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  2. Well, they just handed the Marlies their first playoff loss this season...series tied at 1
  3. Big Sogaard should be there around our 2nd round pick. 6’7, yep. had a respectable year for Medicine Hat with a 2.64 GAA. .921 sv % his U20 stats for Denmark, not too good. 6.16 and .802. #2 ranked NA goalie. colten Ellis. Decent stats in QMJHL but not as good for Canada’s U18 squad. I guess due to my lack of knowledge of QMJHL, his numbers of 2.47 and.913 are actually really good. People on hf boards are saying he should have more hype based on his play.
  4. They have 22 million right now with 15 roster players. They’ll have to find someone to take on a goalie to get both. Luongo could be a great move for Ottawa. 3.6 million over 3 years actual money but a 4.53 cap hit. They could have ~5.33 million in space with 16 roster spots, needing a defender and 3 forwards at a minimum. They could move Hoffman to give them another 5 million in space. I doubt we see a young roster player moved.
  5. Actually, if there’s a halfway decent goalie prospect, why not snag em with a late 1st or one of our 2nds?

    2019 Draft

    Cff, I hope your last comment was facetious, as why would this team need to line up more Dmen when they are stacked on top of one another now? That would be more than inane? They seem to be needing a goalie prospect more than anything although I realize those are the biggest risk?
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  8. I’ll take Trochek...cause Barkov isn’t going anywhere
  9. yeah the thing is that this year we made it by one point with a lot going right and a crazy run and huge effort. Meanwhile other teams will keep getting better. If Florida adds Bob and Panarin they'll be instant picks to push someone out of the playoffs next year. NYR and NJ getting the top two elite picks in the draft, NYR get Fox. etc. We need to keep improving. We will get better as Svech, Aho, Foegele, mature, and Necas eventually, but I can't help but think we should add to that to keep up and move to the next level.
  10. Panthers will have to shed salary for both
  11. Ferland is a one hit wonder . It sucks that the canes are unable to get anything for him but clearing up some space or a potential spot for someone else is not a bad trade off .
  12. Reports are saying Bobrovsky and Panarin are in Florida . Maybe the panthers is their next destination with Coach Q leading the Helm there .
  13. I think Ferland lost a lot of money the way his second half of the season played out. I don’t see him coming back even if his price drops. His early success came playing with Aho and Turbo, and his offensive production pretty much died once he was taken off their line. I think he might have some bad will about that. When he was out during the Caps series (I think), I remember Tripp talking about Svech, Marty and Ferland coming back, and saying something like he would not put Ferland back in the lineup even if he was cleared to play. It was one quick comment, but I thought he was saying Ferland might be a detriment to the team due to attitude or similar issues.
  14. Nope. Rod does walk on water with some, and he certainly proved he is a great coach. Can’t think of a HC/GM since I started following hockey, though. Should have seen that coming.
  15. Yes, USSR. Doesn't change the point. Sure, and Clarke's slash had nothing to do with it. Ah, the glory days of a league full of Canadians. Those days are long gone, and thankfully the goon crowd, which Clarke hid behind in Philly, are too. A walk in the park turned into an embarrassment with a national team boo'd by their home fans.
  16. In the spot the Canes are in 28th and it being this years draft . Unless the Canes plan on having a brain fart ( which they are ) they will forgo drafting any defense this year . Shame too because this years defense is surprisingly good this year ! Tom Dundon told Waddle to not draft any defensemen this year . So the end result is maybe forwards and goalies . The top prospects from this years draft are all in the top 12 , after that it's a huge slide down mostly guys fit for the ahl , but who knows maybe some of those " AHLERS " could end up cracking the roster of an NHL club some day . Some one please tell Dundon to STOP BEING AN IDIOT AND LET WADDLE DRAFT SOME DEFENSE THIS YEAR DAMN IT ! it's not going to hurt the Club ! { BTW the only draft to really focus on is next years draft and the year after that ! }
  17. I'm right there with you on Ferland, but just it seems a little further along. Since we'll never know the true extent of any injury, it's going to have to be based on a sound medical opinion, and I'll guarantee you all (and you know this too rem) that no physician will guarantee an operative result. I mean they'd be foolish to and have an investment like this will be turn sour. My fear, as far as longevity is concerned, is that Ferland has abused his body greatly, and frankly who knows is his terminal swoon was due to injury, bad blood as you say or combination of both? As much as I felt so strongly earlier about keeping him, I've cooled to that. Isn't Roy ar Gautier about ready to take up this banner? I know there was so much hope for either back a ways, but as I recall, the Goat was said to be too slow? Can't that be remedied by one of these skating coach gurus, like that female the team brought in several years ago in preseason?
  18. I would love to be a fly on the wall during the player exit interviews this year. During the past decade of futility you pretty much knew how they were going to go. This year? I’m not so sure...Dundon seems to me to be a “what have you done for me lately” kinda guy. If so I hope he can look past that and properly appreciate the amazing over achievements of this group. I’m tempted to then urge him to spend the necessary money (perhaps even to the cap) to get us over the top but on second thought how many examples have we seen of teams spending crazy money to absolutely no avail?
  19. To piggyback off what you are saying Rem, imagine what a devastating blow it would be to the fan base and the growing interest in the Canes if we missed the playoffs next year. That’s why I’m scared of the “we like our group” mentality. But like you pointed out, Brindy said we overachieved so that is basically saying we are not on par with more talented teams. Go out and get some players that will help ensure we make the playoffs again, rather than hoping that another year of experience is enough. Also, we gave one hell of a consistent effort this year, can we sustain that type of effort again and will it be enough? Of course this is easier said than done, but I would really like to see management send a clear message that we are looking to make another, less surprising run.
