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    OK- how in the H E double hockey sticks is this determined unless you work with the guy and occupy the locker room with him?
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    Someone has a great sense of humor...
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    Marleau should sit this one out. After all isn't that what we're paying him for.
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    I’m not sure I can take another 78 of these....
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    Oh, the head-scratching and prediction analysis. Isn't this great??? I've been following the squad since '02. Don't post much but do enjoy most of the banter. What makes this great is that the Canes are once again relevant. The Committee is pushing buttons and pulling levers to do what they deem best. I can't remember an off-season where I've actually checked the 'net multiple times a day just to see if anything has happened regarding the team. Looking forward to my appointment time tomorrow when I can log on and select my paltry 11-game plan dates. Due to some monetary issues I actually considered cancelling my plan but am going to keep it. Wouldn't it be great if Remkin's island could be named the 8th continent over the next few seasons???!! Carry on folks. Thanks for the insight and the fun.
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    Willy: $700k, $1.3m in possible bonus money. That's certainly not greedy on his part.
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    1-3-0 5-0-0 Blue Jackets @ Hurricanes PNC Arena Saturday Oct 12th 7:00 PM Watch: FS-CR FS-O + Listen: 99.9 The Fan Keep on strutin 5-0-0 as the Canes keep adding onto franchise history for best start they come away with a sound win with the loss of the Marty Party for 2 months, whose doing well according to a recent tweet. Onto Columbus whose roster was decimated by poor contract decisions. However they are a group of 20 players who have made the NHL and are fully capable of stopping the Canes from adding onto the franchise record. Korpisalo played tonight which would typically put Merzlikins in goal who hails from the same town as beloved former goalie Arturs Irbe. He's been playing in the Swiss-A league and his debut was less then stellar. Reimer will likely get the start and while Petr is doing decent if Reimer puts together a few more good games Petr's job might disappear from him. Kind of amazing how doing decent is no longer good enough around here. If I absolutely had to find something to hit on it would be nice to get Aho going, still mostly void of the stat sheet but that sort of lull after a big contract does happen and the boys are picking up for him. At some point they'll need him to pick up when someone goes into a lull themselves hopefully this issue irons itself out.
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    Now perhaps we can move on from the “undefeated “ watch. Concentrate on getting better. We still have a long way to go.
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    It may not be official yet but it's all but done. Just waiting in order to screw with the Habs by tying up their resources until the last minute. Canes have made the announcement that they'll match and are really playing up Aho on their media sites. Dundon: "I'm not angry. I'm just surprised that any team thought this had any chance of working. I guess the Carolina Hurricanes are still misunderstood if anyone anywhere thought this would be hard for us. I'm not upset with Sebastian, I am actually relieved to have this done. We all understand the players should do what they can to get their best contract. But this was never going to work for Montreal."
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    This times 100000000000. It is a fan board, so I do not fault anyone for taking it personally. We are fans, that is what we do. However.... - Aho's agent is doing his client good by getting him a lot of money. That is what agents do - It is likely CAR was trying to get Aho for 8 years, Aho wanted 5. His agent found a way to make that happen. - The money is less than I was expecting from a offer sheet (I thought they would come in at 10+) - We now do not have to have protracted negotiations potentially causing other hard feelings (think Nylander). The offer is the offer, we either accept or not. - Dundon has plenty of money to pay the front-loaded contract, so no issue there. - Waddell can sit on his hands for 6 days and do nothing while all of the other free agents are snapped up. If we match, they miss out on most of the good FAs - And we could retaliate with a offer sheet poison pill to them, when they have a RFA worth offer sheeting... I am not concerned. It is a business and Aho's agent is doing right by his client. I expect nothing less. Now all that said, if we do not match the offer, then we can start freaking out and hurling insults. They will be deserved.
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    This is encouraging Canes’ Ferland can’t ignore persistent trade speculation as deadline approaches By Chip Alexander Read more here: https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article226287575.html#storylink=cpy
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    That was a good hockey edit: They need to bring in Nic Wallin to bless Nino's stick
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    This game comes down to too many bad penalties against a team that thrives on the PP.
