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    That's the problem isn't it OBXer. Enforcement is a non-starter in a land which exudes "personal freedom" over fellow man? Don't take this wrong, I enjoy my personal freedoms to do the things I do as much as anyone, but there comes a point that I've reached it appears, that the luxury of enjoyment of those freedoms is predicated on a society that allows them. When that society is eroded, anarchy evolves and the chaotic state erodes those very principles? Okay, enough of this soapbox.
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    My cousin did that. Screw the govt taking over our lives, he said. Now he's dead. 31 years old.
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    Now that I agree with, he's said it on multiple occasions. But, that doesn't preclude Dundon and his big-daddy bucks from keeping John Forslund and making the improved on-ice product also enjoyable to watch on TV to the greatest extent possible. Pay the man.
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    I will admit to this bias. I really enjoy listening to John call our games and I'd be truly bummed if he left. I get it if he leaves for greener pastures, I get it if he's making a power move on TD and TD doesn't have it. But I don't get it if he's pushing back against a pay cut. I'm not going to stop watching if he leaves. But I will enjoy it less. I will miss his calls and his quirky chemistry with Tripp. I will miss his dry humor. I will miss his sincere bond with this team and the area. I kept watching this team even when it mediocre at best, but that doesn't mean it was as good as it could have been. Same with a new broadcaster. For me, watching this team in the darker days was also more palatable because John was there. If he does go, I hope we get someone good, and while I personally like Shaya, if he happens the drop off will be pretty big from Forslund. Even if we find a technically good game caller who is not Shaya, it's hard to imagine him bringing the chemistry and the ties to the area. Whatever the real deal is behind the scenes, I think I'd miss him more than almost any player and I really hope he stays. So TD and Forslund: work it out please!
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    Less tainted than any lockout shortened year. MLB is talking about ties and starting runners on 2nd base in limited extra innings. Now there's an asterisk. (Although like the shootout, it may become standard in the future.) I'm still with you guys about the season being doubtful. I made the following prediction on the Covid thread on March 31. #2 and #6 both look to be done deals. #1 is becoming more likely, but let's see. #3 is in play, but I even doubt we'll have a 20-21 season even if the playoffs this summer occur. #4 and #5 are still in play. Waivers are becoming standard everywhere.
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    I have pretty much given up on the idea that rational people make rational decisions. What is so important about any sport that you would risk lives just for the sake of entertainment........and lots of money? I get it - the show must go on but there comes a point when putting on the show is not only a bit risky but dangerous. Come on NHL use some common sense here and call it a season. Heck in 2005 we cancelled the season due to a labor dispute. Let's go ahead and cancel this season and be safe. This idea that we test every player and staff every day is outlandish. Talk about wasting time and money. We are talking about billionaires and millionaires and even many of the staff members are probably doing just fine financially. So it can't be about the money can it? O.K. - I'm done. God I wish this nightmare would go away !!
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    Once again, earlier this week myself and a group of volunteers went on a trip down east (Jacksonville area this time), to do hurricane relief. Installed a kitchen in a house flooded from Florence. They've been waiting almost 2 years to move back! It is my thing, a chance to help and look beyond myself, while taking a bit of risk. But I really need my fellow citizens to help! In general, nobody cares. "What's a mask?" So yeah, although I'm taking precautions, how do I know the restaurant workers who are not wearing masks are spewing virus? And don't get me started about the seating areas. There's definitely some disobedience with regard to seating down there. For all I know, things are getting hot there right now and it isn't seen yet.
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    It wasn't meant condescendingly at all, Rem. I sincerely don't think you fully comprehend that in those (top five, let alone national broadcast) markets, numbers are just that: numbers. They have almost zero meaning. We're not talking about Bob Costas ($7 million) or Steven A. Smith ($8-10 million). When you're dealing in the kind of money those markets are, and charging the ad rates they are, you simply can't equate that (un)reality to this (all too real) one. Doc Emrick is believed to make "only" $500k. So, if John is indeed making $350K in Raleigh (and granted, we don't know), AND has the freedom to pad that during the year and throughout the playoffs, is he really "undervalued"? It's easy for fans to say "Just pay the man, he's the best." But as an owner of a small market team, you need to know when to say, "If he's that good, and that's his price, somebody else is gonna have to pay it." And a global pandemic with no prospects for gate or broadcast revenue are pretty compelling reasons to do it. This much we can agree on, Rem: We're gonna have to disagree.
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    Wow, kicking a player out for the duration doesn't surprise me but taking a draft pick from the team does show how serious they are about maintaining the bubble. edit: to me this kinda evokes the repercussions of Werner Ziegler breaking the bubble in Better Call Saul. But by making the consequences crystal clear up front the NHL should just about eliminate violations.
