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    This makes me think Fencing is the perfect COVID-19 sport— You’re required to wear gloves. You’re required to wear a mask. And if someone gets within six feet of you, you stab them!!! 😜
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    Hello everyone, I just got through 10 pages. Great discussion. I'm no expert on Covid-19, but I do have direct expertise in zoonotics, being a professional wildlife biologist that regularly responds to such things, and who fully understand a virus, and the combination of proteins that give most their pathogenic nature, at least in birds, particularly waterfowl and other waterbirds, which is my area of responsibility for state game and fish. In fact, I've taken oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs from over 25,000 wild ducks over seven years at different times in my career, in response to the concerns of transmission to humans from mostly the highly-pathogenic subtypes of H5 and H7 Influneza A. The idea of a wet market, in today's society, blows my mind. Seriously, civet cats and bats, both of which are known to carry SARS type viruses? People destroy wildlife habitat, bring humans closer to wildlife, and it's then an incubation chamber for zoonotic transmission. This is the real threat, and I expect pandemics to be more the norm than the occasional. Just offering a view from a different professional perspective. I miss hockey. Just Win! Coastal
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    I might be in the minority on this but I really don't have much interest in them doing some weirdo summer league that is supposed to be the finish of the 2020 season. The reasons are: 1. Players will not be in great shape and there will be summer league injuries that will keep them out next season 2. Whoever wins it just won't feel quite as satisfying and real as grinding for 9 months for the Stanley cup, it will just feel like, eh they won that weird pandemic season where they played some odd format in the summer. 3. It will affect how and when they start the next season, I would prefer to scrap it and start on time with a full season next year. Let this be the year that it was cancelled and lets move on and open training camp in September. However, if they do go ahead with it I will be watching and screaming for the Canes, but it will have a very weird unreal feel to it. I won't hate on it, but it just seems like it will be a cheap end to a season where someones awarded the Cup and it's not really a big deal.
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    O.K. - This has to win some kind of award. This is the LOL post I have read in awhile. I can't wait for the nightmare to be over !!
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    Did you know the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, is a huuuuge caniac?
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    I know for many it is difficult to stay away from the political side of the pandemic but please try or at least keep the conversation on the COVID impact on sports and hockey. At this point we know most persons political point of view. We can and will close this tread if we can't at least be civil to each other. I don't care who you are, which side of the coin you represent or what you do for a living. The one fact is what we don't know about this virus still outweighs what we do know. So lets stick to hockey and let the political views be voiced elsewhere.
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    All I know is everything I do these days including this poll make me feel as old as I actually am. Unfair!
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    The best Tripp saying I've heard was actually in person years ago. I use to play for the Raleigh PD hockey team and we played the Secret Service in a charity game for an agent killed during 9/11. Tripp was our goalie. During the first intermission we were getting beat and Tripp had let a couple softies in. We were razzing him a bit when, with a huge smile on his face, he said, "You know, it's a very well known fact that goalies play better when the as$#holes in front of him play better defense." The room roared! Dude is hilarious....and at least back then, freakishly strong! Love that dude.
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    I just don't see how there can be a meaningful resumption of the season (playoffs) no matter what format would be used. Social distancing aside how do you handle international travel for players. The players are scattered all over the world. The players would need to travel even if only limited locations are used across the US/Canada border. I guess we could use one site for a playoff format. Honestly I don't see it happening. I have moved on to next season even with its uncertainty.
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    The thing I'm wondering about is why someone insists on making this a political forum.
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    It’s a joke the Suits even talk about resuming the season. They keep floating scenarios that do not take the biggest factor into account, logistics. The players and entire support staffs, coaches etc need to quarantine for 2-3 months with no family? Right. Equipment, meals, lodging all in the NHL bubble? They’re dreaming. Inside this bubble if even one player or support staff tests positive then what? Players are not in top shape. Haven’t skated in quite a while. The mental edge gets dull. Players get hurt. Bettman needs to step up and make the call. It’s like they’re waiting for good news while Covid continues to infect and death rates continue to increase. End the season as incomplete. No champion. Get on with working out a contingency for next season.
