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    OK- how in the H E double hockey sticks is this determined unless you work with the guy and occupy the locker room with him?
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    That was a good hockey edit: They need to bring in Nic Wallin to bless Nino's stick
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    Dougie clearly played a bit of back yard croquet as a child. Those skills come back when you need them!
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    Talk about throwing water on a fire, dumb*** penalty to deflate the balloon.
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    Amazing, isn't it, how much better our keepers are when guys play D? Happy New Year, all!
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    A big night, a big crowd, a big game (aren't they all) End the decade with a surge
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    Trades have seemed to work out. Lindholm is on a .75 ppg pace and minus rated. His shooting percentage is higher than last season though. we still need a righty that can take face-offs and the crutch that is J Staal removed from Brindy. The team took off once the crutch was removed last season and it needs to happen again. Staal needs to be moved down in the lineup and given less offensive ice time. He should be centering McGinn and Marty right now playing defensive : PK minutes. It won’t happen though. It especially wont happen with him just getting the C. also with Haula’s line back and clicking we should consider making the SAT line a thing again. A Wallmark, Nino, Foegele line wouldn’t be a terrible thing.
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    That was the saddest I've ever heard a play by play announcer... Best quote on the GWG, 'What the heck was Slavin doing up there?'.
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    If we add anything I think it's going to be a defenseman. Get to work Donnie.
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    This is what happens when the team plays it's game and the goalie does too
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    I will be stoked if we can avoid letting in 2 before we score.
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    I'm still a little lukewarm on whether or not Williams is what this team needs right now, but it needs something. Hopefully he sparks the team to about an 8-1-1 record over the next 10 because that could be just what the doctor ordered. Do this.
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    Wonder if reason Wallmark, Foegle, amd McGuinn are playimg so hard lately is they don't want to be then odd man out when JW returns.
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    Dont disagree with any of this, it's just not the end of the world. Thankfully we get the Flyers next and regardless of what happens tonight a win over them put us in a really good spot.
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    Man, that’s the absolute truth. Lot exiting was slow both Tuesday and tonight. Hope it’s better on Sunday. It seems like those closer to Karmanos Dr get out sooner than those who park closer to the arena no matter which lot you’re in. As a courtesy, most people try to zipper merge on the way out, but I had one girl who would have none of it. She wouldn’t let anyone out. As for the game, period one was great. Samsonov was the difference. Second period could have ended a lot worse believe it or not. Third period was just sheer desperation. All things being equal, Canes can win a series against the Caps if they stay out of the box. And why do most Capital fans look alike? Dark hair, beard, 5’8”, 230 pounds, and mouthy. And that’s just the women. 😜
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    News Flash ESPN Einstein- If you have been watching we already ARE a contendah.
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    I think it's been a great debate. And I think we're about to find out with our own eyes how his return plays out.
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    I'm not able to get to many games, but I was at that one as well. Would love to see us repeat the result, but perhaps we can go a different route than dropping behind by 3 goals? On the other hand, the big comeback was what made the game so special. I'll be happy with 2 points no matter how we get them.
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    I just don’t understand Roddie throwing Staal out there when we are trying to tie it. Just swap Svech and Nino, ride that line to death.
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    Uh, dude, you aren't Svech.
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    AVs aren't a one man team but containing MacKinnon would go a long way in the effort to win. This should be a nice test for both teams. No matter what happens it has been a successful road trip. A win would be really great. Only two points behind the Isles. Time to put them behind us and go after the Caps.
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    And the teammates. Something is going on. They clearly respect him through this struggle.
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    This is not a good hockey team..... right now
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    A lot of sports are comprised of three things: conditioning, technique, and mental prep. We seem to be lacking in the third department lately. Very little organization and concerted effort.
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    Waiting for Aho to get a break away so John can say " I think we're alone now"
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    They were referring to the teams that bring it day in and day out and could take the Cup. The teams they were considering to be battleship teams were the likes of Washington, Boston, St. Louis and Colorado was one of them. To my surprise, the host of the show were not sold on the Canes not being considered that, but weren't completely committed to saying they were. They were on the fence about it, which would not have been the case 2 years ago in my opinion. The consensus on the show was that the Canes' lack of physical presence would take it's toll on them in the playoffs against the teams mentioned above. I find it hard to disagree with their opinions, but it is also nice to be at a point in Raleigh to even get mentions concerning our team cannot be overlooked.
