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  1. After reading Waddell's statement about our goalie situation, not sure who really available to us right now. Nedeljkovic had a good year in the AHL but definitely think he would be the #2 this year. So, with that being said, who do think will return and/or who should we be looking at? I have been looking around the league and I don't think Waddell is going to fork out over $3 million on a "hope so" goalie. Anyway, thanks in advance for your thoughts. You guys seem to know your stuff...at least better than me!
  2. WOW, Erik Karlsson just signed a huge 8 yr/$92 million contract with the Sharks. That's $11.5 million per year. I think that makes him the third highest player now. Connor McDavid is still the highest at 8 yr/ $100 million per year ($12.5 million per year). That's a lot of a defenseman!
  3. I agree with GoCanes! Ferland is a fierce player but injury prone. We need more consistency with scoring than physical play. If we want physical, we can get it at a cheaper cost.
  4. Ok, I am going to throw a name out there and please don't bash me. I am still learning where you guys get your info and how you are looking at things, so please, just tell me what you think. The name is: Braydon Point (Lightning). His numbers are crazy and while Tampa will probably sign him, do you think there is a way would could pick him up? Thanks for your knowledge!
  5. I saw this yesterday and tried to see some video on him. Not much to see so holding my opinion for now.
  6. I am in agreement with everyone so far. Williams is by-far my pick for Captain. My fear, though, is Staal is going to end up with the big 'C'. He was half of the captain's last year with Faulk. By taking it away I wonder if they would consider it a slap in the face? But they are both big boys and professionals so I feel giving Staal and Faulk the 'A's would be the right step...in my opinion.
  7. UPDATE: The Caniac Nation Fantasy League on Yahoo has be renewed and all the managers have signed up to participate. So, this league is full but, I am willing to start another if there are enough (12) people that want me to start it. Leave a comment here or directly to me and I will post here if there is or isn't. If you are interested and we have enough managers, the Draft Time will be set for Sunday, Sept 30th, at 4pm. (The original takes place at 8pm). Thank you!
  8. Looking back through all the threads, it looks like it was October 2017 when this was last brought up. If I am starting a thread that's already out there, please forgive me! This is my question to you. Who do you think should wear the 'C' and why? Thank you!
  9. Well, as AWAC stated above, Yahoo is still doing fantasy hockey and all the mangers have renewed for the league. But, as I now have another league started on a different site, if anyone would like to join that one, please let me know...Thanks!
  10. WHEW! I thought I was losing my mind...and eyesight!
  11. Only if interested in playing, please send a message to goalieman64@gmail.com...Thanks!
  12. I will let you know. Since all the emails were in Yahoo, can you send it to me (IM) here? I will send you an invite!
  13. And, while I appreciate your opinion, it doesn't change my statement. GO CANES!
  14. I can't answer for everyone but 'no', I would not vote for a song with explicit language in it. This is supposed to be a family friendly environment but, with this song, kids are going to listen to the whole thing. And, the other thing about it is it's racial. A big no-no today!
  15. AH! I watched some video of DH in Calagary and he was wearing 27. But thanks for the info.
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