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  2. GAME 4 CHARLOTTE CHECKERS v. TORONTO MARLIES WILL BE TELEVISED ON THE NHL NETWORK THURSDAY, 5/23 @ 7PM!!!! OOPS! I goofed! Not on NHL Network, only televising the Western Conf Finals game Friday. Checkers/Marlies will be on TSN2 in Canada eh!
  3. Just so you know St. Louis if you lose you've let down everyone outside Massachusetts, no pressure though.
  4. Good got the Blues. Being written off in Dec like us and going all the way. Gotta root for the underdog. Wanna see Marchand in the handshake line looking sick as a pig
  5. Islanders swept pens lost next round Canes swept Islanders lost next round Boston swept Canes lose next round
  6. Yesterday
  7. One more thought: If you're a lifer who could be replaced next year like, say, McKegg (he's a UFA), the decision on whether to instead stay and agree to a two-way deal or test the market just got a lot easier. You want the shot at the payday, but for a Canadian grinder like McKegg, the chance for immortality has to factor in. Even if a kid wins his slot in camp, we decide to go bigger there with, say, Saku (who is also a center), McKegg's chances of getting his name on the Cup by staying here just went way, way up. With 41 regular-season NHL games in the Cup year or just ONE game in the playoffs, you can take your kids to the HOF and show them your name on the most recognized trophy in sports. And they can show their kids. A team that was center-starved three short years ago has suddenly become a place where even being a depth center is enticing. I think you if you traced a line from Manny Malhotra to Derek Ryan to McKegg, it would look a lot like Waddell's learning curve on their importance.
  8. True but there were a lot of no slouch goalies in the playoffs but Rask has been playing out of his mind
  9. 41 points in 54 KHL games this year. 1 assist in 4 playoff games.
  10. The rush to the middle of the pack continues...
  11. I think paying money to keep skill--skill that has yet to peak--is the same thing. TT, Aho, Ned, Wallmark, Foegele, and soon Bean, Necas, Geekie--again, we're not talking Drayson Bowman and Smurfy anymore. I want a Cup as bad as the next guy, but if this team can get in every year and go deep in most of them, I'd be fine with that short-term, because in the longer term it could well mean we won't have to be content with just a Cup.
  12. Go Blues! Should be a great series.
  13. Should have picked against the Canes. Oh and against the Sharks. Oh and a different amount of games for both series.
  14. Still in the hunt. Just playing for fun.
  15. Binnington isn’t a slouch either
  16. Alternate captain for his KHL team.
  17. So disappointed to share the high score for the round with Derailed. I was solidly in last, and that included someone who forgot to make his second round picks. My picks were wrong way more than the leader's picks were right. Odds were high that my picking Boston would facilitate a Canes win, but alas . . .
  18. LOL...who decided the statute of limitations on HWSNBM is 2 years before we can again start calling him by his real name? Wonder what HWSNBN is up to these days? I have this vision of a hung over ex hockey player with an extreme beer belly and a tacky Russian prostitute sitting on each leg...kind of like Thor in Avengers Endgame!
  19. remkin

    2019 Draft

    I think that's true, I think the rules say that the same tiebreaker rules apply to the draft order, so we moved up one spot with all of our own picks.
  20. Standings are updated. Make sure you get your picks in before puck drop 8PM Monday, May 27th
  21. The Ronnie Francis management era's benefit was to strengthen the team's prospects pool. In MLB, team's minor league prospects are rated. I don't know if they do that in hockey, and I can not say I know much about other team's prospects, but it would be hard to believe any other team has a deeper pool of prospects than the Canes do. Besides having Ned to compete at goalie, they have 9 forwards who could realistically compete for a position on the Canes in the fall in Saarela, Kuokkanen, Necas, Geekie, Roy, Brown, Mattheos, Poturalski, and Gauthier. In addition, they have 3 defensemen who could also, if the team was not so loaded on D in Bean, McKeown, and Carrick. Wallmark, Foegle, and Saku made the jump this season. Does that guarantee them spots on the roster this fall? Well, probably Foegle does not have to worry so much. The others had best take a look in the rear view mirror, because when Rod says the team has to get better, some very good young players are knocking on the door. Roster spots are pretty assured for Nino, Aho, Staal, Turbo, Foegel, Svechnikov, Martinook, McGinn, and JW (if he resigns). That is 8, and hopefully 9. I don't see Ferland returning, and I don't know if they choose to resign McKegg if they want to open up roster spots for the prospects and/or a FA signing. That would leave competition for 3 forward spots, including Saku and Wallmark in the mix. Looking forward to which prospects take the next step like Foegle did this season.
  22. All in line with Roddy's interview of "Getting Better". And the bar is now set at at higher level to start. I was pretty excited after attending the draft party lat year. This year will be off the charts.
  23. I agree 100% with your statement. RBA and most observers have said that this team doesnt have the skill to match cup contenders. Although our young guys will get better, do we actually see money paid to add skill? Its something we have heard we would do for the right person for about 10 years. Also something we havent seen outside of an gross over payment for a Russian who will go unnamed for two more years. we'll just have to wait and see
  24. They got kicked out of the inside. (second time for some of them). Were not at the last game.
  25. I agree unfortunately with the way Rask has been playing an all star team couldnt beat them right now. Hopefully the time off cools him down some
  26. What's changed (beyond ownership) is that we have a ton of young talent that we actually want to keep. And though TT's new deal didn't show in this season's salary, between him and Aho alone we'll add $12 million. McGinn is an RFA. Ned is an RFA. Do we pay Mraz? Make a play for Bob? What about Mac? And all of this before we even think about adding a power forward, whether via trade or FA--which we might. But we could also decide that Nino is that guy, because he arguably is. Plus he's buttoned down for three more years, two of which are the last of Svech's and Goat's ELCs. Foegele, Wallmark, and Roy all have a year left on their ELC's. McKeown is an RFA. Lots of guys we need to pay (or, in the latter two cases, decide if we want to). The gauntlet our young roster guys just went through is going to make this a completely different team coming out of the blocks next year, in a good way. Whether we add a top-sixer or not this summer, this is a team that should contend for the division all season long and go deep again next spring.
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