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  2. Brock Nelson or Kevin Hayes ? Who would you say has more value ?
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  4. I doubt it would be something medical that would grant us a LTIR.
  5. Didn't realize he was back. Still curious how a leave of absence works in the NHL.
  6. Darlings been back with the Checkers over a month he was even in the team photo that came out last month which confused the hell outta me at the time. He was such a sore subject I just passed on bringing him up since ya know....good things were happening for once. The Checkers aren't going to play him though when Ned got brought up I think Helvig got recalled so his time's been over.
  7. Not doubting any source or the desire to buyout Darlings contract. But does anyone know how the leave of absence that Darling has taken effects his contract? I would guess, it means we don't have to pay him but he still counts against our cap hit.
  8. I watch “the hockey guy” videos on YouTube for news of the day. Today he said that Darling will be bought out. Note this guy doesn’t just put his opinion up, there was obviously a source. This should come as a surprise to no one. What a disaster. As a note, in another recent video he stated it as fact that the Hurricanes will have new away uniforms next year. Again, if you listen to Tom Dundon this should surprise no one. We will see.
  9. Before you start any lynchings, remember to check on who makes the decision. JF has appeared to be heading to NBC for a national gig for a couple of years now. If he is leaving, it could be his decision. Especially given the comments on his "bias" during the playoffs, he may feel he needs to cut ties to become a national announcer. To be clear, I hope he remains as our announcer as his broadcast is always preferable to anyone else we have heard. If he does leave, I hope it is not because of a poor contract offer.
  10. Yes, but I want them buried for the next decade
  11. They screwed themselves over giving up their future at the trade deadline.
  12. I would show up at Dundon’s office with a damn torch and pitchfork if he lets him go!
  13. How would Dzingle be as a FA pick up? 26 goals, 30 assists, center, and a reasonable price. Not real big, 6'0-190.
  14. You think they would pay him more to do a couple games per week?
  15. Nbc would be able to pay a lot more than we could
  16. I hope not. If he's not the best, he's one of the best. When he is doing a national game, and the guy from Charlotte fills in, it's really clear how good John is. There are a lot of comments about Tripp, but he and John make a good team. It just wouldn't be the same if they left. Their work made it bearable during the years between playoffs.
  17. I would hate to nitpick this player, but that $10mil figure sounds a little steep to me also? And I know it might be heresy on here, but my presumption is/was that Aho was a little dinged up at the end, because if not, he certainly faded a bit there?
  18. On McElhinney, a couple of thoughts. 1st I am fully convinced that our goalie coach will weigh in heavily in this decision. He's likely been in both's hip pocket and as such has invaluable insight as to the potential for either or both to stay on. For instance, he might perceive that Mrazek might have been a 1 hit wonder, or the contrary, might have turned a corner this year. Or he might think that McElhinney has very little in the tank and may be at the precipice of a slid or could be invaluable as a teacher to Ned? One other thing we probably need to keep in mind on McE is how we obtained his services this year. We picked him up on waivers, thus he had no say in the matter. Yes, it seems to have worked out almost magically, but what is being overlooked I think, as we debate the goalie issue, is that he has a family, and his upcoming choice in the matter of next year might be hugely influenced by them. Ergo, do they have a permanent home elsewhere and did they miss it or him for lengthly periods? Or do they like this area and would consider it a more permanent home? So, answers to those questions might influence the approach Waddell takes to our goalie situation next year. If what I heard Forslund say has a finger on the pulse of the committee, it sounded to my ears like Myrzek is not a shoe-in?
  19. Forslund's tweet - Thank you Caniacs! For everything!!! Has a similar finality to it as Ferland's, if you ask me.
  20. Not sure he’s worth 180% of what Turbo got, and a little concerned about his playoff performance for that price. But he definitely made the right decision to wait through the year before signing. Makes you think that late 1st round pick and 2 early second round picks this year are pretty valuable after all.
  21. Looking at UFA goalies on Sportrac, Bob, Lehner, Mrazek and McE stand out as the goalies with the best numbers this year. Pretty sure Bob’s not coming here. Barring a trade, Mrazek looks like he might be the best option. He’s going to get paid somewhere. Varlamov’s numbers didn’t look terrible, but I almost never see Western conference teams play. I know he lost the crease in Colorado to Grubauer, but anyway, outside of Bob, there isn’t a UFA with a long track record of success. Stick with the devil you know?
  22. That’s too much for me personally...I’d go no higher than 9.5
  23. For what it’s worth Evolving Wild’s projections estimate Aho will get (or is worth?) an 8 year contract with a $10m salary cap hit. Panarin (UFA) and Rantanen (RFA) are the only FAs projected to get bigger deals. 💰💰💰
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