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    Someone has a great sense of humor...
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    Hopefully the giant was awoken tonight as far as the hand/wrist injury for staal, I think the hug fight he got into is a good indication one exists.
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    We sadly missed Ferland while he played for us?
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    I don't see Brindy as the begging type for most things but through interviews where Brindy said things such as he hopes he wouldn't need to talk to Williams about his decision I get the vibe Brindy asked as a favor that Williams not retire and just take as much time as he could on the decision with hopes Williams would miss the game and come back. I think Williams is content with being a full time Dad at the moment and his next NHL role will be in an office if he wants one.
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    Pathetic. Maybe it's time to: 1. Trade Jordan Staal. It's time to bring an end to the Staal era in Raleigh and all the mediocrity it has brought us since the 2013-14 season. He lacks the leadership, energy, and grit to wear the C or be considered our 1C. 2. Get a new backup goalie. Reimer's terrible. He's not our new McIlhenny. Let's bring up Forsberg or trade for a backup. 3. Stop diluting our talent by trying to make every line a scoring line. Let's see Turbo-Aho-Sevch together for a while. 4. Trade Fleury or TVR for a top-9 forward with some real grit. We're playing like the Candy Canes again. Fleury's not doing the team any good being a healthy scratch every night. 5. Put Ned on the 3rd or 4th line until he starts playing like a top-sixer. He's been a huge anchor to his line mates. 6. Send Foegele down and bring up Geekie.
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    There is a weird thing in hockey, at least in Cane's hockey. There is a subtle extra something that takes our game from possession and pressure, to beating the goalie. Similarly on D, there is an extra notch that keeps the game in lock down nearly the whole game vs. sudden, big let downs leading to A+ chances against. There is too much depth of scoring talent, even with Haula out, to be having so much trouble converting shots to goals. Considering we got out to our lead against very good teams and now as was pointed out elsewhere, 0-5 against weaker divisional opponents, is almost proof that the team has played down to the level of the other team. It's been subtle. Like I was saying above. We look pretty good overall, and dominate in shots, but somehow just can't beat the goalie. We look pretty good on D for long stretches, then give up 3 or 4, two on ones against in a short span. But that's how this team loses or wins. Getting that little bit of extra to finish or to keep the D locked longer. Getting net front, getting that stick position, making that hit, that little extra to go top shelf vs goalie crest, etc. Every NHL team has really good players on the roster, even the bad ones. If this team starts reading it's own press and letting up just that last little bit, we get the Canes of old. Lots of shots, few goals, few shots against, lots of goals against. How am I such an expert at this? I've been watching it for years. A lot of us have. That's why it's so hard to take a 4-2 loss in a 42-17 shots our way game. Because that was Canes hockey under Bill Peters. We've seen it before: over and over and over. But this team has far more skill and finish in its line up than past years. This team really doesn't have a good excuse. (Okay, except it's a very young team, but it was last year too). So go out there and take the Sens as seriously as any top tiered team. Go to 10 on the meter. Stop this slide and start another winning streak.
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    Before tonight I was kind of ambivalent about the Sharks, after tonight, I really don’t like them.
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    SJ plays dirty, just grabbed our guy center ice and spins him around, and no call.
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    You could put soccer goals out there and Nino would still hit the post...
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    They may have looked like the old Preds but we surely looked like the old Canes.
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    Karmanos issued a statement saying he would’ve fired BP in a nanosecond had Franchise brought up the kicking and hitting issues to him. If true, this is incredibly damning of Franchise.
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    A win in MSG is always difficult. Hoping the JERKS bring their A game.
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    I think Pesce's goal had a bigger impact.
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    Dougie Hamilton 22 pts + 11 Noah Hanifin 7 pts – 9 Joel Edmundson 5 pts + 3 Justin Faulk 6 pts – 5
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    Even the Russian judge gave him a 10
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    They should have kept that listerine guy up, I thought he played better than Nino or Staal...
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    I did laugh during Rod’s post-game when he was asked about what Hextall would’ve done and he just said “green light” Ron would’ve ****ed Thornton up!
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    Got to be Svech With the lacrosse goal.
