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    After being knocked down, I can still see lazy Staal down on one knee behind the goal line while the play was going the other way. It's you team to make better you idiot, not the other way around. That quote pisses me off as well.
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    By the time E Staal left the Canes he had made $72 big ones. His brother, assuming he’s here till the end of his contract will have made $60 big ones. A $132 million. Those two must sit in bf Thunder Bay Ontario in the summer (where the only thing to come out of there is hookers or hockey players) laughing their a$$’$ off clinking their Molson’s with a “Here’$ to Raleigh”
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    Staal says frankly his final years in Carolina weren’t very good because the team was bad. Said going to Minnesota made him better because the team was better. Says he hopes they find success earlier than later in Buffalo. — Joe Yerdon (@JoeYerdon) September 18, 2020 If this is a true statement it really pi%$#s me off. This is exactly why he should have never been the Captain. It was his team to help make better. I'm not sure how Eric made so much money in Carolina and then has the audacity to bad mouth his former team thus his teammates. Wow what a classless ego. I actually met him a couple of times and been to his hometown of Thunder Bay Ontario. I am so puzzled because he seemed like a nice guy.
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    So many times, Forslund would talk about E. needing to show his extra gear. But alas, it rarely happened.
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    Dude could totally take control of a hockey game, when he was ticked off enough. Problem is he only did it maybe twice the whole time he was here. But he did have it in him.
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    I always E Staal was the kind of player that benefitted from playing with good players. I didn't think he made the players around him better. Crosby could play with a fire hydrant and a washing machine, and they would both be 50 point scorers. E Staal also seemed to have a lot of quit in him. Still, when he wanted it, he could be an elite player.
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    No offense to Willy, but when JW is your tough guy in the playoffs, that doesn't say much for the rest of the team. The teams currently left have a great combo of talent and physical play. The Canes don't need a goon, but having a few physical players would be a good thing. They don't need a dirty guy like Wilson, but I guarantee everybody knows when Wilson is on the ice, and that influences play. When he is playing clean, he's a pretty effective player. I'd just like a few guys that make the other teams a little more cautious when playing against the Canes.
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