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    I might be able to help on that front. From Dictionary .com: WHAT DOES ALTERNATIVE FACTS MEAN? Alternative facts have been called many things: falsehoods, untruths, delusions. A fact is something that actually exists—what we would call “reality” or “truth.” An alternative is one of the choices in a set of given options; typically the options are opposites of each other. So to talk about alternative facts is to talk about the opposite of reality (which is delusion), or the opposite of truth (which is untruth). And from Wikipedia: "Alternative facts" was a phrase used by U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway during a Meet the Press interview on January 22, 2017, in which she defended White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's false statement about the attendance numbers of Donald Trump's inauguration as President of the United States. edit: to summarize the concept with a picture:
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    If Forslund leaves I'm not just "over it". That's all I have to say about that.
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    I think you proved my point. We don’t know what Eric or his agent asked for, but you assigned him responsibility for saying something. On Forslund, we can agree to disagree. Raleigh doesn’t have the Rolls Royce of many things in the NHL. Losing Forslund over what in the scheme of things is minor is just not a good decision. It’s Tom’s money so he can spend it as he pleases. I’m just giving one man’s opinion.
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    Sure winning makes everything OK. But IMO this is different. The experience of the broadcast is it's own thing, and arguably just as important when the team itself is struggling. When it comes to GMs, it's all about winning. If we don't like the GM move, but the team wins and gets good players, all is good. With radio, Chuck was iconic, but very few people take in a game on radio. With a role player like Ferland, that's one piece of a 20 piece puzzle. But John enhances the experience, win or lose. Some business decisions are about cutting cost, but some are about maintaining the quality of your product. When one considers the valuation of an NHL team and the cost of player payroll, it is pennywise and pound foolish to lose a guy who is the conduit between the team and the fans and who is better at it than anyone there is. I can't believe that the money involved is even close to being worth losing him. I'm not saying I won't watch the games, but I'm a nutjob fan. Some will. But mainly my fan experience will drop a big notch for a few bucks and I'll be an unhappy customer. For me, losing John would be a bigger hit than most player or any GM or coach loss. GM's and players come and go all the time anyways. Broadcasters not nearly as much. I'm still hoping that it's all about a negotiation, but TD has shown that he won't back down at some point, so I guess we'll have to see.
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    Recap TD’s ownership: Pushed out Francis. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our franchise guy and moving the org forward. “. Yet we made the playoffs. Pushed out Kaiton. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Kaiton. TD is so cheap“. Yet we preserved and are doing well as an organization Wouldnt re-sign Ferland mid season for what he wanted. Response: “OMG how could we, I am not eating until Ferland is signed. He is the exact forward we need, TD is so cheap. “ It turned out to be a great decision. Now he won’t give Forslund a different deal than 17 other employees. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Forslund. TD is so cheap“. Im seeing a trend. Yet the team on the ice is 8-10 wins better. He just dropped 89 million on salaries this season plus Aho and Reimer’s signing bonuses for 20-21. We are getting a practice ice facility that may attract FAs. And so on.
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    Losing Forslund would be a major kick in the cods. He is the soundtrack for Canes hockey. I understand business, and that there are two sides to everything. Dundon may not be able to match the national dollars available. Sucks major
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    Good. CZ has had Covid under control for a few months now. 3 month lockdown was taken seriously. People uniformly accepted and wore masks on the governments directive unlike a country I know of, full of whiny a$$ freedom B****es. Many other EU countries same-same with doing it right. Moving to Croatia in July so no more speaking Czech with you. Thank god for Roku/Canes. Stay safe broski.
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    Bring back Nature Boy and his Wooo shuffle across the Jumbotron.
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    Hate it when he treats his business like a business. Contracts by nature require negotiation.
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    I'm going to guess it is a lock for EDM and TOR. Why? Testing. Turns out testing has become an issue again in the USA due to the sun belt surge of cases. We have personal experience. A family member is currently under isolation protocol, awaiting a test from Saturday. Doctor said to expect it Mon or Tues. No result yet, due to this new delay (as described in the link). It won't be a good look to have all these players taking up testing bandwidth. So, send them to Canada and keep this conflict out of the news. I have no idea of the testing bandwidth up in Canada, but it is likely not as stressed as the USA's is right now.
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    Baby steps but steps nonetheless .😃
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    Damn shame the HoF are still ignoring Brind'Amour . This angers the hell out of me .
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    I agree that Fansided is pretty fluffy, which is why I didn't even link it. But I would say that our biggest need remains between the pipes. I just am not sold on Mrazek or Reimer as the answer. Give this team a top 10 NHL #1 goalie and the rest of our needs are tweeks.