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    Cardiac Canes, I am having 3rd glass of wine
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    An exciting hard hitting period of hockey, some key saves and big misses from both teams.
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    We got this! Nashville is not a Metro division team so we’re cool!!👍🏽👌🏽
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    van Riemsdyk is a healthy scratch Fleury paired with Gardiner.
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    Or, with the speed and skill of today's players, I wouldn't mind seeing the NHL go to Olympic sized ice.
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    Great view from the International Space Station.
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    It IS a change to see disappointment or concern voiced by the way we get 2 points. Use ta be happy if we stole 1 point on the road games. 😉
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    If they gave defenders the Norris for being a defender, Slavin would be top 3 every year.
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    Bad mojo ends tonight dammit! Go Canes!
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    I guess it worked! But I imagine he can't go back to that trick very often or he'll get traded to a soccer team.
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    Thinking more about this, yeah it’s easy to make Jake the fall guy for this game. We love to really nail someone who tips the balance in the other team’s favor when. It’s human nature. Halak isn’t Patrick Roy, and if we can get pucks in nets maybe the situation isn’t so fragile to where we have to be beyond perfect to have a shot at winning. The point is, accountability is team-wide, not just on one guy. This tidbit is for sure: Optimus Reim has been showing up!! 👍🏽
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    Seriously...why can’t Mike call games with Tripp? Shaya is like listening to nails on a chalkboard
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    Faulker just scored his first of the season! Lol On pace for a massive four goals.
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    Go into the room and say, OK, so here we are again up 3-0. Can we just put this one away please?
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    JR would’ve offered us two goalies, their first, and a bag of pucks
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    ...and to think I used to get crucified if I even hinted at anything bad about Pastor Bill.
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    A few guys have room to improve. Nino, and frankly J Staal are the biggest up front IMO, though at least Staal is defensively strong. Dzingel can be a bit better too. That Florida game was pretty bad for him, but also he's on a 13 goal pace. He is contributing, on a 50 point pace, but he's supposed to be a goal scorer. The aforementioned Gardiner has room to improve on the back end. To my eye he is rushing plays. He has the skills, but is not seeing the right play a lot. Hopefully this is something he can settle into improving. I do think that all 4 of those guys have better game in them and likely will improve making us that much better. We do miss Haula because we've always been a bit weak down the middle and while Walmark is respectable, and Eetu commendable, they just aren't big scoring threats. But with the D being so good overall, and our top line humming, I'm pretty happy. Hopefully those guys get going, but we are winning either way.
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    Our blueline is first in the league in goals scored and points. Geez. Let's give Gardiner a little more time to acclimate.
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    Really didnt think I would hit him from that distance
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    Hold the lead *clap clap clap-clap-clap* Hold the lead *clap clap clap-clap-clap* Hold the lead *clap clap clap-clap-clap*
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    Well, this period went to the crapper in a hurry...
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    Other than that gate leading to Skinner’s goal and the dumb penalties, that was a solid period.
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    Jordon says nada..check the score board.
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    Pretty much the whole team stunk it up in the first, but Reimer needs to be on the bench to start the second.
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    I'll go out on a limb and say, short of losing yet another game, I liked what I saw. I thought it was an exciting game with a hell of a lot more engagement and purpose than the last few and with more than enough chances to blow the game wide open. A few thoughts...Lundqvist did look huge in net but IMO, only because as a struggling road team, the Rangers played a pretty decent physical and defense first kind of game in front of him. 17 blocked shots to our 4 says a lot. 18 giveaways and detrimental defensive brain cramps killed us. "Nobody-knows-me-here"-Gardiner better starts acting like a defenseman or gets on the scoreboard more or his celebrity status will change to a level he doesn't anticipate. Dougie? WTH? Did Jordo get banged up? So far, he seems noticeably slower and less dominating in the corners and doesn't read developing plays as well as expected. I really liked what I saw from Eetu during his 6 min TOI in the first but for some reason he only saw 4 min the rest of the game. Will Gibbons be the odd man out?
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    Finally we're awarded! Dougie making up for that soft defense on the Rags's goal.
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