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  2. I'll buy it as well.....also want a helmet.
  3. Yup...even larger flags for me.
  4. Don't need a bag. I always go stealth.
  5. That is my thought as well. A picture doesn't give a realistic visual of what it looks like on a player in motion. I'll wait for my vote when I see it in action.
  6. Today
  7. I admit I know nothing about Priskie. I want to see what he can bring in camp along with many others. It's going to be one of the most competitive camps in history and I plan on going to multiple sessions.
  8. Found this one on Facebook
  9. I think the new one is ok, but I like this one better.
  10. I thought the TB 3rd jerseys were terrible the first time I saw them. No matter what else I like about the new away jerseys is colored by my dislike of the lettering down the front. Put the sightless eye as the crest with the two flags on the shoulders (or vice versa) and I would like them, but I am just not a fan of the lettering being the most prominent aspect of the jersey. Will take some getting used to.
  11. Man those new jerseys are ugly.
  12. Thank you for reminding me of this because it does tell me it could be worse. I still threw up in my mouth a little over the new one tho.
  13. Went to the game, got the autograph, drank the $2 beer, ate the superdog. Good times.
  14. I was hoping for more Green with a big tail logo...,..Bah, Just want to win!!!
  15. I like that the flags are back and seem to be a bit more noticeable then the home jerseys. Seemed like PK brought back the flags to make fans happy but wanted them as hard to see as possible.
  16. You mean something like this?
  17. I'll reserve judgement until I see it on the ice in a game.
  18. You've got to look at the old whites to appreciate how bad they were.
  19. @remkin It's definitely better than that Bolts nonsense or the Buffaslug. It looks better in the video than it does in the pictures, so I think in a game it'll look good.
  20. At least it’s not last year’s version. It’s the worst of the three (I love the other two) but it’s a hell of a lot better than what we had the last couple years. They were embarrassingly bad imo. I’m willing to give them a chance, like I said there are aspects that make them unique (the overall uniform). ...AND NO SHOULDER YOKE! .
  21. I love it beyond all expectation. Most awesome design ever.
  22. Can't say I love it, but then it'll probably grow on me. At least it's not a banana slug.
  23. I guess we were inspired by this?
  24. Jersey is meh, but I’ll buy it anyways
  25. If Faulk had trotted out another -26 this past year, he'd be gone for Pu and picks. But he did not. Skinner was dealt but Faulk got the memo and cleaned up his game. His transition was really noteworthy IMO. It happened and even those of us who had tired of him should see it. I'm guessing Faulk will maintain what he did last year and if he does, he will be a key part of our top 4. There is always reasonable concern that he might slip. That would be a shame because it could also lower his trade value, right when we might want to trade him. But if he maintains we probably won't want to. After watching this team and the NHL for a while now, it seems that one of the most difficult things to do is sell high. Trading a player when he's good and has time left on his contract is just hard to do. It's not just us, it's league-wide. Buying low is tricky, but easier. Also, selling high is tough to sell to fans. So, really, it is normal to have happen what happened to Skinner and Faulk: getting to that last year un-traded, and unsigned. We absolutely could not trade Faulk last year because he was too important to our success. So to get full value for Faulk, we'd need to sign and trade or trade and sign, but most players are not down with that with UFA around the corner, and if they don't agree, then the "sign" part never happens. Further Faulk has a limited NTC. He'll probably remain worth more to us than he can return in a trade. The Faulk of last season is too important to this team to trade him now IMO. This is partly because we traded DeHaan, but DeHaan is coming off of an injury, and may not be ready, so I get that, but if we did have De Haan, our top 4 would be solid enough to move Faulk. So we have Forsling instead of DeHaaan, and Faulk is substantially more top 4 than Forsling. Unless someone in the pipeline not only moves the puck effortlessly, but scores, and sticks their D like glue, it is too risky to move Faulk now. Plus with his NTC, return will not be prime. All of that said, I'm actually pumped about this year's team top to bottom, including Faulk. The following season, and beyond, will unfold as they do, but the lineup for this season is very strong. We are sneaky good up front, and our top 4 D is rock solid. If Faulk just keeps playing the way he did last year, goodness will follow.
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