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  2. Hope Necas and Jurco are better for the next one and the Checkers play better at home. They were mostly outplayed but got two shorties and a great goalie performance from Tokarski. Still, gotta like having a 3-2 lead with the next two at home.
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  4. We've already covered this, apparently your reading comprehension isn't that great. You do your mojo, I'll do mine. And I feel pretty good, as game results suggest that my mojo may have been the best of the contest. My picks lost more than anyone else's picks won. I'm thrilled to have the Caps and Isles as part of that group.
  5. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming..
  6. Dude, you picked against the good guys. It's on you. Hope you can sleep at night.
  7. It was a back to back, neither team used their starter for what it's worth. But Tokarski played way better all the same and it'll be interesting to see what Vellucci decides.
  8. Checkers beat the Marlies 4-1. Of concern, Ned did not play. Tokarski, who I don’t believe is Canes’ property played the whole game and got the win. I thought some comments above about moving on from Ned were in jest. He was the AHL goalie of the year, right? Anyway, will be interesting to see if they go back to him in Game 6 or stick with Tokarski. Now I’m thinking we really do need to get Mrazek and Mac under contract. Barring a trade, I don’t see a lot of better options out there if Ned needs another year in Charlotte.
  9. Chex Win! They were outplayed for large portions of the game but a win is a win. One more to finish the series, and it’s heading back to Charlotte. Go Checkers!
  10. Yes but he reports to Waddell who reports to Dundon. I agree that this signing needs to be done right away. There are enough comparables out there to find the right number. The fan base and any free agents we might be interested in need to see we can get a deal done with a player that has been called the face of the franchise.
  11. AHL refs make a bad call, realize it and pull Bishop out of the box. Wow, if only the NHL could be that accountable
  12. 2 shorties. Hayden Fleury scoring some goals all of the sudden. 3-1 Checkers
  13. Beats Karaoke Hour. I don't take well to karaoke...
  14. In a close second for things that sound like nails on a chalkboard, the Checkers color guy. He's like listening to Ralph Wiggum give hockey analysis.
  15. Just finished up some ZZ top complete with in song commentary. Is this worth saving $7? Probably. Some commentary on the game over in the in the in the Canes system area.
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  17. Fair enough. Just keep in mind that everyone's mojo may not be the same as yours. And attempts to force ones views on others may be counterproductive to the cause.
  18. Thanks man. Dude can finish his little karaoke break any time he wants, tho...
  19. With expansion coming, owners/GMs have to decide on core players they intend to protect in two years and pay them handsomely, because if they don't they will bolt. Nelson had too good a year for the Isles to risk that, and with Lou and The Bridge Troll at the helm, he probably figures his chances of getting a Cup with them sometime during the contract's term warranted the discount. Both Trotz know what it takes to win, and as a player looking at 30 in few years, that's very hard to walk away from.
  20. Tokarski kept them in this one. OK, I'm saving the $7 and listening to this guy sing Huey Lewis.
  21. Shaya going on and on about Gauthier looking better and better in these playoffs. Checkers without Necas and Jurco tonight. Have Josh Jorish though.
  22. Nice breakaway top shelf laser shorty by Roy.
  23. Mac is on an incredibly depressing short list in our 22 years of existence of memorable backup goalies. I think he's also easy to bring back for a year, clearly a family man who made it a priority to get his family in the same state as him so I doubt he wants to move his kids. You might even get him signed for 1 mil if you're a cheapskate willing to gamble. Petrs in his prime years where he would typically be getting his best contract of his career (whatever that may be). I agree on the 4 mil, but I could see him being a pain in the rear up to and including him testing the UFA waters to make sure he's getting the best he can get. Unless of course he's incredibly happy to be here and maximizing his money isn't his top priority.
  24. And getting bought out in the near future is going to cause more stress. Hope he has a good support system in place.
  25. Canes should study the Marlies PP.
  26. I'm just trying to collect all the spilled mojo from last round and harvest it for next season.
  27. I'd extend offers to both quickly to see where their head is at. Offer Petr 4 mil for 3 years and Mac 1.5-2 mil for a year. Signing both would give Ned another year to prove consistency and would be the call up for injuries to Mac or Petr. I'd be surprised if other teams would offer Mac more than 2 mil. Petr wanted the one year to prove himself and 4 mil is a nice raise.
  28. I doubt it too. I'm pretty sure that he's been a topic of the "ever discussed rarely done, almost never accomplished" offer sheet, and the proposed strategy of forcing a trade that way. Also, Point has done so well that maybe he's priced out of Tampa who might finally be in a cap bind. Not likely, they'd probably trade McDonogh first (though he has a full NTC), but in the context of discussing ranges of players seemed at least worth throwing out there.
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