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  2. I’m not sure how anyone knows what kind of leader Jordan is inside the room since none of us are there. Was he a great leader when we were 5-0, but terrible now that we have lost 3 of 4? I don’t think you can judge him based on less than the full season. I also think it says something that he has had at least an A under every coach since he got here. The co-captaincy idea was a bust but I blame Peters for that. And we all agree the coach who made him captain was one of the best captains ever. Give the guy a chance.
  3. Elliot Friedman: The Carolina Hurricanes are still hoping that Justin Williams will decide to return, though it may run as late as around Christmas.
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  5. IMO last night goals 1, 3 and 4 scored by Anaheim should not have happened. All defensive breakdowns. Goal's 3 and 4 were back breakers. Not concerned at this point by our goaltending like some fans are. Mrazek was due for a bad game although I do not fault him for this one. but we can't expect him to be spotless every time out. I mean he's 4-1 now and like what 16-3 in his last 19 starts, which dates back to last season. Right now I'm more concerned by our offense. Besides Haula and Hamilton our offense has been invisible since after the Islander game.
  6. Have a ton of old Canes Memorabilia. Would like to give some a new home. Game jerseys, autoed lithos, stickers , old papers, champagne glasses from opening ESA, magazine's, complete set of bobbleheads and figurines new in box, other figurines and tons of other stuff. I will be coming to Raleigh Tuesday Oct 29th for 4 or 5 days. If anyone is interested in anything let me know and maybe we can work out a price. Lots of stuff not pictured also. Send me an email at bigpig27@yahoo.com
  7. I think it's easy to forget that the Canes have been the best team in hockey since January, and that they're simply not going to win every time out. They've Mraised expectations and Mrightly so, but the D hung Mraz out to dry last night and any team with the veteran leadership of the Ducks isn't going to blow a first-period four spot. The week off couldn't be better timed. This team will be fine. Much more important: Positive vibrations and blessings to the Big Rig.
  8. It does not seem like Staal is bad on the surface as a captain but it does seem that he has troubles commanding a room . If the effort is not there then why would the offense be ? Staal is much like a defense man that so happens to do good at winning faceoffs . His Offense is of the old school variety by being a big guy on the ice . I think it filters down to the locker room . As for Aho we have seen him in years where he might need a month or so to finally find himself and start putting up points like a mad man , This year is just one of those years where he starts off slow . Might be the same for nino who knows. The only consistent people on the team are Haula , Hamilton , Turbo , when it comes to scoring . Edmondson has been solid for defense !
  9. Very sad news. He seems to be a very upbeat guy, and that has to help. Hope he has a full, and complete recovery. He really adds a lot to the coverage, and as a young guy, hopefully he has a long life ahead.
  10. I can't add much to this specific game because it was so late when I watched this that the fast forward button was in major usage. Getting 2/6 points on the West Coast trip is not good, but also not a disaster. The team had nothing left for either SanJose, or Anaheim. At least we got the two points in LA. Not an excuse, just a fact. Those were not the team we'd seen for the previous roughly 60 games. You can choose to think that's the new Canes, but I don't. The goaltending has let up some, and to me that's the main concern. I think Brind'Amour will get the full team back on track, and in fact, can use really the last 4 games to make his point, and we have 5 days off to get it back on track. It really could be a weird blessing in disguise that allows Brind'Amour to get the message across. We are not Tampa. We cannot win games when we don't play our game (BTW it's pretty clear even Tampa isn't winning no show games). We have some potentially elite talent, but really, we have been winning on our depth and team game utilizing that depth of talent. Aho, our most elite player is struggling to find that level. We need to throw our entire team at you. When we do, we win about 80% of the time. We did not really for any of the past 4 games, though we did play a tight defensive game vs. LA. No one knows what the future holds, but I really like our team to get it's act together over this down time and go get points in Columbus after which we have a 4 game home stand, followed by game w Philly, NYR (home), Ott x2, Min, and the only one we shouldn't be favored at Buffalo. The wild card, as always it goaltending. I continue to maintain that is the only piece that is a serious threat to our season.
