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  1. 1. Brindy has an amazing season 2. get a working PP and pK 3. get some D...that actually knows what they're doing, and shows up EVERY night! 4. Everyone has a 40+ season 5. get some refs that are fair 5. have 4 successful lines ...maybe thats a little too much to ask for..
  2. we need more experienced guys...pick of the FA's, otherwise, our team will be good in about 5 years, with all the young players we're getting...
  3. hmmmmmm, Still no activity... still about 40 useful FA's!
  4. pure curiosity! none of us are saying any of the things being discussed will happen, we are just talk about it. all of us are wrong? so be it, just our 'predictions'
  5. I guess you have a point sorry about that, but i was mainly aiming at the FA's from the league...nothing too serious is being discussed we get larose for 2 more years!
  6. I know how JR is, he is a 'last-minute' guy, but in this situation there are, or were.... some really talented players available and probably bc of our budget there was nothing said, i know it still is early but, i haven't heard anything about even attempting to get some players.... or the deal with ruutu, larose, and babs.. I just hope to see some new additions to the hurricanes
  7. Though we have no money to spend, we need to do something...yes we got some 'soon to be all-star 18 year olds' but i doubt they have the talent of the players up for grabs right now, seems like every team but us, are getting more and more players, and the teams that didn't even reach the playoffs last year, are building amazing teams, that will be a threat to us, i'm not saying we don't have that ability, but i think more experienced players wouldn't hurt at all.. we should jump on the topic while it lasts...
  8. I can already see this is gunna be a close series bc our losses in the previous games were 4-1 and we lost 3-2 almost OTing it. So i think this will be extremely close stay aggressive hope the best to ruutu and cole ): get the pens for that. look under my signature thhats my new motto (:
  9. all i have to say is YIKES. refs really wanted us to throw parties in the peanlty box...dang there was 4 players in there at one point- boys DISCIPLINE. the whole scott walker thing is screwed up, if that was boston...there would be no call. we also had chances on goal but very few..... COME BACK TO CAROLINA AND BLOW THERE HEADS OFF!
  10. yeah i agree about him getting huge goal that will be a huge confidence booster...and he's not on a bad line, every line is good, they just have to show they want more time and they can compete, and rod should be the leader of that.
  11. Ohh i know, but one guy was like "We really appreciate all you have done" and so on...and he just was like "no", you could just tell he hates the way hes playing, and i felt pretty bad.
  12. what a great game(: the fans really make a difference too. Everyone is stepping up and playing with eachother as a team, Realize we are playing against the best team in the regular season, and we are beating them....that means we can beat anyone! The way we are playing, with confidence, energy, and support seems to be going far. I liked the fact that we were attempting to get some hits on chara. and i was even happier to see us score on a pp when he was in the box. After the game, we went to get autographs, whitney,ruutu, jokinen, brindy, conboy, and leighton stopped. They were all so nice, brindamour seemed real disappointed in himself, he had nothing to say and he didnt smile.... everyone else was well energized. I loved the "JUSSI. JUSSI" chants going on.... and we have a new addition to the anthem .... when they say "oh say can you see" they yell JUSSI (:
  13. well he hates being shoved. so double team that jolly green giant. he's real clumsy!
  14. Imagine us not having Jussi, we would be out already with all his gamewinners!!! that man is CRAZY! The house was rocking!(: and the team responded! WHAT A GAME!!!! AHHH WIN AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN! OHH and while we are at it. SOMEONE PASTE CHARA, i absolutely hate that guy, he gets away with WAY TO MUCH. this is hockey not wrestling..
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