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    After being knocked down, I can still see lazy Staal down on one knee behind the goal line while the play was going the other way. It's you team to make better you idiot, not the other way around. That quote pisses me off as well.
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    Well, I’m excited. The Wolves play about 5 miles away from me, I get those stations that carry their games. Looks like I’m gonna be a wolves fan after ignoring them for years!
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    On the whole physicality topic, first and foremost, can we please stop equating "goonery" and physicality? Nobody's advocating going back to the days of four-hour games with 135 penalty minutes. But it is also inaccurate to claim that "the other guy won't dance" or that you're assured of being shorthanded if you answer a clear challenge to match physicality, or make someone pay for a cheap shot. McAvoy's hit on Jordan was both of those things, and if somebody on the Canes had called him out and he didn't respond, the Canes still get what they needed at that point in the game: motivation to win. Also, regarding the claim that there are not enough skilled physical players to go around: Horse hockey. If you're playing a game requiring 40 pounds of protective gear and are not both expecting to get hit and convinced that you'd better know how to hit back, you're in the wrong sport--and shame on us for putting you on the roster.
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    After watching your captain almost get his head taken off on a viscous hit, you would think somebody would actually try and respond and do something. Instead, not one player responded and the team proceeded to get abused for the rest of the game. Something needs to be done. No way that should be allowed to happen. I was actually embarrassed to be a Canes fan at that moment.
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    And a B’s loss makes this afternoon that much nicer 😎👍🏽
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    All of this. MM, if you're reading this, please never use the Gussie line again.
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    Being a LONG time fan of the Whalers/Canes: As long as we are relevant/winning and are a cap/near cap team instead of rummaging through the bargain bin like we did in the past, I don’t care who is calling the games. Ok, I care a little but you get my point...
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    By the time E Staal left the Canes he had made $72 big ones. His brother, assuming he’s here till the end of his contract will have made $60 big ones. A $132 million. Those two must sit in bf Thunder Bay Ontario in the summer (where the only thing to come out of there is hookers or hockey players) laughing their a$$’$ off clinking their Molson’s with a “Here’$ to Raleigh”
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    I don’t see the heavy teams showing much respect to this Canes edition next season because there is no-one to step up in a meaningful way when they work over an Aho or the other kids. We have too many ‘nice guys.’ We need more temperamental types. Marty will step in now and again but that’s about it and although he’ll do it it’s not his game. All the great ones are able to play their A game because they know liberties won’t be taken with them on account of who’s on their team. Just my opinion but when I see a nasty after whistle scrum developing ie. Svech takes a cheap shot I shake my head at the players reluctance/fear to jump in and take the guy to the woodshed for hacking at a superstar. Would never happen in Boston or St. Louis or Tampa or Dallas etc. Never.
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    I assume he was on the committee but who the heck knows whose really on the committee. The committee is borderline on par with the Freemasons.
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    Would be a big mistake to get rid of Hammy.
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    Sundance: They're not so tough. Butch: Neither are we.
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    My head hurts just reading all that
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    Necas is exempt; good asset management by the Committee last season.
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    In the COVID discussion, some board members laced comment after comment with political opinions, including one member calling the president “the orange idiot.” Maybe something on that board got deleted which I obviously didn’t see, but it was never mentioned. So having not seen what was deleted about the current situation, I’d just say I hope the mods are even-handed. Although Rem and others with medical backgrounds posted interesting information about COVID, I finally just ignored that part of the board. I choose to watch sports, and the Canes in particular, to escape partisan political bashing that dominates so much of our news media. I agree with Gocanes that we should avoid political statements here and stick to the sports side of the Canes and NHL. I enjoy reading different opinions about the Canes and hockey, but would rather not debate political and societal issues here. There are other places for that.
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    Just reading a thread on another forum that asks readers to name their top 5 teams in the next 5 years. Almost every person who posted listed the Canes among their five. Methinks the days of flying under the radar are gone.
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    I’m not an overly sentimental guy but I wish JF the best. Games won’t quite be the same but I know MM will knock it out of the park in his own way. Can’t wait for our guys to get back out in the ice, fans or no fans.