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    Darling for Reimer, literally tuning poo into gold. Reimers confidence is through the roof right now, he's playing deep in his crease relying on his hand eye coordination and less of being a rigid pray the puck hits you goalie. He's reading shots like a world renowned scholar reading a children's book. Specifically their was an ear hole shot from the slot that I'm thinking of and the glove was already up at his ear hole waiting for the puck. To get that glove where it needed to be that close in he read the player whole way. Crazy.
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    In a "MILD" State of Hockey... Vs Xcel Energy Center Minneapolis, MN So the Canes (11-7-1) kicked off a three-game road trip in Buffalo on Friday night that provided as much drama as any hockey fan could want/stomach/tolerate in narrowly escaping with a 5-4 OT win. Now the Raleigh skaters are in the "state of hockey" to face the Minnesota Wild (7-11-1) in a Saturday afternoon matinee. A once promising Wild team has declined in recent years, but like their Eastern Conference equivalent (Buffalo Sabres), they can still scare the crap outta ya. This is a(nother) team Carolina will not want to take lightly, as they should have learned during a recent four-game debacle vs "lesser" teams. Now that Carolina has some momentum back, the opportunity presents itself for a solid two points. Also, the Canes get good news on the return of Jordan Martinook to restore some much-needed grit. Minny beat the Yotes 3-2 Thursday night. Carolina took both meetings last season. The Canes nipped the Wild in Minneapolis in OT 5-4 on October 13, 2018. They also won the game in Raleigh on March 23, 2019 in less dramatic fashion by a 5-1 tally. I'm going full Terminator mode during this road trip ... Hope our guys will leave the Twin Cities with a "W" ... Hasta La Vista, Baby 😎
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    Hopefully the giant was awoken tonight as far as the hand/wrist injury for staal, I think the hug fight he got into is a good indication one exists.
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    Since we've all been sleeping the last few days, it's time to WAKE UP and get ready to end this mini-funk we're all in after an abysmal end to the annual CA road trip...sooooooo.... vs Carolina Hurricanes vs. Columbus Blue Jackets 7 PM EDT, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio I don't know what'll be more entertaining...us hopefully beating these guys, or the guy behind their bench: But I'd love to see a bunch of these during the game too...cause he's been asleep at the wheel to start the season: KEEP THE CANNON SILENT!!!
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    That is a good deal for us and for Brock. For me, he's a 2M a year guy, so if we overpaid, it is not by much. 3rd liner that is a key PKer, hits everything in sight and can chip in with some goals.
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    I don't think Duncan is signed by anyone yet. . . .
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    Good on the Canes. I'm surprised we got that much for him - 37th overall in this draft and a conditional third if he signs. Not bad, not bad at all.
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    The BOJ moved up to 66.2% chance of making the playoffs in SportsClubStats by sitting on their hands yesterday. Montreal has one more point but fell behind them at 63.6%. Another look at the 10 game trends, Hagmetrics style: Hagmetric Standings Overall Trend Metropolitan Islanders +18 +4 Washington +12 +1 Columbus +12 0 Atlantic Tampa Bay +33 +6 Boston +17 +7 Boston +17 +5 Wildcard Pittsburgh +10 +1 Montreal +10 0 Out BOJ +9 +6 Buffalo +5 -1 Philadelphia +4 +7 Hottest team Florida +1 +2 Rangers 0 -1 New Jersey -5 -1 Detroit -6 +1 Ottawa -9 -4 While Philly may be a concern, they have actually only picked up 1 point on the BOJ over the last 10 games at +7 trend vs +6. Candidates to pass are numerous, CLB trending at 0, Montreal at 0 and Pens at +1. These teams lost 6, 6 and 5 points to the BOJ over the last 10 games respectively. While Philly may catch up, there is plenty of room for 2 hot teams.
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    Really happy about this one. I hope both Necas and Haula are good to go, but Goat is our first rounder that has not really had a shot in NHL games yet. I've always thought he had serious skills around the net and with the puck, and scoring, and he's massive. He's the prototypical power forward. He was so strong in camp. And he really picked up his goal scoring recently with 5 goals in his last 6 games. From the Checkers website: Julien Gauthier is tied for fifth in the AHL in power-play goals (5) Very glad he's getting a shot.
