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  1. From the Edmonton Journal:

    Carolina: The Canes only have two contracts that are expiring -- defenceman Dennis Seidenberg and forward Tuomo Ruutu -- but will likely hold onto both because they still feel they can make the playoffs, and need both pieces. They might harbour interest in retrieving fan favourite Erik Cole, but would probably have to give up Ruutu to get him. They wouldn't mind moving smallish Patrick Eaves, but he's got two years left at $1.4 million and $1.7 million, so would anybody bite?

    Ruutu!!! neeeds to stay!...erik cole hasnt been playing great.

  2. They sat at the bottom of the league for years while aquiring top draft picks. They were bound to get better eventually. Whatever they decide to do about Bowmeester could have a huge effect on their season. The guy has said he wants out of Sunrise so they may have to trade him to get something back for him. But if theyre still in the top 8 at the trade deadline, they'll need to keep him in order to have a good chance in the playoffs.

    Canes just need to win, if they dont it doesnt matter what Florida does or doesnt do.

    the whole bowmeester thing has gone NO where..they sure are lucky...

    Beating bruins takes effort!!....

    canes need to keep up these "w"'s

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