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  2. I think that's the point. Scoring is valuable, but so are true 2-way centers, and Lou knows it. Nelson (1) is one, and (2) has paid his dues. Plus, we are quite a few years down the road from when Jordo signed. 6 mil is an overpayment, but only when viewed one year at a time. It's fair to both sides when viewed as locking in a guy with his skills as you try to build toward a Cup, IMO. Edit to add: And it won't surprise me one bit if Jordan's deal and on-ice responsibilities are the model Lou would cite if anyone questioned him.
  3. he ain't shy... I love it.
  4. With the excitement of this team where it is now, imagine if we brought a couple big scorers on this summer(been saying that for 10years). The feeling going into next season would be electric. If we stay put with the line up I fear we will have an up and down year and maybe or maybe not squeak into the playoffs again. We need a little new scoring blood added to this chemistry and heart team we have and we could be a top 5 in the east with no questions asked. Seems Rod will put the pressure on to add some skill and talent to the line up. Now that he has proven himself hopefully the committee will listen to him and go after his targets this summer.
  5. Like the Islanders extended Brock Nelson, I wish Waddell would move forward with Sebastian, and not let that linger unless his agent is trying to gauge where his next salary falls. To me, this act of solidifying Aho's place and $$ would give fans an extra good feeling and help the organization map out better where it can go?
  6. If lets that that does happen , And im not saying it's not a possibility . Could Mike Maniscalco get the job as pbp ? I prefer him over jason any day of the week . But I would hope he works on his excitement voice when the canes scored a goal lol .
  7. Hockey Gods decree that the Blues won WCF for hand pass loss to sharks. This Karma will continue into Finals.
  8. Well the checkers loss the game but at least i got to see more of what alex brings . he did not do very well with letting in a few softies .
  9. The real question is did those who didn't pick the Canes bring shame amongst themselves?
  10. 4-3 marlies. Checkers looked like poop in OT.
  11. Trying not to get to excited about Sellgren but, he has scored again tonight. 2 goals in 5 games. On the ice for 2 goals tonight.
  12. The network gig is what every PBP guy wants. It's hitting the PBP lottery. I hate to say it, but on many occasions this year when Tripp or John would mention how he'd just called a game a thousand miles away the night before, or was heading to one the following night, I wondered how much longer he'd be able to do that. If the network gig is what he wants, I hope John gets it, and is the top dog. Emrick is 72 and it's showing. Time for him to move over.
  13. Yeah, cuffs are tough. It only takes rolling onto the shoulder in your sleep to delay recovery considerably. I had a very minor tear which healed without surgery. Took a full six months. The tear is in the tendon, which is very slow to mend.
  14. The leader board is honing in on the big prize.......
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  16. Link to the checkers game vs marlies ! Just a heads up the guy who streams sings during the intermission and commercial breaks . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bfs63Qpdjs
  17. It took Stillman a while to recover from shoulder surgery. Not sure Rask has ever recovered.
  18. What ever the reason , the other ufa's / RFA's are going to be looking at the islanders as prime real estate cause apparently money is no concept for the islanders if nelson can grab himself 6 mill .
  19. Wonder if the crappy arena situation played into needing to overpay to keep Brock, you can't let the whole team walk every time they reach UFA status.
  20. The estimate for Nelson was 4 x 4.5 mil. Seems like Lou had a hold my beer type moment there. I would like to say make a joke about pay 6 million to a player that maybe gets to 50 points in a season but we have one of those. (yes i know what else he does)
  21. It took me close to a year before I felt comfortable and confident.
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