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    This game has probable taken on more importance than I would of thought a few weeks ago. Heading into the All Star game and bye week in a playoff spot takes on its own importance if only as a confidence building victory. On a moderating note we have had some complaints about the increasing use of innuendo on the board. Keeping in mind that the intention of the board is a place to be inclusive of all members I ask that you think before you post. The word filter is intended to help moderators catch words that might slip through and not a replacement for the actual word that might be offensive. Replacing a word with *edit* while leaving the meaning unchanged is circumventing the intent of the rules. Robust debate over views is welcome but attacks on each others views are not welcome Please help make this board an enjoyable experience for all. After all we are all hockey fans. OBXer
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    That was a good hockey edit: They need to bring in Nic Wallin to bless Nino's stick
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    I'm glad Lake had a talk with RB about keeping guys rested with a platoon approach.
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    No losses in the shootout so far. I remember when....
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    Dougie clearly played a bit of back yard croquet as a child. Those skills come back when you need them!
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    Talk about throwing water on a fire, dumb*** penalty to deflate the balloon.
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    Amazing, isn't it, how much better our keepers are when guys play D? Happy New Year, all!
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    Trades have seemed to work out. Lindholm is on a .75 ppg pace and minus rated. His shooting percentage is higher than last season though. we still need a righty that can take face-offs and the crutch that is J Staal removed from Brindy. The team took off once the crutch was removed last season and it needs to happen again. Staal needs to be moved down in the lineup and given less offensive ice time. He should be centering McGinn and Marty right now playing defensive : PK minutes. It won’t happen though. It especially wont happen with him just getting the C. also with Haula’s line back and clicking we should consider making the SAT line a thing again. A Wallmark, Nino, Foegele line wouldn’t be a terrible thing.
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    Big picture? It’s amazing what a calming presence J Willy is on the ice. We look decent
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    Attention all fans 50 and older, for the remainder of the season, heart pills, xanex and oxygen will be available upon exiting through the East and West gates after home games. Exclaiming "Wooooooooo" is strongly discouraged for patients with prior medical issues. This has been a Caniac Service Announcement.
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    I think the "it" you are referring to is leadership. JW will hopefully provide a boost in that regard. However, the "it" they don't have this season is the physical element. The forward line may be more talented with the additions of Dzingel, Haula, and Necas, but losing players who present problems for the opponents such as Ferland and Saku is costing the team. I don't get to watch the games, but I'm not even sure what Dzingel has been doing. Haula and Necas, along with Wallmark, have certainly added some scoring. The internal "it", besides JW, that I would like them to try, is promoting Gauthier. He has rebounded from a tough demotion at training camp to have a good season at Charlotte. This is a very middle of the road team, and needs a little tweaking. Certainly the Hamilton injury is going to be a challenge to respond to, but that's the reason they have Bean, Priskie, and McKeown down on the farm, right?
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    If we add anything I think it's going to be a defenseman. Get to work Donnie.
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    I will be stoked if we can avoid letting in 2 before we score.
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    I'm still a little lukewarm on whether or not Williams is what this team needs right now, but it needs something. Hopefully he sparks the team to about an 8-1-1 record over the next 10 because that could be just what the doctor ordered. Do this.
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    Wonder if reason Wallmark, Foegle, amd McGuinn are playimg so hard lately is they don't want to be then odd man out when JW returns.
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    Dont disagree with any of this, it's just not the end of the world. Thankfully we get the Flyers next and regardless of what happens tonight a win over them put us in a really good spot.
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    News Flash ESPN Einstein- If you have been watching we already ARE a contendah.
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    I'm not able to get to many games, but I was at that one as well. Would love to see us repeat the result, but perhaps we can go a different route than dropping behind by 3 goals? On the other hand, the big comeback was what made the game so special. I'll be happy with 2 points no matter how we get them.
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    I just don’t understand Roddie throwing Staal out there when we are trying to tie it. Just swap Svech and Nino, ride that line to death.
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    That looked like a pretty light tap for a slashing call, sigh...
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    Optimis Reim sweating 😓 like a champ and he earned every bit of that W
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    This is why you don't have to cringe over who spends time watching when JW returns. I think most everyone would get value from watching one game and recharging their collective batteries. Everyone, from McGinn all the way up to Aho. Over the next 14 games JW should play about 12, with each of the 12 current forwards sitting 1. The offense has been anemic, so there's no harm in shaking things up.
