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    Seems like the Canes need to trade for a couple of goal scorers like Lindholm and Skinner. I'll see my way out.
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    Hey Tom, I noticed the Canes have averaged 16 thousand over the last 7 home games. I've been there for 4 of those. Will be there tomorrow and it's sounding like more of the same. The fans are coming back. Fans are having fun. The crowd is getting lathered up again. There is now a WOOH wave gaining momentum. Don't kick us in the cods. Respectully, Coastal
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    I know this is a bit early, and if it's an issue feel free to move this to another topic. However I'm dying due to a lack of hockey, and I'm bored. So I started typing this pre-preview of the upcoming Camp and Preseason as a reply in the Offseason thread. But when I saw how giant it was I thought it'd be better served as it's own thread. So, here's an early look at our team heading into the beginning of the 2018/19 NHL season. A preview of our 2018/19 Training Camp/Preseason: Just how much this team has changed the past few months is pretty astonishing. The thing is, we really don't know how the roster is going to shake out. We have an idea, but after the Traverse City Prospects Tournament, Training Camp, and Preseason some players we aren't expecting to may make a big push to make the NHL roster. So, I'm thinking let's shake down the skaters we have under contract, sort them out based on their NHL experience and expectations. From NHL Player, borderline NHL Player, and Prospect. Forwards: NHL Players (8; 2C, 4LW, 2RW) #11 Jordan Staal - Center - Pretty obvious he's going to anchor a top-6 line, and the first PK unit. #49 Victor Rask - Center - Regressed last season, potentially due to playing injured (shoulder), will center either the third line (if his production stays in the 30-40 point range) or second line (if his production rises to around a 50+ pace). Hopefully only sees PP time if he's producing. #14 Justin Willaims - RW - The leadership and will be looked to in clutch situations. May see his ice time drop if his age catches up to him during the season. Hopefully not. #20 Sebastian Aho - RW or C? - He's the established face of our offense. Top line, and in a recent interview stated he enjoyed playing Center, and pointed out he played Center at the World Championships as well. We'll see where Brind'Amour plays Aho, but seeing as we only have two NHL centers, I see him staying in the middle. First PP unit. #86 Teuvo Teravainen - LW - He's the right hand man (or should I say Left hand ) to Aho. The two Finns share immense chemistry. Top Line Winger, good passer. PP Unit #48 Jordan Martinook - LW - Played 247 games, established himself as a great two-way player and PKer. PK Specialist. Not known to contribute too much offensively, but provides quality physicality. A better Nordstrom? #23 Brock McGinn - LW - After sticking with the team all season (and posting 30 points) following 57 NHL games the year before, Brock has established himself in the NHL. He's strong two-way, plays physically, and started to show his ability to score. Third line sandpaper with potential to contribute offense. #79 Michael Ferland - LW - He's like McGinn in that he's physical and strong two-way, but a couple years ahead in terms of development/experience. He's probably a little faster, and after his career season last year showed he can also contribute better offensively. He's been the league three full seasons now, and after topping 40 points and 20 goals, he's going to be expected to match if not best those totals again. Power forward, crashes the net, PP Unit player for sure. Borderline NHL Players: (4; 2LW, 1RW, 1C) #7 Phil DiGiuseppe - LW - Honestly, I may take some flack for this, but why did we re-sign Phil? We have a deep well of forward prospects. Phil hasn't been able to establish himself as a full-time roster player yet. He hasn't been able to top his rookie season in 15/16 (40 GP, 17P) with more games played the past two seasons and less production. His 1-way contract means he'll be sticking with the 'Canes, but I put him here because I feel like unless he proves his scoring output the finish last season (9P in 9GP) wasn't a fluke, I doubt he sticks in the lineup long time this year as well. I see him becoming an Extra Forward, especially if we have impressive showings from more than just Necas and Svechnikov. #73 Valentin Zykov - LW/RW - Zykov led the AHL in goals. He also led the AHL in Powerplay Goals (17). He signed a cheap two year one-way contract which makes it apparent Zykov is going to stick around the NHL if he can play like he did in his time with the team last year. I expect him to make the first PP Unit by the end of season. He's strong on his skates, and makes smart plays offensively. He's in the Borderline section because he's yet to play a full season at this level. #88 Martin