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    Ahi is underrated. You're probably overcooking it.
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    Looks like someone's pressure relief valve popped. Welcome, JLenardDetroit, ... I think.
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    I heard there's a new Snickers commercial in the works. People turn into bluedevil58 when they get cranky and need a Snickers to come down. Watch for it during the Superbowl.
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    Eat a Snickers bar, you're having a meltdown.
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    Ponomaryov has 5 goals and 4 assists through 9 games. Not a lot of video available to share unfortunately. this is the most recent one I could find on the twitter.
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    Where would I find the Hodkinson info? Also, if he's saying it's no worse than flu...well maybe if you're 20. Among other things, this has been going for 8 months and is building, I don't think any flu season of the past 100 years has done that. If we hadn't luckily advanced actual science to where it is, and had people working on Corona Virus vaccines due to SARS and MERS, the vaccines would be a year or more off. How much longer would this thing run? How much damage both directly, economically and politically might this thing have caused? More than flu, that I can tell you. In my clinical experience, I have seen patients with influenza pneumonia, and frankly it's pretty nasty, but I've seen flu pneumonia maybe 3-4 times in the past 25 years, whereas I've seen the Covid pneumonia too many times to count this year alone. I get that aspects of this have been overblown. I get the power of bias with the world's attention focused on this, political aspects folded in and a presidential election year to boot, but there is definitely something very different about this virus.
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    Nice article on the Canes new practice facility. Looks like a top notch venue. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/inside-the-canes-new-practice-facility/c-319669342 Bonus: here's a quote from Dougie Hamilton. Even more incentive for him to reach a mutually agreeable extension. "I think it's awesome. It's somewhere you look forward to coming to each day. You come to practice, and you want to be somewhere you enjoy being. It's obviously very nice. A lot of natural light in here. It will be fun for us to spend a lot of time here."
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    A couple of goals from Pashin for your viewing pleasure same goal, different angle
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    Dear Gussie, I’m still going to miss “Hey, hey, whattaya say” and “That’s hockey baby.” If John doesn’t land the NBC gig, he may have overplayed his hand here. Sooner or later someone will pick him up. He’s too good. When I had Center Ice, I would say a solid 80% of the announcers were not even close to being in his league.
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    Figured I would find some Lafontaine action to share. Good praise by the coach in the first one.
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    Trolling; you didn't feel that hook in your lip?
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    I thought this topic was gonna be way more interesting with the 80's reference.
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    Something to talk about anyways. Granlund in an interesting option, but IMO it's hard to see the fit. It would make sense only in 2 situations: 1. A big bargain, fairly short term. 2. As part of more moves. Granlund is a bit like Trocheck in that he's a highly skilled playmaking center who flashed high end skill and then declined, though, even in decline is a smart hard working, high IQ, high skill, playmaking center, who is a bit undersized. Basically Troceck. Heck one is 27 and one 28. The IDEA of Granlund straight up, is interesting though because, like Trocheck, you could get a guy who is a very nice second line center at his recent production, but has produced first line center numbers in the past in the actual NHL. Granlund's story is possibly better in that he went to Nashville, where some other offensive players have struggled to fit. Maybe a change of scenery and suddenly you have a 65 point 45 assist second line center. But then there's the guys already here: So, if we have Aho/Trocheck/Staal/Geekie, where does Granlund fit in? He really doesn't. We're already all filled up with NHL forwards. 1. Aho, 2. Svech, 3. TT, 4. Necas, 5. Foegele, 6. Trocheck, 7. Staal, 8. Nino, 9. Fast, 10. Martinook, 11. Dzingle 12. McGinn 13. Geekie. With no moves, Granlund would be #14. But the real problem is, IMO, too many centers. We could trade Dzingle and or Nino, and be fine in total. But Granlund is a center. Currently he is a 50 point guy with 65 point upside. Much like, yup, Trocheck. Granlund is not a 4th line guy. So, unless we either trade a center or move Staal to the 4th line, where do the centers all play? To me this makes this very unlikely, but one thing I've learned is that the committee will make moves that don't seem to make sense if they perceive and upgrade. If they think Granlund is better than, or even as good at Trochek, they could sign Granlund and trade Trochek, netting an asset in the deal. So the options I see after signing Granlund: 1. Trade Trochek. Similar players but net an asset in the trade. 2. Trade Staal. Yeah, right. I know, it's not happening, and he'd have to waive, but it moves a NMC off the team (helps in expansion draft), and it gets that Staal stone hands and stone 4 years contract off our necks. I know, Rod and TD keep saying Jordan is one of the best players in the NHL, and clearly is a phenomenal human being and teammate, but his career year was 50 points, which is where both Trochek and Granlund have had their low years, and Staal's last two years have been, well disappointing, projecting out to 46 and last 32 points, and 18 and last 10 goals for a full 82 game season. Staal is big and somewhat physical and if we traded him out for Granlund we'd have all munchkins down the middle on our top 3 lines, doesn't seem likely, but Granlund has posted good +/- relative to his team, so he does play both ways. 3. Trade Aho. Just kidding. 3. Move Trocheck or Granlund or Jordan to the wing. They moved Eric to the wing, so why not Jordan? Trochek and Granlund are potentially elite playmakers, Jordan is, well, he's not. Moving Jordan to wing would then allow us to trade a winger or two (Dzingle and or Nino pop to mind). Just seems like a lot of work. Unless we have the monster move where Staal gets moved, it's hard to see. But the committee seems to never sleep, so who knows?
