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  2. Ha ha I hear that and raise you 20........ years.
  3. I'll have to listen back, but i thought he said Ferland missed a lot of games and he didn't miss a beat, so i took it differently. Not listening back right now, though... watching the Chex game.
  4. I was listening to the CanesCast podcast and they made a good point. We need a top 6 forward but they HAVE TO FIT BAs STYLE. We traded a 30-40 goal scored like Skinner bc he wasnt in the BA mold. As a result to get the player we need, we are limited. IMO we may have to overpay to get them either via trade or free agency. Just a thought.
  5. I thought that also . I figured given his production and to learn a new position and do well in it 8 or possibly 9 would be reasonable anything more than that you hope the canes are getting what they are potentially paying for !
  6. 6 is too cheap...and would send a signal to others that we go low
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  8. legend-1

    2019 Draft

    I didn't mean for us, I meant Toronto would purge Kadri to anyone to match GoCanes offer sheet. Someone would take Kadri's 40-50 points if he were free.
  9. Nhl Network was talking about the canes and they mentioned Aho possibly low as 6 or getting 8 . I know the canes and Aho plan on staying long term . how do you guys figure into this ?
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  11. I read the same thing...Ferls can want to stay all he wants, but if the managerial staff thinks they can go get someone better (physicality + scoring), then no hard feelings, best of luck to ya (or sign for a hometown discount).
  12. We'll have to see. But Dundon added DeHaan without really having to, and upped the payroll w Nino vs Rask. Then again the impression was they didn't want to pay Skinner, Lindholm and Hanifin. I guess we'll have to see if it was cheap, or not paying those particular guys what they wanted. I'm going optimist.
  13. Necas is so fast and smooth. Makes things happen. And Bean is the QB on the top PP unit of Necas, Gauthier, Geekie, Jurco, Bean.
  14. Given what the canes had done just to make it to the playoffs and go through the caps and isles drained the team completely , they were living off of fumes and how they managed just that with this being Brindys first year as a rookie coach ? if there was a calder for rookie coaches id be surprised to see anyone surpass what rod was able to accomplish . The Canes future is bright as the sun !
  15. Sounds nice but we heard the we’ll spend money for the right player from PK too.
  16. OK, went back and rewatched what I missed. Carrick with a bomb and Juro finished after the Checkers were just peppering them. 2-0. Thought after watching this. This is what the Canes game looks like when we have the talent edge. And it looks really good.
  17. Watching on AHLtv. Checkers looked shaky in first couple of minutes, but settled down and looked good after that. End of one. 0-0. or maybe not, my feed is messed up. Says Charlotte up 2-0?
  18. I liked a lot of what I heard. Some bullet points: --"We have to get better" RB. There is still a talent gap with the top teams. The guys in the room will get better. (described how Aho and Slavin, while so good, can hit another level, and how Svech just grew and grew through the season and into the playoffs). Rod mentioned that Waddell could get them some more talent, then sort of back tracked to the current roster getting it done. BUT.... --Waddell, representing the committee sure sounded like they plan to make moves. Dundon doesn't really have a budget, just wants to get guys who can help the team. "Going to look at everything." Even admitted they have considered using an offer sheet. Even mentioned they might get a D man if he could help (read PP QB IMO). --Definitely sounds like we plan on trying to get the goalie band back together with Ned backing things up from Charlotte. --Rod admitted that all that gutting it out to get in and 7 games vs Washington sucked the life out of the team. He was surprised we swept NYI, but said the talent gap was too big with Boston, especially on special teams, which points out that we have to "keep moving up" getting better. Also added that this same team in 4-5 years would have looked much different vs more mature Boston. --Ferland will not be back. They did not say that. But basically Rod did. Asked if they needed the type of game Ferland brought he said, we do need that "type" of game (he emphasized type). He then said Michael missed a lot of game in the stretch and in the playoffs and we did not miss a beat. Brind'Amour almost always adds a strong complement to players, even if he calls them out. Not really here. Ferland is out IMO, mark it down. I came away very excited. I do not think that Dundon is going to sit back in Fransician fashion and watch things develop. I expect a move or two of substance. --Main things to fix: skill level and PP.
  19. Found a link to the checkers game
  20. Sellgren is on the top pairing tonight for Charlotte. Couple of weeks into his AHL career he goes from a few minutes of PT to top pair (and not due to injuries)
  21. Williams is coming back . Im sure of it after the exit interviews . He only brought up the whole idea of talking to his wife to show he is a family man first and foremost but I bet that he knows already he will be coming back . At this late stage in his Career going somewhere else is not an option and even if it came down to it he would rather retire than not be playing for the canes next season . Now after that season 2019 -2020 season then he might retire . Im 38 and it's a drag just to get out of bed . The real question is when he has his last season next year with the canes , What other options are there for him for future employment for the Canes ? My only best guess is either Assistant Coach or Assistant gm under the wing of Don Waddell . I prefer the later for Justins case on being an assistant gm .
  22. Im so sure about Kadri . Sure he put up points but he takes stupid penalties and that is not what the Canes need . Kapanen would seem like the better option but that would be either via trade or offer sheet come july 1st . It's unlikely the Canes will get him though .
  23. Ain’t no doubt he wants Justin back. When Rod wants something I am willing to bet he is hard to throw off the scent so to speak.
  24. Canes have released audio and video of the Waddell/Brindy end of season AUDIO of Press Conference
  25. I'm not sure. I don't know what shoulder he injured last season. This year the injury is to the right shoulder
  26. If that is a possibility the purchaser of the seats they were kicked out of should be easily traceable. I never took the time to look over head in the parking lot to notice if there are any camera's?
  27. Must be, Canes have a hard time letting go of him. If you go to the Canes web page to the "Team" "In the system" roster, as of this afternoon, it still shows Adam Fox listed with the Canes. When you click his name, it shows his affiliation as the Rangers, but someone hasn't updated the Canes prospect roster yet... 😉
  28. Is it the same shoulder for Calvin as last season?
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