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  1. Obviously not trying hard enough... It's there playing issues, if they dont want to make it to the playoffs then don't... They are not putting 100%
  2. Aw guys!! Thanks SOO MUCH!!. yall are awesome.
  3. Losing him will really make Lightnings stinck!! Bad move by whoever is doing that! Get outta our divison!
  4. Agree that the TOI for our players is really messed up...lets hope MO does something with that with the few days he has off.
  5. He practiced the whole time at practice in Ottawa..He must be in ok shape if he is able to handle a full practice. I'm sure they will play Kabs if gleason isn't ready, afterall Kabs did get an assist against bosten haha :]...he seems to wanna get outta the press box!
  6. He's just getting off his injury...he needs to pase himself! Don't worry he will be back to 100% soon ;]
  7. Do you think the new lines had to do with us losing??....
  8. Carolina Canes N.E Patriots Red Sox Connecticut Huskies(uconn) UNC
  9. Haha.totally different sport? Not that hard to confuse them...
  10. YES! i heard that too on a audio by Mo, i was soo excited. These are the lines i have been wishing for :].
  11. I got that one for christmas too. Roddy is January...yay? Yeah...i don't know why they put hamilton in there?It's 09-10?
  12. Hey, at least its one of our players. Cam really did deserve the goalie allstar!...rather then Price, yes i get the game will be in his hometown,but its ruining the whole ""allstar" part. Congrats Staal!
  13. GREAT NEWSS!!!!!! In practice Friday at the TD Banknorth Garden, Maurice had Justin Williams and Ray Whitney as the wingers on Matt Cullen's line. Scott Walker and Chad LaRose were working with center Rod Brind'Amour. "Moving it around," Maurice said. "Part of it is Boston. And part of it was we felt we got as much as we could out of that original setup. "We saw it, we know what it is. It's easier to run the bench. But it's possible it was too much of the same thing on two lines. ... We felt we needed to balance that a little bit more." These are lines i was wishing forrr!!!!!!!! This is exciting http://downloads.hurricanes.nhl.com/audio/...urice010909.mp3 ^mo
  14. Yeah i know they wanna see their players play...but then there is not point of the allstar game ""the best players in the NHL""... obviously thats not true.
  15. I think its a joke that Carey Price is one of the Allstar goalies...cam is better ((not being bias)). We can beat the canadiens with him in goal...they have a harder time beating us when cams in goal :]... And i like how they are all basically from the same team...wow
  16. Yeah i agree... Rod seemed to have a better game...Mo just needs to tweak the lines alittle bit so the good players get more time...
  17. GOCANES1311

    Happy 2009!

    Happy New Year To All! Be safe. And lets hope the canes make the best of it ;]
  18. I heard,when tuning in on the radio for his interview...he's going to fix his nose! haha
  19. Thanks you both! Those are 2 awesome signatures :]
  20. If he does get traded, will we look for another D...or since we have 3 pairs already, will we send extra players down from albany incase of injury?
  21. Yeah very true. I hope they stick him down to the third line...he will probably learn from that and if he doesn't like you said....down to the fourth line he goes ;]
  22. JR at it again... Very interesting...who else is willing to trade...
  23. "It's not laziness, it's a lack of confidence"...
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