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  2. Nice! Let’s Go Can...Checkers! P.S. I agree realm, Bishop is just all over the place. Whatever that guy weighs, most of it is heart and hustle. Didier has been a pillar..,in a good way. He has surprised me the most as I know next to nothing about him.
  3. In the house tonight. Easily the loudest game i've ever been to in Charlotte - next time i'll have earplugs. Some were better than others but what mattered is they got the win. Bishop once again the best forward on the ice for Chex as far as i'm concerned, and Didier once again the best defenseman. Calder Cup finals, baby...
  4. Plus my son lives there, so maybe I could swing a trip?
  5. Thanks to Lake, I was watching that and did not see the puck go out of play? So who really cares if we won. Great for them, on to Caulder Cup.
  6. The Checkers not only beat toronto but they also beat the toronto refs tonight ! You could say in ots that toronto could not write a Check their *edit* could not cash !
  7. Marlies fans saying the puck went out of play
  8. Geekie with the game winner, Lorentz with the assist. Calder Cup here we come!
  9. As mentioned, you get him singing karaoke until the 2nd OT starts. Price of admission, I guess.
  10. Wish I could coastal. And thanks Lake, I'll try to watch now.
  11. Fleury hit the post with 30 seconds left in the 1st OT. Almost ended the series.
  12. Everybody should watch Fleury in this series if your still wondering if he's really worth keeping around.
  13. Click on the youtube link in my post above: the Cuda Phil Show Watch Party. In between periods (now) you'll see him doing karaoke, he'll go back to the game when play resumes.
  14. Been seen, why repeat? You want to go back to game 4 vs Islanders? I was agreeing with you AWACS, and just pointing out to Cff that that was old news, and I'm trying to keep up with Checkers, but we seem to be recycling things. Chill out.
  15. Yesterday
  16. From Necas, scored with 6 seconds left in the period. If you tune in before the second period starts you can catch the guy's karaoke.
  17. End of one period Chex 1-0 Brown with the goal
  18. And what is that, 2 days old now?
  19. Can anyone expand on this? Did they send him to the box but then delay the start of play to talk about it some more? Didn't they talk about it before calling the penalty? Any video involved, including the scoreboard?
  20. We’ve got a thread going in the Canes System forum
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