  20. You can thank JR for fostering the NTC culture that we’re finally coming out of. And you’re spot on with the Fox situation, and that needs to be rectified with the next CBA.
  21. I think our days with Ferland are over. There sure seemed to be some bad blood at the end, and maybe even before that. In terms of me wanting him, I'd still be ok with him on the team, but not for what I'm assuming he'd command. The way I could see it, is if his value has fallen way back, but he and his agent don't realize it, and he's one of those guys that doesn't get signed in the first several days to week. He finds himself still out there without a seat when the music stops and starts lowering the price, and we take another look. To me Ferland is best as the thumper and finisher on the top line. He's actually quite effective in that role and it should allow us to construct better lines below that one. But IMO you can't pay that guy like a star player. He's an above average role player. And he would need to be paid that way. The other thing is that I'm just so tired of this team getting hosed by NTC's, and players having a big upper hand (Fox) on their movement. Heck Ferland is a veteran and a UFA, he has a right to demand a NTC, but if so, it's another reason to pass on him. Also, IMO, Boston showed us that what we lack still at the highest levels are skilled playmakers. Ferland is not that. There just seem to be so many reasons this doesn't happen. It wouldn't be a stunner if we sign him, but it would be still pretty surprising to me.
  22. Disclaimer: I think this every off-season. But really, this time is different. That said, I really think this could be a very interesting, even pivotal off-season. The team has shown that they are worthy of upgrades to put them seriously in the hunt for a long time. Dundon, just spent many times over what it would take on a failed football league so it's hard to think he would not put some fat stacks down. He's also seen the difference between a building so empty that he can invite the entire upper deck to the lower deck, and a sold out, standing room only, loudest house in the NHL. How could he not see what could be if he builds a seriously competitive team here? Also, he must have made some stacks on the playoffs. Further though, unlike uber-patient, galacial-paced builder Ron Francis, the new committee has already made more moves than any prior GM's in a similar time frame. Such as: Dundon agreed to pay key piece Calvin DeHaan. And agreed to keep paying Mongo without forcing him to keep playing due to his paycheck. (I know he had to keep paying him, but some regimes would then feel the need to keep playing him. That was probably the most pivotal decision of the entire year, allowing us to grab McElhinney and ride Mrazek). They waived goodbye to their top goal scorer, despite low return (because someone else gave Skinner a NTC, and Skinner limited the options). They made one of, if not the blockbuster trade of the off-season with Calgary, and definitely the heist of the year grabbing Nino for Rask). And this does not count the epic decision to go with a first time head coach, and a first time Captain. What I'm saying is that this is not a group that has shown any sort of Francisian tendencies to sit back and watch. This is a committee that has, unlike a lot of committees, acted boldly so far. Well there are a lot of actions that could and will take place this off-season, and it definitely feels different than the off-seasons under the Francis and even JR regimes. Wouldn't it make sense to make hay while the sun is shining? Has there ever been a more perfect time to make some final moves to put us over the top? We have 3 draft picks in a 10 pick range between the end of the first and start of the second, and 3 total second rounders. We have tradable assets in the system and on D. We have vast tracts of cap space. We are flush with playoff cash and new STH sales are way up. Interest in Raleigh and around the league is high. The iron is hot. Time to strike.
  23. Hell no to Kadri. He’s an undisciplined punk! Don’t give a damn if he can score, so can Malkin, and I don’t want him on our team even if JR gave us his first rounder as well! Zuc is definitely a driving playmaker, but I think he might re-up with Dallas, as the rumors out here is that they’re quietly pushing after him hard to re-sign. Hayes? I just don’t know. He’s appeared to be hit and miss so many seasons now, that I have my reservations.
  24. I'm holding off an opinion on Ferland until I know exactly what his injury status was over the course of the year. If he did have an injury that explains his relative disappearance, I then look at the medical projections going forward. It's still possible that I extend him an offer, but long term / big money contracts like we were discussing earlier in the year are off the table given questions about his durability going forward. I get that he will (and should) look to get as much as he can in free agency, but interested teams are going to have the same concerns we have. Gotta believe he lost big $$ by not re-upping early this season.
  25. I see your trepidation with that kajun and I know many will disagree with me here,but if trading for a 25 goal scoring puke is what gets us to hoist Lord Stanley sign me up. Again everyone hates Marchand and rightfully so, but if he can stay inside the lines look what he can do. Guy totally and utterly threw our Captain off his game, whom we needed to be clutch during the playoffs. All players have downsides including this one. I just hate to think teams now think they may be able to take liberties with Ferland gone. Now if we think there would be personality conflicts or locker room issues then NO. But clearly he can be effective.
  26. Each of the meaningful hockey country’s can now ice a squad of Olympic caliber players that can play, compete and now win against Canada. Canada’s forte is depth, having the capacity to put a second and third team in the same Olympics as a legit contender. No other country can do that imo. Canada is slowly being caught up to with 46% of the NHL Canadian born but aren’t likely to be surpassed by any one country for a while to come.
  27. That wasn’t Russia. That was a combined USSR team. Valerie was nowhere to be found late in the series. Paul Henderson scores the winning goal in each of the last 3 games. Valerie? MIA. Don’t forget who won the series. Great skater and skilled player but at 5’8 he would’ve been killed with NHL style hockey. Bobby Clark played was on that Canada team and he would have had a field day physically with Val. Also Canada was no myth. Look at number of nhlers and where they were from.
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