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    Ate up all the cushion. Now +8 becoming +7 goes to the cutline, where +9 gives some daylight. Time to start winning again to get back on pace, need a minimum of +2 over the next 8. (5-3, 4-2-2, etc. 10 pts)
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    I didn't do a lot today but I did manage to vote for Turbo x10
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    You forget sir, I'm one of the guys who took the *edit*. I'd take Justin Faulk on the team right now over anybody not named Slavin, Pesce, or Hamilton. Like I always have. Too bad he wanted 6 million. With that said, I'd save any available money or cap space for another D man down the stretch and not squander it on a wish and a prayer. And at some point we need a goalie that can steal a game. I can't remember at any point this season our tandem has pulled that off.
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    Bold prediction: We will see more and more of this going forward. This league is faster than ever, making it increasingly unlikely that guys Willy's age will be able go for a full season and the playoffs to boot. But if guys of his caliber are able to use the first half of the season to maintain/get into NHL shape--a big if, to be sure--save half a season of wear and tear, and then inject their expertise and excitement into both the team and the fan base, I could see it becoming a recurring thing. I'd bet that Willy has mulled over this scenario a lot longer than just last summer. He's a smart guy and he's been around long enough to have run into older guys who came back and talk to them about the experience, what they'd do differently, etc.
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    A fine ending to 2019. Now we can surge into 2020. Happy New Year
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    OK the list would be no fun without commentary. At least for me. A few thoughts in random order. Necas is heading for 20G and 50 points as a rookie. Svech did 20G and 37 points his rookie year. This is not to dis Svech who focused on back checking and had lower end wingers, but to point out that Necas is the real deal. Svech is already hitting his star status as a second year player. Next year Necas should increase also. Maybe not a ppg, but still a major player. Aho, TT, Svech, Necas and Dougie should all be elite offensive players. If we are giving out grades for underperforming expectations: 1. Gardiner 2. Staal 3. Nino. Nino has been picking up and is very streaky. Gardiner has visible talent off the charts, but has shown low hockey IQ for our system. Hopefully has a Dougie-style turnaround in the back half. Staal. Is he hurt? He did look better against Washington. He will never shoot like Svech or pass like TT, but he has better offense in him. If it starts to show, it will add another 40 point guy to the roster. If we are giving out grade for outperforming expectations it's harder because we have high expectations, but also because, if we're fair, a bunch of guys have exceeded. But Svech and Dougie are my top candidates. We all "knew" Svech had ppg in him, but not necessarily this year. And one word for frosting on the Svech cake: Lacrosse. And Dougie. 27G/76 points. He is #5 in the NHL for D in ppg and #2 in goals. But this is a year of a few D men busting out. Last year, 27G would have been #1 by FAR, and 76 points would have been #2. I add Haula since he's on a 41 goal pace, but the injury has knocked him off a bit. Also coming on for this is Wallmark, who has a ppg and 5G over 10 games and will soon be on a 40 point pace despite 4th and 3rd line minutes and wingers. And I'm putting m'boy Foegele on here, because it's my list. He's also coming on over the last 11 games. Thing is, I had high expectations for him, so he's closer to those for me. Aho and TT are killing it, and Slavin is putting up points, but are on expectations. I'd say Edmundson as a big, stay at home guy projecting 6G and 21 P is beating expectations. Martinook can put up more goals IMO, but has battled injury. McGinn is below expecations, but last year and this are moving him into perma 4th liner, where expectations are lower. I don't know about Haula's knee, or what he'll get in his next contract, but that is a good hockey player, who goes to the net and is scoring at a 41Goal pace and plays two way center. I hope we can keep him. I know that Staal has been the man, and has the full NTC and is the Captain, and brings size and possession, but if Haula is healthy and Wallmark keeps this up, Aho-Haula-Wallmark would in theory allow a Staal trade if he'd go. This is out there as Staal might be fighting something and get back to his best, but I just like Haula. I also absolutely see Necas as a future center. But would still like to keep Haula.
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    Dougie got high sticked...no call
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    Yes, but looks like the team hasn't fully recovered from that burnt out after that super successful making history road trip. Even one point in a hard fought game would be huge
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    When your woo is too fast, wait for Marley...
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    There we go. We have just been playing with too many men on the ice😁
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    Teams absolutely can not let Svech be behind the goal with his forehand side open. They can leave the backhand side open, unless the Svech becomes ambidextrous. At that point as a coach you toss the paper in the air and give up.
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    The Captain's got his groove back!
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    I've been wrong once or twice in my life, but I just dont see Willy lacing them up for another team with the Canes in the thick of the playoff race
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