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    Enjoyed the podcast. TD has been too quiet for my tastes as a long time sth. For me two things stuck out. 1) the money goes to players and player development. He's said that so many times and folks are still surprised when other parts are replaced - like the JF thing going south, or wherever he ends up. MM is a Hurricane, just like the rest of us, so I've moved on. 2) Before Gold got it out of his mouth TD said Brindy was untouchable. I hope Brindy gets paid for being that. I miss live games.
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    I know Forslund has his own thread, but I am beyond sad that his departure is now apparently a certainty. Everyone can disagree, and I know many do, but I am a fan who primarily follows the Canes on TV. Dundon can spend his money how he wants. So can I.
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    That video makes me smile...
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    I've made this statement before, but it's true. I was in the building the first game after the trade that brought Cole back. EStaal was being lackadaisical about getting back up the ice after a turnover, and Cole skated up behind him, put his stick in EStaal's back and pushed him up the ice. Yeah, that quote pisses me off. On Ruutu, loved the guy but he would pass up a hockey play to make a hit. You need to balance that out. Give me a Scott Walker and a Tim Gleason any day. Had the edge when needed.
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    Staal basically admitted what I and many others could see was true the whole time he was here: He's a freakin' blame-everybody-else crybaby who wasn't qualified be the captain of a rowboat.
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    No offense to Willy, but when JW is your tough guy in the playoffs, that doesn't say much for the rest of the team. The teams currently left have a great combo of talent and physical play. The Canes don't need a goon, but having a few physical players would be a good thing. They don't need a dirty guy like Wilson, but I guarantee everybody knows when Wilson is on the ice, and that influences play. When he is playing clean, he's a pretty effective player. I'd just like a few guys that make the other teams a little more cautious when playing against the Canes.
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    On the physicality issue, yup: We're going in the wrong direction. But there are still moves to be made, still dead weight to be shed (Nino, Dzingel, in a perfect world Staal) and I have to trust that those slots will be filled by a couple of non-Ferland Ferlands (i.e., guys who can throw hits and/or punches without missing the next 10 games).
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    Gum shortages will soon be reported in the mid-atlantic. It could spread all the way to the southeast.
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    A heads up to anyone interested. Just finished watching a great Netflix documentary called ‘Ice Guardians.’ Covers multiple aspects of the Enforcer position. All based on quality interviews, on ice clips, teammates and so on. (Our own) Kevin Westgarth plays a large role in the discussion; Princeton grad, now works for NHL.
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    After all of the Cane's recent success, I was beginning to think we'd lost your sense of gloom forever. In these troubled times, good to know there is some consistency in this upside down world!
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    Waddell on extensions for Dougie and Svech. Hopefully they do happen sooner rather than later. "They're important players for this organization, and it makes more sense to get to it sooner than later. There's no timetable or deadlines. They both have another year left. We have a good relationship with both players, and I fully expect both players to want to stay here."
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    But mainly, as Lake states, these guys are not Hamilton. If one goes back and looks at the list of Stanley Cup winners, there are some common factors. One common ingredient that cup winners tend to have an anchor, Norris level #1 D man, and usually a very good top 3. The Blackhawks showed that you can get by with 3 good D men. Partly because you just play them nearly the entire game. But to do that you need that one uber-stud who can score, but also effortlessly get back on D and move the puck, that guy keys the other D men and that guy is a very very hard guy to find in the NHL. Often in your #1 D man you get one, maybe two features and give back the others. Our years with Faulk as our guy are prime examples. It is true that we now have a very solid D core and many consider Slavin at least an All Star if not just on the edge of Norris level. But Slavin will never have Dougy's offense. Plus Slavin and Dougy are not mutually exclusive. They are a very very good top pair, another thing we've lacked over many years. Just last night and throughout the playoffs, pundits mention how important it is to get scoring from the blue line to win a cup. I am flummoxed by the ease with which some just want to follow the cheapo and just discard Dougy because he might want to get