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  2. Ushers don't typically check in the 300s where we sit. At least it was that way the last 20 years.
  3. I think both make the team (again, early call). The only other forward prospect who has made me sit up and take notice so far is Luostarinen, and he has no AHL time yet. My guess is that we'll want guys from the bigger ice to have at least one year on NA ice before they play in the NHL. Aho didn't, but he is clearly an exceptional talent.
  4. Kuokkanen is Cherry-Picker Central in Charlotte. I don't see him fitting RB's criteria unless he learned to backcheck over the summer.
  5. Yeah, I'm starting to see that too, with Kouk the odd man out. Wallmark has a bunch of NHL games now and while his +/- could have been better last year (-8), it was also his first full NHL season. Given the ice time he got 28 points is nothing to sneeze at, nor his 5 in 15 playoff games, perhaps an early indicator that the more pressure for him, the better. I think he can take a step this year, but that yeah, he probably has to if he wants to stay. More pressure. Let's see what he does with it.
  6. Forechecking is done in the opponent's end to short-circuit their attempts to mount an attack. Backchecking is what you do once they've coordinated an attack and possess the puck in the neutral zone or your zone.
  7. Yeah, I saw that. Fixed, albeit a little clumsily.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Welcome tb! Come on in, the water's warm!
  10. Hello! Lifelong casual fan but have only in the last few seasons gotten more into the nitty gritty and started following our every move. I've loved reading the analysis on the message board and have found it super informative. So pumped for this season!
  11. Please don't get into a who quoted what war (LOL). At my age I have enough trouble keeping up with all the theories- opinions - facts- 2 cents worth - disagreements - barbs - etc. and this is meant in fun so please don't attack. I have watched both preseason games and my 1st impression is that all players are on the same page when it comes to backchecking and forechecking....I am not sure which is which. I love the relentless pursuit of the puck. To me keep the puck as long as you can and the other team can't score. So far so good.
  12. Yeah, I see Kuokk as a real longshot this season, especially since he's on a 2-way and still waiver exempt. But even longer term, I see him and Wallmark perhaps competing for the same spot. That's just a feeling, I don't even know what it's based on. If it were to come down to Bishop and Goat this season I wonder if the fact that Goat is on a 2-way and waiver exempt might factor into the decision? (factor in, not decide it) Long term, Goat obviously has a much higher potential ceiling, but Bishop has already proven that he can successfully hold down that 4th line spot. I'm loving these "depth problems", btw. We've come a long way from our best hope being a Chris Terry or Ryan Murphy.
  13. Feel free to attribute any and all dumb quotes to me from now on.
  14. I think I figured this latest hiccup with the quotes. For explanation only; OBXer posted,Rem quoted OBXer post, Top then quoted a line from OBXer quote that was posted in Rems reply with the OBXer quote. Since the OBXer quoted line came from Rems post the software picks it up as Rems not OBXer. I'm not sure what can be done about it but will send it on to tech. The only way I can figure to work around is to go back to the original post
  15. The hype in Raleigh is immense, it's not just another season.
  16. He didn't need Boxing lessons, rather BRAWLING lessons, if he's going to go there.
  17. Kotchetkov's team St. Petersburg had Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, and Gusev 2 years ago!
  18. I've thought on this quite a bit OBXer, and while I agree with your sentiment in the 1st paragraph, it's the 3rd which to me, at this stage in both the team's as well as this particular player's career which is the driving factor in the critical need to off load Faulk's contract. And yes, I'll admit I am one who focuses on his faults because they have been there for it seems forever since he was drafted, only to clear this past year. They were hidden though thru his years before last by his incredible ability to score on the PP, which he's either lost or teams now know how to neutralize? But the dilemma now is that we've got 3 players (Slavin, Pesce and Hamilton) whose skills are greater than Faulk's in different and more valuable ways, all getting paid at levels unsustainable for team budget, particularly if Faulk seems to be unreasonable in expectation of his next contract in the context of theirs? So now, bottom line, which of Slavin, Pesce or Hamilton would you trade instead of Faulk? To add to that, there is a logjam to bringing up very capable, albeit untried younger players to continue their development at this level. And, as top pointed out, at a much more team affordable salary? So that's the conundrum, most of which is irrespective of how Faulk plays or doesn't play.Add to that. if we relieve this logjam by trading away the younger players, we give up cost containment at the expense of most likely undervalued potential.
  19. Kuok has an uphill battle coming off injury missing the whole Calder run. I think his is a longer road, and Wallmark has his spot for now barring injury, I'd handicap his as a long shot out of camp.
  20. I guess boxing lessons really can't help if you get hit with a punch like that, and then a 230 lb guy fall on you.
  21. The depth really is impressive. Now, if a couple of players can rise to the next higher level (including current NHLers like Svech and Foegele as well as prospects like Goat, Bean, Geekie, etc.), we should be legit Cup competitors for a good while to come. Don't know why but I have a sense that Kuokk and Wallmark won't both be on the Canes together for any length of time.
  22. It's happened before, although I'm guessing this time it didn't involve a blocked member. Quirk in the system?
  23. Interesting- Like a car crash. "Aleksi Saarela was very unhappy he didn't get an NHL shot in Carolina despite AHL success. He demanded a trade to Chicago and got it. Now, it looks like he's headed back to the AHL. This could be interesting."
  24. Somehow you quoted OBXer in the box with my name on it. Not that I'm offended, just odd. Carry on.
  25. For what it's worth Dom at the Athletic's model has the Hurricanes winning the Metro this year. He hasn't posted our breakdown yet, but he put up the Pens today and they were projected 2nd in the Metro.
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