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  2. Couple years ago, I was in Washington for a visit, walking down the street wearing a canes t.shirt a guy in a Caps shirt walked by me and gave me the finger! Oh my, how sweet that game 7 was
  3. Haven't heard if we will have any new food selections on the concourse this year.?
  4. The old one was down at Summerfest
  5. Nice piece, but he almost went with a different title: "It's July, but I've Still Got to Write Something with an NHL Peg" Can't wait for "Fun Facts from the Zamboni Mechanics Re-Certification School" in August.
  6. Perfect fit for Ronnie, and he can get a nice place up above Vancouver for the summers. Lots of Former NHLers retire up there. Joni Mitchell, too. This ends this episode of Useless Information. Until my next post, anyway...
  7. Early ESPN power ratings ESPN has us at #12. They list Caesars Sportsbook odds to win the Cup and the Canes are tied for 10th at 22-1 (along with Caps, Jets, Rags. Pens, and Panthers).
  8. Has it been confirmed that the long-promised new larger video screens are going in PNC for this season? If not, WRAL just confirmed it as they were doing a live spot from PNC for a piece on Ticketmaster fees and showed a big crane on the PNC arena floor with an oh-by-the-way explanation that a new JumboTron is being installed. Woohoo...
  9. Thoughts? Yes. Here's one. You just don't "move" a guy like that. It isn't like throwing your fast food trash out the window. It is like getting rid of radioactive waste. It will cost because nobody wants it. Cf:. Canes cleaned the Marlaue waste bucket with an associated charge. Good luck finding someone else to play the cap rearrangement game. Very little chance that 3.4M is magically cleared. Maybe part. But all?...
  10. Golies. One thing about last year was we had very few games, at key times, where you just shook your head and wondered. Previously with Cam and others we always had a good 5 to 10 games with a horrible softy that just blew your mind and destroyed all will to live for both players and fans alike. Here's hoping to this year that we don't go down that dark hole again. Is Mrazek up to it? Will there be a substitute for the calm of MacE, able to right the ship at just the needed time?
  11. Yep, 5th rounder is about right. Teams willing to take on a salary dump want more. One article had us giving up Reimer and a third rounder for a return of a 5th rounder. What a deal....right?
  12. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/what-do-all-the-best-skaters-have-in-common
  13. Ned is as ready as he will ever be for the big show.
  14. He was a goalie but was a long long way from being Ken Dryden. That in itself could have played a large role in his inability to find solid goaltending - didn't know what to look for because he never had it himself. And when saw one catch lightning in a bottle for a couple months, he gave him the key to the city and moved on to other methods of mortgaging the team's future. Time to make a decision, Willie...
  15. He's clearly worth about squadoosh now. We gave up a negative for him. But remember Mrazek came off a relatively horrendous year the year we gave him a shot at redemption. Reimer's last year had a .900 save percentage. BUT the three previous years: .913, .920, .938, It is possible that he is just on the decline, but it is also possible that last year was an outlier. Even his .913, the worst of the previous three, was tied for #25 in the league. That's pretty good for a back up, which he would be here. And if he can regain either of the previous two? I doubt his value goes much lower. TBH we don't even know if it's a 3rd rounder. A lot of goalies go for 5th rounders especially if they are underperforming their contracts. 2 caveats: 1. I don't know if Reimer can still play. If the scouts think he's washed up, then clearly dump the salary. 2. If we can't fit in Williams. I just think there is real risk going with two unproven back ups, and that risk is lower with one more option. And keeping that option is worth more than a low draft pick.
  16. Redemption at what cost? I'd take a third for him right now. If we play him, and he is the second coming of Mongo, he truly is worth nothing. A third is way better than squadoosh.
  17. I hate to keep this off track discussion of goalies going, but I was also referring to the general devaluation of non #1 goalies league-wide. A guy like Reimer, has not been good lately, so his value is squadoosh. Thus we are better off trying for another redemption story than getting a 3rd or worse rounder for him.
  18. I really don't claim to know all of the whys, but we have failed to secure a top goalie forever, and it is a big part of our problem. We can talk of culture changes and lack of top end forward talent, and in many years thin defensive talent and be right about all of it, but we also failed in goal. For all the good Ron Francis did, his failures in goal killed any chance of even intermediate success here. He firmly stood behind Cam Ward and he brought in both Lack and Mongo. I think a big part of the problem was that the plan was Cam Ward, and while he flashed some very good play, and got the big money contract, he really only ever lived up to that level once after his flash in the pan SC beauty. Year after year, with one exception, Cam Ward was average at best, but we could not do better. Was it the porous D? At times, but not every year. We can only imagine what this team could have done with an elite goalie over several years. I do think that the committee got a bit lucky with Mrazek and completely lucky with McE last year. The original plan was to go with two of the worst goalies of the previous year. I just can't believe that the committee is such goalie geniuses that they saw Mrazek coming. If they were, they'd have seen Mongo going. This year will, IMO, will without a doubt, hinge on goaltending. I have posted our historical save percentages in an old post. But basically every good year we've ever had was followed by a bad one. We need to erase that trend this year to get back in. Mrazek has to be that guy, and one of our three back up options has to take the reigns. If they do? We have the talent everywhere else on the ice to get back in.
  19. I wonder if that's true rem, OR has fate, better known as hockey gods, played a huge role in our lowly goalie competence? One bit of irony to me was that our 1st GM was a goalie. How is it that we got off on such bad footing in that area? Was it because he was from a different era, thus failed to understand modernized techniques? Or did his ego just blind him to reality? So dismal were Cam's backups, that beyond a few, I cannot begin to name them? And what's more pathetic is the fact that beyond this current crop, Ned and his understudies, I don't recall that this organization has ever developed a goalie. Anderson whom we drafted didn't even want to play here. 22 years as an organization and I'd bet we've never had a goalie finish in the top 10 in statistics, have we? Maybe Mrazek will do so this year?
  20. Well, what are we to do now? We are only $2.1 mil from cap ceiling and I hope we still want JW back. I think we should move Reimer as he was not the good in net for Florida and that would free up $3.4 mil to sign JW to a $2 mil contract with space left over. We have 4 goalies in the AHL and I think Nedeljkovic deserves a shot. Thoughts?
  21. Cap space vs. insurance in goal. While being able to suddenly make cap space if we moved Reimer for the proverbial bag of pucks,I don't think that is the plan. I think the plan is insurance in goal. We have two unproven guys in Ned and Forsberg, and one guy who has proven NHL chops, if not recently. Can the proven guy get his game back or can Ned or Forsberg dominate their way to a spot? Goalie is a weird position in many ways. But one of them is that we don't seem to always value it as much as we should. This is a massively important position. Good goaltending correlates very well with making the playoffs, and bad goaltending with not making it. We of all teams should know that. Having a NHL goaltender in the backup fold is worth much much more than the third rounder (at best) he'd return. If we have to for cap reasons, then maybe we didn't plan so well after all. But I think we did, and part of the plan was to have multiple options in goal.
  22. Incredibles. Classic. See? Capes are classic.
  23. I dont give a crap what they suit up in. Just win. The constant changes serve only to sell merchandise. Lets just get to September.
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