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  1. No, Ward is a great goalie and he did win quite a few games for the team on his own but I think some are just pointing out his weakness with the high shots. He is young and can turn into a more fine tuned keeper .....he just might need some time without all the pressure on him to win.
  2. I'm on the fence with Lavi too . Its just a gut feeling, can't explain it. Yea, Ward has played better and he picked a crappy night to have sub-par performance but a short handed goal in such a big game....point fingers to the 5 other guys on the ice there. The bottom line is what I said before.....the season was the issue. .......and yeah....we agree
  3. how did you come up with that?....by looking at records, I would still say that the southeast is the weakest
  4. Anything high on Ward is a goal....especially glove side but tonight was his blocker side. He covers the low end almost perfectly but that is all he has. He needs to work on the high stuff but thats where my other post comes into effect.
  5. A shorthanded goal is rarely the goalies fault.....how did it get to him in the first place????? Wards a good goalie, incredible at times but not yet a solid number one starter. The canes needed to get a veteran goalie and give Ward some time to develop and fine tune his style.
  6. Well,some of you can't blame the refs tonight for this loss but really, not to incite a riot here but some of those, especially one was a dive. Anyway, the man of the hour was Andersen. He made incredible saves and his vision of the puck was dead on...you can tell it was the size of a beachball to him. All eyes on tomorrow night.............. A back up goalie can shine when called upon and then before you know it he's the number one man. I wouldn't say the canes choked...they outshot, had more scoring chances and really outplayed the panthers. The canes blew their chances in mid-season when they played with no desire...not tonight. I do agree with Model from another one of his posts...its time to say bye bye to Cole.
  7. Montreal.......... ...(sens fans...lol) I would have to Philly Boston....only due to Chara ( can't stand that guy)
  8. So when the schedule was made last summer some time.....the fortune tellers/schedule makers knew it would come down to the wire for these two teams and made that schedule on purpose to help the Capitals. You know, it can also work like this......The panthers take a beating from the canes and they get so pissed off by it that they are determined it won't happen the next night.....If the canes don't make the playoffs it won't be because of the schedule, refs, fans, or whatever else...it will be because of the bad 2 months or so they had when they played with no desire.,,,( they didn't set the table either)
  9. The officials are not the reason why people aren't interested in the game...their not interested because they never were and their parents weren't and the parents of those parents weren't....wow you guys blame everything on the refs.... <_<
  10. Can it be possible that the caps just outplayed the canes. Look at the shots on net...when a team is playing outplayed and outhustled to the puck , then that team will take more stupid penalties, its that simple. To continue to blame the refs for being outplayed is just ridiculous. The canes needed to come out blazing , they did not. Also, to continue to say the NHL has this planned is crazy. There were plenty of times Gretzky, Messier, and other superstars did not make it to the big dance.....the team lost...move on to the next game.
  11. ok ok....sorry...I was just having some fun .....GO CAPS GO.......I have now de-jinxed and it is back to normal
  12. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm................................... Go Canes
  13. this was being written and posted when all that happened....I'm done anyway
  14. I remember one of Hoyles posts in the early season , his exact words were "the habs are an inferior team to the canes"...I was a little pissed at Hoyles for saying that but I didn't respond because it was early in the season and he could have been right. What is wrong with him pointing out some of the faults of the canes team, I do the same. If it bothers you then the only reason it does is because exactly what Hoyle said " he is not a canes fan". There are plenty of canes fan who have said worse then him or I for that matter but where are your posts to them? We also can have an opinion on this division, which I'm sorry , is the weakest division in the league. Where most likely , the division leader will be the only one who qualifies for the playoffs. Its funny,his opinions can be valuable and you appreciate his viewpoints but at the same time you want him to shut up. which opinions to you find valuable? I'm sure only the ones that come close to your opinions. Some of you need to realize that having a different viewpoint or opinion doesn't mean that person is "rubbing your nose in it". We are for the most part adults here and I'm sure we can understand and discuss different viewpoints without coming to heads and insulting each other but when members see mods have snide remarks for almost every post then that just opens the door for the others and in the end all "cane" fingers are pointing at the non cane member as the bad guy.......sorry but its true. Look at what Hoyle posted from 3 pages to now and tell me how what he said can still be a topic of discussion on how he shouldn't have said it. I find the whole thing really funny. When I read a post that his somewhat negative to the canes be it from an anti-canite or a caniac , I just sit back and watch the lynch mob come, It usually takes awhile sometimes when it come from a caniac but a mere few seconds when it comes from an non caniac. Its really weird being in here sometimes is like being in 3rd grade all over again . Theres the bully kids, the kids who make fun of everybody and the teacher who has her favorites.
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