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    Dundon caught a lot of flack from some here because of how things went down with RF. We obviously don't know the details but this might shine a new light on the situation.
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    I don't think Reimer can be blamed for either of those last 2 goals, just sloppy play and loose play.
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    We sadly missed Ferland while he played for us?
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    Kind of nerve wracking, a couple of breakdowns, but a really nice win. Necas? No surprise to this guy. Anyone still want Gauthier instead? Dougie? The guy is now on a 39 goal pace. That's goals, not points. Getting two points in this one just feels big somehow. If we can keep on our game we've got 6 winnable games waiting. Really thought Svech had this one won earlier. Skinner keeps scoring on us, and yet we keep winning those games. Maybe a lesson in there somewhere. Nice win.
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    I don't see Brindy as the begging type for most things but through interviews where Brindy said things such as he hopes he wouldn't need to talk to Williams about his decision I get the vibe Brindy asked as a favor that Williams not retire and just take as much time as he could on the decision with hopes Williams would miss the game and come back. I think Williams is content with being a full time Dad at the moment and his next NHL role will be in an office if he wants one.
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    Pathetic. Maybe it's time to: 1. Trade Jordan Staal. It's time to bring an end to the Staal era in Raleigh and all the mediocrity it has brought us since the 2013-14 season. He lacks the leadership, energy, and grit to wear the C or be considered our 1C. 2. Get a new backup goalie. Reimer's terrible. He's not our new McIlhenny. Let's bring up Forsberg or trade for a backup. 3. Stop diluting our talent by trying to make every line a scoring line. Let's see Turbo-Aho-Sevch together for a while. 4. Trade Fleury or TVR for a top-9 forward with some real grit. We're playing like the Candy Canes again. Fleury's not doing the team any good being a healthy scratch every night. 5. Put Ned on the 3rd or 4th line until he starts playing like a top-sixer. He's been a huge anchor to his line mates. 6. Send Foegele down and bring up Geekie.
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    There is a weird thing in hockey, at least in Cane's hockey. There is a subtle extra something that takes our game from possession and pressure, to beating the goalie. Similarly on D, there is an extra notch that keeps the game in lock down nearly the whole game vs. sudden, big let downs leading to A+ chances against. There is too much depth of scoring talent, even with Haula out, to be having so much trouble converting shots to goals. Considering we got out to our lead against very good teams and now as was pointed out elsewhere, 0-5 against weaker divisional opponents, is almost proof that the team has played down to the level of the other team. It's been subtle. Like I was saying above. We look pretty good overall, and dominate in shots, but somehow just can't beat the goalie. We look pretty good on D for long stretches, then give up 3 or 4, two on ones against in a short span. But that's how this team loses or wins. Getting that little bit of extra to finish or to keep the D locked longer. Getting net front, getting that stick position, making that hit, that little extra to go top shelf vs goalie crest, etc. Every NHL team has really good players on the roster, even the bad ones. If this team starts reading it's own press and letting up just that last little bit, we get the Canes of old. Lots of shots, few goals, few shots against, lots of goals against. How am I such an expert at this? I've been watching it for years. A lot of us have. That's why it's so hard to take a 4-2 loss in a 42-17 shots our way game. Because that was Canes hockey under Bill Peters. We've seen it before: over and over and over. But this team has far more skill and finish in its line up than past years. This team really doesn't have a good excuse. (Okay, except it's a very young team, but it was last year too). So go out there and take the Sens as seriously as any top tiered team. Go to 10 on the meter. Stop this slide and start another winning streak.
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    Just Win winkem blinkem nodimus rex protect us all from.......
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    Might be all that spare change he is carrying in his pockets these days
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    ...and for that, we should be grateful. The Canes have always found a way to make back-up goalies look like Vezina Trophy winners! Bring on the starters! 😜
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    I wonder if the problem on our PP was Faulk all this time? See what happens when Dougie is on the 1st unit? Good win. Haula continues to impress me. Not only does this guy score but he plants himself infront of the net AND he wins face offs on a consistent basis. Extend this guy ASAP.