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    This. Despite all of our D depth, Dougie is that Norris-level guy that most really good teams have and most of our history we have not had. He wins games. He and Slavin form a level at the top pair that is elite. If we can sign him for a good while, that would lock that position down at the "star" level that the most elite teams tend to have.
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    Those are the forwards i expect as well. Bishop has pretty much always given what was asked of him on his callups and did get a little NHL playoff time last season. And Geekie, how do you not bring him up after those last 2 games?
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    Sorry it came across that way to you Jon. The "oops!" emoji was actually meant to make the post a bit more lighthearted. That's one of the problems with online communication, it's often open to different interpretations.
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    Pesce will be out for sure. If the next season doesn’t start until December then he may be ready to start. Nothing before though. The defense will be stout though. Slavin-Hamilton Skjei-TVR Fleury/Gardiner-Vatenen.
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    The league isn’t structured where the owners are the only party due to take losses. This revamp is just as much on the players as the owners. The salary cap and player’s salary growth is determined by league revenues. Players have just as much in play here. Without this playoff revenue, the cap would take a significant hit. In turn would mean RFA and UFAs would take a big money hit. Also, the player’s association would have to convince owners that they should agree to Compliance buyouts to fit inside the cap/give FA players a chance to earn good contracts. It is unlikely as most owners don’t have an idea of what is going on next season and recoup the expense. The players will take some hit already by the cap remaining flat the next 2 seasons but not as big if they don’t complete a playoff this season (also a reason why they forced in Chicago/ Montreal / NY viewing areas in the playoffs.)
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    Unless the Canes win.
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    I can’t laugh at this hard enough this is the equivalent of saying politicians follow their oaths because they have one.
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    The reporting is all over the place. We don’t know what we don’t know about this situation and its heavily politicized. do we actually get it a 2nd time or just carry it after building the immunities? Reports are all over the place. is / was the shutdown effective? Reports and medical opinions are all over the place. are doctors reporting covid on any respiratory issue for funding purposes? Reporting is out there. we really know very little about this. We do know that mass hysteria is easy to induce and everything that can be used for gain will be politicized.
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    What constitutes a “regular” ? Lol I feel irregular most of the time.
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    Clearly this can't go on indefinitely. But you do realize that as of the latest polls more people felt the emphasis shoud be on saving lives vs. restarting the economy? I'm sure the longer we're out the more the tide will turn. But until then, are you suggesting that a vocal minority should drive policy? You say you won't put up with it; I'm curious, what's your next move if we don't open up as fast as you'd like?
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    Gary is spraying into the wind imo if he believes any type of Covid Season is doable. On the one hand it would be (for hockey fans) a much needed pause from the '25/7' coverage of this pandemic. On the other hand and apologies on repetitiveness, but the logistics of pulling this off are totally laughable. Sanitize 4 stadiums then bubble wrap them? Everyone in the bubble gets tested how often vs. the negative image the NHL will garner by having a 1,000 or so tests every week for all those invited to live in the bubble vs. Joe Public who cant even get one? Will it be a see you later proposition to the families of players and entourage for 2-3 months? NHLPA will allow players to be put at risk? And what if even one player or entourage member shows positive during this abridged season? Bettman needs to put the bottle of JD down. Be a leader in a time of crisis. Call it. Hell, its questionable at this very moment if next season even begins on time. Right now the focus should be on having a successful draft and tackling the myriad of issues with trades that took place and all the clauses involved and all the other minutia that needs resolution. Last, how many players even want to continue? Id like to see that pole. Players are safer at home. They know it and so do the Suits. Gary is fanning on the shot here.
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    When Silverman cancels the remaining NBA season, Bettman will follow suit within 48 hours.
