16 of the 27 were on new teams within two years and 13 of the 27 were on new teams within one year.
  10. I'd probably go a bit smaller though.
  11. McGuinn coming up for arbitration tomorrow, hope they don't have to go to this.
  12. Well there is that Lake, but as you say, WHY?
  13. Pesce/Faulk. Slavin will be protecting Hamilton.
  14. It may finally be time for capes. Someone has to go first.
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  16. What's the team's official color palette? I read somewhere that is it red, black, silver and white. How about, instead of white sweaters on the road, they wear silver as the main color? It would require a little messing with the sightless eye, replacing any silver on the logo with white, but that should be a pretty minor change. Of course, that would all depend on whether the NHL would accept something light-colored in lieu of white.... I may have to go over and read the old sweater thread to see if anyone came up with that idea. TD, are you listening? 😉
  17. Lucic traded to Flames for Neal. Wonder if Tkachuk could be had. Canes probably couldn't afford him. He could be the physical presence the canes could use.
  18. Precisely. If he can build on last year, I'm in. If not, I think we move him at the deadline or sooner. I've been saying for years we should have made him an RW. I agree with the second sentence and the second half of the first, there were time he look more like Mrazek than Mrazek. But he still coughed up the puck in all three zones a lot more than any Dman who has played in this league as long as he has, and has been to two ASGs, should. All of the above being said, I do believe that last season will help Justin get his mojo back. It's hard enough to turn things around all the way after one off season. After three (four by Rem's count) you have to wonder if you'll ever regain the confidence it takes to play well. Faulk took a big step toward doing so last year. His shots were on target a lot more often than they had been for years, and my guess is that retaining his spot on the #1 PP unit was as much about Roddy giving him a vote of (and helping rebuild his) confidence as anything. Now that his shot accuracy is back, hopefully he'll start moving to create shooting lanes--because when he was really pumping in goals there a few years ago, that was a key part of it.
  19. Well, Staal could waive his NMC and let us make him available to Seattle, but what are the odds of him doing that? I guess the fact that Francis has become Seattle's GM puts it above zero, but probably not by much. Not 100% positive, but I think MA Fleury waived his NMC in order to go to Vegas.
  20. The point you seem to miss here,Cff, is HE HAS TO BE PROTECTED, thus he could not be selected? Doesn't matter whether or not he would waive as he would never get the chance.
  21. Then cover them with Slavin/Pesce?
  22. You also said "I'm pretty sure Staal will not waive so no real need to protect him anyways " The point is, he has to be protected, i.e. he's going take up one of the Canes 7 forward exemption spots. Because as you and everyone else note, the chances of him waiving are negligible.
  23. That is interesting. I'm pretty sure his end of season splits are better than the start too. If he can repeat that, I really like our group!
  24. And I said Staal is not going to waive . if he was selected and staal waived then yes he would go to seattle .
  25. Simple- its called the Hockey Doldrums. The only cure is the start of next season. LOL
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