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    https://www.hockeyweb.de/international/dominik-bokk-nach-ablauf-der-shl-saison-werde-ich-in-die-nhl-gehen-102646 An interview with Bokk from yesterday. Basically: He went back to Sweden because he didnt like how the DEL team he was on was ran He wants to be in NA but Carolina wants their prospects to play and get into rhythm He talks to Carolina regularly and breaks down each game He plans on getting to NA once the SHL season is over because they dont have short contracts in the SHL.
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    before the top players began/begin moving back to NA for an eventual NHL season, I would say the talent level was / is above AHL level. As it returns to normal levels I would put it below the AHL. I wouldnt say its a huge drop though. League ranks NHL KHL SHL (both are really good and deep, its razor thin with who is better) AHL Liiga DEL hockeywriters.com top 10 hockey leagues has AHL below all of the the European Pro leagues so what do I know.
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    Yeah there are so many things that could break well if we could get back to playing. I've been predicting Necas' ascent since he walked up to the podium and continue to expect him to build solidly on a solid rookie year. He's slightly under the radar, though more prospect oriented writers definitely see him now, #35 on that list is not shabby. I'd predict a 25 goal, 60 point season for Necas in a full 82 (or projected to) this year. In terms of guys on contracts that didn't kill it: Trochek wasn't really here long enough to factor in. He could go either way. He has not produced much yet, but he was creating chances in the playoffs. He's a bit maligned by some who think he's never recovered from injury to hit his peak, but as I've posted before, even with that, he's been a reliable 50 plus point guy for a long time. To me he passes the eyeball test. Nino. Well, he absolutely could bounce back. He did it once. Gardiner at least became "not bad" in the second half. Skjei looks pretty good, but he was paid to be better than that. I do think guys deserve a season to acclimate to a new team, so he'll be another one to watch this year. Dzingle....he looks better than the way Brindy plays him. I don't know. If he's gotten whatever message Rod has been sending him, maybe he can get back to producing, but he'd be on my list of guys to move if not. IMO as it stands Trochek is the only guy on that list I would not trade if any kind of value popped up. But likely, the trade value on all of them is low between their straight up value and their contracts. I also see two guys on the team who are not on those lists, but could step up substantially. Foegele and Geekie. Foegele has improved dramatically just about every year of his career, and certainly from his rookie to sophomore NHL years. I see him pushing it up some more still. I'd predict Foegele to project to 20 goals/50 points in 82. That is serious. (He already did 16 goals and 43 points projected from last year. 43 points is actually very solid NHL second line winger). Geekie is trickier. He busted onto the scene with 4 points and 3 goals in 3 games, but then got only one assist in 8 playoff games. Still he managed to be -1 despite not scoring. Geekie is a bit slow, but uses the frame, has decent hands and goes to the net. But that play around the net, could "net" a lot of goals, even in 4th line duty. Man, we need to get this thing going! Get those vaccines out there!
