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  2. Based on unwritten hockey orders of succession it would pretty much have to go to Staal, but in a perfect world (i.e., he doesn't want it and the players choose) I'd vote for Slavin all day long. Mature beyond his years, exudes a quiet confidence, and is usually the first guy back at the rink as the season approaches--if he leaves at all.
  3. Agree completely, but I'll just stick my neck out further (because I've said this so many times already that if I'm wrong, it'll be easier to just cut my head off than try to get all the egg off my face) and say it again: Willy will be back. He's done everything in his career the right way; I expect no less of him when it's time to hang 'em up. Given the strides the team took last year with him leading the charge and the improvements made over the summer, I can't see him announcing his retirement at this point short of (heaven forbid) some health issue preventing his return.
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  5. Question...I read one liners here/there that if Willy packs it in then Aho would be the likely Captain. I think there are better candidates and more important let Aho focus and continue to build on his game and not the other stuff. At most maybe an A? And as a segue I think players should pick their leader not the coach. No?
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/nhl-prospect-rankings-top-50-players-nhl-pipelines-2019-20/f5rpke886k4d1a2st6s5ym20x Sporting News top 50 NHL prospects. This is all prospects over several drafts. Names of note: 18. Necas 38. Bean 14. Adam Fox.
  7. Classic. From perhaps the funniest coming-of-age movie ever made.
  8. Funny I was thinking of lines while driving today and those were the exact lines I came up with. I'm backing off Necas as a forgone conclusion if Williams comes back because there are just too few chairs when the music stops. We could trade McGinn or Martinook, but they are physical and heart and soul guys, and after losing Ferland and DeHaan, I don't see it. Wallmark maybe, but Martinook is not a natural center, and it would be interesting to see if Wallmark could take a step up in productivity as a non rookie. But I love the idea of those lines. Svech/Aho/TT has the potential to rival the very best lines in the NHL. If not this year, then soon. Nino/Staal/Williams has the veteran guile and tricks. And Dzingle/Huala/Necas could just flat out fly. Haula and Necas making plays and Dzingle finishing. Could be the fastest line in the NHL. And Foegele/Martinook/McGinn can lay the hits, but could score a lot for a 4th line, and all three can move up the lineup. The only thing would be what to do with Walmark and maybe Maenalanen. Still, if Necas is ready and Svech takes the step I think he will? I like those lines.
  9. I don't think so, I think it was a salary dump, pure and simple, on a guy who may or may not be back before Christmas. But it's okay to disagree. IMO, McKeown could suit up tomorrow and give this team more D than Justin and just as many minutes, at half the price. I wish we could have moved Faulk last off-season, so McKeown would already have a year in the NHL under his belt. But if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
  10. He was being diplomatic. Necas got laid out several times and tried some cutesy moves through the neutral zone that didn't play at this level. I'm hoping he's put some meat on his @$$ and will get another year in the A to learn what to do with it, and maybe to be Captain down there, now that they need one. I love all the enthusiasm for him, I really do. I just don't see any need to rush this kid. He didn't play in a stellar league in Europe, and it showed in the few games he played before being sent down last year. Why not let him dominate in the A? Being able to wait until prospects are beating down the door is the whole point of building depth. At 20, another year in CLT is no big deal.
  11. https://youtu.be/0F4b_VZnd2w
  12. Foegele, Williams, Necas? Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal / Willaims Dzingle / Haula / Necas Foegele / Martinook / McGinn if Williams doesn't sign: Svech / Aho / TT Foegele / Staal / Nino Dzingle / Haula / Necas Martinook / Wallmark / McGinn Necas would really have to lay an egg not to make the team. Brindy said the only reason he sent him down last year is he didn't want two teenagers out there.
  13. I apparently missed a nickname being given out, but who the heck is 'McLovin'? re Gauthier: I've seen absolutely nothing in his game that tells me he's ready for the NHL. Maybe he is, but based on last season anyway, i'm not seeing it. You want a Checker to provide grit to the Hurricanes' 4th line, i'll take Bishop every day of the week and twice on Thursdays over Gauthier.
