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  2. They talked extension earlier in the summer: Now those players have been signed. It's clear Faulkers gonna Faulk and non-Faulkers ain't, but if you call two instances of (finally) being in the right place at the right time to bail out his keeper--when Slavin and Pesce have done it routinely over the past three years--and still pinching at the wrong times and chasing the play back to his own end in time to fish the puck out of the goal constitutes "beyond good," we have very different ideas about the meaning of that phrase in relation to defensive play. Especially when we're talking about a $5 million-a-year guy. But I'll sign off, lest I be admonished (yet again) for "needing a whipping boy."
  3. If we could get the Justin who showed up at his best more often than not last year, I'd be fine with keeping him. But he's never been defensively consistent, and with his offense also largely going away, I'm just not seeing the fiscal sense of handing him another $5 million when we have ample (and cheaper) talent that can do a better job on the back end. I agree we'll have to see what happens, but the fiscal and now-available talent similarities between Faulk's situation and Skinner's are noteworthy.
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  5. This was going on your comment about his value being high. I know a lot of posters want him gone for 2 reasons the contract Ronnie gave him and his lack luster play under Peters. Well both Ronnie and Peter's are gone and his bad play is too, so why trade a guy playing like he did last year? Now if they think they have no shot to resign him then I get it but me I would be working on his new contract.
  6. Please define "everyone else"? They have tried to trade him for a few seasons now, and have found no takers. That was when he had more time on his contract. The market place will establish his value, and if the offering price does not exceed his value to the Canes, he shall remain. Simple Keynesian Economics.
  7. Looking at the new sweaters again after a few hours, i threw up in my mouth a little again. I hope they petition a lot of other teams to let them wear black again next year. These things look worse to me now than they did the first time i looked.
  8. Now Is The Time. I expect bumper stickers with Faulk's likeness. Or windshield flyers, those are productive.
  9. Thankfully they’re road uni’s so I won’t see them all that much.
  10. Why trade someone everyone else wants? Faulk was beyond good last year and unless you dont think you can off load him for value you keep him. Point blank. The retuen has to be better then what you give up. Dont hold your grudges for his past play against him.
  11. I'm pretty "meh" about the new whites. I still don't understand why they made the lettering red, then put red-and-black flags on the "C". The red outer part of the flags blends into the letter and the optical effect is lost. Now, if they made the letters black with a silver border....
  12. "Now" has been the time for about 3 years. Whatever the league sees as equity to acquire Faulk, the Canes do not relish pulling the trigger. Possibly after training camps get under way, and some teams either realize they need more D or someone gets injured will be the time the offer(s) become attractive. Let's see how it plays out.
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  14. None of which was my point. I'm talking about from a fiscal point of view. As your prior post suggests, if we don't move him now we likely get nothing back. And we're so D heavy and close to the cap that now is the time.
  15. I'll buy it as well.....also want a helmet.
  16. Yup...even larger flags for me.
  17. Don't need a bag. I always go stealth.
  18. That is my thought as well. A picture doesn't give a realistic visual of what it looks like on a player in motion. I'll wait for my vote when I see it in action.
  19. I admit I know nothing about Priskie. I want to see what he can bring in camp along with many others. It's going to be one of the most competitive camps in history and I plan on going to multiple sessions.
  20. Found this one on Facebook
  21. I think the new one is ok, but I like this one better.
  22. I thought the TB 3rd jerseys were terrible the first time I saw them. No matter what else I like about the new away jerseys is colored by my dislike of the lettering down the front. Put the sightless eye as the crest with the two flags on the shoulders (or vice versa) and I would like them, but I am just not a fan of the lettering being the most prominent aspect of the jersey. Will take some getting used to.
  23. Man those new jerseys are ugly.
  24. Thank you for reminding me of this because it does tell me it could be worse. I still threw up in my mouth a little over the new one tho.
  25. Went to the game, got the autograph, drank the $2 beer, ate the superdog. Good times.
  26. I was hoping for more Green with a big tail logo...,..Bah, Just want to win!!!
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