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  1. I strongly agree- but I boo at the games at get stared at and even chewed out by other fans. I've been told I need to support the team... I clearly am supporting the team by paying to be there... more than most people in Raleigh can say
  2. www.atdhe.net - you can watch every nhl game for free. quality isn't great but it's better than nothing
  3. you bring up a good point... he's not going to walk away from millions of dollars. however, i have always respected Roddy because he is a TEAM guy. i really feel like he's played his heart out for the canes... not for the money, but for the team. I also think he has taken his status as captain very seriously. i'd be willing to bet he's seriously considering retirement before he hurts the team (anymore) that he dedicated so much hard work to.
  4. [quote name='panama7996 wrote: Ghouliegirl']There was a guy sporting his brown bag in section 101 at the last home game. Sorry, but I won't be doing that. Whatever floats the bandwagoners boat I say. LOL That happen to be me! You obviously didnt know that Ive been a season ticket holder since 02-03 I guess you expressed your opinion and I expressed mine at the game. Besides, I upgraded my ticket to 175.00 x 2 to watch the game. Showing your displeasure and paying to be at the game , no harm no foul! well said... i actually saw your bag and my girlfriend and i laughed out loud... there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the fans bringing humor into the games. people who disagree with that also think it's a shame when fans boo their teams for not producing....
  5. i disagree... people are just trying to bring some amusement into the arena... clearly they are still supporting the team and care about the team if they're still coming to the games
  6. I'm not sure why they took them down but I know they had the Toronto banner on silent auction Friday night. would that be to cater to leafs fans at the game?
  7. MO has to go... there's no way around it. he ran the team into the ground in 02-03 and he's doing it again. Brind'amour, i love the guy and he was the team several years ago, but it's time to go. he's hurting the team right now and is dead weight. And Yes this deserves a thread... what's with all the rules on this message board?
  8. hey everyone im new to the forum but just wanted to share some info. I sent a letter to Gary Bettman's office asking for an explanation as to why no official statements or fines were issued. If anyone else is interested his address is: Mr. Gary Bettman Commissioner National Hockey League 1251 6th Avenue 4th Floor New York, NY 10020
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