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    Well said. As a 50s something, I grew up without soccer. Sure, we knew the game's general rules. We knew about Pelé. We'd try to kick it around a bit and throw our hands up in frustration. "We need to do something with these things, called hands." Baseball and softball it was. Fresh air. Green grass. Wrigley field a short distance away with admittance to the bleachers at 75 cents. Street hockey and football in the fall and winter. Stuff to do outside. Inside was basketball. My point being the kids today are raised with alternatives, like Soccer. It is encouraged in schools. And with no-header rules in school, the thought is it is less concussion prone. (I'd argue that because the collision risk causes concussions.) But it is a thing among youth, especially when they want to join in with their immigrant friends who love the game. Not a political statement, just reality, and I have no bone with them. Wrigley field? Bleachers are $20 to $80, but you can't just go. They've been sucked up by season ticket holders, so expect to pay $80 on up. Baseball fans are social fans. This element has always been a huge factor. Go to the game and talk and drink a lot of beers with friends during all the massive down-time between innings and plays. Guess what is going on and will go on the for probably the next few years? Distancing. And then there is TV. Used to be free. There was always baseball on basic cable too. Not anymore. Specialty stations at higher packages. The MLB is crazy. I think they finally may be seeing that they are being hit with multiple waves of pain as apparently they are talking again today. They are in danger of losing the sport, not just the next few seasons. This is a playoff thread, so I'll take up my rant on baseball somewhere else, but hockey is clearly in a different state with respect to both the fans and payrolls. As the 4th sport of the majors (and some want to demote it to the 5th), it has a better chance of surviving in many ways. Put the playoffs on TV this summer without MLB being on and desperate fans who never give hockey a chance will get hooked. Not all of them, but a portion. You can be sure the MLB knows this and perhaps that has resulted in renewed negotiations.
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    That's a great analogy, kjun. I can see it working on 2 levels; first, in areas where the disease is active, you might get it but not have major problems. Second, in areas where it hasn't hit hard yet, one might currently be relatively safe from contracting it at all, even without precautions, but if / when it does hit, it could spread before the "alarm" is raised and you start to take precautions. The principle is the same, the difference being the number of empty chambers alongside the one with the bullet.
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    It's all a result of his ridiculous contract (thanks, Rutherfart). If he's being paid $3-4M with no NTC, centering the 3rd line & PK, and skating around with an A, i think the vast majority of Canes fans are smiling and profiling to have him out there as long as he wants to stick around. But as long as he's the highest-paid player on the ice not named Aho, is being overslotted (the only time he should ever touch ice with Svech is if there's an injury and he's filling the gap), and is the C leading his troops into battle, he's not the guy. I still think he brings little that the now-gone much-cheaper Wallmark couldn't/didn't provide, and that cash could be quite useful somewhere else.
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    I appreciate KJUN and Rem's perspectives. They both see a lot of "stuff" in their different fields. I can't imagine working in either. I just visited my doc for a minor urgent need which was an emergency for me. Let's just say my consultation with Dr. Google was bogus. My real doc nailed the problem. Thankful for that. As for KJUN, what a responsibility. I watched one of those true crime shows, and was shocked at the gruff the DA and cops gave the medical examiner. That job has a lot of responsibility and pressure. Thank you both!
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    Thank you coastal. Just a gentle reminder that this ain't your everyday flu. Yes, there are asymptomatic cases, probably lots. And there are cases with minor problems. But to me, it's almost like Russian Roulette and one never knows in which cylinder the bullet is housed? One just never knows?
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    Patience Grasshopper, patience. It will all be sorted out despite how much you and I agonize over it.
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    Just one guy's opinion but if you really want the Canes to fail at the box office, put them in Charlotte.
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    I'd rather read some of the ugly political posts going around than relocation talk.
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    It's not a rounding error when you multiply it across several years, and when you consider the cost if the other (reportedly) 17 other high-paid staff had not agreed to cuts. It's a lot of money. TD's a billionaire because he's made tough business decisions, and he clearly isnt about to start peeing that hard-earned wealth away. Nobody's going to stop watching Canes games because there's a different PBP guy, and he knows it. All he did was ask John to pitch in like (literally) everybody else, during a crisis with no end in sight, in order to keep his job. In John's case, the word is that he was to get paid by the game, which essentially means TD isn't going to pay him until there are games again. John refused. John loses his job. It's not trigonometry.
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    From the ensemble at XM this morning... Latest leak/rumors about the schedule format for the first set of games (play-in and seeding): - 3 games per day, per hub, so 6 games per day - Local times: 12 noon, 4pm, 8pm - Noon and 8pm games are play-in round (unlimited overtime possible) - 4 pm game is seeding game (limited to end in shootout) - Probably play every other day (the math works perfectly for that) - Likely that the East plays in the East, the West in the West Since the Canes play the Rags, expect most of them to be 8 pm games. Ratings, ratings, ratings.