Necas* - C - Necas has developed tremendously well in the year since his draft. His display of his development at the international level turned some heads. He's expected to make the NHL roster out of camp, and considering our lack of NHL centers (we only have 2 true established centers) I expect him to make the team even if his pre-season isn't as impressive as we expect it to be. I see him establishing himself as a top-6 caliber center by the end of the season. How quickly he's able to get there is the catch for the team's offense heading into the season. #37 Andrei Svechnikov* - RW - 2nd Overall.. hmm.. the last time we had a pick that high was Eric Staal. I expect this guy to be the new face of our franchise by the end of his ELC. Lofty expectations are being held over this kid. I think the lowest production total we'll see is a total of around 35 points. Not entirely horrible for an 18 year old rookie. But his ceiling is so high, he could also feasibly reach Patrik Laine-esque rookie totals (36G, 64Pts). That would make the Skinner loss palatable. The biggest problem fans may have with this is the fact he's an unproven commodity at the NHL level. I just say this, he wasn't ranked the best forward in this draft for no reason. People were even considering him good enough to throw some doubt on Dahlin going first overall. To the skeptical fans, Svechnikov is going to be one of our best players for a long, long time. The question is when will he get there? Which is why I understand the skepticism. We'll see if he can do it this season. * I placed Necas and Svechnikov in borderline, despite their age and the fact technically they are prospects until they make the team. This is because it's pretty obvious the coaching staff is forming their roster this season with those two on it. It would take an injury or a truly completely and utterly terrible camp and pre-season to change that fact. Prospects/Unknowns (6; 3C, 2RW, 1LW): #8 Saku Maenalanen - RW - This guy is an unknown. He is 24, which is pretty old for a prospect. He just came to NA for the first time. He has the skating ability of an NHL player, through camp and pre-season we'll see if he has anything else as well. He played for Finland at the World Championship with Teravainen and Aho. He'll be under pressure to play his way into the NHL quickly given his age in comparison to other prospects in our system who are close. #13 Warren Foegele - LW - He's strong two-way player with impressive speed and he's shown his hands aren't too bad either. Had an impressively productive rookie season in Charlotte. Also turned some heads in his very short showing last season in the NHL. He may not make the team out of camp (and I only think this because we are TOO deep at LW), but when he does make the team (which may be mid-season) he'll see PK time for sure. #71 - Lucas Wallmark - C - Wallmark has had a few auditions at the NHL level. Last year he put up 2 assists in 9 games. This past season he say 11 games and scored his first NHL goal. He's played well, but not impressive enough to stick around. His development in the AHL has been a consistent rise in production without costing any of his two-way play (46 points and 55 points). Considering our lack of center depth, I expect him to be a finalist for the fourth line center slot, and if so he'll probably see a good share of PK time. #59 Janne Kuokkanen - C - He made the team out of camp last season, and showed some promise. But he failed to produce on the stat sheet, so he went back to Charlotte. He put up a nice 40 points, 29 of which were assists. He can make plays and pass well. I expect him to play in the AHL again with a focus on developing a better shot, but he may come into camp having improved it in the offseason. #58 Nicolas Roy - C - A big center who plays hard. He had a decent rookie season in the AHL last year totaling 11G and 38Pts. He was good enough to get a look, albeit only one game. He's strong on both sides of the puck, but needs to work on his skating a little more before I see him making the NHL roster. #21 Julien Gauthier - RW - He's a big bodied, strong power forward. He has shown in Juniors to be elite offensively. He's going to have to continue to improve his passing and defensively play before he gets a look in the NHL. That's based off his 16G, 25Pt rookie season in the AHL. If he has improved his passing and plays a team game in camp, maybe. But I feel the best place for him is more AHL time. Defense: Our defense is pretty set. The only two questions are 'Will Faulk really remain with us?' and if so 'Who becomes the 7th D?' #44 Calvin de Haan - LD - He's probably our best purely defensive defenseman (sorry Pesce, Slavin). He's one of the better shot blockers in the league. He's physical and boxes opponents out pretty well. He's usually on the right side of the +/- (especially on a not so amazing Islanders team). Top-4 caliber. The biggest concern with de Haan is his health. All signs point to he's