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    CFF giving BD58 the business about mind losing. So 2020.
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    Where would I find the Hodkinson info? Also, if he's saying it's no worse than flu...well maybe if you're 20. Among other things, this has been going for 8 months and is building, I don't think any flu season of the past 100 years has done that. If we hadn't luckily advanced actual science to where it is, and had people working on Corona Virus vaccines due to SARS and MERS, the vaccines would be a year or more off. How much longer would this thing run? How much damage both directly, economically and politically might this thing have caused? More than flu, that I can tell you. In my clinical experience, I have seen patients with influenza pneumonia, and frankly it's pretty nasty, but I've seen flu pneumonia maybe 3-4 times in the past 25 years, whereas I've seen the Covid pneumonia too many times to count this year alone. I get that aspects of this have been overblown. I get the power of bias with the world's attention focused on this, political aspects folded in and a presidential election year to boot, but there is definitely something very different about this virus.
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    On another POSITIVE note all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay safe.
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    Just watched the entire last game available (game 2?) really focusing on our guys: Suzuki, Jarvis and Rees. And yes, to my surprise the standout, by far, was Rees. They have Jarvis on the "first" line with Dach, so I have to think that he comes in with an inside track, and he does have a goal, but in this game, while he made a couple of nice plays, but was mostly not visible. Rees, on the other hand just looked involved, nearly every shift. He has two goals in two games, but more than that, he's had several good shots and scoring chances per game and he's strong on and away from the puck. He's not dazzling, but just constantly noticeable and gets pucks on the net. Suzuki, in the game I watched was close to invisible. He did not look bad, just not noticeable. Unfortunately for him, Team Canada is pretty much set at the top 3 center positions, so I'm thinking making the cut at center is going to be one of, if not the most difficult position, outside of the big 3 it will be tough. I really have to think Rees has a very good chance of making the squad. Not only because he's creating chances (which he is, regularly), but because he brings an edge and a non first round guy, not on last year's team, has to either bust out offensively or offer offense while being capable of bringing grit and at least starting out on the 4th line. Rees is doing all of that. Jarvis seems to be a guy that they had penciled into a spot since they are playing him on the top line of team White. So I'm thinking he just has to look decent to get a shot. As a winger, he has a better chance than Suzuki at center. They have one more game, I think today, then they start making cuts. Clearly all three guys need to play well for different reasons to make this insanely stacked team, but I think of the three Suzuki is on the thinnest ice and needs to look really good today. I haven't really focused on the other centers, so not sure how Suzuki's competition is faring out there. I did notice other guys, and while Kirby Dach is making the biggest splash, I did see that skill and IQ from LaPierre a couple of times. To the extent that they are honestly watching these scrimmages, Rees is the guy who should be earning a slot.
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    Rees is getting a lot of praise in the Canada camp. Despite being one of the non first rounders at the camp, he is being called one of the best players in camp. He is being physical, gets in front of the net, scoring, and in the middle of most plays when he is on the ice. Game 1
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    Judging by this thread, we really badly need hockey!
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    Makiniemi got his first career shutout today
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    The actual name is unknown. The point is Sinclair made a deal to put the Bally name on the property and include a betting element. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-18/sinclair-is-said-to-rebrand-sports-networks-with-bally-name TV is a bit of a mess right now. Sinclair bought the FOX RSNs (regional sports networks) from Disney last year, and things have gone downhill since then, mostly due to the pandemic. For you cable subscribers, you probably won't notice a difference except for the name change. For the rest of us, this may be helpful or hurtful. It is still TBD. Those of us who have converted to streaming either Hulu+Live or YouTube TV know that both of those services dropped the RSNs due to cost being asked by Sinclair. Dish network dumped them last year. Sinclair is asking to be $$PAID$$, and it isn't going over well. Don't assume your cable company will brush this off, if anything, they may raise your rates to keep the RSN, or push them to a higher tier. Also, don't assume YTTV and Hulu will add them when the sports seasons restart. A lot of people assume they will, but this is uncertain. Basically, they were dropped at the end of MLB/NHL/NBA this year, so the assumption is they'll restart. Not so fast: Dish has dropped them permanently. Hardball is being played. Buried in the announcement is that Sinclair wants to create an individual subscriber option for the RSN. For those of us left without these networks, this may be good news. Here's the problem. The RSNs were costing the providers $6 to $8 per month. And Sinclair was known to be playing hardball to raise them and get $$PAID$$. So, the thought is for an individual subscriber, they may be asking $15 to $20 per month. The reason for over a doubling is that Sinclair knows the base will be small. They won't get the "coattails" of every cable subscriber (including the 90% who never watch the RSNs) in the deal. I'm not sure I'd go for such a price. I would probably subscribe at $10 per month. In the end, looks like I'm going to be listening to the games this year. No way am I going back to cable, and with YTTV and Hulu likely out of the RSN game for good, times look grim.