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    I can't pretend to know what the league wants, but the league trying to get the players to be the ones to cancel the season so they can get out of paying the remaining 1/8th of their salaries wouldn't surprise me.
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    We have lost playoffs before over lockouts. It won't be the end of the world to have a season with no Cup. It seems reasonable to me to pull the plug on 2019/2020 and shoot for some kind of normalish start for next season. Yes, there are some trade stipulations that will affect draft choices. Flip a coin. Assign the draft positioning and lottery chances by the winning percentages and who was in or out of the playoffs as of when they stopped playing. Players are spread out all over N. America and Europe. I can't see how they can get it back on track right now. Sucks for us, since I think a healthy D corps would do wonders for this team.
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    The Wolves play at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, right across the Interstate from O'Hare.
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    The study is interesting in that there were 8 groups and 3 of the worst groups were declared the bad outcomes. Why not 2 he asks? That has a huge relevance to me. I was once involved in a survey I had to pay attention to. The responses were the usual 1 to 5. 1 being strongly like, 5 being strongly dislike and 3 being neutral. The survey came out something like this: 1 - 10 2 - 40 3 - 5 4 - 5 5 - 40 So, the 1 and 2's were 50% of the responses, so the powers that be declared: VICTORY, you like it! Thank you! Meanwhile, the massive number of 5's were ignored. The 4 and 5's together were 45, which is less than 50 for the like. But the likes were all "sort of like" and the dislikes were all "strongly dislike." It was purposefully ignored. It was not a mistake. What they were saying was true (more likes than dislikes), but the underlying numbers told a different story. A simple average of the numbers could have been taken and a different result would emerge. Anyway, as they say, there are lies, and then there are statistics.
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    Nah, there's no Fox-Sinclair conspiracy (yet). For years, the Preds and Canes have shared Fox South. They share a lot of production elements too as you'll notice if you watch the games. The "Carolinas" channel is really Fox Sports South with just a slight tweak. They have the same in Nashville. I think this is more obvious on Uverse than Spectrum, since there really is no "Fox Sports Carolinas" channel on Uverse. As for the AHL affiliate: hmmm. That whole thing blew up at just the wrong time. The silence on it is deafening. I suspect management has other issues to worry about right now. The only certain thing is that the Golden Knights are out and building their new AHL team. The current Wolves coach is out. The Wolves are basically homeless... but have that Don Waddell history.
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    Ah, I see. Thanks for the insight. I don't necessarily question Dundon's commitment to winning, but I do think his commitment may be tied to his investment on return ratio.
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    Beyond the above dialogue here’s a good 2 min read regarding the current CBA. Nothing at all, understandably, covered this sports disaster and there are many devils in the details. Didn’t see it in the article but about contracts ending or UFAs or RFAs playing after July 1? Who would risk it? There zero provisions for any of this stuff not to mention a 10 week quarantine for the two who make the finals; life inside the Covid bubble that wouldn’t be impervious for any of the 24. If it comes together I’ll be watching for sure but this newly created re-start mess in the making just doesn’t look to have legs. https://nypost.com/2020/05/30/nhls-attempt-to-change-popular-rule-may-spark-restart-tension/amp/
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    I think that the idea of a problem with the antibody test indicating full immunity is different from the idea that people who have tested positive for the virus and recovered don't have immunity. They almost certainly do, at least for a while. But could the test be indicating a false positive that is picking up something from another corona virus? Possible. The solution is fairly simple. Follow a huge numbers of patients with the positive antibody test and see if any of them get Covid. In high density covid areas, maybe even serially Covid test a subgroup to see if they can carry it. The idea that total immunity is unproven being such a point of contention is odd. So many things that are so far from proven (actually dead wrong as it turns out) have been declared truth, enough to make unprecedentedly dramatic public policy, but in this case we have to scientifically prove immunity to say that you're probably protected when that's what the overwhelming body of evidence is saying? Recall how long the tobacco companies were