healed and recovered and regained his strength since his shoulder injury. #19 Dougie Hamilton - RD - Named one of the top-20 Dmen in the NHL recently. He's a true top defenseman. Has an amazing shot and will QB the first PP Unit, bumping Faulk to the second unit. His offensive production is consistent and among the best in the league with Defensemen. The biggest addition to the team in terms of immediate improvement. #27 Justin Faulk - RD - After a disappointing season, and with the additions made to the top-4, Faulk will get sheltered minutes. Which will most likely improve his production. Maybe he was seeing too much ice-time. Now, he is going to have to earn every minute with the depth we've acquired. He's also our biggest trade chip, and will be throughout the season barring any injury or continued regression in production. #74 Jaccob Slavin - LD - May yet develop further offensive abilities, he's still one of the best young defenders in the league. He's truly solid in his own end and has shown flashes of pure dominance in all three zones of the rink. If he sees time with Hamilton, I expect his production to increase pretty noticeably. #22 Brett Pesce - RD - After de Haan, he's our best defensive defenseman. Definitely has the best defensive stick on the team. Might not see PP time anymore with additions to the blueline, but he'll remain a mainstay on the PK. #57 Trevor van Riemsdyk - RD - Signed for two more years. He's one of the best defensemen in the bottom pairing, in my opinion. He still has potential to grow his offensive production. Has shown high hockey IQ, especially when handling the puck and making decisions while pinching. It'd be a shame to see his ice-time be affected by having too many defensemen. #4 Hadyn Fluery - LD - After 67 games in his rookie year, he's definitely got more to show, as well as room to grow. He was fairly strong defensively. He has shown flashes of impressive offensively ability, but we have yet to see that translate in the NHL. It would suck to see his ice-time suffer because of a crowded blueline as well. If he's getting healthy scratches, I'd rather send him down to Charlotte until we either move Faulk or suffer an injury. All 7 defensemen can easily be full-time NHL roster players. We just have one too many. We'll see if anything budges. I'm tempted to list a few of our top defensive prospects, but unless we really get hit hard with injuries on the backend, I don't see any path for them to take to the NHL roster this season. Also considering the length of this post, let's not. Goaltending: This is pretty obvious as well, Darling is back whether we like it or not. Can he rebound? I say yes, he's done it before in life. If you haven't ever heard his path to the NHL, you should look it up. Truly inspiring. NHL Players: #33 Scott Darling - Can he rebound? Will he rebound? We don't know. I don't know. But I really hope so. And if he can't, we're looking at Mrazek in net. Which brings the same questions. #34 Petr Mrazek - Can he rebound? Will he rebound? Wow this sounds familiar. This just goes to show how truly horrendous the goalie market was this offseason. We did try to land Grubauer, who was probably the best goalie option. But Washington didn't want to move him within the division. Borderline NHL Players: #35 Alex Nedeljkovic - He's our best bet at a drafted goalie to develop into a starter. He had an iffy rookie year at the professional level with Charlotte, but followed it up with a strong season improving statistically everywhere. He also has a 100% save percentage at the NHL level I am listing him because of this; If Darling can't rebound, and then Mrazek doesn't do much better, we may see Nedeljkovic get a shot. Plus, if either of our goalies gets injured, he's going to be the call-up at this point. Get familiar with the name, he'll most likely be on the NHL roster next season unless Mrazek goes lights out. TL;DR version: We have 8 NHL established players on our forward roster. Pretty much all of our Defensemen are NHL established, as well as our goaltending duo. The biggest questions in terms of who will be on our NHL roster lie with the forwards. That's 4 spots open for Necas, Svech, Zykov, Wallmark, Foegele, Di Giuseppe, Kuokkanen and everyone else to compete for. (really 2, if you take into consideration the fact Necas and Svech are pretty much penciled into the roster already). Our defense is crowded, which is only a bad thing for our defensive prospects who might want to push into the NHL and for the defenseman at the NHL level who will see a loss in ice-time. Our goaltending duo is terrifying, but we do have a ray of hope in the not too distant future with Nedeljkovic. The way we look on paper is downright intimidating defensively, laughable in terms of goaltending, and mysterious in terms of offense. I'll update as the Traverse City Prospects Tournament is played, and the Training Camp schedule and official roster is released, and as the preseason begins.
