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  1. We're going to need the "depth" being mentioned (and good health). Take a look at the 2 week Olympic gap in February, and then 16 games on the schedule in March! It is going to be some crazy playoff race this season with that 2 week gap's impact on every team's schedule. For the Olympians, it is going to be very tough.
  2. What a great signing! He is outstanding on faceoffs, awesome defensively and a real pest to the opponent. He was always one to notice when we play Boston. Gritty player that others likely hate facing.
  3. Given that "Wardo" is taken, I have this question. Does Wardo's jersey change to C. Ward, and are current "Ward" jersey's now "legacy" jerseys?
  4. Trust JR! I love what A. Ward will bring to the D. He also won't get undressed by Sergei any longer
  5. Another great move by JR. We're set going in. If possible, he can shed a few for draft picks. Welcome back A. Ward!
  6. Nice to see this finally get done. Trust in JR. Now a few more tweaks to get the final defensive piece, and the Canes are set going into the season. From there, I'd expect the lineup to settle with a few look-sees at the youngsters.
  7. Wow, he just became a Cane and I already feel sorry for him after watching youtube. He gets absolutely pounded by the real enforcers, and just beat by other random opponents. Looks like Brookbank in those clips, but with skill.
  8. They were an improving team through late in the year, and between the trade deadline moves and getting healthy proved better than earlier in the season. They're good enough to make a run this year, and then supplement at the trade deadline (as for the deadline, see Pittsburgh). That is more JR's style, rather than pay up front and go into the season loaded. Gives time to evaluate and adjust. I simply trust the man, and feel confident he'll deliver. As for Maxi, no thanks. I can't imagine the Canes seeing anything he can deliver to this franchise.
  9. He deserves to return. The other recognition and promotions to coaches are well deserved, too. However, I don't like the three year term and would have preferred two. The last three years have been a roller coaster. Whee, lets go higher!
  10. Whew, you got that right. P U. I hope the Pens can bounce back, and the two days off should help. If Pens win Game 6, then its like Game 5 never happened and they get another shot. I just don't know how they'll beat the Wings after seeing Game 5.
  11. It is just hysterical watching two teams that usually get the calls go nuts this SCF by not getting them. They're like that "feed the rat" conditioning study where once deprived of food the rats continue going back to the source, but with more effort (See Crosby's dive). Meanwhile, since they're conditioned to get away with most anything, it's open season thanks to the "new, new NHL" Yikes!
  12. The process of officiating the Playoffs, from top to bottom, has completely marred this year's NHL Playoffs. How can you expect players to adjust to the "let 'em play" approach as compared to the Regular Season standards? IMO, that has contributed to the screams about bias since the fans are also conditioned from Regular Season calls, and then watch their favorite team get mauled. Unfortunately, the maulers get away with so much that it has led to outrage. I'm over the previous series, but will say that both teams are getting away with everything and anything. It's to the point where you can't even compare the SCF to earlier rounds this season.
  13. Obviously both teams never have calls made against them, so both are getting mugged and frustrated. They both deserve the medicine. I can only imagine how many calls would have been made against any team other than if they play each other. An absolute joke! You can see players from both sides accustomed to getting the calls looking confused.
  14. Great post. Furthermore, you could see the shift coming in game 1, and hear it from the Wings fans at the game. I sat watching and wondering how long it would take Detroit to ask why they suddenly weren't getting the calls. After all, they got 'em all season. Amazing (sure, right. just see Canes, etc.). Cooke is flat out dirty, and the Refs have full responsibility for the non-calls and damage he leaves behind. I doubt those elbows will be coming down any time soon. Apparently offsides is no longer in force for the Pens either.
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