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  1. 1. Brindy has an amazing season

    2. get a working PP and pK

    3. get some D...that actually knows what they're doing, and shows up EVERY night!

    4. Everyone has a 40+ season

    5. get some refs that are fair

    5. have 4 successful lines

    ...maybe thats a little too much to ask for..

  2. This whole thread is bad mojo ..... :o:o How can you make a prediction when the roster isn't set and you haven't had a training camp. Last I looked every other team is also in flux. Way too early

    pure curiosity! none of us are saying any of the things being discussed will happen, we are just talk about it.

    all of us are wrong? so be it, just our 'predictions'

  3. sure you have... JR is playing cat and mouse with LaRose's agent. He hasnt signed anyone to replace LaRose yet and obviously Chad hasnt signed anywhere either. He re-signed Cole, he qualified Ruutu and said they were making progress with a contract, he told Babs to take his QO or walk and he was pretty clear that he wasnt getting in any bidding wars for the teir 1 guys when free agency opens. He had no problem waiting to see how the dust settles and working on some trades or signings to fill roster spots after he sees what his needs are.

    I guess you have a point sorry about that, but i was mainly aiming at the FA's from the league...nothing too serious is being discussed

    we get larose for 2 more years! :lol:

  4. I know how JR is, he is a 'last-minute' guy, but in this situation there are, or were.... some really talented players available and probably bc of our budget there was nothing said, i know it still is early but, i haven't heard anything about even attempting to get some players.... or the deal with ruutu, larose, and babs.. I just hope to see some new additions to the hurricanes ^_^

  5. Though we have no money to spend, we need to do something...yes we got some 'soon to be all-star 18 year olds' but i doubt they have the talent of the players up for grabs right now, seems like every team but us, are getting more and more players, and the teams that didn't even reach the playoffs last year, are building amazing teams, that will be a threat to us, i'm not saying we don't have that ability, but i think more experienced players wouldn't hurt at all.. we should jump on the topic while it lasts...

  6. We always listen to him on the way home, and he cracks us up, say we lose-- "Oh wow great game we just didn't get that puck in the net" "rod was great, he's really coming back" "cant wait to talk to JOHN FORSLUND about this one"..... he thinks he knows what he's talking about, he reminds us every 5 minutes that Forslund is coming-i'm guessing he says that because he actually knows about hockey?

    He's a little bit of a joke, and when someone calls in to ask a question he gets so into it, he forgets what the question was then moves on!

  7. Maybe cam shouldnt play the puck as much!

    we cant afford those weird bounces in this manner.

    Cullen WILL be able to play, hes practicing on the 4th line now...while jussi is stationed still on the 2nd.

    quote from staal-

    “Don’t dump it into the one corner,” said Eric Staal of what the team learned from Saturday’s preview. “Unless you’re going on offense.”

    glad we got to play them one last time, so we can get use to the ice/atmosphere and now we know, there shack is falling apart...and the lower boards are beat up, so the devils cant get away with those stupid goals :D

  8. I hope all this stressing "Cole plays great with Staal" is still true!!!

    This could be good for us....i dont like the moving of ruutu down to the third w/ brindy. Ruutu deserves more time

    anddd i can tell JR doesnt like drastic changes



    and it sounds like he is excited to come back. (for all who said he wasnt)...he still has his house here so i think its to his advantage.

  9. I really hope walkers careful, we don't need him coming back to soon and something go wrong. I hope he makes a difference tonight and plays at his best.

    I feel awful for Jussi and hope he gets well soon, lets get a win for him boys!

    welcome back walker!

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