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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the forum Not a Canes fan was posting, not close to a quorum; The banners were hung in the PNC with care, In hopes that St. Francis soon would be there; The hurricanes were nestled all snug in their beds; While visions of sniping forwards danced in their heads; When out in the parking lot arose such a clatter, Security sprang to see what was the matter. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, But a Ford F150 and tailgaters with beer, With a little old driver who gave us a wave, I knew in a moment he must be Super Dave. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name: "Now, Coastal! now, Legend! now Kjun and Remkin! On, Slapshot! on, Manwolf! on, TopShelf, LakeLivin! To the back of the lot by the old grassy wall Now drink away! drink away! drink away all!" As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, So do beer cans drank by Hag and the Big Guy. And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the tarmac The walking approach of a man with a sack. From the smile on his face and the silvery hair, I knew St Francis was finally there. A bundle of pucks he had flung on his back, And he looked like a pedler just opening his pack. Check this out guys, we got all these pucks, From the Murphy trade, oh what big luck. But we shouldn't be bitter its not nearly as lame As what happened with He Who Shall Not Be Named. Things are gonna look up, I'm as smart as a fox, I'll bring us to glory, or my name's not Fort Knox. If push comes to shove, BD58's got our backs, He'll help buy us a center with his fat stacks. And laying his finger aside of his nose, And giving a nod, to the PNC he rose; But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
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    Well, as a proud American, good things still happen in times like these, My daughter gave birth to a healthy boy last night at 1 AM. Meet Josey Tanner Boyles. All and future Canes fans.
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    Stopped by to say hey to everybody and I hope you and yours are coping as best as possible.
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    Okay, this is getting more interesting... First, you pick Svech to get me out of mind with this pick and make me proud of the guy... Now you pick my hometown goalie! I've been watching him sweat his *ss off to get us to playoffs all last year! And now he's wearing that red jersey! I knew the kid would have great success outside that rubbish VHL... As soon as we got to know about Petr being eligible for this year's draft, my wife told me: "Would be nice if Canes pick him, that would be awesome and seems right to me as he's a great goaltender and you love your Jerks so much... That would be some magical pick to create more connection between us and Canes". She told me last week that our Canes need a goalie and Knight wouldn't be available... Oh, your were so right, my dear. Petr, you have to be a Hurricane, screw your SKA! That guy is so athletic and quick! Fans loved him and he enjoyed it and answered back. Very likable and nice kid. KHL would hate to give him up... Hopefully, he is coming from Russia Ryazan with love to Raleigh!
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    Ran into Erik Cole this morning at my bagel shop I go to every morning before work. Just wanted to say hi and ask what he thought our chances were. Wasn’t expecting the full analytical breakdown he gave me. It was like he was be interviewed by NHL network. He said we statistically have the hardest schedule of all teams in the hunt (I disagreed) by a small percentage. Said if we do make it, it’ll definitely be because we deserve it. He also echoed something myself and a few others have pointed out. He said he felt Columbus made too many changes, and he feels like it’s affecting the product on the ice. I think he thinks they’re the most vulnerable team.
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    Today, PNC Arena’s food service VAB Catering made a large food donation to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The Raleigh-based non-profit is focused on providing emergency food to families affected by the Coronavirus crisis. $300k donation....good job.
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    OK- how in the H E double hockey sticks is this determined unless you work with the guy and occupy the locker room with him?
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    When we make the playoffs, I hope to have the opening GDT. I'm not a perfect member here, and have made mistakes posting, but dadgum I go way back on opening up those good times in the day. That would be cool again.
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    Hagmetrics state of the union address. Hagmetrics 2.0 was about pacing to the playoffs with a +12. HCRB pretty much stuck a fork in that idea/argument in that if you shoot for the playoffs, the goal is too low. If you fall just short, you don't make it. I happen to agree. We should have loftier goals. So the basics of Hagmetrics remain the same. In fact, I just went to the standings and can instantly say we are in 2nd place in the Metro adjusted for the vastly uneven numbers of games played... Jersey is +4, Canes are +2 and everyone clumped together below that. Old Hagmetrics 2.0 said "be +1 every 7 games" Well, we are +2 after 7 so we are ahead of schedule for making the playoffs. We are behind schedule for the Presidents trophy but sit in home ice for the first round. I'll periodically post when it seems relevant but the days of the long reports are over. Brindy was right, let's win all the games we can and bring it home. +2 baby.
