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    This game has probable taken on more importance than I would of thought a few weeks ago. Heading into the All Star game and bye week in a playoff spot takes on its own importance if only as a confidence building victory. On a moderating note we have had some complaints about the increasing use of innuendo on the board. Keeping in mind that the intention of the board is a place to be inclusive of all members I ask that you think before you post. The word filter is intended to help moderators catch words that might slip through and not a replacement for the actual word that might be offensive. Replacing a word with *edit* while leaving the meaning unchanged is circumventing the intent of the rules. Robust debate over views is welcome but attacks on each others views are not welcome Please help make this board an enjoyable experience for all. After all we are all hockey fans. OBXer
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    I'm glad Lake had a talk with RB about keeping guys rested with a platoon approach.
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    No losses in the shootout so far. I remember when....
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    Big picture? It’s amazing what a calming presence J Willy is on the ice. We look decent
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    We have given up a goal on the first shot in something like 5 of the last 9 or 10 games. Reimer stole the Islanders game. Don’t get not rewarding him for 3 straight quality starts.
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    Attention all fans 50 and older, for the remainder of the season, heart pills, xanex and oxygen will be available upon exiting through the East and West gates after home games. Exclaiming "Wooooooooo" is strongly discouraged for patients with prior medical issues. This has been a Caniac Service Announcement.
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    Slavin given PHWA's Midseason Rod Langway Award for best defensive defenseman: https://www.thephwa.com/news_article/show/1080159 Well deserved!
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    Did you see Petr trip Scheifele after the crosscheck on Pesce? I laughed.
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    That looked like a pretty light tap for a slashing call, sigh...
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    Optimis Reim sweating 😓 like a champ and he earned every bit of that W
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    This is why you don't have to cringe over who spends time watching when JW returns. I think most everyone would get value from watching one game and recharging their collective batteries. Everyone, from McGinn all the way up to Aho. Over the next 14 games JW should play about 12, with each of the 12 current forwards sitting 1. The offense has been anemic, so there's no harm in shaking things up.
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    At least Aho is trying to win it
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    Depends on who you ask, Tubby or Twitchy ?
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    Coming out of the starting blocks, Haula's fast run to 8 goals seemed to make a genius of DW's trading acumen. His subsequent "lower body" injury made me wonder whether Haula's career might be over. With multiple knee operations and subsequent replacement, I know what the pounding to that joint feels like. Haula is in a contract year, and wants to beef up his numbers to score the best contract he can. Normal behavior. The Canes want to take care of his body so that they have him playing in the post season. While it might not maximize his numbers, I think the Canes approach, to sit him out on a periodic basis, may be in Haula's best interest. The last thing he wants is to succumb to a season ending knee injury. That would have him skating on the thinnest of ice surfaces looking for a deal in free agency. I think if he plays in about 75% of the remaining games plus the playoffs and gets to 20 goals some team is going to offer him a deal. I'm not sure if that team is the Canes, what with Suzuki, Geekie, and other young prospects coming up needing a spot.
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    The scoreboard wasn't kind to us last night. We remain in a playoff spot clinging onto the last wildcard spot. At the same time we are only 2 pts out of third and 6 points out of 2nd. Now a couple of days to enjoy the playoff spot heading into the All-Star game before looking up at the scoreboard again and adding up points and games in-hand
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    I just want this to go to trial so I can see the courtroom sketches of Gritty
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    As we go into the break, it is a great pre-break by Canes standards. 61 points and 29 wins. we are 6 points out of 2nd and 2 out of 3rd (magic bean). Yet we are 1 point from 6th place in the division as well. Columbus and Philly are one point behind. a +27 goal differential (6th best in the league) is very good for us. Columbus and Philly have a +7 and +8 goal differential, respectively. That is a big difference between the teams to only be up a point. Islanders are +11.
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    Good game. We could of had a few more but Hellebuck gets paid as well.
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    Geez check the rafters for a sniper Petr got killed by a ghost.
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    Rare emotion from TT. You know it was a bad missed call.
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    Man, Mo lit a fire under their *edit* during the intermission cause the Jets are flying
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    Message received on the front end. Now let's see if the D heard it.
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    Always against the Pens for me. Possibly if a Pens win puts the Canes in the playoffs, but even then it would be tough. Go Philly.
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    Going to miss most if not all of this game. Yell them on for me, guys.
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    We’re working through a funk right now and still very much in it. If we are able to catch any wind in our sails and go on a nice run, we easily enter the top 3. 😎
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    yeah....all those seasons where we would've made it in, IF we won some shootouts. Gut wrenching😩
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    Well, Reimer stole that one, as our offense decided to take the weekend off
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    What a difference not having Dougie is, we usually dominate possession in overtime this is very weird to watch.
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    We are giving up way too many chances to the Isles.
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    The team needs to get the foot back on the gas in the second.
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    PNC Arena ice sucks, it’s bad every year... (5th worst in the League per a NHLPA survey in 2018)
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    And HE lives happily ever after.
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    Svech is getting a hell of a bad habit just throwing pucks without looking
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    Reimer is having a good game. He must live fearless
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    Here’s hoping the Wings can pull off a miracle tonight against the Evil Empire
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    I think the "it" you are referring to is leadership. JW will hopefully provide a boost in that regard. However, the "it" they don't have this season is the physical element. The forward line may be more talented with the additions of Dzingel, Haula, and Necas, but losing players who present problems for the opponents such as Ferland and Saku is costing the team. I don't get to watch the games, but I'm not even sure what Dzingel has been doing. Haula and Necas, along with Wallmark, have certainly added some scoring. The internal "it", besides JW, that I would like them to try, is promoting Gauthier. He has rebounded from a tough demotion at training camp to have a good season at Charlotte. This is a very middle of the road team, and needs a little tweaking. Certainly the Hamilton injury is going to be a challenge to respond to, but that's the reason they have Bean, Priskie, and McKeown down on the farm, right?
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    Did they leave him outside an opposing arena following a game and call a cab for him? Vegas was not lighting it up, but were right in the hunt for their division and/or wild card. Taking a first year expansion team to the SCF doesn’t buy you much loyalty!
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