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  2. Probably because we recognize that the team has only a few million in cap space and the team probably needs to move space to fit Williams in as it now stands, and Reimer is taking up some space while it seems Forsberg and Ned will have a shot as well, for less money.
  3. Gotta make some Cap room if ya want Williams.
  4. The subject is not so much about goalies, but how to create (subtract) some salary(ies) to accommodate/reward JW in what may prove to be his final season. Subtracting Reimer's $3.4M would be EXCELLENT, but one poster mentioned getting a 1st round draft pick back in exchange, and, well, that is not going to happen. If a trade partner was willing to take on his whole contract, I would think a 3rd or 4th round pick would deserve a "Thanks, it's been a pleasure doing business with you."
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  6. I'd be all for a total makeover. If they do keep white, imo the interesting parts of the above mockup are whether these 2 changes are improvements: ditching the red shoulder inserts the flags vs the eye When they were considering the redesign I wonder if they leaned towards keeping the pants either black or red since we've already got those from our other 2 "dark" sets of uniforms? Not a huge expense in the big scheme of things, but you never know.
  7. I dont know , maybe williams wants to be a goalie all of a sudden . Don't kill his dreams man !!!! lol
  8. Why are we taking about goalies in this thread all of a sudden?
  9. Would be interesting, though IMO a bit risky. I'll tell you this, if they'd give us their first rounder? Then Ned better be ready! They could easily drop back into a nice pick and 3 first rounders in that draft would be a good place to be. They won't though. Maybe if we throw a guy in they'd do it. Hmmmm. We did go out and get Forsberg. So he and Ned could provide two bites at the back-up apple if we did go that way. I still lean to wanting two proven NHL goalies, but if the price was right...it would free up cap space too.
  10. I think even getting their rights one full year after college would put a lot of pressure on a guy trying to wait it out. He'd have to go to Europe to sit out, but most guy's stock could drop a lot during that year.
  11. From the NHL Rule Book (emphasis added): Each member Club shall design and wear distinctive and contrasting uniforms for their home and road games, no parts of which shall be interchangeable except the pants. Any concerns regarding a player’s uniform (including the goalkeeper) shall be reported by the Referee to the NHL Hockey Operations Department. I can't imagine gray/silver being a problem. As long as it's light enough to contrast with one of the opposing team's three jerseys, you're good.
  12. After winning the best goalie in the ahl award , the calder last year I think it would send a bad message to development if the canes didnt at least try their hand with Ned in back up this year . What is the worse that could happen ?
  13. I do think it's hard to keep Ned down on the farm without at least giving him enough game to prove he is or is not ready. The only pitfall to moving Reimer would come if it turns out he is not.
  14. Exactly what I said on the Player Moves thread. He's not going anywhere. He darn near let the cat out of that bag right after the Canes' went out. He looked momentarily shocked that a reporter had even asked whether he'd be back.
  15. Reimer will be gone. Read an article today that the Canes haven't even assigned him a number yet. Haven't heard any press on the guy since his signing. Also read today that Columbus may be needing a goalie since they are relying on two back ups. Reimer to Columbus for a draft pick. Ned gets his shot at backup.
  16. Maybe he's wearing the new uni?
  17. Article on Kochetkov. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/the-long-winding-path-of-carolina-hurricanes-prospect-pyotr-kochetkov
  18. I think you are right. JW may be negotiating for a future that extends beyond this season in terms of a place in the organization. I can't help but be excited for what has transpired this summer not only as it affects the upcoming season, but what a great draft the team had laying the groundwork for the future. The Canes, especially in the RF years, have been so successful at getting value out of non-1st round picks, and this year's draft pick manipulation, moving down, making moves, yielded what appears to be many possible players to develop into NHL talent. One more year of showing the way on the ice by JW should go far as a building block to solidifying the culture in Raleigh.
  19. Maybe they roll it out in conjunction with the unveiling of the new road unis.
  20. Don't know how? It's easy. Change it so that the team that drafts you has your NHL rights with no time limit. That would make it more enticing to the drafted player to sign and get the clock moving on their status to UFA. The problem is that they can draft the players at such a young age that they can wait it out and still be young.
  21. He'd be smart to. He has no shot to make the Canes this year, but even next year and beyond, our pool is deep and our squad is young. If he has a big year his senior year, he will suddenly be in demand and can go to the team that has the best shot for him or commits to him. To me it's a no brainer. It's also something that I'd like to see closed down. I don't know how, but even one more year after college would keep the team from just losing a guy.
  22. I'm speculating, but I think there is negotiating going on. I will go further. I suspect the Canes and Williams have a loose agreement in place and Williams is letting the team get all of the other ducks in a row first. TBH, once everyone is signed, then all eyes will be on Williams: will he or won't he be back. Then, when he is announced to return, there is a bump in interest in the team and everyone is pumped going into the season.
  23. Well there you go beboplar, now we know that close to $1mil saved here from McGuinn's ask. Williams' watch is now in it's what 30th day, and I just don't agree that if it goes into August he's likely to retire. To me the longer he takes, the more it suggests that he's earnestly trying to push to come back. Further with the mutual respect I believe there is between RBA and JWilly, I just don't think Justin would hold up potentially needing to replace him by waiting to the last minute to announce his retirement.
  24. Supposedly not. He wants to leave BC better than what it is now. We’ll see come April.
  25. Do you think David Cotton is angling to be a free agent next year by playing his senior year at BC?
  26. Is there an ordinance saying it has to be white? Yellow has been in the past obviously - not that yellow would work for the Canes but if yellow, why not a silver/lighter grey?
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