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  1. I thought the boys were content walking away with a point after making it to OT. Thank God that's not the case.
  2. you know, I think I was a pee wee or a bantam before my dad ever let me use a curved stick. And that was meant to develop a backhand. I look at these guys today, with their barely-legal curves and wonder "Why doesn't he take the backhand? He had the goalie beat." No, you can watch 9/10ths of the guys who break in with the puck on their backhand dump it on the forehand behind the net. And for no good reason. When my one-year old son is four, and I introduce him to hockey (I'll get him skating at 3), he's gonna have a straight stick 'til he learns the basics of stickhandling.
  3. It really is worse than I've ever seen officiating. I mean, I'm a level 4 USA Hockey-certified ref and coach, I've has to call an ECHL Chesapeake Icebreakers game once in the late '90s when the refs got stuck at Baltimore airport in a snow storm, but I think even I could call a better game than a wholehellalot of refs I've seen this post-season.
  4. Ask them who the best player ever to lace 'em up was. Anyone outside of Pittsburgh knows that answer. I learned, as a native Delawarian, that pro sports have no business in the state of Pennsylvania. With the lone exception of the Phillies. Like I care about baseball. (Although last year was cool. Not a tenth of a 'Canes Cup, but...)
  5. AP LEAKS Nhl AWARDS EARLy Hart Memorial Crosby? Crosby. Lady Byng Crosby? Crosby. Vezina? Crosby. Conn Crosby? Crosby. Art crosby? Crosby. Crosby Norris? Gonchar. Hobey Baker? Crosby. Just ask VS and NBC. They'll tell you every game. 15, 20 seconds of 6-on-five hockey. Wake up, NHL. I'll settle for the E or the A.
  6. I hate 'em both, but GO WINGS! I wish Carolina had Malkin. What a game this is.
  7. I may just come out for it and make the 1-1/2 hour drive home. Even with a loss I'd lose my voice cheering for the team. Outdid all expectations already, so there's really nothing to be bitter about. Just wish the loss weren't against the Pens.
  8. I couldn't believe how many Pens fans were at RBC last night. In our hotel room, they were definitely the bigger crowd. I'd be in a daze, wondering what's going wrong when "ROOOAAAR!" the crowd goes nuts, and I look back at the action... and it was a Pens hit on a 'Cane or a Pen goal. that's not how I remembered Buffalo. We drowned them out in '06. $400 well-spent though. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. GO 'CANES! The come back kids need four straight. We can do it. I still believe.
  9. I don't think there's smoking at RBC.....
  10. Question: If I decide to bring my son and daughter and wife to the game (read: force my wife to come with me), does the one-year old need a ticket? 4-year-old?
  11. In the early '90s Bettman was the commish of the NBA. Anyone care to complete the tautology?
  12. My buddy: "Good news? You guys won that game. Bad news? That's Pittsburgh. I saw them dismantle my Flyers. I saw the Caps outplay them all series. I'd be scared. Bettman wants Crosby to have the Cup." Me: "I'll be scared in the parking lot at RBC when we're down 0-3. Until then, don't you even know who the Hurricanes are?" ...all chimin' in where he doesn't get it.
  13. Of course the media are picking the pens. Sid the Kid is their new darling. I hear the president is going to award him the Freedom Award and the pope's working on cannonizing the whole squad. It'll be a sad, quiet arena should we go another 7.
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