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    Well, as a proud American, good things still happen in times like these, My daughter gave birth to a healthy boy last night at 1 AM. Meet Josey Tanner Boyles. All and future Canes fans.
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    Stopped by to say hey to everybody and I hope you and yours are coping as best as possible.
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    Congratulations to the New York Rangers on being the first team in NHL history to be swept in the playoffs in August!
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    Today, PNC Arena’s food service VAB Catering made a large food donation to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The Raleigh-based non-profit is focused on providing emergency food to families affected by the Coronavirus crisis. $300k donation....good job.
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    OK- how in the H E double hockey sticks is this determined unless you work with the guy and occupy the locker room with him?
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    TORONTO --Suiting up for game three of the Stanley Cup qualifier on Tuesday, his team down two games to none in the best-of-five series to the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers' defenseman Tony DeAngelo knew the pressure was on. "Sure, I mean, it's an elimination game," DeAngelo said Thursday. "You want to leave it all out there, so you're not wondering if you could have done more. That's what I did. But when the game was over, I couldn't find it. So I went to look for it." But he wasn't expecting this: DeAngelo spoke from a Toronto jail. "Who knew people would call the cops?" he asked, incredulous. "I mean, just because a guy walks up to them on the street and asks if they've seen his jockstrap?" DeAngelo noticed the supporter was gone--"They got the cup, too," he added with a grunt--after Sebastian Aho scored the game's third goal. "Yeah, I had it, and then," he snapped his fingers, "just like that. Gone. I still don't know what happened, and I've watched the replay, like, a hundred times." Toronto police say DeAngelo was picked up Wednesday night, while accosting passersby outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. He's being held in lieu of $100 bail. "We called the Rangers," said Toronto PD watch commander Tyrone Shoelace. "They deny knowing him."
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    If Jordan's last name was Smith rather than Staal, he'd be a 2C or 3C who plays solid at both ends without much upside or downside. He's not a great leader, playmaker, or scorer, but he's dependable, good defensively, and is not going to make mistakes that cost games. I agree that he seems a little different this year. Maybe he's still dealing with the loss of his child last year, and he certainly deserves to be cut a lot of slack after that. Maybe he's playing hurt. He seems lost or vacant in his post-game interviews. Sometimes I wonder if he'd just rather be Jordan "Smith" and enjoy playing hockey as a solid 2C or 3C who doesn't have all the baggage that comes with being a Staal or wearing the C. Whatever is going on with him, I hope he finds his way—not because it will help the team, but just because he matters as a person.
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    We are more experienced than last year,, i think its going to be one heck of a series.
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    I have to stop and give a big thumbs up to Hayden Fluery, who I gave up on. Big mistake. It took him a while, but holy cow was he great in this series. And for those blindfolded when watching the games, Gardiner was pretty damn good too - awacs.
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    It's great to have the hockey juices flowing inside my body again.
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    Just checking in. Hope everyone is doing well out there. 👍🏽😎
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    Really glad Marty's back, he brings a lot. I'm also an Eetu fan, really liked watching him out there. We most definitely haven't seen the last of him.
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    Snipe away. Plenty of great goal scorers never hoist Lord Stanley. Ask Marcel Dionne. At the end of the day, he's not a team guy, and that's what Brindy wants to build a team around. I would say Brindy can take solace in the fact that he's building a team around guys that buy in, not ones that stand around hailing a cab so they can pad their stats. Brindy wins. So much winning.
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    He has 1pt in 6 games......and it's an ENG. He got USED like a rented mule, on the one Columbus goal. It's been a terrible start for the young man. Aho has to realize there is no flying under the radar anymore. Teams are going to match up against him to hold him down. Time to put the big boy pants and hard hat on, and go to work. The other lines are playing well, so I suspect RB will leave them alone, and let these guys sort it out. I personally think he needs some snarl in his game. I know he is a "gentle personality" by nature, or at least it seems when he has been interviewed, but the guy has to get angry, just like Patches O'Houlihan once said.. I want to see more intensity out of him. Where is that third gear from last year where he just blew by people?
