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    Wow, kicking a player out for the duration doesn't surprise me but taking a draft pick from the team does show how serious they are about maintaining the bubble. edit: to me this kinda evokes the repercussions of Werner Ziegler breaking the bubble in Better Call Saul. But by making the consequences crystal clear up front the NHL should just about eliminate violations.
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    I will admit to this bias. I really enjoy listening to John call our games and I'd be truly bummed if he left. I get it if he leaves for greener pastures, I get it if he's making a power move on TD and TD doesn't have it. But I don't get it if he's pushing back against a pay cut. I'm not going to stop watching if he leaves. But I will enjoy it less. I will miss his calls and his quirky chemistry with Tripp. I will miss his dry humor. I will miss his sincere bond with this team and the area. I kept watching this team even when it mediocre at best, but that doesn't mean it was as good as it could have been. Same with a new broadcaster. For me, watching this team in the darker days was also more palatable because John was there. If he does go, I hope we get someone good, and while I personally like Shaya, if he happens the drop off will be pretty big from Forslund. Even if we find a technically good game caller who is not Shaya, it's hard to imagine him bringing the chemistry and the ties to the area. Whatever the real deal is behind the scenes, I think I'd miss him more than almost any player and I really hope he stays. So TD and Forslund: work it out please!
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    I might be able to help on that front. From Dictionary .com: WHAT DOES ALTERNATIVE FACTS MEAN? Alternative facts have been called many things: falsehoods, untruths, delusions. A fact is something that actually exists—what we would call “reality” or “truth.” An alternative is one of the choices in a set of given options; typically the options are opposites of each other. So to talk about alternative facts is to talk about the opposite of reality (which is delusion), or the opposite of truth (which is untruth). And from Wikipedia: "Alternative facts" was a phrase used by U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway during a Meet the Press interview on January 22, 2017, in which she defended White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's false statement about the attendance numbers of Donald Trump's inauguration as President of the United States. edit: to summarize the concept with a picture:
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    If Forslund leaves I'm not just "over it". That's all I have to say about that.
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    I think you proved my point. We don’t know what Eric or his agent asked for, but you assigned him responsibility for saying something. On Forslund, we can agree to disagree. Raleigh doesn’t have the Rolls Royce of many things in the NHL. Losing Forslund over what in the scheme of things is minor is just not a good decision. It’s Tom’s money so he can spend it as he pleases. I’m just giving one man’s opinion.
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    Sure winning makes everything OK. But IMO this is different. The experience of the broadcast is it's own thing, and arguably just as important when the team itself is struggling. When it comes to GMs, it's all about winning. If we don't like the GM move, but the team wins and gets good players, all is good. With radio, Chuck was iconic, but very few people take in a game on radio. With a role player like Ferland, that's one piece of a 20 piece puzzle. But John enhances the experience, win or lose. Some business decisions are about cutting cost, but some are about maintaining the quality of your product. When one considers the valuation of an NHL team and the cost of player payroll, it is pennywise and pound foolish to lose a guy who is the conduit between the team and the fans and who is better at it than anyone there is. I can't believe that the money involved is even close to being worth losing him. I'm not saying I won't watch the games, but I'm a nutjob fan. Some will. But mainly my fan experience will drop a big notch for a few bucks and I'll be an unhappy customer. For me, losing John would be a bigger hit than most player or any GM or coach loss. GM's and players come and go all the time anyways. Broadcasters not nearly as much. I'm still hoping that it's all about a negotiation, but TD has shown that he won't back down at some point, so I guess we'll have to see.
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    Recap TD’s ownership: Pushed out Francis. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our franchise guy and moving the org forward. “. Yet we made the playoffs. Pushed out Kaiton. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Kaiton. TD is so cheap“. Yet we preserved and are doing well as an organization Wouldnt re-sign Ferland mid season for what he wanted. Response: “OMG how could we, I am not eating until Ferland is signed. He is the exact forward we need, TD is so cheap. “ It turned out to be a great decision. Now he won’t give Forslund a different deal than 17 other employees. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Forslund. TD is so cheap“. Im seeing a trend. Yet the team on the ice is 8-10 wins better. He just dropped 89 million on salaries this season plus Aho and Reimer’s signing bonuses for 20-21. We are getting a practice ice facility that may attract FAs. And so on.
