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  1. nope. i was just making a point, bc obviously it wasn't all on leighton, if eric mentioned it.
  2. Maybe cam shouldnt play the puck as much! we cant afford those weird bounces in this manner. Cullen WILL be able to play, hes practicing on the 4th line now...while jussi is stationed still on the 2nd. quote from staal- “Don’t dump it into the one corner,” said Eric Staal of what the team learned from Saturday’s preview. “Unless you’re going on offense.” glad we got to play them one last time, so we can get use to the ice/atmosphere and now we know, there shack is falling apart...and the lower boards are beat up, so the devils cant get away with those stupid goals
  3. we'll pull it off. as confident as the devils fans are....
  4. it would be great to see the habs take this one! maybe it will be a little easier for us
  5. im in florida so i wont be able to be there or even watch it...im soo mad!!! but i heard cam wards in nets again...(: wooo this boy doesnt get a break. GO canesss!
  6. didnt even realize his injury.opps. cullen! i miss this boy, we could sure use him tonight of all games....
  7. although we are playing great hockey, unfortunaly so is everyone else in the playoff run): we jsut need to keep fighting(: no doubt about it, i love the carolina hockey right now. ps. jb online i lovee ur sig(:
  8. im sure he's quite sad.... but he was injury prone here.! good luck jwillly we will miss you!
  9. jussi doesn't deserve 4th line action...he was skating everyday in finland.... scratch eaves a place him on the 3rd line!!!!!
  10. yay jussi back(: wondering who mo will scratch tonight....maybe eaves he didnt have a very good game against the rangers.
  11. cam is doing fine, let him do his thing....we got a good D to keep him A-ok
  12. I hope all this stressing "Cole plays great with Staal" is still true!!! This could be good for us....i dont like the moving of ruutu down to the third w/ brindy. Ruutu deserves more time anddd i can tell JR doesnt like drastic changes MO>Lavi>MO Cole>trade>Cole and it sounds like he is excited to come back. (for all who said he wasnt)...he still has his house here so i think its to his advantage.
  13. I think im going to cry! i loved justin!!!!!!. have no clue who sullivan is. and Cole better start getting on his game, he wasnt great in Edmonton.
  14. It might not work well with our team but hey, it can't hurt, we are down anyways...we have a better chance of scoring. its gunna work sometime.
  15. Ruutu!!! neeeds to stay!...erik cole hasnt been playing great.
  16. imagine ovechekin on our team... never gunna happen tho just signed a 23 million contract for like 12 years i think. anyways...the guys i wouldnt care to see go are kaberle && wallin
  17. Kaberle and Wallin for..florida's bouwmister..
  18. He is a one way contract with the canes next season!!! woooo!
  19. If you can't find in anywhere else... This isnt to bad. the quality is actually real good. http://www.atdhe.net/
  20. the whole bowmeester thing has gone NO where..they sure are lucky... Beating bruins takes effort!!.... canes need to keep up these "w"'s
  21. I haven't seen bayda do much....conboy could sure take over...
  22. Conboy is really useful, he can not only play D but a great forward as well. I think he really wants to stay up here and is trying to prove he can play! and stick up for his team.. I am liking what i see from him, he's a hard working player.
  23. haha thats crazy!...that would make me dizzy
  24. Thats what Maurice said in his interview.
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