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  1. 1. Minnesota 2. Faulk 3. Faulk, Darling, Aho 4. 6 5. 4 6. 37 tie breaker: 4-2 bonus: working on it
  2. Hated to see Stalberg go! Brought some scoring and grit. Good luck to him.
  3. Sidney Crosby's contact as stated here. http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2012/07/01/penguins_sidney_crosby_tops_nhl_salary_list. E asking for? 9 Mil http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/eric-staal-wants-9-million-per-season 9 mil is 3/4 of what Sidney makes. Raises a lot of questions for me?
  4. Not to impressed with them home jerseys. Maybe a black shoulder would help them. The away jerseys have a better look to them.
  5. Welcome Back Joe! Looks like we got some defensive scoring! Need some defensive brawn like Allen!
  6. I didn't see the kick initially. But a few plays before that, I saw two St Loius players sandwich Skinner. It looked as they were trying to get a head shot. Skinner takes a lot of physical punishment. I guess thats because of his talent, and sometimes because of his size. It looked like Nichols initially boarded him. Then the scuffle began. The officials were slow to gain control of the situation. Eventually, Nichols was helped off the ice to the dressing room. After, I saw the suspension w/video on NHL.com It looked like Skinner was trying to remove himself from the fray. As a result, he used his skate to defend himself. It wasn't the smartest play and he shouldn't have done it. Here again there was no call made. I think the referees lost control of the game before this incident. Their call inconsistancy leads to out of control situations such as this.
  7. Welcome, Coach Muller! Thanks for accepting the challenge of coaching our team! Good luck!
  8. 1) Most improved player: 1)Dwyer 2)E Cole 2) Biggest surprise this season: Skinner 3) Team MVP - we couldn't have battled to game #82 without his contribution all season: Cam Ward 4) Unsung Hero - the guy who quietly did his job well and received little credit for it: Jay Harrison 5) Best game of the season: Detroit Red Wings 6) Worst game of the season: #82 7) Biggest reason the Canes didn't make the playoffs: Inconsistancy 8) The biggest piece the Canes are missing to get them over the 9th place hump is? PowerPlay/Faceoffs 9) If Paul Maurice is replaced as head coach, who would you like to see as his successor? Jeff Daniels 10) Which call up from Charlotte is most likely to make the team full time next season? Bowman 11) Which free agent is the most unlikely to be re-signed this off season? Pitkanen 12) Which free agent is most likely to be re-signed this off season? E Cole 13) Your favorite highlight/moment of the season? 1) Brind-Amour Jersey Retirement, 2)All-Star Game 14) Your standout lowlight/moment of the season? 0-9 PP vs Columbus Blue Jacket game 15) If you could choose any player to spend the day on a golf course with, who would it be and why? Chad LaRose It would be a fun laid-back afternoon **And finally, the Bruins have what they call the 7th Player Award. Its an award voted by the fans for the player they feel went above and beyond the call of duty and exceeded their expectations during the 2010-11 season. 16) Who would you vote for if we had this type of award? B Sutter
  9. 1. Washington Capitals 2. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Boston Bruins 4. Philadelphia Flyers 5. New Jersey Devils 6. Buffalo Sabres 7. New York Rangers 8. Carolina Hurricanes -------------------------- 9. Atlanta Thrashers 10. Tampa Bay Lightning 11. Ottawa Senators 12. Montreal Canadiens 13. Florida Panthers 14. Toronto Maple Leafs 15. New York Islanders Atlanta got Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien in the off-season. Atlanta may get some toughness and scoring from them. Based on that I moved them up. I'll put the Buffy Slugs at six, but I don't think they will stay there.
  10. Well, here we are again discussing the backup goalie situation. We had Michael Leighton as a back up goalie. Some how we would never would let him play. My guess due to a lack of confidence. We now have Justin Peters a capable goalie with a similar situation to Leighton. In addition, we have a Veteran goalie in Legace. The question becomes will we let Peters play? I believe you have to prepare for the future while you are in the present. After saying that I guess I'm endorsing Peters. But only if we are going to let him play to develop. It would require the coaching staff to develop a strategy on how to use them effectively. It also requires some support from the players in front of the goalie. They need to provide some assistance and protection for whoever is chosen.
  11. 6.52 Pounds or 7.157 Euros or 10.57 Canadian or 128.6 Pesos or 300.94 Ruble Oops! forgot they only take 9.99 US Enjoy the game! When they first invented the clock, how did they know what time it was to set it to? Sundial When I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go? In the eraser residue How do I set my laser printer on stun? Press start! Who was the first person to see an egg come from a chicken's butt and think, "I'll bet that would be good to eat? Elmer Fud How do you write zero in Roman numerals? ask an Arabian How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings? In his truck Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? to protect his head in case of crash If a mirror reverses right and left, why doesn't it reverse up and down? servo motor broke!
  12. The recent Montreal (12-23) game was most revealing to me. I noticed that when Montreal had the puck in the offensive end, there was a lot of puck movement and excellent player positioning. When they had a breakaway chance there was a man on either side of the slot. They passed the puck effectively until the goalie was out of position for the score. This type of play was in effect in regular play also. It looked like basic hockey fundamentals but effective. Lately, I have been watching the faceoff win percentages along with shots on goal. The faceoff percentage is our ability to get the puck. There doesn't seem to be two much of an issue there. I have two thoughts related to the number of shots on goal. You could say we shoot a lot at the goal and that is a good thing. How good is it? If you score one goal for every forty-five shots, you were effective on 2 percent of them. If you score 1 goal for every five shots, you were effective on 20 percent of them. My point "It's the quality of shots not quanitity." We have to discuss the issue of scoring off goalie rebounds. You have to be in position to take advantage of those rebounds. I don't see a physical presence in front of the net to capture a rebound. So, it raises a question as to why we do this. Passing the puck. We try to make some of the most difficult passes. Cross-ice through traffic. Drop passes, etc. Why! The chances of success are extremely low. Team leadership. Who is it? All 23 of them!
  13. He was auditioning for Right Wing for Team Canada! Looks as if we found a spot for him to play. No Thinking Just Playing! I would like to see how Staal and Cole as wingers would work. Play Ruutu at center. See if we get a tandum like Crosby and Malkin! That might be fun!
  14. I understand that the reason Cole was brought back was to help Staal with his game. They basically have the same type of game. It could have been a good tandum. Sort of like Crosby and Malkin. I agree someone might have elightened him. It is interesting that Cole is now listed on the fourth line. Staal is playing on the first line with Whitney and Ruutu. Maybe Staal needs to learn how to use the talents of his teammates. Part of being a great player is to make his surrounding players better. As a result, it would open the game up for him to be successful. "We can all be successful, as long as we don't mind who get the credit" But isn't that a coaching thing?
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