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  2. Sellgren is on the top pairing tonight for Charlotte. Couple of weeks into his AHL career he goes from a few minutes of PT to top pair (and not due to injuries)
  3. Williams is coming back . Im sure of it after the exit interviews . He only brought up the whole idea of talking to his wife to show he is a family man first and foremost but I bet that he knows already he will be coming back . At this late stage in his Career going somewhere else is not an option and even if it came down to it he would rather retire than not be playing for the canes next season . Now after that season 2019 -2020 season then he might retire . Im 38 and it's a drag just to get out of bed . The real question is when he has his last season next year with the canes , What other options are there for him for future employment for the Canes ? My only best guess is either Assistant Coach or Assistant gm under the wing of Don Waddell . I prefer the later for Justins case on being an assistant gm .
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  5. Im so sure about Kadri . Sure he put up points but he takes stupid penalties and that is not what the Canes need . Kapanen would seem like the better option but that would be either via trade or offer sheet come july 1st . It's unlikely the Canes will get him though .
  6. Ain’t no doubt he wants Justin back. When Rod wants something I am willing to bet he is hard to throw off the scent so to speak.
  7. Canes have released audio and video of the Waddell/Brindy end of season AUDIO of Press Conference
  8. I'm not sure. I don't know what shoulder he injured last season. This year the injury is to the right shoulder
  9. If that is a possibility the purchaser of the seats they were kicked out of should be easily traceable. I never took the time to look over head in the parking lot to notice if there are any camera's?
  10. Must be, Canes have a hard time letting go of him. If you go to the Canes web page to the "Team" "In the system" roster, as of this afternoon, it still shows Adam Fox listed with the Canes. When you click his name, it shows his affiliation as the Rangers, but someone hasn't updated the Canes prospect roster yet... 😉
  11. Is it the same shoulder for Calvin as last season?
  12. He is not our head case anymore but i find it interesting that adam fox is playing on team usa in the iihf . Was he really that good ?
  13. I know...and I got the chance to see him in person in his one game in Vancouver. Solid play, but still had a tendency to drift. He should be a solid backup role next season and get ready to start in 2020/2021.
  14. As always, thanks OBXer for your efforts. 👍🏻
  15. Seeing posts on the Canes Facebook fan group.
  16. Great Assessment there Rem . My take is he will be fetching a lot from teams that are rebuilding that could use a guy like him of his skill sets . As for teams that are middle in the road that are not afraid to spend to the cap they would gladly take on his contract and have a " Poop sandwich " eating grin . My take on his level of play is if he could be a well rounded center for the canes he could slot at number 2 which means moving staal down to the 3rd line . or end up playing wing to Staal on the 2nd line " Which im not fond of sense we need right handed shots for right wing and not another left handed shooter for left wing ! " I also think he had a career year but I wonder if all there is and with Dundon's approach he only wants guys who want to come to carolina . If he is asking for too much then forget about it cause the canes can always do better but , If there is a chance he would take a team friendly contract and does want to come to carolina then Id be hard pressed to turn the guy down .
  17. The deal with Aho's Contract . Does he have another gear that Brind'Amour says Aho have or has Aho plateaued ? Im asking this because it does depend how much the Canes are going to spend on him to keep him happy and for how long ? We all saw what toronto did with Mathews and edmonton did with Mcdavid and obviously Aho is not at those two level in skill , but is that a question for is he not there yet or will he stay at where he is at when talking the pure amount . The Canes Future depends a ton on what the canes could possibly pay the man . Because it then leads into questions for other players and how much they would be asking for .
  18. If we are truly looking at keeping Faulk, which I am less than excited about, are we moving Hamilton then? CDH is more than likely going to miss the opening couple of weeks. TVR might make it back may not. We have Fleury and Bean cover down until then.
  19. It somehow sounds better this year than it did last year
  20. I wonder if we hold out buying out Darling until the 2nd buyout period. It allows us more time to negotiate with M&M in getting a new contract (due to the CBA requirement of 3 goalies being on contract) and since his father just passed give the guy some time.
  21. Player stuff from today
  22. No surprises here. This whole team was pretty banged up in the ECF. Not saying that's an excuse, but just sayin'.
  23. Keeping the band together?
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