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    Losing Forslund would be a major kick in the cods. He is the soundtrack for Canes hockey. I understand business, and that there are two sides to everything. Dundon may not be able to match the national dollars available. Sucks major
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    Good. CZ has had Covid under control for a few months now. 3 month lockdown was taken seriously. People uniformly accepted and wore masks on the governments directive unlike a country I know of, full of whiny a$$ freedom B****es. Many other EU countries same-same with doing it right. Moving to Croatia in July so no more speaking Czech with you. Thank god for Roku/Canes. Stay safe broski.
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    Bring back Nature Boy and his Wooo shuffle across the Jumbotron.
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    Hate it when he treats his business like a business. Contracts by nature require negotiation.
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    I'm going to guess it is a lock for EDM and TOR. Why? Testing. Turns out testing has become an issue again in the USA due to the sun belt surge of cases. We have personal experience. A family member is currently under isolation protocol, awaiting a test from Saturday. Doctor said to expect it Mon or Tues. No result yet, due to this new delay (as described in the link). It won't be a good look to have all these players taking up testing bandwidth. So, send them to Canada and keep this conflict out of the news. I have no idea of the testing bandwidth up in Canada, but it is likely not as stressed as the USA's is right now.
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    So, listening to XM this morning, a few topics have come up. I'm surprised we haven't discussed some of these. For starters, a new CBA is being wrapped into this whole idea of voting. Also, some details of phase 4 have leaked. Here are some things they discussed. - CBA should be ready any moment, and then the players have 3 days to vote. - CBA details: + Over 35 penalties removed + Cap freeze even though revenues will tank. Cap will only expand once revenues come back to where they were when we all fell off the cliff. + Owners threw players a bone on escrow, limiting it to 20%, even though according to the old terms it would be even worse for players given the fact fans won't be attending any time soon. (I've heard up to 40%). Players HATE escrow, but it appears they realize even though 20% stinks, it is a gift. (Tell that to MLB players.) Escrow will be limited even less in following years of the CBA, even capping at 6% in the final years. So they may hate it and want it eliminated, but apparently both sides realized some give and take was in order. + Front loading contracts has been tightened up. Some can occur only in limited amounts. + OLYMPICS for the next two events. Call this the Ovenchicken rule. - Players can opt out of playing coming later this summer, no questions asked, and still get paid their "modest" playoff pay. (Modest to them. I'd take $20k for first round any time!) - Only a handful of players are expected to opt out - NHL realized the "bubble" could be tough on certain families. No family visits until final 4 teams determined. NHL has plans to do things like arrange doctor visits, grocery buying, etc. for player families. - Next few days: get the CBA and agreements done. July 13: training camp starts. July 26: report to hub city. Aug 1: start playing - It is acknowledged that that NOW to July 26 is a very tricky time since there will be no bubble, but the players must enter the bubble free of covid. The players have been given guidance. - Once they are in the bubble, there will be very punitive penalties for breaking the bubble. How punitive? How about this: PLAYER is ejected for the remainder of the playoffs. TEAM loses a draft pick.
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    I am completely bored and lately have been catching some old hockey games on FSS. Some of the games I don't remember the outcome so it's almost like watching a current game. But I must say that the one thing that I enjoy just as much is the bantering ( I guess that would be a nice word for it) between remkin and top-shelf-1. You guys are what keep this forum active. Thanks for the entertainment. I really have no clue who is right and who is wrong and often times it really does not matter. You know what they say about opinions. Facts in today's social media world are even harder to come by. We have this new verbiage today.....alternative facts.....whatever that means. So anyway keep the information coming because being retired and living a pretty laid back life (for now because I have to due to covid-19) I really enjoy reading this forum. Y'all stay safe and remember.....In the final analysis we are all just doing the best we can!!
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    The only surprising thing about the Forslund deal is that this didn't happen last year. All I ask/beg of TD is please don't make me listen to Shaya for 82 games.
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    Things change. Life goes on.