able to say that there was no scientific proof that smoking caused lung cancer. Decades. I get the abundance of caution thing. But really what we need is to be honest about the rough degree of certainty there is, convey the actual best estimate of risk, and let people decide. There are some things we really don't know. Is 6 feet the right distance? How many asymptomatic cases are there? What is the level of exposure in the population needed for herd immunity? What will be the long term effect of these lock downs and massive spending? But there are some things we do know. This is a coronavirus. The incubation period is up to 14 days, but 97.5% who will get symptoms do so by day 11.5. Up to 40% of the deaths in some locations and around 30% of all deaths have occurred in long term care patients. People who contract Covid don't get it again, at least not right away. Yes, as well as we can know something, we know that. There is a false choice here. In order to "prove" that a person with antibodies is "completely" immune, you'd have to study massive numbers of people and follow them for months. And technically, you'd have to follow every person, which is impossible (in part because huge numbers of covid patients were never even tested), and you couldn't have any exceptions or there wouldn't be complete immunity in everyone. As Kjun points out there are people who don't generate much immune response at all. There are exceptions to nearly everything. Therefore, it can never be proven to an absolute certainty. When you set an unachievable bar, it can never be reached. The actual risk of becoming re-infected with Covid (at least in a window of several months) HAS to be vanishingly small. If there were a significant number of those cases, we'd know. Trust me it would be instantly story #1. And for good reason. Places like NYC have up to 20% infection rate with 200K confirmed cases and probably millions of actual cases. There have to have been large numbers of people who had covid who were seriously re-exposed in NYC alone let alone the entire rest of the entire world. Where are these repeat cases? Why would the incidence of this disease not keep going up up up? What would stop it as more and more people are infected and can then be re infected and thus able to infect and re-infect others, and so on and so on and so on. It is kind of ironic that Blood Connection Statement Xray posted. I paraphrase: Please note that your plasma's antibodies can save a covid patient from near death, but don't think you're safe if you go out there. I understand why they make that statement. But they shouldn't really need to because they are not making a claim that your antibodies protect you. Probably their lawyers trying to protect them from an imagined lawsuit. I get that people are scared. There is an instinct to tell people what we want them to think for the greater good. I see a lot of that lately. But it ends up backfiring as people eventually figure out that they were deceived, then they overcompensate the other way, and don't trust the next thing you tell them that could be even more important. Tell them the best available information. Let them decide what do do with it. If I were forced to pick a person to cough in my face while I breath deep, I'd pick someone who had recovered from Covid 100% of the time. At least for now, all of the evidence points to near complete immunity if a person has had the disease and recovered. Another prediction, this will be more and more "proven" over time. In the end, it's another problem with an unknown denominator. If there are exceptions, ideally we'd know then all so we can give a percentage chance of being reinfected. Like .00000003%. But I've got news for you. Even in far more contained diseases these "proven" numbers have a range, and sometimes a big range. It's frustrating, but it's medical science as it stands. But I digress. Whatever the number is, even if it's not zero, it's pretty close to zero. But there is an actual important question still on the table. One that still lends itself to plenty of fear: The actual remaining question is not are you immune if you've recovered? The real question, and it's answer is it's own kind of scary, is: "How long does your immunity last?". It's pretty obvious that it's at least 6 months. But after that speculation is wide. Some corona viruses immunity seems to last about one season or around a year give or take. Others appear to be a few years. This leads to the idea put out there that Covid will always be with us as it can flair up later after immunity may have faded. Most likely this is in pockets though as some will still have immunity. Also, there might be some attenuation from a vaccine, and there is a tenancy of long lasting viruses to mutate to a less virulent form.
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    My concern when it comes to positive antibody tests wouldn't be as much with lack of immunity as it would be with accuracy. Do they definitively know the false positive rate for those tests? I hate to think about people going out there thinking they have immunity when in actuality they don't.