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    I had no idea he even did any road cycling. Who knew he was in the lead?
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    Found this one on Facebook
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    Losing hurts. It usually takes me a few hours to get over it. I'm back to normal now. We're were down 0-2 to WSH, so plenty of life left. Let's get'em tomorrow!
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    Based upon how the Bruins manhandled the Canes last season and his desire to get into the Canes heads, he has every right to say that. Creating bulletin board motivation for the Canes defense might not be a great strategy though. The Canes should approach this series with a similar outlook as the Caps series last year. It won't be a walk in the park. There will be bruised bodies all around the locker room. They need to take it one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time. The Canes have the talent to win this series, and last year's playoff experience should worry the Bruins. One thing is for sure; if the Bruins are expecting a repeat of last year, fahgetaboutit..........
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    I left the board (took a break) after it turned into political sniping and juvenile insults. I wasn't going to come back until an announcement was made. Then Mrs. wxray tells me about this (see still reads the N&O) and I took a peek here to see if it was safe. Maybe not safe, but at least some of the name calling has stopped. So, this is really interesting news. It kind of follows with Dundon's style, doesn't it? Remember when he came on. Actions were swift, direct and harsh. (Ron Francis, Chuck Kaiton, and my favorite topic, Larry the organist.) The fact that this situation is resolving harshly should not surprise us. A thought about travel. In an optimal world, it isn't too bad between O'Hare and RDU. The problem is we know air travel is not optimal these days. Especially O'Hare in the winter. The good news is that the Allstate Arena is literally next to the airport. A player could live in that neighborhood and be 10 or 15 minutes from the airport or arena no problem. In a large metro area like Chicago, that matters. Believe me. If the arena were, say, in Naperville, that would be a real hassle. Travel is certainly better than upstate NY or MA. All in all, nothing surprises me with Dundon. He will continue to shake things. Oh, and maybe in the future when the world returns to normal, this will be a great reason for me to go visit my family. I went to a Wolves game a few years ago on a visit. It was fun. Very different. Not sure I am into indoor fireworks hanging off the jumbotron (with associated debris raining on the ice), but hey, it is the AHL.
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    Watching this game 7 brings back a lot memories. On a side note I thought I would share something positive with all of you. I currently have a daughter and today we found out we are having a boy. Exciting times and I will get to see what it is like to have a son and a daughter.
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    Everyone has their opinion but I prefer to listen to doctors in the medical arena not some "expert" on a hockey forum.
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    I have to give everyone a hand. I haven't been on for a couple of days and I expected everyone to be taking the pipe. I don't hear no fat lady. Hang in there, we are gonna get this. We lost a lot when we lost Pesce and the 2 sieves.
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    I know that TD gave Forslund a one year deal, and as much as you'd possibly expect from John he dropped the veil on that he was surprised by that. What I wonder though is the details. I'm guessing that Forslund has an out clause if Doc Emmrick ever retires and the national job is offered to him. Could be that TD doesn't like giving a long term deal with the out clause? I'm purely guessing here because otherwise it makes no sense to me. If you're lucky enough to have a guy like Forslund calling your games, you gotta lock that down.
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    I think people may be underestimating Skjei a bit. He makes good money for a reason. This is a guy who can play in your top 4. He can skate, he’s not some big pylon. He’s a Cane now so I’m a fan, if he does improve/develop more, he is going to be very valuable for us.
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    Wish we could’ve kept Priskie...Eetu will have a respectable career as well. Wally? Take him or leave him. Doubt he will ever be more than a 4C. Still, nothing bad to say about his time here...solid contributor for what he did, and I wish him well.