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    Man, I've been through a lot of dead, "dog days" of little-to-nothing hockey wise to talk about, but this is ridiculous. At least those of us who try to follow our prospects somewhat could look to the World Juniors and especially this year Team Canada with arguably our two best forward prospects (Jarvis and Suzuki) there, as well as Rees. Then Rees is coming on as a possible long shot making good, and....Covid....14 Day Quarantine. Nothing to see here. So, is there anything? Nothing new really, but the Athletic has made a couple of interesting lists that we find our guys and team on. First, top 25 players under 25: Aho #9, Svech #13. (This was NBC sports). Keep in mind that TT, Dougy, Slavin and Pesce are 26. Second, 50 most valuable assets in hockey. Best players on decent deals. #41 Teuvo Taravainen (ppg, good contract), #29 Jacob Slavin, #28 Svech, #19 Aho. Dougy is listed as just missed due to only one year on contract. Sign him and add him to this list. That list is filled with only elite players. If, as I am want to do, we project Dougy to say #20 if he were signed, that would give us 5/50. The average team should have 1.6 guys on this list. Third, they rated every teams contract efficiency. We were #11, but were #1 the year before. Fourth, (I hit this before): Top players under 23. This includes this year's draft class, which is still mostly hype. #6: Svech, #35 Necas, #75 Jarvis, #78 Bean, #100 Suzuki, #123: Gunler, #140 Bokk. And last, they Power Ranked teams looking out to 23-24. I think about 4 seasons out. We came in #4 with a nod to be even higher, except that they are still wary of TD's ownership style, especially front office. This is a bit ironic since the Cane's front office was ranked #3 in the NHL by team's own fans. As soon as this lousy season gets over, this team has a bright future. As those left on here know, I think that goes way up if we can sign Dougy long term, but the pieces both on the team and in the system has never been brighter. I would just add to the list of prospects, and younger guys with good upside: Jamison Rees, who's looking great at Team Canada camp, Jack Drury, who I think has more upside than most, but also: Keane, Honka, Ponomarov, Puistola, Nikishin, Tieksola and a host of other guys to add to Jarivis, Suzuki, Bean, Gunler and Bokk. And a bit back under the radar, but watch him moving forward: Morgan Geekie. To combine all of that up there, we have deep prospect pool, depth under 23, best players under 25 (with 4 studs just off the list at 26) 4 of the 50 best assets in hockey bumping to 5 if we sign Dougy. We are projected as the 4th best team in the NHL in a few years, we've been #1 and now #11 in contract efficiency, and our own fans voted us #3 best front office. And most importantly, everyone seems to love our reverse retro jerseys (except me).
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    im finally back to where I can post videos. Gunler got an assist by working hard to get to a puck and fighting off a defender that was riding him. He was able to tap it to an open linemate while drawing a delayed penalty Nybeck got an assist during our break too. It was a very odd pass from one defender to the other in the D zone. Nybeck was on point and able to knock the pass down, collect it, deke, and make a great backhand pass to a teammate.
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    Eetu Makiniemi is surge ready
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    Makiniemi got his first career shutout today
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    Spot on. And highly unlikely that few if any of them care at all about the limited market that hockey occupies among major sports to begin with. Seems to me programming in this age in all formats and streaming apps merely targets specific demographics as evidenced by the thematic advertising so prevalent and geared to the hip hop generations and youthful interests, and other than actual hockey broadcasts and occasionally on sports programming, hockey's presence is nearly non-existent. Hockey fans, as a rule, are fundamentally loyal to the sport, yet you mentioned the toleration level, and as I've already stated beforehand, the only sport I've clung to in the recent 6-8 years, is losing some of its esoteric glory for me personally, and I sense for others also.. Maybe it's just that its taken on much of the same qualities of arrogance and indifference to the people who have supported it for years, the vein I've viewed almost all other forms of entertainment in for a long time. I wanna see it, up close and as man cave entertainment daily, but they seem to be stretching my own personal level of interest to the breaking point. And just finding new ways, as they always do, of stretching our wallets, tolerance and now conformity to their convoluted science, answers no questions nor provides the same level of relaxed, enjoyable diversion.
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    rem, 1st read the Hodkinson thing and let me know your take. Most of his statements/facts are true, but to connect the dots IMHO is the classic true-true but not related? For one, he seems to conclude that COVID-19 is no worse than Influenza? On the use of RNA for vaccine, I have not digested it enough to answer how its presence if I understand it, is self limiting, but I'm going to research? Nanoparticle delivery is also foreign to me, but so is is hockey in many aspects, haha.
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    On another POSITIVE note all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay safe.
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    CFF giving BD58 the business about mind losing. So 2020.
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    Well, I'm not into getting it on the grey market. I worked in software for a career and saw my IP get stolen all the time. Not a fan. So even though I may resent the amount the boys are asking to get paid, I also implicitly agree to support the team through legal means of watching. It is too bad I just can't consume more car dealer, insurance and Marley commercials as payment. Really wondering why so many sports have had to go to pay TV. (The fact I even mentioned Marley shows that advertising works.) Which brings me to your point about betting. I believe you are right that it will support it. I would be happy to sign up for an account, as long as I don't have to bet. I'm not against betting, I'm just terrible at it and it gives me no joy. If the Bally tie in works correctly, that could subsidize the price. We shall see.
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