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  1. I think we need to bench Reimer and bring Nedeljkovic up for a try. Saying it before and saying it again, I did not like his stats in Florida and watching him here he is too slow. Need to move on! (IMHO)
  2. I was very impressed with Gauthier's performance during the preseason. He definitely deserves a shot and I think once the butterflies are gone, second or third shift, we will see good things from him.
  3. He's a big boy and hits hard. His stats are low but he will probably be the "protector" this year. (IMHO)
  4. I just saw this from the article by Friedman: "According to TFP Editor-in-Chief David Pagnotta, Faulk’s next deal could be worth north of $6 million, annually."
  5. I am hoping he comes back for one more year but looking at the cap space we current have ($2.4 mil), I am not so sure we can support him. It's going to be interesting to see.
  6. Well, they missed that opportunity! 🤦‍♂️
  7. Makes you wonder if Ron will try and get them when he starts up the Seattle team?
  8. No speculations here. Just please make a decision, Justin! You know we all want you back but please don't draw it out. We know you are the captain and ready for the season!
  9. Any word on the street about trying to sign him/them? I liked Maenalanen grit and he got into some dirty areas. We need more of that.
  10. And exactly how many years does "multi-year" equate too?
  11. I don't see were Maenalanen has been re-signed. Am I missing something?
  12. OK, who is Max McCormick and why would we sign him? Just asking!
  13. Rem, I agree with you about goalies being a weird position. While I never played in any highly organized organizations, I do know that once a goalie gets used to his defense he improves knowing how they play. Jumping onto another team takes time to figure out what the defense will do around them. Maybe Reimer will find his way here, maybe he won't. Preseason will give him, and Roddy, and good sense in how he will adapt. Ned signed a two year contract, (if I remember, 1st year is a two-way, 2nd is not), then we can see what Reimer is made of and decide maybe by end of Nov. what to do with him. Mrazek will hopefully improve his 2.39 GAA as well. It's all a crap shoot. Just crossing my fingers for another great year!
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