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    Fans..."We need change. We've been losing, like forever. Everything should be on the table. Nobody is safe" Owner..."I'm changing this" Fans..."For God's sake, you can't change that" Owner..."Well, this is losing me money, and isn't helping build anything" Fans..."Well, you're just cheap"
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    One of my observations about all of this is the crocodile tears cried for Francis by all his "buddies" throughout the league. Aren't we all a great hockey community protecting our own against the outsiders? It seems to me that 2 cold hard truths are hitting many of the "traditional" league guys. 1. PK isn't here anymore, therefore his skinflint low-budget crap is no longer a guarantee 2. GMRF is now gone, so Ronnie No-Trade is no longer the non-threat that he was when trying to compete for players. I think the league liked the Carolina Hurricanes just the way they were. Cheap, easy to read, and destined for 9th every season. And they'll do whatever to throw a monkey wrench into the new works under the guise of propriety.
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    I could discuss how hockey didn't fail in Atlanta, the NHL (i.e. ownership) failed the city of Atlanta, but in the interest of time, one of the huge differentiators with the Thrashers was their ownership (the Atlanta Spirit Group), which by the way, has largely been labeled in the professional sports-world as the most dysfunctional ownership groups in the history of sports, were trying to unload the Thrashers as an individual entity. No one in their right mind was going to bite at that offer. Selling a franchise that lost money time and time again since their inception in the late 90s, and they wanted to tell prospective owners: "hey, here's a losing business interest, and we're not giving you any ownership stake in Philips Arena." You need to own the arena to stay solvent financially - to have revenue sources from the other 324 days of the year, or you're going to fail in the long-run. Also, at a game two years ago I was in the box-office area, and I saw Don Waddell. I actually had the chance to talk with him for around 20 minutes to discuss what went wrong in Atlanta, and how his hands were ultimately tied. Ownership screwed him. He expressed how things in Raleigh were (and still are, I'm sure) entirely different. Here are my main points about the differences between the Canes and Thrashers' situations: -The Canes have a history of winning and success in their culture (Atlanta had one playoff appearance and was swept by NYR) -No team that's won the Stanley Cup has ever been relocated (also two Cup Finals appearances) -The Canes are in a vibrant, growing metropolitan area that will only get better as the years go on (Atlanta is a notoriously terrible sports town) -The Canes have ownership and operating rights to PNC Arena (we would be profitable even with marginally better attendance) -The NHL found owners with no ties to the local communities in Arizona and Florida, and I'm confident they can do the same in one of the fastest growing markets in the entire U.S. -Bottom Line: the NHL can't afford to lose the Carolina market - it would be detrimental to growth of the game in the entire Southeast region of the U.S.
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    If Jordan's last name was Smith rather than Staal, he'd be a 2C or 3C who plays solid at both ends without much upside or downside. He's not a great leader, playmaker, or scorer, but he's dependable, good defensively, and is not going to make mistakes that cost games. I agree that he seems a little different this year. Maybe he's still dealing with the loss of his child last year, and he certainly deserves to be cut a lot of slack after that. Maybe he's playing hurt. He seems lost or vacant in his post-game interviews. Sometimes I wonder if he'd just rather be Jordan "Smith" and enjoy playing hockey as a solid 2C or 3C who doesn't have all the baggage that comes with being a Staal or wearing the C. Whatever is going on with him, I hope he finds his way—not because it will help the team, but just because he matters as a person.
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    Oh, the head-scratching and prediction analysis. Isn't this great??? I've been following the squad since '02. Don't post much but do enjoy most of the banter. What makes this great is that the Canes are once again relevant. The Committee is pushing buttons and pulling levers to do what they deem best. I can't remember an off-season where I've actually checked the 'net multiple times a day just to see if anything has happened regarding the team. Looking forward to my appointment time tomorrow when I can log on and select my paltry 11-game plan dates. Due to some monetary issues I actually considered cancelling my plan but am going to keep it. Wouldn't it be great if Remkin's island could be named the 8th continent over the next few seasons???!! Carry on folks. Thanks for the insight and the fun.