paid. It also amazes me that people think TD is practicing el cheapo when he's spending to the cap. When he easily matched the Aho offer. Of course there's a ridiculous number that Dougy's agent could throw out there. But short of that? He's worth it. So pay him and keep the key piece that is so hard to find. Another thing is that we tend to get mixed up TD's approach to off ice positions vs on ice. This does seem to be his philosophy. If you do not lace them up, you are part of the business side, and that's where costs are watched like a hawk. BTW, I'm not saying that there should not be a negotiation. I'm not saying that you walk in and hand Dougy's agent a blank check and a pen. But when the dust clears, you sign that guy. There are other places to save money. Move Skjei and Gardiner. Bring up Bean and Fleury. Trade Nino for a bag of pucks. Move Dzingle. etc. But pay Dougie. I think TD will. He once pointed out that the NHL is keyed by star players. You have to have them. You keep your best players if they want to stay. Svech, Aho, TT, Necas, Slavin, Dougy. You do not trade that core or let them walk. They will make you good to great for years. And Dougy is right there with all of them. I go back really just as far as this team in Carolina. In that time we've never had a franchise goalie (love Cam) or a Norris-level #1 D man (Slavin is close). We have one of them now. Letting Dougy walk, unless his demands are nuts, would be the worst move the committee would have made to that point. Remember also, that while it's money, it's just money. We don't have to trade a guy. If we keep Dougy, make a couple of tweaks at forward, and upgrade goalie, we are there. We're that close. You let Dougy walk how do you replace what he brings? Few Norris level guys who also play actual defense ever see UFA. So we'd have to trade for him. But to get that piece you'd have to trade....Aho? I mean if you have a guy like that, he's worth a top line center. And if that rarest of UFA's is available? You get to fight 31 teams for them and end up paying just as much as Dougy, probably more, and he's probably not as good. That trade that sent two young studs to Calgary and watched Ferland fizzle and Fox trot off to NY, is still a win for us, because it brought us the rarest of things: a Norris level D man who can also defend. If we re-sign Dougy, that trade is still a win for us IMO. Negotiate tough but fair. Sign him. That is all.
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    Well I feel good about it.
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    I still say McAvoy's hit on Staal was the final nail for the Canes this year. Legal hit or not, had anyone stepped up to the challenge i think the tide could have turned on the series (yes, i'm still on that). But instead the Canes all stood around like little boys staring at a school dance, afraid to approach or even make eye contact with the girls. Good on the Bolts for doing what the Canes should and could have done.
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    If I were Ronnie I'd feel like a guy who is all the wonderful things you say he was as a player and even an assistant GM, but who, as GM, was told by his new boss, in front of God, the world, and the public, to make deals to get the team into the playoffs that spring. The team had clawed all year to remain in contention, but instead of leveraging the new owner's energy (and cash) to go out and get the help they needed, he sat on his hands--and lost his job because of it.
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    hmmm, Pesce hasn’t proven himself...
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    If the players of the major leagues wanted to make a real statement, they should have extended their boycott through and including today, Saturday. Saturday is the day of big money from the networks because it plays on the main networks with wide audiences, not the RSN or sports only channels. That would be a sacrifice on their part. But... whatever...
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    We had quite a round of politics earlier in the Covid talk, including a never deleted post that insulted elected officials. Inflammatory. But political. So, if we're going to have no politics, let's firmly enforce it. Thanks.
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    Opinions about hockey: always welcome opinions about politics even it is being forced onto us by hockey: not welcome, no matter what side you are on (it is a board rule, which you agreed to) sarcasm: its free and plentiful, glad I could help
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    Original Legacy- I got a chance at a Casino night to have him , Robert Kron and Chuck share a few stories about "the old days". Best night EVER. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/nhl/carolina-hurricanes/article246063275.html
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    I am sad to see him go and I also watch game on TV. However I watch the games and while John is the best PbP guy there is and was great I am more interested in the on ice product then who is doing the talking. I live in the Caps viewing area and while I dislike it I watch the Caps announcers, when the Canes play them. I will damn sure watch Mike and Tripp.