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    The only surprising thing about the Forslund deal is that this didn't happen last year. All I ask/beg of TD is please don't make me listen to Shaya for 82 games.
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    I am sorry but if you can’t see the massive changes to approach Dundon has made you ain’t been paying attention. Yes Francis helped. But that’s all.
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    I'm sure Jason Shaya would be an easy target to take over for Forslund. Anything would have to be a raise....No?
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    Amen to that, but I'm talkin' on TV. The puck smashing through ice, the music, the two shadowy players... just old and tired. How's everything in Europe?
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    I hear ya, but the employment numbers back then were not hit on a scale like this. Unemployment peaked at 9.9 percent. We've already seen "official" numbers over 14% with government economists suggesting it's over 16. Yet John expects his full pay, and apparently a raise, when he hasn't worked since March and we don't know when there will even be another full season. I gotta tell ya, if I'm Dundon, I'm doing the exact same thing, thanking him for his service and wishing him good luck. People are lucky to be working at all right now. Not the time to demand the same or a higher contract for a job you're not even doing.
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    I really like the combo of John and Tripp. Not sure that if John is done, I might be, too.
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    Hope they have a cam set up on wide just to film the practices and stream it lol
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    Some people just seem to live in la-la land. Oh well, lets just ignore world wide facts and for those who believe differently, just turn back and read one of our frequent and respected poster's, coastal's, sad account of his cousin.
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    Flying wasn't too bad today. The only people sitting on a row with someone were people traveling together. They didn't a good job of social distancing. The concourse was not crowded.
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    I'm not sure they are waiting for the kids to show symptoms. I think these were the initial start-up tests, but in any case, top-shelf, your point is well taken. The NHL plans to test the players pretty much every day once they enter the next phases. For the sake of playing, that will help. For the sake of society? Well, that's where I get a bit ruffled. If the NHL can afford the resources to do this, they can afford to double the money and donate for frequent testing elsewhere. Same with all the other sports. Wouldn't it be great if they donated to a fund that can be used to test long care term workers before they step into the buildings? NC virus spread is everywhere, but has hit the long term homes hardest. Yesterday, Wake County announced an outbreak at Springmoor in North Raleigh. We have many friends there and they are going through extraordinary steps to prevent this, yet it still happened. How about a mass testing, and frequent testing of employees? That costs money. Here's where the rich sports teams could share and it would be a fantastic PR opportunity. The state wants to do testing in every long term care home, but it takes time, money and resources. Will athlete testing cause a resource shortage? Or is it just money? In any case, I'd like to see them partner up with these facilities. I've mentioned this before, maybe it is a bit of a crusade. I'm all for playing hockey. I like their plan. But the optics of massive, daily testing of athletes is pretty bad when the virus is decimating a vulnerable population. Being a part of the solution to testing in our long term facilities would show good corporate citizenship.
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    And the Phillies were hit in Clearwater. Wouldn't be surprised if the young athletes share the same haunts. Yep. FL has gone too laissez faire. NC isn't too far behind from what I saw at our coast. BTW, during this "phase," the NHL came up with these groups of cohorts for practice to limit such spread should it occur. Wonder what they are doing off ice. Since Gov. Ronnie opened up the adult establishments there, wouldn't surprise me if the boys were being boys. Our Gov Roy apparently just vetoed the idea of opening bars. I support that. Get your beer at the restaurant. No need to go to a place "where it rains."
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    First, last and always, my profession requires me to be "diplomatic"
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    Agree. When in close quarters, you need to look out for your fellow man. YOU may be the virus spewer and not know it. Taking Russian roulette off the table, I'll offer a different analogy. I don't like one way streets. I'd like to go the wrong way, darn it! And then I collide with someone following the rule. As for restaurants. We can't cook for ourselves since our teams are small so we can sleep at a distance. So we can't bring a cook. We need the restaurants. We do take out. But going to even get takeout you have to walk a gauntlet of sitting patrons (without masks so they can eat) to get it. Or wait in a line with someone who spent the day at the beach lubricating with alcohol and breathing and talking loudly down your neck while waiting in line. We like to support local businesses, but they are the crazy ones! The national chains enforce some decent safety rules. We're going to have to ignore the local businesses next trip.
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    Glad to see you're not doing that... anymore.
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    The players and the owners don’t want a fresh start
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    Didn’t you hear. We have grown past all that.🙀
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    Geez, is it me or does the Bassplayer's Guild have a strict policy on personal appearance? "On bass, Derek Smalls!" 😄 😂 👍
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