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    Turtleneck makes another value signing, waiting out the UFA madness on July 1. Great addition!!! Can we now move away from any suggestion Dundon won't spend money?
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    Opening night against the Habs should be Aho bobbleheads with him holding a bag of money in each hand
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    The best thing about the draft lottery this year? I didn't even realize it had happened.
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    I guess this could go in about 3 different threads, so I pick here. It was hard for me to believe that after an exhaustive, no expense spared search, that the top candidates for the GM and HC job were down the hall, to the left. GM non-hiring stinks of cheapness. I love Brindy the player, but I was scared what we were seeing now would happen. The guy has been in the room for 7 years in a suit, and the team needs a culture change. Now somebody has to make a decision on possibly firing a legend. On the salary cap, some of that is due to having a bunch of young players. I can't lay all of that on Dundon since he inherited most of this. We are seeing a long running result of refusing to get into the UFA market other than rummaging through the scratched and dented bin at the back of the store. This wasn't all going to go away in one off season. De Haan was a good signing. I'm sure that Tavares would have changed our fortunes, but that wasn't going to happen no matter how big of a check Dundon could cut. Dundon wanted to make the game experience better. Other than having some fans in the tunnel and a celebration after a win, what has been done? You know what makes my fan experience better? Winning. I don't know the answers from behind my keyboard. I don't even know what the questions are. I know that I'm getting worn out from this though. Not to the point of giving up, but worn out nonetheless.
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    I'm really interested to see how this goes down. Ron Francis got canned primarily because he was too tentative or reluctant to give up assets to improve the team at last year's deadline. You could argue that wasn't the case but it's what I took away from his demotion and the little info we were privy to. Will TD and the committee do the same thing (i.e. sit on their hands) when it is obvious to every devout Canes fan we can't finish our scoring chances and desperately need some help? Necas and Svech are going to be good players at some point, but they aren't helping now. I want to make the playoffs. I'm desperate to make the playoffs. Is the committee?
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    I'm sorry but Gleason wasn't anything approaching a middle weight. Grumpy Gleason could rock anybody's day. He was also a warrior. Epotime of a Carolina Hurricane
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    I may as well add my opinion. Jeff Skinner has talent but was a high price to pay for a forward that had to be hidden on the third line to keep him away from playing against stronger players. He either couldn't or didn't want to play the defensive side of the game and didn't seem to make his line mates any better. He played with passion (at times) but that passion often made him look like he was still in juniors and hadn't yet started to shave regularly. Not to mention the no trade clause. He controlled where he was going to go and the Hurricanes wanted to get value for an asset that was dropping in value. I'll miss watching his highlight goals in a Canes jersey but it was time for him to move on.
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    I think you should quit making so many threads and discover the cap key.
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    Nine years later, the Canes get a win in the postseason.
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    Well I picked a great time to go off the grid. I need to get back to reading this whole thread before weighing in, but I think I might win the award for "most interesting way of finding out about the Francis news" award. I was on a short cruise to the Bahamas. The last day, I put on a Canes' T shirt. First off, I must have had 10 people yell "Go Canes" to me. Very surprised, but there are some Canes fans out there. But while having breakfast a guy came up to me and inquired about my Cane's Fandom. I told him I was a big fan and STH and posted a lot on these boards. Then I asked if he was a Cane's fan. Turned out he was Brock (and Jamie) McGinn's father. Had a very nice chat with him. Told him we love Brock. He said Brock loves Raleigh. Then mentioned that Brock had texted him that something was going on with Francis, maybe moved upstairs. After our chat, he got back to texting with Brock, and came back over and told me the news. Very nice guy. BTW Jamie looks a lot more like his Dad than Brock. Anyways, I'll weigh in later about the move. I know everyone's been waiting for that.
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    Well not to get off topic, but you might want to go watch your Stanley Cup highlight DVD. After Gerber lost the first 2 at home, Ward swept the Montreal series, and I believe he backstopped all but 2 games in the entire SC run. Maybe that’s why he won the Conn Smythe. Is he what he used to be or what we would like him to be? No. But if you think Cam is the problem with this team, I beg to differ. They rode him like a rented mule for 10 years, with backups like John Graham and Justin Peters. The biggest problem with the team was an owner who wanted champagne on a beer budget. Most of the crappy decisions since’06 go right back to that.
