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    Congratulations to the New York Rangers on being the first team in NHL history to be swept in the playoffs in August!
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    I have to stop and give a big thumbs up to Hayden Fluery, who I gave up on. Big mistake. It took him a while, but holy cow was he great in this series. And for those blindfolded when watching the games, Gardiner was pretty damn good too - awacs.
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    It's great to have the hockey juices flowing inside my body again.
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    TORONTO --Suiting up for game three of the Stanley Cup qualifier on Tuesday, his team down two games to none in the best-of-five series to the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers' defenseman Tony DeAngelo knew the pressure was on. "Sure, I mean, it's an elimination game," DeAngelo said Thursday. "You want to leave it all out there, so you're not wondering if you could have done more. That's what I did. But when the game was over, I couldn't find it. So I went to look for it." But he wasn't expecting this: DeAngelo spoke from a Toronto jail. "Who knew people would call the cops?" he asked, incredulous. "I mean, just because a guy walks up to them on the street and asks if they've seen his jockstrap?" DeAngelo noticed the supporter was gone--"They got the cup, too," he added with a grunt--after Sebastian Aho scored the game's third goal. "Yeah, I had it, and then," he snapped his fingers, "just like that. Gone. I still don't know what happened, and I've watched the replay, like, a hundred times." Toronto police say DeAngelo was picked up Wednesday night, while accosting passersby outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. He's being held in lieu of $100 bail. "We called the Rangers," said Toronto PD watch commander Tyrone Shoelace. "They deny knowing him."
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    Adding Hamilton to this team could be just sick. But the thing that will make us worthy contenders for it all will be if we keep getting this kind of goaltending. If we get those two things? There's no reason we can't win. It will get even sicker if our middle lines start lighting the lamp a few times. I like the idea of splitting Trochek from Nino. Put Nino with Stonehands and tell them to play defense. Put Trochek with Necas and one more skilled guy and let them create.
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    Seriously. You could see the will to fight just melt away from the Rags after the Aho undressing. That's how you protect a lead: make it larger.
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    Aho says. You know what? I'm just going to beat two of you by myself and then go top corner back hand on your star goalie. So, yah, there's that.
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    Seems like a great guy, but he is not anywhere in Forslund's zip code. It is a huge step down.
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    Swallow the whistle, at least don't call every friggin borderline infraction.
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    With the uncertainties due to COVID, I would imagine TD is trying to work a deal with a lot of stipulations on what could occur. How many games played? Will they be able to play? I would also imagine that Forslund would like some guarantees and has enough stroke to get it...somewhere. While I want Forslund to stay at any cost, that's not the way business works. Sucks for us
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    Unless you happen to be Aho who accepted an offer sheet from Montreal. We weren't going to let his talent walk and I don't think we should let the talent of Forslund walk.
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    Now that I agree with, he's said it on multiple occasions. But, that doesn't preclude Dundon and his big-daddy bucks from keeping John Forslund and making the improved on-ice product also enjoyable to watch on TV to the greatest extent possible. Pay the man.
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    Thought for the day: it’s much better to discuss games/series after we win... that is all
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    Not only that, but he certainly outcoached Quinn in this series.
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    No team has two bigger 5 star 'yutes" than we do, hands down. That series leaves me with this. Roddy has such an elevated edge on any of the other early career bench bosses in this league, that it stands out. It amazes me that the pundits don't just realize it and highlight it. After 4 months, he had this group, mentally, physically and experience prepared to completely turn the tables on a team they lapsed against all season. That's the kind of thing that most former players who move into coaching usually lack the ability to do. Unless you're Rod BrindA'mour.
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    They can have the regular season sweep. We'll take the playoff sweep.
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    Rangers season down to 20 mins. They are gonna push hard.
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    Good period, except for the penalties. Love the forecheck!
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    Justin is on the record that only the home teams goal song should play...
