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  2. It took me close to a year before I felt comfortable and confident.
  3. HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Islanders sign Brock Nelson to 6 years for 6 mill . Typical Lou lol . That's the going price for islanders i guess .
  4. Nelson just re-upped with the Islanders for six more years. Don’t know the financial details.
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  6. Yeah, I've wondered about that too. As far as I know there is no official stat for bone rattling hits. That said, my guess is that the proprietary stats I keep going on about, that we are said to be using, probably do make a distinction. I can almost guarantee that there is a stat for hits that lead to turnovers. And probably hits that lead to danger chances. And probably some measure of "intimidation" hits. I don't know for sure as these things are proprietary and only a little is known, but that would be data we'd want. The entire idea of these proprietary stats is to find ways to measure player's impact way beyond traditional stats and beyond "advanced stats" by using direct observation of things players do that lead to goals or stop goals, and ultimately lead to winning. Big hits, especially ones that cause turnovers, or even lead to rushed plays have to count. Further indirect evidence: we are using these stats, nearly everyone we've brought in makes hits. Suggestive that this is part of those stats. Not proof, but suggestive.
  7. Had not in fact seen that rem, but as you comment, it's interesting? My one question is, there are hits and there are HITS, so I would ask of this stat, is there any subcategorization of say what truly are meaningful ones (as in separating player from puck or truly laying out the hitee) as I'm sure we've all seen hits where a player simply turns backwards into another almost as an afterthought and truly has no effect on play? Hamilton seems to do those often to my eye. As opposed say to McGinn who seems more intent on "meaningful" hits?
  8. Something with a shoulder. Not aware of specifics though. He could be ready though, a lot of the time guys end up on the short side of the range. At first I was wondering if it might affect our trade thoughts, but we really have guys in the AHL that could step in from Fluery to Bean to McKeown to even Carrick. No one really commented on my hits chart, which I found interesting at least, it's in the middle of this page if interested: http://fans.hurricanes.nhl.com/community/topic/24588-offseason-talk-2019/page/4/. One of the main points was that essentially all new additions to last year's team were mostly our hits leaders. But I was a bit surprised to see that DeHaan was number 2 in hits, just under Ferland.
  9. If it's 4-6 months then my $$ is on a SLAP tear (labrum or rotator cuff)...have had that surgery on my left shoulder (and probably getting my right done later this summer)...it's a 4-6 month recovery.
  10. NHL-N almost never shows AHL games til the Finals...although they did show a Gulls/Wolves game the other night.
  11. Same went with the guy who bet on Texas Tech to win the NCAA B-ball tournament...would've won somewhere around 150K...casino offered him 100K before the finals to cash out. He declined...Tech lost...he got nothing.
  12. Yeah, that's a bad break for such a good guy? Remind me what his injury was please, I forget. This could be Bean's big opening or Fleury if he can bring it?
  13. Guys, go read about the St Louis fan, Scott Berry who while in Vegas in January at a convention, pulled $500 out of his checking account and put $400 down on his team at 250-1 odds? Recently offered $40K for that ticket and turned it down? Story over on Canes Corner if interested? Why do I not have that luck?
  14. DW said he expects TVR back for the start of camp. I assume in a yellow jersey to start. He did say that he expects CDH to miss some time.
  15. Just realized that DeHaan's surgery is a 4-6 month rehab. 6 months is November. I get that guys usually come in on the low end, but still, that could have us needing or using a guy like Fleury or Bean, or other to start the year.
  16. That would be great to do. However, those morons Tuuuuuu every time he touches the puck. So, while it would be delicious if we could pull our Tuuuuuuuuing off, we will score on him far less than he'll touch the puck. Still, ours would be far more impactful, so I like it. We still don't need them to have the added juice of being SC Champs though.
  17. But rem, why not reverse it and every time we score a goal we could Tuuuuuuuu? Think I'll talk to section 328 who are right next to me and suggest that.
  18. Another angle on this is that if Boston wins they will be the Stanley Cup Champions every time they, and their insufferable Tuuuuuuuing fans come into our building next year. Go St Louis!!!!!
  19. Games for one night are about $7 on AHLtv. Or for $25 you can see all games for the entire playoffs.
  20. One angle on this (before anyone responds I know it is a crappy take) would be that it would be a small additional feather in the Canes' cap, and some bragging rights to console ourselves with over this offseason by saying, At least we lost out in our finals to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion (should Boston persevere)? Saying that, it still is not enough for me to pull for a team with a RAT on it.
  21. I really liked Manny while he was with us, and his face-off prowess was a tremendous asset, but I agree with your assessment. Another C to keep an eye on here is Morgan Geekie who appears to be making a statement this year in Charlotte. A little more size and he might be our new 4th line C?
  22. Well you know we *could* use some extra offense...J/K we all saw enough of HWSNBN to realize that he is the very antithesis of a “Rod Brind’Amour” type player...
  23. GAME 4 CHARLOTTE CHECKERS v. TORONTO MARLIES WILL BE TELEVISED ON THE NHL NETWORK THURSDAY, 5/23 @ 7PM!!!! OOPS! I goofed! Not on NHL Network, only televising the Western Conf Finals game Friday. Checkers/Marlies will be on TSN2 in Canada eh!
  24. Just so you know St. Louis if you lose you've let down everyone outside Massachusetts, no pressure though.
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