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    At least Aho is trying to win it
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    Depends on who you ask, Tubby or Twitchy ?
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    This is not a good hockey team..... right now
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    A lot of sports are comprised of three things: conditioning, technique, and mental prep. We seem to be lacking in the third department lately. Very little organization and concerted effort.
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    Did they leave him outside an opposing arena following a game and call a cab for him? Vegas was not lighting it up, but were right in the hunt for their division and/or wild card. Taking a first year expansion team to the SCF doesn’t buy you much loyalty!
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    Waiting for Aho to get a break away so John can say " I think we're alone now"
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    They were referring to the teams that bring it day in and day out and could take the Cup. The teams they were considering to be battleship teams were the likes of Washington, Boston, St. Louis and Colorado was one of them. To my surprise, the host of the show were not sold on the Canes not being considered that, but weren't completely committed to saying they were. They were on the fence about it, which would not have been the case 2 years ago in my opinion. The consensus on the show was that the Canes' lack of physical presence would take it's toll on them in the playoffs against the teams mentioned above. I find it hard to disagree with their opinions, but it is also nice to be at a point in Raleigh to even get mentions concerning our team cannot be overlooked.
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    Watched this late. Sloppy D and bad goaltending. Luckily I was talking about Philly. But seriously, we would have lost, but both goalies were equally soft. Yes, the D was bad. Turnovers to the front of the net, etc. But Reimer was fighting it bad. I recall Reimer being clearly the better goalie for most of the season though. The problem IMO is that he laid a dud vs the Rangers Dec 27, then got shelved. Before that he had been really good though. So he's clearly the best goalie until the NYR game then he has one bad game, and sits 10 days and 4 games because of it. I'm going to say this has been bad handling of the goalies. Yes, you need to earn your ice, but you also need confidence. And the SIX starts in a row before the NYR dud should have earned him a chance to get back on the horse more than 10 days later. Here are his save % in the six starts before his NYR dud: .919, 1.000. .947, .941, .917, 1.000, .964. Well he played well against weak teams. Nope: Toronto, Colorado, Calgary, Edmonton, Boston, Tampa, Detroit, Minn. All on the road. Detroit the only lowly team. We need to see if we can get Reimer back on track before bailing on him.
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    Yes our goalie let it some softies and was rusty but my eye test shows a defense that is far away from last years D and it shouldn't be. The D is supposed to be one of the best in the league and is looking sloppy as of late. We need to ensure we have a forward back when a D man pinches and joins the rush. Good game from Gards last night from a D perspective and a goal to boot. Big Ed and Hammy adding a goal, good stuff. The D needs to ensure that clearing passes are on target, not just lifted or flung out of the zone. What is with dumping the puck on the powerplay? I'd prefer entering the zone with posession and setting up once entered. Dumping the puck is creating an opportunity for loss of posession and not taking advantage of the extra man. Svech had a good game until he showed his frustration with the slash. It's so hard to think of him as only being 19 and hopefully the stick infractions will subside. Wallmark and Foegelle are playing great, we need more from our expected scorers...looking at you NN. I'm still wanting (Svech/Aho/TT), (Dzingle/Haula/Necas), (NN/Wallmark/Fogs) (Mcginn/Staal/Martinook)
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    Reimer was looking really good in December but then once he got the shutout, it seemed RB decided to give the bulk of the starts to Mrazak and Reimer looked way too rusty. No excuses, he should have had a couple of those, but he hasn't been given the games to stay in game shape either. Meanwhile Mrazek hasn't been the Mrazek from last year. Best goaltending either of them have given this season was when they were platooned. Unless Ned is given a chance, i hope RB goes back to platooning them.
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    Ate up all the cushion. Now +8 becoming +7 goes to the cutline, where +9 gives some daylight. Time to start winning again to get back on pace, need a minimum of +2 over the next 8. (5-3, 4-2-2, etc. 10 pts)
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    You forget sir, I'm one of the guys who took the *edit*. I'd take Justin Faulk on the team right now over anybody not named Slavin, Pesce, or Hamilton. Like I always have. Too bad he wanted 6 million. With that said, I'd save any available money or cap space for another D man down the stretch and not squander it on a wish and a prayer. And at some point we need a goalie that can steal a game. I can't remember at any point this season our tandem has pulled that off.