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    My answer to your question is the same, I'll wager, as your answer will be to mine: Where did you read what you assert in the second sentence? Neither of us knows. That's why they are private negotiations. But I promise you this: Staal's agent started at the top end because he was sure his boy was the next Cindy, and JR and PK thought they'd found the promised land. If they just signed their Conn Smythe keeper and someone they could reasonably call their franchise winger center, and hang a C on him, complementary players would line up to take below-market contracts for the rush of playing in that burgeoning hockey hotbed: Raleigh, NC. They'd found the promised land, alright: Dreamland. How'd that work out? The way the Forslund is managing this negotiation absolutely has parallels. Even if he only wants his same pay as last year, management clearly went to all top employees and asked for help due to the revenue shortfall and the uncertainty the pandemic has brought. Out in the real world, who wouldn't have jumped at that? Or for that matter, who in hockey world wouldn't? Only the 71-year-old Rick Dudley, and Johnny (if the reports are accurate)--probably because he knows he has options. I have said numerous times that his work is without peer in all of hockey. But contract negotiations are always always always tied to the fiscal realities facing both sides, so it's disingenuous at best for John to refuse to do his bit and then sing the blues that he "has to" leave. He doesn't have to at all. He is choosing to, because he has apparently gotten used to a certain standard of living and wants it to continue, despite the economic uncertainties of these heretofore unseen times. All the vitriol directed at TD on this board is laughable. He is running this business just like every other (successful) business leader does in unprecedented times: to survive. If John doesn't want to pitch in like others, that is absolutely his prerogative--Just as it was Eric's to require (and/or JR/PK's cluelessness to give him) a salary this market could not sustain.
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    I am sorry but if you can’t see the massive changes to approach Dundon has made you ain’t been paying attention. Yes Francis helped. But that’s all.
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    I'm sure Jason Shaya would be an easy target to take over for Forslund. Anything would have to be a raise....No?
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    No Waddell signed a multi year deal. TD originally didn’t understand why he couldn’t just keep paying him like a normal employee vice being under a contract.
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    Amen to that, but I'm talkin' on TV. The puck smashing through ice, the music, the two shadowy players... just old and tired. How's everything in Europe?
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    Per the N&O, TD wants Forslund’s pay tied to revenue. So no fans in stands or fewer games played equals less money. Also said Tampa Bay’s play-by-play guy retired and was an option, along with Seattle. Doesn’t sound like he is giving up doing local broadcasts to go to NBC. Except for the few games with Shaya, I’ve never experienced a Canes broadcast without JF. If Dundon sticks to his guns on pay, that’s going to change, and top broadcasters aren’t going to be lining up to replace him. When you’ve listened to the best for 20 years, it’s going to be hard to get used to someone else. Tripp resigned, but I think with his Harvard education, he’s smart enough to know there are no other suitors. But I don’t watch to hear Tripp’s analysis.
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    Not disagreeing with you at all, actually completely agreeing. I'm just saying the virus is an easy PR way out. Expect to see a lot more virus blaming everywhere. Look, after last year's 1 yr extension for John, we knew it was a difficult negotiation. We talked about it at the time that the writing is on the wall. Is the virus a 'factor' this year? Yep. So, sure, blame it all on the virus, even though it is only a factor. The major factors are: 1) John is in probably the #1 strongest negotiating position for an announcer in the NHL, and 2) TD needs to reduce or keep his budget level. This started last year before the virus was even in a bat.
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    I hear ya, but the employment numbers back then were not hit on a scale like this. Unemployment peaked at 9.9 percent. We've already seen "official" numbers over 14% with government economists suggesting it's over 16. Yet John expects his full pay, and apparently a raise, when he hasn't worked since March and we don't know when there will even be another full season. I gotta tell ya, if I'm Dundon, I'm doing the exact same thing, thanking him for his service and wishing him good luck. People are lucky to be working at all right now. Not the time to demand the same or a higher contract for a job you're not even doing.
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    John is great but that is quite an extreme stance.
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    I get it but John isn’t cheap. He has national money in his corner. If Tom is making provisions based on the amount of games played next year, it would be in John’s best interest to get more money on the national scene. Based on Waddell’s case that is exactly what it sounds like. Probably would be similar money for less games and less travel.
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    I really like the combo of John and Tripp. Not sure that if John is done, I might be, too.
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    A difference of opinion and uses of alternative sources of information or the metadata behind the current data is not defined as "ignorance". As an example: From the lieutenant governor of Texas: "So, we expected those numbers to go up. Our hospitalizations are up...The good news is we're not seeing it translate to the ICU unit or into fatalities," he remarked. While numbers are high there is still a lot to be "very optimistic about," including that now mainly younger people are coming into hospitals, not going to ICU units, and leaving in half of the time that they were staying back in March. "And, by the way," he noted, "I want to straighten out some misinformation that's been all over the media in Texas and America: we are not out of ICU beds in Texas. We have 7,200 ICU beds available. Of those, we have 1,400 with [COVID-19 patients].7,200 and 1,400.
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