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  1. I think it would be an almost automatic goal...just waste more time. Just stick to the rules made a longg time ago :]. Let them play
  2. I don't think LaRose deserves to be on the 4th line...2nd or 3rd. Hes a real energized player and is always try to get the puck.
  3. I'm thinking Kaberle most likely, while he is still recovering, then probably move up with Babchuk.
  4. I HATE to bash on the players... but Rod...come on now. He is defiantly not a consistent player. The turnover last night was horrible, his effort wasn't all there, he isn't to aggressive.-3 just for last night...overall -26. At the least take the "C" away...you don't have a "leader" whos been playing the worst on the team with the most mistakes. He plays center and he's barely ever in his position... And when he is good things happen, he has so many chances and he's just asleep...or skating to the bench...he skates faster to the bench then he does in the game. He's tired... Excuses about "he hasn't recovered from surgery" that was last season, and if you haven't recovered by now get off the team..you're 39,what do you expect? A bunch of guys on the team have had serious injuries...not really an issue for them. Face it...you're old and can't do what you do best anymore.
  5. Thanks TSA. We could use him bigtime against the bruins. Not looking to good though...
  6. Merry Christmas Haha that was an amazing goal.
  7. I understood everything but 12? Yes 8 says "8 is matt cullen"
  8. thanks caniac. good to know. I think samsonov isnt doing bad. -21 rod. lets give him the most ice time? that makes no sense
  9. trying to make a point that i see LaRose accomplishing more then sutter, and some other guys
  10. Haha thanks! We don't need any more injuries! lets stay healthy
  11. Yeah, this makes me really mad, he really deserves to have ice time, why call him out, i say bench the guys who aren't contributing, sutter hasnt done much. So lets play him? I wonder what goes through coaches minds? LaRose doesnt deserve this at all.
  12. haha. thats awesome! I thought that wasn't allowed?
  13. I got one. they are pretty cool. Love the black jerseys
  14. let it rock - Kevin Rudolf ft. lil wayne
  15. It was so obvious the refs were cap fans. It really made me made there were blatant penalties, yet refs call it. They were calling everything against us. EVERYTHING! I know Gratton was sent back to the AHL not sure his size. Awesome part was we won! even with more penalty minutes.
  16. I think he is doing fine. Canes were really attacking the puck and shot a lot! they were very aggressive on offense, alittle more work needs to be done down by the defensive zone, with cam not back we really need tight D down there. I'm also glad Francis is working with Staal to improve his playing lately. If we have fewer injuries i think we will be a great team!
  17. Yup i attend Panther Creek, (one was currently going there, and the other dropped out). My friends neighbor was neighbors with the girl who was arrested. Scary Stuff.
  18. I really hope Paul will kick some sense into them, and give them some new advice. and win! Glad to know williams is doing good :]. Can't wait to watch the game tonight.
  19. hmmm? staal's winning. haven't seen him do much lately? I hope to see him prove his brother and me wrong when they take on the penguins thursday :]
  20. Wow Thanks for mentioning wallin!!! Im so sorry i forgot him, i was just naming them off the top of my head! and totally forgot him! Now that i can't change the polls..vote OTHER if you want wallin! or anyone else. If so other...share your thoughts
  21. 4 words-Roddy is looking tired. He almost 40 now. come on.
  22. I think we can let kaberle go first off, he's not going to play the same coming off an injury. Corvo MUST stay. Babchuk would be ok too.
  23. If no one is willing to give you tickets, ticketmaster has some good deals?? Or the box office when u arrive at the game, sometimes people have extra tickets and try to sell them before you get into the arena. good luck! GO CANES!
  24. hmm? Corvo is a great defender for us, as well as Eaves, I haven't seen kaberle do anything too effective.
  25. Ouch. I was wondering why ward left in the first period, He is our star goalie. Things happen so fast.
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