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    same here, but let's keep doing to them what the Rags are doing to us Welcome their backup with Category 5 - Go Canes!
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    I will admit that I've never actually voted for an All Star. I just did it 10X for Turbo. That voting system is bizarre though. Just clicking the re-vote tab 9 more times? If you forget to do that, you might as well not vote at all.
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    Bold prediction: We will see more and more of this going forward. This league is faster than ever, making it increasingly unlikely that guys Willy's age will be able go for a full season and the playoffs to boot. But if guys of his caliber are able to use the first half of the season to maintain/get into NHL shape--a big if, to be sure--save half a season of wear and tear, and then inject their expertise and excitement into both the team and the fan base, I could see it becoming a recurring thing. I'd bet that Willy has mulled over this scenario a lot longer than just last summer. He's a smart guy and he's been around long enough to have run into older guys who came back and talk to them about the experience, what they'd do differently, etc.
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    A fine ending to 2019. Now we can surge into 2020. Happy New Year
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    OK the list would be no fun without commentary. At least for me. A few thoughts in random order. Necas is heading for 20G and 50 points as a rookie. Svech did 20G and 37 points his rookie year. This is not to dis Svech who focused on back checking and had lower end wingers, but to point out that Necas is the real deal. Svech is already hitting his star status as a second year player. Next year Necas should increase also. Maybe not a ppg, but still a major player. Aho, TT, Svech, Necas and Dougie should all be elite offensive players. If we are giving out grades for underperforming expectations: 1. Gardiner 2. Staal 3. Nino. Nino has been picking up and is very streaky. Gardiner has visible talent off the charts, but has shown low hockey IQ for our system. Hopefully has a Dougie-style turnaround in the back half. Staal. Is he hurt? He did look better against Washington. He will never shoot like Svech or pass like TT, but he has better offense in him. If it starts to show, it will add another 40 point guy to the roster. If we are giving out grade for outperforming expectations it's harder because we have high expectations, but also because, if we're fair, a bunch of guys have exceeded. But Svech and Dougie are my top candidates. We all "knew" Svech had ppg in him, but not necessarily this year. And one word for frosting on the Svech cake: Lacrosse. And Dougie. 27G/76 points. He is #5 in the NHL for D in ppg and #2 in goals. But this is a year of a few D men busting out. Last year, 27G would have been #1 by FAR, and 76 points would have been #2. I add Haula since he's on a 41 goal pace, but the injury has knocked him off a bit. Also coming on for this is Wallmark, who has a ppg and 5G over 10 games and will soon be on a 40 point pace despite 4th and 3rd line minutes and wingers. And I'm putting m'boy Foegele on here, because it's my list. He's also coming on over the last 11 games. Thing is, I had high expectations for him, so he's closer to those for me. Aho and TT are killing it, and Slavin is putting up points, but are on expectations. I'd say Edmundson as a big, stay at home guy projecting 6G and 21 P is beating expectations. Martinook can put up more goals IMO, but has battled injury. McGinn is below expecations, but last year and this are moving him into perma 4th liner, where expectations are lower. I don't know about Haula's knee, or what he'll get in his next contract, but that is a good hockey player, who goes to the net and is scoring at a 41Goal pace and plays two way center. I hope we can keep him. I know that Staal has been the man, and has the full NTC and is the Captain, and brings size and possession, but if Haula is healthy and Wallmark keeps this up, Aho-Haula-Wallmark would in theory allow a Staal trade if he'd go. This is out there as Staal might be fighting something and get back to his best, but I just like Haula. I also absolutely see Necas as a future center. But would still like to keep Haula.
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    Dougie got high sticked...no call
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    Staal needs to move to the 4th line. The minutes we waist on this guy is amazing to me. Every time he goes on the ice it's like he just goes through the motions. If you can't score at least hit someone for goodness sakes. His skating has really slowed down. Gardiner......I don't get it. I really thought when we picked him up that he would work out. He now sits at 11 from the bottom of the heap in +/-. I know that doesn't mean much in some circles but I personally think it does. O.K. enough. Must take the wife shopping.
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    Yes, but looks like the team hasn't fully recovered from that burnt out after that super successful making history road trip. Even one point in a hard fought game would be huge
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