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  2. ummmm. no. Backup- maybe.
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    2019 Draft

    If Toronto has to I'd imagine giving away Kadri would be an easy trade. 40-50 points a year at 4.5 mil, not the worst contract in the world. Especially if they can retain Kapanen for doing it.
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  5. More like Kapanen. We can offer a 3 to 4 x 4.225 deal and really put Toronto in a pickle. That is only a 2nd round pick compensation. Basically take our deal or we really hurt you / get him for a 2nd round pick.
  6. I don’t even want to think about us offer sheeting anyone as it would involve giving up too much. However, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a team weaponizes the offer sheet against a cap strapped team to get them to divest one of their high prospects.
  7. Are we possibly looking at a prospect or someone who is an RFA ? Colorado has Rantinen as a RFA I wonder what the offer sheet would be on him !
  8. The canes have a real predicament on their hands with what to do with the goal tending . Do the Canes Sign big mac to a decent contract with him knowing he will most likely play back up and soon to be turning 36 . An how many years are we looking at for McElhinney and for how much ? The same question in regards to Mrazek being the Starter , how many years and for how much are we looking at ? Petr working with Bales definitely shown improvement once january came around in his performance but Mrazek can be streaky . I do want your opinion on both in which direction the Canes could possibly go ? Im sure Bobrovsky with panarin are a package deal and are most likely going to the panthers , many reports of them both staying there on " vacation " this off season . Robin Lehner is most likely going back to the islanders and they have the money to pay him so that is a no go . Then the question about Nedeljkovic if the Canes were to not sign Mrazek or McElhinney would this be the year to call him up for a back up or possible starter position ?
  9. Agree that we should use picks to bolster a trade and get an NHL ready goalie or a proven scorer. If that trades not out there, using our second or third 2nd round picks to move up and grab Sinclair would seem a reasonable move to me.
  10. That’s pretty much the sentiment of the entire fan base
  11. I don’t think the leave of absence was anything more than the team agreeing to pay Darling while he took time away from the Checkers for a non injury-related reason. And while he returned to the Checkers after the leave of absence, I didn’t see anything written that suggested he played in any more games. I think Scott is wrapping his head around the likely buyout, whether another organization is willing to give him a chance to fight his way back to the NHL, or whether he wants to use his buyout money to set himself up for a new challenge in or out of hockey. All I can add is I admire the effort he made to get his game back last summer, and wish him nothing but the best, but I don’t want to keep him in the Canes organization any longer.
  12. Valid...but the point is that it's not unheard of. And I was on the record as being against that signing due to his concussion history. He proved me wrong. Maybe Ferls will do the same if given a chance here.
  13. if he could play a full season and be productive on the stat sheet , But im having a hard time of recent finding any reason to believe he could do that . He is Injury prone !
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  15. I think I misread Ferland’s situation, I really thought he wanted out of here. After seeing his interview he seemed pretty sincere. I know there is “saying all the right things” thing but... I might be in the minority but I want him to stay. Unfortunately Hag65, I think it will play out as you said.
  16. Player exit interviews are posted in Canes Video
  17. We paid Jeff Skinner after all those concussions...just sayin
  18. Sorry rem, but thought I'd read that in the last few? Maybe saw it by some other poster?
  19. I know a person who knows a person who said Ferland said he really wants to return to the Canes. So it isn't not wanting to play here, it will come down to how much we want him, if at all, and if it meets his $. IMHO we won't pay him enough to keep him since we already have a taste of him getting hurt too much, and someone will take a bigger chance than we are willing to.
  20. Understandably, but i have to say it was either irresponsible to play a guy with a game-hampering injury instead of letting him heal, or the Canes don't have the defensive depth we think they do. Which may have been confirmed in the playoffs when the preferred 7th guy was given 3 minutes a night...
  21. Hi Kjun. Actually, Mike is probably the best next-to-ice guy we've had since they added that component some 10 odd years or so ago. Also liked him on the Aftermath too, and even on the sports morning show before the WRAL media machine switched gears on sports radio and went to an urban sports format and booted him. He needs some practice and polish on play-by-play is all I'm saying. I'd have an open mind on this, which is why I was wishy-washy on my non-emoticon insertion. Did you catch his play by play on the radio? At times good, at times, a bit troublesome. All about 100x better than I could do, for sure, so who am I to say? We are getting way ahead of ourselves here. We just have to see how this unfolds. Maybe John will be back. Who knows.
  22. Suzuki will be gone before we get there. We need to trade picks to get make roster player deals.
  23. OMG I didnt even see this , So Ryan Suzuki is up for grabs this year . in case you are wondering he played with Svechnikov last year with the Barrie Colts , I was under the impression he got drafted but it was his brother Nick Suzuki that got picked instead of Ryan . I was under the impression There was only 1 Suzuki and not 2 lol He is a forward in case people are wondering . here are the low downs on him 6'0 176 pounds 17 years old shoots left plays center projected anywhere to go from 12th to 26th he scored in 65 games 25 goals 50 assist 14 pim the read out on him Suzuki is one of the smartest OHL prospects we have seen in years. He is a good skater, excellent passer and is very good at putting himself in scoring positions, where he rarely fails to capitalize. He does not play overly physical, but is very good at avoiding contact while doing so. He has excellent hands and all around vision. The top player in the Alliance Loop this season, his name was the very first called in April's OHL Draft. (Tyler Parchem, EP 2017) from what i saw highlights of Svechnikov last year he played quite a bit with Ryan and they showed some chemistry .
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