  14. Tt-Aho-Nino Huala-Staal-Svech Dzingle-Martinook-McGinn McLovin- Wallmark-Gauthier. As of right now I think this is the ideal lineup. Gauthier can bring in more grit. I think he has the body and ability to contribute now. Necas first call up. Thoughts on the forward lines so far?
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  16. I don't think so Top. I think the board agrees way more than disagrees. I highly doubt anyone here who has been paying attention expects the team to pay Faulk what he likely will be asking on his next deal. I expect him to be moved, but not now. Maybe that's a poor decision, time will tell. But I can't see any argument that suggests the team has someone who can take that spot now, in the system. That's the reality of the Dehaan trade.
  17. Some good eats there...big beefy swamp rabbits.
  18. I like the new uniforms . It's different with the whole word mark " Canes " but it's alright . I do wonder if because there were no good submissions for a new logo that Dundon did not like that he thought why not just use a word Mark instead ?
  19. I like the idea of a "JERKS" themed jersey but I'm not too high on diagonal letters. And then I though of this: Sometimes I'm so smart I scare myself!
  20. September 7 and 8th . The Hurricanes prospects will be playing against others teams prospects in nashville . The first opponent is the caps and the second is the lightning .
  21. Or, I wonder what it would look like if they used black for the JERK lettering and hung a couple small hurricane flags off the J? I know they wouldn't do either for a regular or alternate jersey, but it could be cool for a theme night. I bet they could raise some nice coin for charity by selling off the game worn jerseys.
  22. XM Boomer had many unkind things to say about the jerseys, yesterday. He usually sticks up for us. Not on this decision.
  23. I just can't get used to those big red block letters. I'm usually not a complainer on Jerseys, but man I'm just a little embarrassed of these things. We will see what they look like on the ice.
  24. New sweaters again huh? Dundon would have them play in all pink if he could sell 50,000 of them. You hurt your own identity with the constant changing. Take a note from the original 6 on mucking (I have a better word to use) with ‘new looks.’
  25. I really thought Faulk had a pretty good year last year. He does make some mistakes on defense, but he does have a good shot, and is an offensive threat, and besides Hamilton, we don't really have too much offense on the back end. If he can be extended at a reasonable price and term, I'd be fine with that. A good price and term could make him more attractive to a trading partner, at some point.
  26. To be honest while we should always be open to try to upgrade it every position, we’re pretty well set it forward right now especially if Williams comes back. Of course I think Necas will prove Hard to keep off the team. If that is true, then especially if Williams comes back we are stacked it forward. In that case the only thing that would make sense would be to trade Faulk for futures. But it better include at least a first rounder or it’s not worth doing. Especially if we think it will weaken the team this year. So we need to see what Williams does and we need to see what both the defense and the forwards look like in camp.
  27. Modify the "J" into a hockey stick and I think this one is a winner. You don't see the original 6 playing around with their sweaters much, do you? How much $ to they need to make off of shirts each year to warrant new designs?
  28. I agree with your "problems". The irony of the situation is that the Canes are so much better than a year ago, not only today but looking forward, that you have to ask yourself what they are looking for in a Faulk trade. I don't think they pull the trigger on any such transaction until they have a decision from JW. Should JW decide not to continue playing, then moving Faulk in the preseason for a rugged RW forward would answer the question what to target. What it boils down to is a) having a need to trade him for and b) having a trade partner, in need, with the right asset, during the preseason to trade with. I think if they don't make that trade by opening night they will just ride it out and let him sail away at season's end. When I consider them trading him at the deadline, I come up with the same logic as you as to why NOT to. He is a valuable asset both on and off the ice for the Canes, but not some one I expect them to throw money at when the contract is done, because of their depth and need to pay others (especially Svech).
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