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  2. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    I hear you, but if we should advance I'd sure like some time for some Canes to heal, which we won't get..
  3. Not only that but Ovi implied some of his teammates weren’t giving their full effort which is a little crappy for the team captain to say to the press, how will they respond: “You have to go out there and play your game. If you don’t want to do it, don’t play.”
  4. 2ndsacker

    2019 Playoffs

    I'm thinking the two series' that are going at least 6 in the East are providing an advantage moving forward into the 2nd round for whichever teams advance. Logically, the Isles and Jackets could be on a week or even longer break from the playoff intensity that teams still struggling to get through are in every time out and will be for at least two more games. Seems the season long Metro struggle of close point totals all season long is paying dividends this far along also. I honestly think our series has been about the best of the 8 also with a lot of different elements of physicality, skill, off the charts adversity in player loss on both sides, and an edginess with teams that just don't like each much. Time will tell, but if I was a gambling man, my money would be on the teams still playing hard in the 1st round. What a great season of having to maintain a level of play for extended periods of time, and seeing an up n coming team like ours answer the bell on so many occasions, and to see them taking the champs to their emotional and physical and skillful limits. It sure validates the argument that took place on here through March. JUST get in BABY.
  5. They brought their best effort in game 3 and got smacked down 5-0, then re-grouped for game 4 and still couldn't do more than score one goal in the loss. We are in their heads and under their skin. I'm convinced that if we can brave the 1st period in DC and not fall behind in the 1st, we have a damn good chance to take that game.
  6. Call it 8p, Game 5, Carolina at Washington, NBC, John Forslund, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire
  7. I think we will take it in 7...Craps win tomorrow and we win on Monday
  8. Anybody that saw Ovi’s interview after the game has to know one thing. He looked defeated. No confidence at all. It may change with home cooking , but he looked lost
  9. like I said because of that fight the canes will win this series
  10. Today
  11. Klas Dahlbek won Gagarin Cup - a KHL equivalent of Stanley Cup. And Viktor Stahlberg played for the team that lost in a final series.
  12. On paper Washington has more talent but all of the pressure is on them now. They see our team drop top three line forwards and keep going forward. They gotta be saying who are these guys? They can't break our D while on 5 on 5 so their sticks may be gripped tighter in game 5. They are getting frustrated and penalties may increase in game 5. Stay the course.
  13. Brindy talks game on Friday Part one Part two
  14. 4 mil tops for me, he was hurt last year as well. His type of play doesn't bode well for 82 game full seasons.
  15. Earlier this year I was all set to pay him, if memory serves, up to $6 million on a front-loaded contract, but now seeing how he is either refusing or unwilling to hit with something other than his (apparently) glass shoulder, I wouldn't do it now. But some GM is bound to offer him more than $4 million.
  16. Agreed. We only gave up a third rounder for Darling. Still better than nothing.
  17. He can do it . He will have the team tank next year trying to go after alexis lafreniere . That will be the wings corner stone
  18. I agree with you. I really doubted though that Ferland would sign for that. Now, I'm not so sure. I'd even bump it a bit if we could limit the term. In the end, he probably walks, but if he would sign in that $4.5 million for 4 years range, I'd want him. He's not been the same guy since his injury and line demotion, but he has 20 goals and a with a lot of grit. Gritty winger who can score has been a need for a good while. Martinook does it well. Ferland does it better.
  19. watching Brind'amours presser a few minutes ago, He looks really down and frustrated. Maybe he hates interviews. I think he is pretty nervous about not having his 3 toughest guys and secondary goal scorers. Guys got to step up and Mrazek has to be brilliant to win this series. As far as letting Ferls go this summer, I would love to get him signed for 3.5-4mil. Don't forget what a healthy Ferland brings to the table. 20goals, huge hits, fight wins, and keeps our smaller guys a little safer. We haven't had that in years. It was great being a tough team this year, haven't seen it in so long, and look at where are, the playoffs winning games.
  20. Game 5 @ Saturday April 20 8pm NBC Series Tied 2-2 If we have learned anything we have learned we belong. Game four was another intense, hard hitting game. It's all good according to Brindy Will Hamilton the Pig hit the road for game 5 ? It could happen.he has the wheels. This has been a nasty affair. A series of attrition Last night Martinook left the game with an injury. Warren Foegele sent Washington's T.J. Oshie into the boards and he is out. Expect to see Smith-Pelly in his place. The Canes have sent Bean down and brought up Aleksi Saarela from Charlotte. Svech is skating but his return is unknown, Ferland is out, deHann is a maybe/maybe not. I wouldn't expect the hitting to stop and if anything I would expect it to intensify. Song for the Game Will Warren Foegele change his name to Foe-Goal. If he doesn't we will This has been a heck of a series. Now it is a best of three game series. We will need to win at least one game in Washington. It might as well be this one. Plenty more to come but let's get the conversation going. GO CANES
  21. I’m sure Ferland is worried about his market value, but he won’t have much for the Canes. Expiring FA contracts don’t bring a lot in return for teams just looking to get a jump on negotiations. Brindy didn’t seem real happy the other night when Ferland told him he couldn’t go
  22. We lost internet here in Oriental for a bit this morning, maybe it was part of reconnecting your neck of the woods.
  23. Looking at their roster, current contracts, and lack of a farm system I would be surprised if they are a threat in three years. they have one available buy out over the next 3 seasons. Helm is signed for another 2 seasons, Nielsen for 3 more seasons, and Abdelkader for four more seasons. They have 71 million on the books for next season already. Granted after October 1st they will have the 6 million of Zetterberg's contract come off for LTIR.
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