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    Spot on. And highly unlikely that few if any of them care at all about the limited market that hockey occupies among major sports to begin with. Seems to me programming in this age in all formats and streaming apps merely targets specific demographics as evidenced by the thematic advertising so prevalent and geared to the hip hop generations and youthful interests, and other than actual hockey broadcasts and occasionally on sports programming, hockey's presence is nearly non-existent. Hockey fans, as a rule, are fundamentally loyal to the sport, yet you mentioned the toleration level, and as I've already stated beforehand, the only sport I've clung to in the recent 6-8 years, is losing some of its esoteric glory for me personally, and I sense for others also.. Maybe it's just that its taken on much of the same qualities of arrogance and indifference to the people who have supported it for years, the vein I've viewed almost all other forms of entertainment in for a long time. I wanna see it, up close and as man cave entertainment daily, but they seem to be stretching my own personal level of interest to the breaking point. And just finding new ways, as they always do, of stretching our wallets, tolerance and now conformity to their convoluted science, answers no questions nor provides the same level of relaxed, enjoyable diversion.
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    rem, 1st read the Hodkinson thing and let me know your take. Most of his statements/facts are true, but to connect the dots IMHO is the classic true-true but not related? For one, he seems to conclude that COVID-19 is no worse than Influenza? On the use of RNA for vaccine, I have not digested it enough to answer how its presence if I understand it, is self limiting, but I'm going to research? Nanoparticle delivery is also foreign to me, but so is is hockey in many aspects, haha.
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    I’ve been watching the Penn St. Wisconsin series (Monday/Tuesday), as I have to watch my Badgers. I think we really drafted a sleeper in Kevin Wall of Penn St. He is everywhere, has a nose for the puck and controls play well. Future Cane developing quite nicely. The game is on BigTen Network as I write this.
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    At least our friendly, resident troll is losing his mind. Most people on the internet loose their mind.
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    It's been a while. I've missed our resident troll.
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    Rees 39 and Suzuki 27 are on the red team , Jarvis 24 is on the white .
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    NCAA hockey is being played in the Big 10 so that gives us Kevin Wall and Jack Lafontaine (yep he is still around). Lafontaine is the starter for Minnesota now. Kevin has scored a goal in both games, against Minnesota, that have been played so far. That matches his goal total from last season. Lafontaine has a very strong first 2 games with a .952 sv percentage with a 1.50 GAA. Penn state was ranked 10th and Minnesota 12th.
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    Actually rem, and I've volunteered to be in the planning group for this county(Sampson), the vaccine is anticipated to be administered at present in 4 phases. 1st phase will be Medical and Long Term Care workers. 2nd phase are those "at greatest risk" being defined as having 2 or more serious diseases. 3rd phase will be teachers, students, etc with propensity to need closeness to conduct business. Then final phase is all others. AND, to complicate that I'd have to think, is that is the present plan, BUT with governmental leadership transition and its divisiveness, as so many things COVID related, WHO KNOWS?
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    What is a Yankee? It is a Quickie but when you are by yourself!
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    Hopefully that nickname wasn't given to him by his wife. I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for picking that low hanging fruit. Sorry Jesper, I'll show myself out.
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    Is it hockey season yet?
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    I don't completely get the apparent negativity towards the reverse retro campaign. Like it or not, the NHL is a business as much as (if not more than) a sport, and this seems like a smart business move during a time when covid has ravaged league revenues. Like 2ndsacker points out, no one is forced to buy one of these jerseys, and if you do, by definition you found it to be a fair value. It's not like the NHL is adding a surcharge to ticket prices in order to make up for lost revenues.
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    I liked it as well. I mean anything is better than simply throwing the nickname on there diagonally, no? *ahem*
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