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  1. I thought Josef Vasicek was a poor mans Josef Vasicek To me this sounds more like signing Ponikarovsky to replace one of the younger guys penciled in on the 2nd/3rd line (Boychuk / Dalpe) who in turn may be leaving as part of a package for a true first line winger.
  2. Which puck moving defense-man do people propose we pick up to replace Pitkanen?
  3. From reading other hockey message boards, I get the impression that Staal is almost universally regarded as at least a top 30 player in the league, and easily a top 20 forward. The number of players who can consistently put up a point per game year after year is not really that many. I think if a Nash or Getzlaf or Mike Green were playing for the Hurricanes, we would have just as much to complain about them. I know it's still to early to tell, but does anyone think Skinner has a chance to be an over-all better player than Staal?
  4. I still think we'll be one of 5 or 6 teams fighting for the last 2 or 3 playoff spots. Skinner is definitely a pleasant surprise. The defense has been a predictable disappointment in their own end, and a surprising disappointment in scoring. Ward has been about what I expected.
  5. I think at this point in the season, it would probably be neck and neck between Skinner and Eberle. There's a lot of games left though.
  6. Cam Ward career SV% 2005-2006 .882 2006-2007 .897 2007-2008 .904 2008-2009 .916 2009-2010 .916 20010-2011 .925 Total career SV% .906 .906 = Par .925 > .906
  7. I'm pretty sure that was a different trade. I think we only got a 7th rounder for Alberts. You're probably right about the salary. It's a shame though. I watched the Vancouver - San Jose game the other night, and Alberts played a great game.
  8. If we really want "toughness," we should at least get us a goon who can actually fight. Jay Harrison can not pass or shoot well. He takes bad penalties, and makes terrible mental errors. He is the slowest player on the team. And to top it all off, when he does fight, he usually gets his butt whooped. Packaging him in a trade is not likely to happen. My guess (hope)is he will be waived sometime this season.
  9. I think for playoff games, when game day threads run 25+ pages, separate threads would still be a good idea. For regular season games, where there are only 4 - 7 pages, combining them seems like a good idea to me.
  10. [quote name='coastal_caniac wrote: 10DollarTH']I had this great idea once. It was a "Jump to Conclusions" mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor... and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO. Boychuk is 20 years old, at least give him a chance to party with the boys after a win before you call him a bust. I think that with this years draft he has been kinda left to the side on our prospect boards, but hopefully he will have a big year year playing more consistent minutes. There's also this thing called EYEGLASSES. You might need some. I said it's possible he MAY be a bust. I certainly didn't say he WAS a bust. Clarifying that point was also the statement that my definition of "bust" is not reaching his potential. That's not jumping to a conclusion. Looks like you have all ready tried out your own "Jump to Conclusions" mat. Like I also said, its probably not a popular statement, but I stand by it. Ouch. Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. Sorry.....couldn't help but keep the references going. I think just about everyone can probably agree that this is probably a make it or break it year for Boychuk. I think a good part of the problem he had last year was mental. In a lot of games he seemed to be really pressing too much. Other times he seemed to be over-thinking with his decision making. He really needs a good start to the year to get his confidence going I think.
  11. Hurricanes scoring GPG was actually higher after Cullen was traded than it was before. Their scoring will be fine this coming season. They were 13th in the league last year. I don't think we will see much drop-off this year.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me to see a small drop off this year, but 25 goals is a reasonable expectation if he stays healthy and gets top line minutes.
  13. [quote name='djharley wrote: coastal_caniac wrote: djharley']Just wondering if putting Pits out there as bait for that top line winger we could use to play with Staalsy. Maybe throw in Sammy or Cole and get us someone whom may take some of the pressure off Staal? THOUGHTS?? Nowhy not? Because with signing Corvo, we just now have a semi-decent defense. Trading Pits puts it right back at terrible. I think we would all like to see that top line winger with Staal, but unfortunately it's probably time to quit hoping it's going to happen this season.
  14. Gleason / Sutter. Gleason is a no-brainer, and Sutter is going to be an "A" at some point anyway. Might as well give it to him now.
  15. Whitney's 20 goals are the majority of the scoring we will be missing for sure next year. A mixture of the young guys stepping up this year and more scoring from our defense-men could take care of some of that. Our offense was 13th in the league last year, so I think we still have the potential to be average or better this year, even with just bringing up the kids. A solid 20 goal, 40-50 point third line center sure would be nice though. Stay at home, experienced, 2nd line d-man is still our biggest need in my book. Our defense was terrible last year, and, so far, my hopes for it being better this year are dim.
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