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    But not consistently, and that's the problem: You never know which Canes you're going to get. Boston--you freakin' know, every time out. Over the years, rem, we've both watched innumerable games where this team comes out strong, flying. The forecheck's going, they're finishing checks in every zone, they score early--and the next thing you know, they are letting the play come to them, instead of continuing to dictate it. Or they come out totally flat and lose big to a mediocre team--only to completely dominate the next game, which always, somehow, seems to be against whomever's in first place in the conference. Physicality is definitely finishing checks and standing up for each other, but it is so much more. It's having both the stamina and the will--no, the burning desire--to play hard for every puck, and to take the play to the opponent every single shift of every single period of every single game, all season long. And guys who play that way tend to miss fewer games due to injury, because when someone does get hurt, 99 times out of 100, it is not the aggressor. (Except Micheal Ferland.) To me, the culture on this team will not be where it needs to be until this is how everybody approaches every game, and possesses both the skill and the physical capacity to play that way, 60 minutes a night.
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    Yes, but they have to do it right, meaning not only legally but so they are not getting hurt, and while I'd like to think Roddy can make that happen, I believe we need a coach specifically detailed to the task of teaching guys how to hit--because despite Roddy and Peters before him preaching it again and again, nobody on this team would consistently go to the net in the past five years, save one, and it's the last guy to drop the mitts: Willy. All the players you list, Rem, need to both learn how to hit and then to do more of it, by which I mean finish checks. And speaking of Finnish Czechs, TT, Aho, Necas and future "elite" (read: European) players need to know how to hit too, because if you don't understand physics in this game, you're going to be on the losing end as often as not. Hitting is a part of it, just like sniping and stickhandling and passing. It's a skill--and if you don't possess it, you will pay in both lost man-games and lost games period. Anyone on the ice who cannot anticipate a hit from an opposing player and throw a reverse shouldn't be on the ice in the first place. It should come as naturally as wanting to score goals.
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    It’s a joke when players, coaches or fans refer to a certain team as being fast. No such thing as a slow team in the NHL. They’re all fast in this era. The smart teams find tough, intimidating and fast players. We need to steal that recipe. It works.
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    Is Skinner going to play with him now? LOL! I agree with snuffy that a "C" needs to show leadership a different way, despite the issues of a crappy team or crappy linemate. It is telling that this dirty laundry is popping out now. One can imagine some of the smelly laundry was cluttering the room back then. We suspected it at the time, and some small rumors even came out. I guess this is just confirmation... which, BTW, he still should have kept to himself. Not so much for us, but for the Sabres and their fan base. Just not a good look going into a team with those kind of statements. BTW: since Yerdon is The Athletic writer for the Sabres beat, I'm going to assume this is a true quote. He isn't a SGOTI.
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    all players under current contract with the Hurricanes move, yes. I say it that way in case a player is on an AHL deal only. They wouldnt move. Our only AHL players on contract are Mattheos, Bean, Cotton D and J, Keane, and Ned. That is assuming Geekie is on the big roster.
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    game 7 ot Stars v Lanch game is won on a HT by a kid who only scored 2 NHL goals this year. Damn right there's nothing like playoff hockey
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    It is good to know that we're always active out there, looking around, kicking tires, trying to get better.
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    I have to say that it surely is refreshing to see the Bruins HC grousing about penalties. Again I'd ask, why is he immune from a $25K fine?
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    Yeah, Ronnie picked Fleury too. He'd love to take him or Bean. If given the choice probably Fleury, especially if we lock him down to a really good deal.
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    I have been to such a place, it is known as “social media.” It is a magical land where manners and common decency no longer exist, and you can say stuff to someone there that you would NEVER say to their face in real life.
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    We've tried hard to stay out of partisan politics on this board. It's a rule because it just turns ugly as emotions run hot on politics (always, but even more so now, and in a presidential election year), and many look to sports as an escape from all of that. The rule predates all of our current politics. It's really always been an inflammatory topic. As it turns out, athletes are feeling the need to make coordinated political protests and the sports world is forced to consider the issues. In some ways, it would seem to be understandably fair game for this board since the NHL went ahead and canceled games, but this gets really tricky in this cancel culture, unless I guess, you take the "correct" and obvious position. But that's not really a discussion, that's an echo. I guess my thought is why? Why get into it here? It's already being discussed literally everywhere else. Are we going to uncover something profound that's not already out there from some side of this whole thing? As a moderator, frankly, I'd rather avoid the whole thing. It has the potential to cause a lot of division and some will tend to inflame that. And really, no ticket paying fans are affected and they're just going to get back to playing almost immediately. Do people really want to get into all of this? Can we do it civilly? History suggests maybe not.
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