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  1. I plan on going because we bought tickets in advanced..but i am disappointed on how they play at home...we spend alot of money on seats to watch them give up after the first... Frustrates me but i am a fan who will stay true to them.
  2. my RAY WHITNEY black alternative jersey!!..its good luck
  3. ...i would probably have to say Gleason or Ruutu. Off the team Chara or thorton
  4. Really guys...some of you have us losing to...atlanta!..way to have confidence and avalanche isnt to great either. COME ON GUYS!! CONFIDENCE IS KEY!
  5. We have the ability to win them all..the only one that i think we will lose is to Bosten, Got to admit Thomas is amazing!...but you never know!!
  6. Great post TSA... I honestly wonder the same thing, I think we have been playing extremely well, he deserves maybe some time in the press box to glance on the other players and give the coaches time to decide. I am sure his injury is key to why he hasn't played good at all, but he is getting old, 38 is he? There has got to be a time for everyone to retire and i know he is a "fighter", but a "fighter" that is better off a dad then a hurting hockey player. It sad to think that the AHL guys are playing up to his abilities..(besides faceoffs) but we are getting there. The guy taking rod's place right now, had an assist already in his first game, takes time for Rod...we need a consistent player and IMO rod doesn't show that. I hope the coaches make the right decision and whatever it is I hope its good for the team because they deserve the best.
  7. This guy came outta nowhere....hey can't hurt the guys we got rid of dont even play!
  8. You all are so wrong!!! everyone thought we could beat eh canucks... This isnt looking to gooodddd
  9. i would love to see 3 W's....just because sanjose has a bunch of points, you never know every team has bad nights :] the other 2 are definite W's!...i hope. And if we play like we did in the 1st against Atlanta....we will be set.
  10. Tonight I was waiting in Carraba's for our name to be called and i see big tall.....NIC wallin come walkin' in!! Then he left cause the wait was too long! hah still pretty cool
  11. Agreed... I wish we had the chemistry and talent of this game tonight!
  12. East WINSS!! MVP GOES TO??...kovelev! well deserved
  13. Yeah 4 goals in the first...looking good.well if your rooting for EAST!;]
  14. Hate to see Wallin out for long periods of time, at least he has sort of a break, but Paul says he still may be out for a couple games after. It seems he hasnt gotten 100% from his last injury he looks a little lost on the ice...Now this injury eeck. And what i have heard from walker is he will be good to go by the next game. WOOO!
  15. Way better then now!! Thats great.
  16. GOCANES1311


    NO SCHOOL AGAIN! All wake county closed!
  17. GOCANES1311


    Cary has about 6 inches. No school baby! Possibly a delay tomorrow
  18. Defiantly Wards game. I think if ward is playing good the team has alot more confidence, the case tonight! which turned out great
  19. Haha. My parents put it up there. i was surprised to see it!!
  20. The way we're playing...there is no playoffs in the picture
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