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    Dougie Hamilton Named to NHL All-Star Game RALEIGH, NC - The National Hockey League today announced that Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Dougie Hamilton will represent the Metropolitan Division at the 2020 NHL All-Star Weekend, to take place from Jan. 24-25 in St. Louis. This marks Hamilton's first appearance at the event. Now to vote TT in. Voting begins Jan 1st Teuvo Teravainen is the team's nominee for the 2020 NHL All-Star Last Men In vote. Fans will vote to select one player from each division to attend the 2020 NHL All-Star Weekend
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    hip Alexander‏Verified account @ice_chip 5h5 hours ago More Haula back at practice
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    We got Priskie for nothing. Great work again by the dysfunctional cheap-*edit* front office that can't attract talent to Raleigh. Hope he actually develops concurrently with the hopes by the front office that he will. If so, this is just great asset management by the team, considering expiring contracts and the expansion draft.
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    Hayden Fleury was my first star today for the good guys. I think it was his best game in a Canes jersey.
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    Adding Hamilton to this team could be just sick. But the thing that will make us worthy contenders for it all will be if we keep getting this kind of goaltending. If we get those two things? There's no reason we can't win. It will get even sicker if our middle lines start lighting the lamp a few times. I like the idea of splitting Trochek from Nino. Put Nino with Stonehands and tell them to play defense. Put Trochek with Necas and one more skilled guy and let them create.
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    Remember when we sucked playing afternoon games?
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    Forslund is great for many reasons. But lately I've appreciated his modesty, his humor and his ability to drop commentary right into his play by play. When he says "shot from the point no tip available", or a shot is "easily handled" by X goalie, he is also building a feel into the call that the team is not quite getting it done on that play. Over the course of the game it tells part fo the story well beyond who passed to whom. He does it on the good side too. He's also been willing to call out officials and players when it is part of the story of the game but without over doing the homerism. John's call works at every level. Casual fans get a nice call of the action, and seasoned well informed fans get the inside stuff. And this is even before his riffs with Tripp. Shaya seems like a decent guy, and his calls are not terrible. But to steal and switch up Lake's analogy, Shaya is like Wallmark while John is Aho. But rather than fear his leaving, I just try to enjoy his being here for as long as it runs.
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    Headline just popped up on my phone, Slavin replaces Dougie. It's great and sucks all at the same time. A worthy replacement is all I can say.
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    Really happy about this one. I hope both Necas and Haula are good to go, but Goat is our first rounder that has not really had a shot in NHL games yet. I've always thought he had serious skills around the net and with the puck, and scoring, and he's massive. He's the prototypical power forward. He was so strong in camp. And he really picked up his goal scoring recently with 5 goals in his last 6 games. From the Checkers website: Julien Gauthier is tied for fifth in the AHL in power-play goals (5) Very glad he's getting a shot.
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    Good, thanks AWACS, great to see news other than a Skinner rehash?
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    I don't see Brindy as the begging type for most things but through interviews where Brindy said things such as he hopes he wouldn't need to talk to Williams about his decision I get the vibe Brindy asked as a favor that Williams not retire and just take as much time as he could on the decision with hopes Williams would miss the game and come back. I think Williams is content with being a full time Dad at the moment and his next NHL role will be in an office if he wants one.
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    Not sure if this was covered here yet, but Brind'Amour says Haula did not have a concussion and will only be out for a few days. I'm assuming then, since we have more than that off, he shouldn't miss any games from this. And that is good since he's our all world putter of the puck into the net.
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    All this extra curricular activity is fine with me. We have been searching for a real in your face, I don't like them rivalry for years. I'm good with both Washington and Carolina ratcheting up a healthy dislike of each other.
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    So Nashville's team is better than our prospects. The only thing I care about this game is the status of Dingle.
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    Decent return. Faulk wasn’t going to be here next year, and I think his AAV is too high. Happy we got players and not picks. Just glad it’s over, and I wish Faulk the best. The good Faulk was fun to watch.
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    Based on unwritten hockey orders of succession it would pretty much have to go to Staal, but in a perfect world (i.e., he doesn't want it and the players choose) I'd vote for Slavin all day long. Mature beyond his years, exudes a quiet confidence, and is usually the first guy back at the rink as the season approaches--if he leaves at all.
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