  11. 4 years of taking doctor feel good. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/golden-knights-stab-zykov-in-the-back-and-remove-his-Staal-from-arena
  12. I wonder how the Habs feel now about not acquiring Aho. Some professional athletes do not respond well to the pressure of playing under big contracts. I have to believe Aho will snap out of it, he is young, but you want to see him get going before this starts to get in his head.
  13. I don't know about a leadership issue, but I agree 150% that there has been a fall off in players willing to play the physical role that dictates so much in this game. Martinook will be back, losing Ferland, Saku, and JW while only picking up one physical player, Edmundson, hurt. I think management will work it out and have the right compliment on the roster when it matters.
  14. Not sure that it makes anyone feel any better but looking at the schedule, I had us starting 6-4 in our first 10. It isn't the easiest road to start a season,.that's for sure.
  15. Why was the C ever given to Staal? It failed the 1st time around.
  16. I'll take the CBJ game on the 24th and the Flames game on the 29th.
  17. Just to be clear: you're thinking a lot of Ned's success last year may have been due to the team behind him rather than just his play in goal? And that the Committee may have realized that and made roster decisions accordingly? [I haven't seen enough of Ned to have an opinion either way]
  18. I disagree about hurting big time...but there is a leadership vacuum on the ice
  19. This team is hurting big time without Martinook , Williams and McElhinney . That much is obvious . The canes are one of those teams .
  20. I'm not really surprised that Ned's numbers have tanked post dream team. Considering we brought in a ton of backup options, I'm thinking the Canes are also not surprised.
  21. 1-3 since Martinook went out. He does hit but do these guys really need a cheerleader that badly? I've seen the pregame videos in the locker room, he's like legal cocaine to the guys around him but .....seriously....they can't get hype without him?
  22. I watched the first last night. We looked flat, slow and not engaged. Looking at the highlights it appeared we were better in the third but to little to late. Listening to the Brindy post game it sounded like there was absolutely nothing good to take away from this one. The next game looms important to break the losing way before it becomes an extended funk. Early days
  23. I won't jump on the "team is on its early season slide" bandwagon. Pre trip, I was reading numerous comments of we need to get 3 or 4 points out west, and we only got 2, which in reality came up a half to 3/4 a game short. West Coast isn't easy for any Eastern teams, and they get harder the further along. Down 4-0 halfway through the last leg of it, and though they never got sharp, they didn't head for the plane either, and showed response to the Haula situation where in years past it might have just been, meh. They were working at the end and working hard enough to keep from giving up the empty netter. Our new captain called a spade a spade showing he probably belongs in that role. Negatives are easy to find in a league with 0 night's off and extreme parity. Positives more difficult, but if 6-3 with two top 6 players playing possum isn't positive, not sure a 65 win season would be. This is not a fragile(remember that word?) Team, not a 60 win team, yet seems to me will be the better team out there 7 night's out of 10. One new face in a lineup is one thing regarding chemistry, while 4 new faces is a huge evolving adjustment taking time, and I for one, have seen enough of RB to know he'll guide them to finding it consistently.
  24. Totally clean hit in my book. His head was down and never saw the freight train coming. Looked like he grabbed the back of his neck when he was down on the ice. Aho....I agree, same move every time...forehand backhand forehand. Try raising the puck up. Ed unloaded a few shots before he took an uppercut that left him unphased. Last I looked the other player was a little dazed,bloodied. The boys have lost their early success with a fast entry putting the D on their heels and cross ice movement causing chaos. Rest up, eat some fair food cuisine and get back to causing havoc. Oh...did Foeggle go on the donut diet in the offseason. His face looks like a jackolantern.
  25. It's a long season. I am not seeing the same team that I saw the first 5 to 6 games. Was that the team playing lights or are we just in a funk?
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