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    The new guys are making Waddell look like a genius. Next up: Dzingel.
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    Is this team for real? Please tell me I'm not dreaming. Did we finally be the Caps in the regular season? Did Reimer just save the game? Did our PK just come up big?
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    Notes after the first period: 1. Aho and Svech have ridiculous skill! 2. Fluery was very solid. 3. Necas looked much more comfortable than last year.
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    An indirect indicator: when was the last time you can recall the Canes at risk of losing players to waivers instead of hoping to pick up players off waivers?
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    Disclaimer: I think this every off-season. But really, this time is different. That said, I really think this could be a very interesting, even pivotal off-season. The team has shown that they are worthy of upgrades to put them seriously in the hunt for a long time. Dundon, just spent many times over what it would take on a failed football league so it's hard to think he would not put some fat stacks down. He's also seen the difference between a building so empty that he can invite the entire upper deck to the lower deck, and a sold out, standing room only, loudest house in the NHL. How could he not see what could be if he builds a seriously competitive team here? Also, he must have made some stacks on the playoffs. Further though, unlike uber-patient, galacial-paced builder Ron Francis, the new committee has already made more moves than any prior GM's in a similar time frame. Such as: Dundon agreed to pay key piece Calvin DeHaan. And agreed to keep paying Mongo without forcing him to keep playing due to his paycheck. (I know he had to keep paying him, but some regimes would then feel the need to keep playing him. That was probably the most pivotal decision of the entire year, allowing us to grab McElhinney and ride Mrazek). They waived goodbye to their top goal scorer, despite low return (because someone else gave Skinner a NTC, and Skinner limited the options). They made one of, if not the blockbuster trade of the off-season with Calgary, and definitely the heist of the year grabbing Nino for Rask). And this does not count the epic decision to go with a first time head coach, and a first time Captain. What I'm saying is that this is not a group that has shown any sort of Francisian tendencies to sit back and watch. This is a committee that has, unlike a lot of committees, acted boldly so far. Well there are a lot of actions that could and will take place this off-season, and it definitely feels different than the off-seasons under the Francis and even JR regimes. Wouldn't it make sense to make hay while the sun is shining? Has there ever been a more perfect time to make some final moves to put us over the top? We have 3 draft picks in a 10 pick range between the end of the first and start of the second, and 3 total second rounders. We have tradable assets in the system and on D. We have vast tracts of cap space. We are flush with playoff cash and new STH sales are way up. Interest in Raleigh and around the league is high. The iron is hot. Time to strike.
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    Thank God. That was a rough 10 years.
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    I feel like I'm still at the game.....so stoked after all these years of support and no results. Feels good man.
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    I've gotta push back on this, because the Canes have been doing things for a solid year now, starting with losing Josh Jooris and Marcus Boat'Anchor. They've acquired Martinook; put Darling in his place and acquired two keepers who understand how to battle for wins; made one hockey trade with Calgary that has absolutely hastened the culture change this org needed; made one boneheaded trade with Buffalo (in terms of return) that did the same; absolutely fleeced the Wild to get Neiderreiter; and increased its winning percentage despite losing its best faceoff man and defensive center. And (finally) named as Captain the guy who should have gotten the C the day he was acquired. Add the cherry of the lottery win that brought us Svech, and it's been a pretty fandamntastic year of much-needed change, the effects of which are showing up on the ice. I get the desire to make ourselves better, and totally get the angst due to our history of not doing so at the deadline. I too would like us to move an RHD and maybe package him with Staal or a top prospect not named Necas for an appropriate return. But as others have pointed out, a big move at this point maybe screws with our chemistry, and I think holding up Columbus's move as the determinant of our willingness to get better doesn't do justice all the good things TD and the Committee have done, and began doing pretty much as soon as he took over. CBJ is at the opposite end of that continuum, IMO; it has struggled all year to play anywhere near the level that a team with the skaters on its roster and the guy in its crease should be playing, due mainly to the fact that it rolled the dice on a volatile coach whose freshness date has passed yet again, just like it has everywhere else he has worked.
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