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    Rangers are a weak skating team. A european soccer team like exaggerations on all minor contact
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    I was thinking about why John is different from say the assistant to the vice president for scouting or just about any other position that's not "on the ice". The reason is that TD is taking John directly away from the fans. He is diluting the fan experience, which he claimed to want to enhance. So, what if TD sold the huge beautiful jumbotron and put a tiny, ancient old one up instead to save money? What if he made all the seats plastic and even smaller? What if he got rid of the wi-fi in the building to save money? What if he got rid of the DJ...OK bad example, go ahead and get rid of the DJ. What if he got rid of tailgating or forced everyone to pay a $300 tailgate fee? None of those (nor many other things that could be done to save money directly) affect the "on ice" product. But they directly affect the experience. But Forslund DOES affect the product. And in a way he does affect the "on ice" product, as he projects and translates that product to the paying public. And trying to portray TD as a spinster shop owner who has to watch every cent to make a profit is misleading. The man is a billionaire and his franchise will be worth hundreds of millions more than he paid for it in just a few years. He has chosen to take that approach to just about everything, but he doesn't have to, and surely doesn't do it with everything, as his willingness to spend on players has shown. Since Forslund translates the players and on ice product directly, surely he could be at least a partial exception. BTW I fully endorse TD's right to do it. But I don't have to be happy about it or even think it's right. TD is not just taking Forslund away from his internal organization, he is taking Forslund away from the fans. He is taking Forslund directly away from me. And yes, it is my opinion that he is doing it because he is forcing a dramatically reduced salary on him. That is the act of aggression. John will land on his feet. That kind of talent will have other options at what will prove to be the market rate. And we fans will have to move on. But it's not what we were told would happen to our hockey experience. John has been a big part of that. Will I keep watching? Of course I will. But there is a good chance it will decrease the enjoyment, possibly by a lot.
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    Please don't take this comment Tightlinez personally, as I am not picking you out specifically, but I just keep wondering when I've read variations on it, How do people see that keeping vs not keeping John Forslund in the broadcast booth will affect "on ice depth"? I believe it's pretty much 100% consensus that none of us knows his salary, or am I missing something? i've seen some estimates that have ventured something around $350K? Even if he is requesting a 50% raise, how many players can we get for $525K, I've seen it argued by those with much more business acumen than I, and I'll not disagree, that this is Tom Dundon's team to do with it as he deems effective, that he's a billionaire and making tough decisions like this are how he got there, and further that it would appear that Forslund expects to keep getting paid despite no work/games. I'm equally sure that to acquiesce to John's demands could set precedence that TD would not accept. Finally, I also admit that losing Forslund will not undo the Canes' game and people will continue to watch, likely for some muting the sound, but John Forslund is a consummate promoter of the game of hockey and the Canes in particular. He commands and brings a great deal of respect to this team, locally as well as nationally If one thinks about it, as an STM, fully 1/2 of the games are played away from home ice. For those not fortunate enough to be STMs, all of the games are enjoyed through his unbiased, meticulously knowledgeable, hugely impassioned eyesight. An ambassador of the Canes, Raleigh, and the state. Having said that, someone please explain to me how not renewing John Forslund's contract could possible extrapolate to more on ice team depth?
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    The D played so much better in this series than they did in the exhibition game versus the Caps! My biggest concern is about the long layoff following this sweep to the next game action. We all remember the Canes not showing up very much against the Bruins after the long gap last season after sweeping NYI. This will be a good coaching challenge for Brindy to remind the team of how bad it felt last year to go from sweeping to getting swept. Hope he can do some things differently in this break to get them ready.
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    Old Canes would go into a shell with a lead...not this crew!
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    I wanna chirp too but I will keep mouth shut until it's done. I don't expect them to fade away.
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    Entire postgame on nbc was what the rags had to do to get back in the series, I don’t think they even mentioned the word hurricanes...
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    Really unFishlike. I coulda called that from here. Without video.
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    I sense a war coming in game 2
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    Rangers jinx over. Lundquist domination over. On to the next
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    I want every 3rd period to be like the 3rd period on David Ayers night.
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    The pre-game is not as good without the Big Rig, and the game will not be as good with him. Hey, TD-You get what you pay for.
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    Ummm I must disagree. Mrazek has been allowed to be pummeled by Ovechkins shot and left open for tic tac toe plays. They were both going to play 1/2 so why would it matter who starts?
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