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  1. True but how many squads can you make out of what they have. I love playing hockey but i know i would be exhausted after 5 days. Heck im even exhausted sometimes after one game =P.
  2. I know its just pre-season but i was looking at the schedule they released and it shows we have a game everday from the 26-30th and the last two days are a later game and an early saturday game. Someone was crazy when they put out the pre season schedules. Anyone else think that is a little ridiculous.
  3. My favorite player is back! time to bust out the good old corvo jersey i have been sad about! WOOHOO!!
  4. ok to clear it up it depends on what part you are from! * Alberta - 18 * British Columbia - 19 * Manitoba - 18 * New Brunswick - 19 * Newfoundland and Labrador - 19 * Northwest Territories - 19 * Nova Scotia - 19 * Nunavut - 19 * Ontario - 19 * Prince Edward Island - 19 * Quebec - 18 * Saksatchewan - 19 * Yukon Territory - 19
  5. orly. I could have sworn the drinking age was 18 in canada.... im sure ther is a canadian on these boards who can clear this up lol!
  6. 18 is legal drinking age in canada just btw.... we are one of the only places in the world with drinking age at 21... so its not a big deal lol.
  7. It is in the middle of Cary across the street from Cary Towne Center, at the end of Walnut st. Exit 291 if your coming on 40.
  8. The 9.99 deal is now only if you buy your tickets a week or more in advance its no longer game day or game week. It has to be at least a week in advance to get the 9.99 deal. Found that out when i bought mine. Just a heads up! =)
  9. Ill join in and give it a shot never been too good at these things lol.
  10. I actually dont have anything of gleason on my wall of canes stuff i missed out on the bobble head. I wouldnt mind the litho if no one else has claimed it.
  11. ah geeze that game is addicting lol ive got it down to where i can beat it about 95% of the time! =)
  12. I dont think he should personally. Aaron ward wanted to pick a fight with cullen and then played stupid when walker came over and hit him. Its wards own fault.
  13. or just dont threaten to kill players and care if you go to jail. Thats just common sense, I hope he gets into trouble.
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