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    I don't know. Part of me Acknowledges that this virus is real and deadly. The other part of me realizes this virus has a 2% fatality rate and has the potential to crash a booming US economy in an election year and coming out of a trade war with China and low and behold this *edit* comes from China. It's a very peculiar and unfortunate chain of events. Given the circumstances. With all that being said I wear a mask and so does my wife and child. But I am upset due to.my wife being a small business owner that currently cannot operate so don't anyone dare tell me that I am not feeling the pain here.
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    Saying that everyone is human and has bias is stunning? Yikes. I'd say not agreeing with that is, telling.
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    Play-in round- best of 5, every other round best of 7.
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    Ah, thanks, hadn't noticed that or I would have changed it when I changed the title. Done. Just to be clear, the original wording that referred to "regulars" was driven more by an assumption that the only ones reading this at this stage of the year would probably be regulars, not by any sense of "possession" or frequency requirements. [I'm guessing the picture of the dog is my border collie Jack. He's been gone for over 5 years and I still miss him more than I would have ever imagined]
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    You know what they call a doctor who graduates last in his class? Doctor. It wouldn't be too difficult to find 600 of them.
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    Honestly my beat advice is to stay away from Corona beers since it carries the virus. Natural Lite is better for you for 2 primary reasons: - it's natural. - it's lite.
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    It gets a bit tricky* as to the meaning of "infectious". Generally people mean that a person who is infected gets symptoms and is sick, and people who are exposed and gain some marker of exposure but who don't get sick are carriers. Carriers are determined by testing people who have had no symptoms and finding evidence of the virus or the antibody. In the case of Covid we have evidence from both. If it were just one, it might be open to "false positive' claims, and rightly so. That is, the antibody test in asymptomatic people might be measuring exposure to a different corona virus or other false positive. However, in Covid, we also have the screening of mass enclosed populations for evidence of the virus itself (ie Neuse Correctional where every person was tested, and over 90% felt to be asymptomatic). So we have direct virus testing and later antibody testing saying the same thing: there are a bunch of asymptomatic people who have had the virus AND made antibodies. *it's tricky because there can be very mild symptoms that a person doesn't even recall. The main explanation is the notion that the asymptomatic patients received a lower dose of virus than others, perhaps contained to the upper respiratory tract (vs lungs) and therefore had few if any symptoms before gaining immunity. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2009758. In other cases it is thought that some people ramp up their immunity faster, perhaps due to exposure to other coronaviruses. It is also possible that some yet unknown factor present in many people conveys lower viral replication or spread (they may have less receptors for the virus, or ....something else). Another, even less likely thing would be exposure to a very mild strain. The most accepted explanation is lower dose of viral load quarantined in the upper tract allowing containment while immunity develops. This has been borne out in asymptomatic spread of flu. I have a PA that we work with, whose husband is a guard at Neuse Correctional. These two form a fascinating couplet of data that I've seen first hand. First, he contracted Covid presumably at the prison. He became sick (non hospitalized) with fever, aches, cough, miserable. She cared for him and a few days later she lost all sense of smell. We all can get that with lots of nasal congestion, but she had none. She could fully inhale through her nostrils but smell nothing including pet leavings, food, etc. This is a bizarre symptom pretty specific for Covid. But she never got any sicker than that. Meanwhile he recovered fully, but now 4 weeks later is still testing positive for the virus in PCR viral testing. This is keeping him from going back to work. She never got tested, and because she had no fever or cough, she just kept working in our ED, for at least 8 shifts in a two week period. She and we wore regular surgical masks, and now, is far enough out that we can say it is likely none of us got it from her. (She plans to get the antibody test in about a week. I'd bet a paycheck on her being positive, but I'll try to remember to put it down if she does or doesn't. If she does it would be an N of 1 that is about as convincing as an N of 1 can be, that relatively asymptomatic cases exist). These two address the Theodore Roosevelt thing in that her husband fully recovered but is still testing positive 4 weeks later. And she shows that the relatively "asymptomatic" may just have had very mild symptoms and assumed they never had it.
