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  2. Remember when Marner was the end all and be all. Pesce for Nylander was the proposal. Oh how things have changed.
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  4. Nah, I’ll take the Craps again, just to shut them up for another year.
  5. Not only did Aho put a final psychological dagger in the floundering Rangers, but any talk of their regular season domination died with the stat the Canes only trailed for 3:06 minutes of the entire series. Seems we own them as it turns out.
  6. Going forward, I think I'd rather have the chance to beat the Bruins than the Caps. But I really don't care who we play, it's mostly awesome to have hockey to watch again. My agency sent me to work from home in March, and the major plus right now is hockey is on all day in the background. I love working from home right now.
  7. I would only take Matthews if he shaved the porn stache. Someone close to him needs to sit him down and have a frank talk about it.
  8. After Toronto's miracle comeback I'm more convinced than ever that taking our chances with therm winning the lottery is the best play. Look at it this way. If they win, and we go out next round we pick somewhere below 17, but most likely 21-23, slightly better if we both go out, but pretty close. So, if Toronto wins tomorrow, our pick is pretty likely around 21-23. If Toronto loses, then our natural pick is theirs, and that would be 13 or 14 with double the chance it's 13. So, if Toronto wins we pick in the 20's, how low depending on how deep both teams go. If Toronto loses, we pick 13 or 14, most likely 13. Unless they win the lottery. OK there's an 87.5% chance they don't. But what if they do? OK, we get no first rounder this year. That sucks, but it's not the end of the world, as we will get 2 first rounders next year. AND next year's Toronto pick is not lottery protected. One might say it's not likely that Toronto or we miss the playoffs next year, but first, strange things happen, and second, even if we both make it, we are picking twice in the first round even if it's later. Maybe we use one pick for a player or combine them to trade up? It's not the desired thing at this point, but it's not a catastrophe and that's if Toronto wins the lottery only. It's getting quite a bit ahead of the game, but if we pick 13, we have at least a discussion about getting Askarov. Either trading up, or getting lucky. There is almost no chance that he drops into the mid to low 20's. There are still high upside forwards in the mid 20's, but they all have substantial downside too. Even if we go with a forward at 13, we are going to get a very good one. Come on Columbus, you got this!
  9. I heard that phrase enough as a kid. I guess I'm backwoods [check...that's where I lived] and backwards [probably, see backwoods]. My aunt said that all the time, mostly when I was in trouble for something, which was a lot. Not sure it really bothers me, yet. I voted unsure.
  10. It was funny as all get out when he said it the other night but yeah, i hope it doesn't happen often. He's still feeling it out, though... he'll find the right one.
  11. Nope, and anticipating the next question, nothing physical, either, lol.
  12. I said that in good part tongue in cheek; I guess I needed an emoji to go with it. I dislike "DEAR GUSSIE!!" quite a bit on it's own. On the other hand, I quite liked the Rig's use of "What Sorcery Is This?" Problem with that one is that it only seems to fit an exceptional play, not just one that happens at a key time.
  13. It was so oddly said the first time I had hoped he just couldn't find the right words for the situation and barfed out a phrase. Not a fan and frankly can't see it ever growing on me, it doesn't flow with the situation at all.
  14. i find it to be pretty terrible
  15. Certain parts of the hockey world will NEVER EVER accept Carolina as belonging in the League. Screw them. And frankly some of our fan base are NASCAR-loving rednecks—I can’t be sure of their marital relations!—but I’ve enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of them at tailgates and other Canes events. Most of them embraced the “Redneck Hockey” moniker the rest of the League intended as an insult to Canes fans years ago much like the more recent crop of Canes fans embraced being known as fans of “A Bunch of Jerks.” Having said that, as I mentioned in another thread, I had never heard the expression “Dear Gussie!” before so didn’t know it’s southern roots. I expect a lot of people don’t as it appears an archaic exclamation.
  16. Yeah , i would says a lot about your insecurities . It's a catch phrase that is just fun and if people want to think a certain way about the south over a catch phrase , it really says a lot about them instead . also Mike has the other catch phrase " What sorcery is this " .
  17. I think part of my problem with it is that to my mind it promulgates the image of Carolina as backwoods and backwards. Potentially adding to the redneck / NASCAR / "marrying your sister" type narrative that much o the rest of the league seems to have towards the Canes. Of course, that could just be my own insecurities, lol [for the record I've never married a sister, or even a cousin!].
  18. I would be temtped to take Nylander, he can put the puck in the net better than Kapanen
  19. It made me laugh the first time he said it, and the Canes won a big game. Look, it’s no more corn-ball as “Hey, Hey, Whaddaya Say!” but shorter, which is good. I’ll cut Mike some slack and vote “Like it”
  20. I absolutely hate the Big Rig's apparent new catchphrase "DEAR GUSSIE!!" But I recognize that different people are wired differently, so I was wondering what the feeling is among the rest of the forum.
  21. I'd take Mathews just to hear Tripp call him Austin Powers, again.
  22. Steve Dangle’s gem after the Leafs won last night https://youtu.be/HXfnWwXcs9A
  23. But then Toronto has one chance in 8 at the first pick. If they lose to Columbus and win the draft lottery, I might believe it wasn’t rigged if they show it on live television. Please not Toronto or the Rangers. There are some Western teams that need young high end talent!
  24. Usually the coach goes before the GM. Or they both might walk the plank. Just please dear lord don’t let them win the draft lottery.
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