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  1. After eight years of being a fan, I finally got the chance to see the Canes at the RBC and I have to agree with this ESPN poll. In fact, I saw two games in three weeks back in November. They got whipped in both (Edmonton and Washington), but we had a great time. I bet there are people around the country who read this poll and remarked, "I didn't even know there was a hockey team in North Carolina." Way to go, Canes!
  2. After getting mopped up by the Wings a few years previous, this was sweet, sweet redemption. As a former Islanders fan (I grew up on L.I.), this Cup was the first one I had seen raised since 1983. Still gives me goose bumps.
  3. 2-2-1-1-1 is the best way because it keeps the playing field (wrong metaphor for hockey!) even throughout the series. The higher seed can lose a game early and still retain a "home ice" advantage.
  4. I agree that Ruutu is a keeper. I doubt he's going to pull in $3.5 million, though.
  5. We need Ruutu. He and LaRose were two reliable sources of energy throughout the season and the playoffs. I've always been a Cole fan but the dude disappeared in the playoffs. I sure hope his lousy Oilers stint and lackluster time with us in the playoffs is no indication of what we have to look forward to.
  6. From where we were back in January, I never thought I'd see such an awesome two rounds of playoff hockey. What memories. Still hate that we laid over and died in round 3, but c'mon. Who thought we'd be in the Conference Finals? Hats off to the Canes.
  7. Mo or Lavy, it just doesn't matter. I'll love the Canes, no matter what. I just want them to reflect on the ice the passion that all of us here on the message boards bring to the games. If Mo can do that, so be it. Only time will tell.
  8. Please! I agree that soccer is a "tough" game, but there's nothing worse in sports than watching an international soccer match and seeing those weenies throw their arms in the air and roll around in "agony" only to pop up and snidely smirk when the guy who "hurt" them is given a yellow card or a red card. The women play a tougher game than the guys. "The only thing that hold guys back is knowledge of ejection." HA! They don't fight back because they're largely histrionic drama kings who wouldn't last a minute against a hockey player. European soccer fans are tough. The players, not so much. As for the idiot who head-butted his opponent. Typical coward. Should've pushed the guy first to let him know what was coming and then squared off. And to Bag12day...AMEN, brother!
  9. We didn't need a new coach. What we need is for this team to toughen up, pick some fights, and bash some people's skulls into the boards. We are a light team. No one fears the Canes. I vote for the Reggie Dunlop method of turning a team's fortune around. I want to see Staal get in someone's face (like Crosby did). I want to see some hockey! Right now, their play resembles soccer players on ice. WEAK!
  10. I agree that this is Staal's team, but right now, the spark plug is Ruutu.
  11. I'm pissed about this change, but in 1996, I was pissed when the Yankees hired that loser Joe Torre. I felt so compelled that I actually wrote George Steinbrenner a letter about what an idiot he was for such a move. Torre had no success to speak of as a manager and look what happened. Maybe we'll look back at this one after they reel off 11 wins, but right now, this sucks!
  12. We're not talking about rehiring a coach like, say, Scotty Bowman. Paul Maurice?!? I continue the puzzlement on this one. I'm all for shaking things up, but not like this.
  13. As far as Trip Tracy goes, in today's era of polished talking heads, he's unpolished but 100% authentic. Forslund is the more polished of the two which works well against Trip's goofiness. They are a strong team and make watching the games enjoyable. I grew up watching Phil Rizzuto do his thing on WPIX in New York and never tired of his "Rizzuto-ness." Sure, Trip isn't bound for ESPN anytime soon, but he's perfect for us. Homers can get tiresome, but would the Sabres get rid of Rick Jeanneret? The Phillies, Harry Kalas? Trip's not in a league with Jeanneret and Kalas, but he's unique to the Canes, and that makes him great.
  14. Awesome advice. Everything said in here was dead on correct. We had an awesome time at the RBC. The only two things that dulled the experience were the harpies who sat behind us in section 318 and yapped the whole stinkin' game adding their own horribly annoying commentary to the entire game. The ENTIRE GAME!!! For crying out loud. It's a hockey game, not an opportunity to annoy those around you with your idiocy! Oh yeah, and that softy goal with just about a minute left sucked, too. No regrets, though. We'll be back. Loved the arena, loved the experience. Loved today's game even better. GO CANES. But to those who buy tickets, stay away from row A, section 318, the ladies behind you will drive you INSANE!!!
  15. Much appreciation for all the advice on here. The four of us are psyched for tomorrow. The Palin thing better not screw this up!
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