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  1. Such a tragedy about Luc Bourdon. I heard they are going to have a moment of silence before Game 4 in Pitt.
  2. Pretty good take on the Avery injury. I agree with it. This is no laughing matter. Nobody deserves an injury like this, no matter how much the guy is a dink.
  3. Lots of *edit* flying between the Rags and Pens. Rags call Crosby a diver, and city of NY are whiners. All I know is the Pens are a much superior team and could do it in 4 if NY doesn't decide to stop whining and start playing.
  4. Thanks for sharing - any chance to laugh at the Leafs expense is a good one.
  5. Smart guy, really. It's the guys who wear pink that seem to get all the action they want from the women.
  6. No way this was Habs fans rioting. It was street level punks giving Habs fans a bad name, from what this article says. Let's hope the city of Montreal rebounds from this embarrassment.
  7. LOL - thanks for sharing that. To be fair, that's a tough song to sing. It's always getting screwed up at the park, no matter who sings it.
  8. Actually, the waiver solution isn't half-bad. You'd think someone would take a chance on him.
  9. Kinda humorous take on the Avery vs Brodeur incident. It suggests in it that Avery was just doing his job trying to throw off Brodeur, and get in his head. I'd have decked him, if I were Marty.
  10. Do a quick switch with Toronto and get Thomas in return, and hopefully nobody will notice?
  11. Ya have to believe that Pittsburgh took a detour Sunday, to make sure they faced the lowly Sens. Sitting Crosby pretty much proved their intentions. I wonder if maybe, just maybe, that comes back to bite the Pens and Ottawa sneaks a series win?
  12. I think I'll cheer for Washington and Calgary - will they win? Not a chance, but I like dark-horses.
  13. I think Lavi is toast, although I think he's a bit of the fallguy - which often happens with the coach.
  14. Here's a pretty good look at the Top 10 NHL prospects, in order that they're expected to go.
  15. Yeah, the Caps will be the team I will root for (depending on the scenario)
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