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  1. We're just killing time untill Brian Elliott is ready
  2. Its unfortunate. Erik is a great young player. I hope he is able to make a full recovery and this has no affect on his long term play.
  3. They have a couple of good young goalies in Niemi and Crawford that can easily be their back up and win some games at the NHL level...and they don't cost you 7+ mil a season either.
  4. Not a surprise. Im just praying Murray doesn't claim him.
  5. im pretty excited for Gator to come to ottawa. With Gator and volchenkov on the ice Gerbs wont have to make very many saves
  6. thank god we didnt re-sign him. He was god awfull here. He should be getting under a mil for what he did last season, not over 3. Ridiculous.
  7. Sometimes players choke in pressure environments where hockey is #1 and sign in non hockey markets. Look at corvo last year. Choked in ottawa under the pressure and went to carolina and played well because their is little to no pressure.
  8. if they can lock Weber up long term they are set. Weber is the most underrated defenceman in the league.
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