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  2. Crud, you're right. Added him in too.
  3. On top of those 9, there is the guy they picked up in the de Haan trade (Forsling?). The signing of Priskie suggests to me that the Canes may not resign Faulk. There is only so much $$ to go around. I am sure allocating $$ to Svechnikov is on management's mind, so having an offensive minded RH D man to take over for Faulk at a fraction of the cost must seem appealing. I have been a fan of McKeown since his acquisition from the Kings, so I hope this signing does not affect his status.
  4. That's what I get for posting at work. Or projecting. Fixed it. Of course even deeper.
  5. The question I have is how fast on his feet will he be and would he able to transition to the Canes system effectively fast enough to warrant the teams hard edge play . The reason i ask this question is because there is not a ton of tape on him in different systems when playing defense . Being told hey we want you to play a 1-3-1 or we like you to use a European style trap , or another example , We need our defense to play 2-2-1 but transition into a 1-4 when the other team has the puck is easy to remember but to put it into practice is a whole another story . Obviously these questions have been answered if the Canes management feels comfortable to hand Priskie a contract . Im sure even Priskie knows he can handle to extra pressure . The spots are all open for the taking in training camp and that only leaves 7 weeks lefts until the drop of the puck . Man hockey flies by quickly when you have a shorten summer ! ! !
  6. Did Justin Faulk get traded?
  7. GM Realm would look to trade Fleury before McKeown, but then GM Realm would have had McKeown in Raleigh last season instead of Fleury as well so what does he know...
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  9. NHL D men and potential NHL D men (ready or close): Slavin Pesce Hamilton Faulk TVR Fleury Forsling McKeown Bean Priskie (Sellgren) reportedly looks very good.
  10. I remember the guys calling the Calder games going on and on about McKeown, who was supposedly NHL ready a couple of years ago. I do think shaking up the D too much could be risky,. but I'd like to see a run of McKeown before trading him for probably a low return. I really wonder if McKeown could come up and we trade TVR instead. Might not get much for him either, coming off surgery, and TVR has been effective. I like the idea of getting some of these guys up here on the bottom pair, though might be easier said than done, maybe if TVR isn't fully ready? We probably do end up trading him though. Just too many prospects.
  11. I dont think he was complaining.
  12. I look at it like this, while we can all nitpick the kid who's apparently 23, so not without merits during the period when facial hair is being promoted, he was being sought after by several other teams so must have some potential? He has scored in whatever the strength of the hockey expertise that has surrounded him (again I've seen several criticizing the league he's in), for whatever that's worth, but as I stated, that hasn't stopped it would appear several teams from pursuing him including the likes of Montreal, Nashville and at least a half dozen others, so there's that. More importantly, HE CHOSE US with whom to sign over these several other choices, giving us a degree of relevance we've been losing with the Fox's, Johnson's and others blessed with this loophole to use. Whether he can make it or not in our system is truly immaterial at this point due to the backlog it would appear that exits in our defensive strength, BUT even knowing those odds, he seems to find value in throwing in with us and I think he is giving us a glimpse of his self confidence in signing here. I LIKE IT One last thing, I've seen several comments from Montreal fans grousing over the audacity of his signing with The Bunch of Jerks team related to the "cheapness of the owner", how he will be a bust, and several others, and just had to smile as it brought me great joy.
  13. Fixed that. Please, hockey season. Start up. Now. My mind is off in the weeds.
  14. That was my next thought. This was a nice signing and should pay off in the not to distant future.
  15. Also, McKeown is probably packing.
  16. We got Priskie for nothing. Great work again by the dysfunctional cheap-*edit* front office that can't attract talent to Raleigh. Hope he actually develops concurrently with the hopes by the front office that he will. If so, this is just great asset management by the team, considering expiring contracts and the expansion draft.
  17. Who knows without actually having seen him? His +- was second best on his team last season, but we all know how limited that stat is. I think the fact that the Canes were pursuing him even before he announced he was going "free agent" suggests to me that there is likely defensive potential. I can't see this organization going after a player that presented as a defensive liability, not with Brindy as the coach and having input to the Committee. But like I said, who knows? Icing may not be sufficient, but it's nice to know it's there if there's the possibility of cake to be had.
  18. To the surprise of absolutely no one, show me he can defend and i'll get excited. Goals from a defenseman are nice, but if he can't defend, he isn't doing his real job. Cam Ward is one of the leading scorers amongst goaltenders in the NHL but that doesn't mean i want to rely on him to stop pucks. Make the cake first and then the goals can be the icing.
  19. You like her talent of having goofy looking guys over her shoulder? I guess it takes all types!
  20. https://cardiaccane.com/2019/08/17/carolina-hurricanes-sign-top-prospect-chase-priskie/
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  22. Time to start betting college sports. Anyone playing ASU is a lock.
  23. Back when ice was rare in Raleigh.
  24. Already commented on it a page ago... I wonder how many taco stands he can open in Tempe
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