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  1. I know injuries are part of the game, it just seems we have had an awful lot of them. And i heard Williams was at practice 11-29 with the canes, he must be doing better!!
  2. Canes take on the Ducks tonight. And now have 3 very good INJURED players. Scott Walker, Tim Gleason, and Dennis Siedenberg. Tim and Dennis are 2 of the best defenseman on the team, Canes need to be careful, this could be a problem. Let's see how we do tonight. GO canes!
  3. Hurricanes need some leadership. Rod has not picked up his team, and Lavi needs helps. 1-30 on the powerplays, that is unacceptable. Canes need to shoot more too, to much passing it around. JUST FIRE! It is so frustrating to watch them and have 1 shot on goal in the first period. You cannot win that way.
  4. Hopefully we can get Williams back asap. We have some tough teams to face and he is strongly needed, with him I bet we can come out with alot more wins!
  5. I truly agree with you. I think Nic Wallin is an outstanding defenseman. And has so many +'s. Vote Wallin
  6. I agree, they knew for a fact the puck wasn't in so why would they have to review it. Waste of time
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