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  2. I'm curious to know what's next as well. Unsurprisingly there still isn't any mention of this on the Hurricanes' site, but then they're always a step or three behind the affiliates. Best bet might be to search ECHL team sites and see if any of those have announced being the new affiliate.
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  4. I don’t care who does it, just get Aho signed!
  5. I forgot they had so many back to backs in the AHL playoffs. I want the Checkers to win, but I would rather it be with Ned since he is our guy. As far as Ned becoming more consistent in the second half of the year, maybe that makes a case for trying to sign Petr for maybe 3 years and Mac for one to give Ned one more year in Charlotte to solidify his game. If Mac were younger, I’d bet someone would offer him 2 years at backup money, but probably not given his age. I think more than anything else, how we navigate the goaltender situation will determine our success next year. And that includes the possibility we go back to Mrazek and he regresses which he has done in the past. Really, anyone we are likely to bring in comes with some risk.
  6. Yes, he mentioned him too. They have a subcommittee for negotiating contracts. The ex agent, Tulsky, Waddell, TD, at least.
  7. I don’t know his name (someone help me out), but when Dundon assembled the committee, he brought in a former player agent specifically to negotiate contracts.
  8. In terms of Mrazek being back, I had thought that was almost a given. And Waddell said they want both goalies back. But he's generally going to say that to keep options open (unless one was a disaster). Further, Forslund surely didn't think that bringing Mrazek back was a given with his comments after that last playoff game. He's not always right, but he has to have a pretty good hand on what's going on. Mrazek was so lights out down the stretch and seemed so in the playoffs (pre-injury). But his save percentage in the playoffs was .894 and on that he was 16/17 goalies, and his full year ranking was #22 in save percentage (20 games min). So we'd be betting that Mrazek figured something out and gained consistency in the back half of the year that will be more like what he will bring over next year, and that a couple of blowouts, not really on him, marred his playoff save %. Personally I think that this is a pretty good bet. He looked so good, really from December on until the Boston series, where he got too out of position too often. But part of that was Boston too. Thing is, Bad Mrazek is pretty bad. So to me, the key will be that the goalie coach really thinks Mrazek has largely cleaned his game of the bad tendencies. And the Committee surely won't tell us the answer to that until it's over. The thing is, we've really struggled at the "spin the goalie wheel" game. Guys sport outlier save percentages for short runs (admittedly Mrazek could be that too), then come here and MongoLack the place up. Maybe our new goalie coach can help if we go outside. Lehner had a monster year, and would be tempting. He has health issues that could be a little scary, but what an upside. I really can't even pretend to know what's out there because I was psyched about Lack and Mongo, so there. But I do get the feeling that the Committee is openly looking at essentially every possible position where an upgrade (or fine tuning) can be made. Further, with Mrazek and McElhinney both UFA's they really have to look at every option since the player has the choice. That said, Mrazek's full year GAA was only .004 from the middle of the top 31, and such names as Carey Price and Pekke Rhinne. And his end of year was top of the pack. Unless there is a lock for solidly better, my bet is that we try very hard to put the band back together in goal, with Ned getting some starts.
  9. Ned broke out in the back half of the year. He was been solid before that, but didn't bring the big save percentage till the back half, which still left him with .916 for the year. This was good for 9th best on the year, but it was the back half that made him look really ready. The playoffs have been more mixed for Ned. He's at .911. Thing is save percentages really need a pretty good run to even out. Tokarski is .979 in the playoffs, though only 3 games and was .914 in the regular season. Anyways, I think Ned's save percentage in the back half was in the neighborhood of .930 or better. BUT that's just a half of a season with a more pedestrian playoffs. AND that's vs AHL caliber talent. His NHL 'n' value is miniscule. Doesn't mean he can't do it, but I'm sure we'd rather get him some NHL games without him spending most of his time opening the door to the bench. My thinking is that despite Forslund's rosy talk of Ned, I don't think the team wants to put him down as the NHL back up. An ideal situation would be to get McE back here as the back up with the idea that Ned might get some games even if everyone is healthy. This seems so ideal, that I'd be hot on that trail even if Mrazek isn't back.
  10. I think maybe it was Waddell at his press conference with Brind'Amour, but I think they use Tulsky their analytics guy to come up with comparable contracts.
  11. Yeah that was probably the most amazing thing about that game. Even the Checkers announcers said they'd never seen that before. And didn't even need video.
  12. Precisely my thoughts on this AWACS?
  13. So who’s our ECHL team gonna be be now and what happens to all the Everblades players under contract with us?
  14. Ned's single foray last year was successful, but I just do not have confidence in him? Wonder if it would be possible to leverage this kid Tokarski away from the Rangers, but I doubt it as Lundqvist is going downhill rapidly? And slap, to me Petr, as good as he was performing there at the end, I just am not totally sold on his consistency? Wonder if we could make a play for Lehner?
  15. I think Petr stays. He wanted to be a NO1 and he now has it. There is no guarentee he would be a NO1 elsewhere. Give him a nice raise and he stays....he likes Carolina.
  16. I've finished third. I've finished second. This year, that biscuit belt is mine.
  17. Lol, I am. And cheering like hell for St Louis. Hoping I've got a little bit of that contrarian mojo left in me in spite of stumbling the last round. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/23398103/ranking-brad-marchand-top-25-heel-moments
  18. Yeah, that's cool but people will still talk. Your probably picking Boston...
  19. Hope Necas and Jurco are better for the next one and the Checkers play better at home. They were mostly outplayed but got two shorties and a great goalie performance from Tokarski. Still, gotta like having a 3-2 lead with the next two at home.
  20. We've already covered this, apparently your reading comprehension isn't that great. You do your mojo, I'll do mine. And I feel pretty good, as game results suggest that my mojo may have been the best of the contest. My picks lost more than anyone else's picks won. I'm thrilled to have the Caps and Isles as part of that group.
  21. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming..
  22. Dude, you picked against the good guys. It's on you. Hope you can sleep at night.
  23. It was a back to back, neither team used their starter for what it's worth. But Tokarski played way better all the same and it'll be interesting to see what Vellucci decides.
  24. Checkers beat the Marlies 4-1. Of concern, Ned did not play. Tokarski, who I don’t believe is Canes’ property played the whole game and got the win. I thought some comments above about moving on from Ned were in jest. He was the AHL goalie of the year, right? Anyway, will be interesting to see if they go back to him in Game 6 or stick with Tokarski. Now I’m thinking we really do need to get Mrazek and Mac under contract. Barring a trade, I don’t see a lot of better options out there if Ned needs another year in Charlotte.
  25. Chex Win! They were outplayed for large portions of the game but a win is a win. One more to finish the series, and it’s heading back to Charlotte. Go Checkers!
  26. Yes but he reports to Waddell who reports to Dundon. I agree that this signing needs to be done right away. There are enough comparables out there to find the right number. The fan base and any free agents we might be interested in need to see we can get a deal done with a player that has been called the face of the franchise.
  27. AHL refs make a bad call, realize it and pull Bishop out of the box. Wow, if only the NHL could be that accountable
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