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    Mrs. WXRay had a good suggestion for RF. She suggested that RF hire another coach to pair with BP and name co-head coaches to help solve the team's problems. Ah, I love her wry humor!
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    Just checking in. Hope everyone is doing well out there. 👍🏽😎
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    He has 1pt in 6 games......and it's an ENG. He got USED like a rented mule, on the one Columbus goal. It's been a terrible start for the young man. Aho has to realize there is no flying under the radar anymore. Teams are going to match up against him to hold him down. Time to put the big boy pants and hard hat on, and go to work. The other lines are playing well, so I suspect RB will leave them alone, and let these guys sort it out. I personally think he needs some snarl in his game. I know he is a "gentle personality" by nature, or at least it seems when he has been interviewed, but the guy has to get angry, just like Patches O'Houlihan once said.. I want to see more intensity out of him. Where is that third gear from last year where he just blew by people?
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    Teams are going to have to make real serious offers for Ferland, anything less and he's just more useful to a playoff run to us. Anything less then a first, I'd rather take a stab at the playoffs.
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    How could the Canes trade Ferlsnd or Hamilton? If they didn’t think they could sign Ferland to an extension, then they should’ve never made that trade. Trading Lindholm and Hanifin was a major decision for this team. There is no way they could justify that trade if they move on from Ferlsnd or Hamilton. They already screwed up big time by trading Skinner at the wrong time. No way they can miss on the Calgary trade by trading away those players.
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    I'd move Pesce in a heartbeat, we have Adam Fox to take that spot. And if you haven't kept up with this kid, Tim Gleason has been traveling to Harvard to attend his games and is evidently been mentoring him as well. For those with a subscription to The Athletic, Sara Civian has a great article up on Fox. A few tidbits - I always knew he was good. He always knew he was good. The Carolina Hurricanes, who are confident they can get their unsigned trade acquisition under contract, always knew he was good. You’re completely mistaken if you think he was an afterthought in the trade of the summer. ........... Will he be making those plays for the Hurricanes? As an unsigned prospect, he’s aware of the speculation surrounding his future. He’s quick to shut it down. “I know people think I have some plan to sign with the Rangers because of where I grew up,” the New York native said. “But my dream, my goal, is to play in the NHL. As soon as possible.” To drive that point home, here’s what we know: • The Hurricanes are very confident they will sign him, and I’ve heard that was actually a bigger piece of the trade than people might’ve thought. • If he signs with the Hurricanes he can play immediately, but if he wanted to sign elsewhere he’d have to stay at Harvard for another year and enter free agency. • ^”My goal is to play in the NHL as soon as possible.” • It would be straight up rude to the rest of the NCAA if he were to stay at Harvard terrorizing the rest of the league for another season. • If we want to Galaxy Brain this, Fox seems to really appreciate Gleason and his visits. Knowing a team is willing to invest in you and go that extra mile matters. • If the Hurricanes can assure him there’s a spot for him when he’s NHL-ready (so, like, yesterday) this shouldn’t be an issue.
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    Yeah, I know this isn't hockey, but I felt the main board is the central location. I hope all my Caniac friends are safe for the upcoming wrath of God. It really doesn't look like there's anywhere to run and hide.
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    Sounds a lot more likable to me than the two yahoos who interviewed him.
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    Define “a few pucks.” I don’t see how Peters turned Darling into a sieve. He actually gave him several chances to hang onto the #1 job after Darling began to crater. Do you think Peters’ system put Darling at a disadvantage-like letting pop flies into the net or leaving the 5 hole open all the time? Only Scott Darling, and maybe a really good sports psychologist are going to make us see a different Scott Darling.
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    Me representing in Poland, 2014.
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    People should start talking about Jake Bean, not Fleury or Hanifin. Jake Bean gets ignored here because we took a d-man last year instead of the offensive guy. He stands head and shoulders (IMO) above Fleury and Hanifin in that he can actually make offense happen. If he's developed properly, I see him being the more valuable player among those three long-term. I laugh when I see him thrown in on trades like he was just another prospect in the likes of Carrick or McKeown.
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