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    There are so many variables at play here that it is impossible to speculate on what players will be drafted by the Canes. IMO two things seem apparent: 1) They will draft a forward in the 1st round. Hey, the owner wants that and the roster dictates that. 2) There will be a trade that affects the Canes' draft position/tool box. It is imperative that the Canes make room for and reward those players they have invested in and trained to be NHL players. In my mind two players that earned roles on next year's squad as regulars are Haydn Fleury and Morgan Geekie. If you look at the Canes defense, they have Slavin, Hamilton, Pesce, Brady, Fleury, and Gardiner on the big squad under contract, TVR, Edmondson, and Vatenen are UFAs, and Bean and Keane ready for promotion. I don't see them signing one of the UFAs just to be a 7th guy, so all 3 of them may be gone. I believe either Keane or Bean should be promoted. What else does Bean have to prove at the AHL level? It just so happens only Pesce and Hamilton are RHded, which could give Keane an advantage, but that may not dictate who wins a spot. SO, not to sound like a broken record, but I see the Canes moving Gardiner to create roster space, financial space, and upgrade their draft position. I don't see them getting an overwhelming return, but I am ok with that. A 2nd round pick, and financial relief that allows them some space to invest in Hamilton and Svech would be fine with me.
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    Boy, I'm with you there, top. I turn 61 next month, had a heart attack in 2006 (probably stress-induced, as well) and a smaller one in 2015, but feel pretty good most of the time. I tell my sisters that some days I feel 18 and some I feel 80. It all averages out.... Glad to hear Mrs. Shelf is feeling better after her bout with whatever.
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    Mods - in order to avoid subsequent confusion can someone change the title and replace "Regulars" with Readers? I couldn't find a way to do it myself.
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    Polls don’t me nothin. Actions do. Restarting the economy will save lives.
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    I think there's a fourth thing that probably trumps all of the others, lol. Didn't Dundon say he was generally against drafting D-men with early picks last summer?
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    I hope the players keep pushing back. There is no reason why the season can't just end here. So what if there is no cup and no awards and no whatever. The owners - the players - and the executive staffs I am sure have enough money that they are not going to get hurt by not playing. If there are going to be games without fans what's the point? I think we have the lottery for the draft based on the standings when they stopped playing and call it even. Under the current situation this seems fair to me. To try getting back to some kind of "normal" is kind of silly at this point. Sometimes complicated is best dealt with by keeping it simple.
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    I left the board (took a break) after it turned into political sniping and juvenile insults. I wasn't going to come back until an announcement was made. Then Mrs. wxray tells me about this (see still reads the N&O) and I took a peek here to see if it was safe. Maybe not safe, but at least some of the name calling has stopped. So, this is really interesting news. It kind of follows with Dundon's style, doesn't it? Remember when he came on. Actions were swift, direct and harsh. (Ron Francis, Chuck Kaiton, and my favorite topic, Larry the organist.) The fact that this situation is resolving harshly should not surprise us. A thought about travel. In an optimal world, it isn't too bad between O'Hare and RDU. The problem is we know air travel is not optimal these days. Especially O'Hare in the winter. The good news is that the Allstate Arena is literally next to the airport. A player could live in that neighborhood and be 10 or 15 minutes from the airport or arena no problem. In a large metro area like Chicago, that matters. Believe me. If the arena were, say, in Naperville, that would be a real hassle. Travel is certainly better than upstate NY or MA. All in all, nothing surprises me with Dundon. He will continue to shake things. Oh, and maybe in the future when the world returns to normal, this will be a great reason for me to go visit my family. I went to a Wolves game a few years ago on a visit. It was fun. Very different. Not sure I am into indoor fireworks hanging off the jumbotron (with associated debris raining on the ice), but hey, it is the AHL.
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